Day At The Track

December 13, 2020 - Face Time Bourbon (5m Ready Cash-Vita Bourbon) overcame an early miscue as he jetted from an outsie starting position, to win the harness racing Gr. II Prix du Bourbonnais (Prix d’Amerique qualifier 2, purse 95,000€, 16 International starters) at Vincennes. Bjorn Goop engineered the victory as he gathered FTB and proceeded a slow grind to the front on pedestrian fractions (1.17.1kr at 1500 meters remaining; 1.15.9kr at the 1000 and 1.14.7kr with 500 to go; final time 1.13.8kr). Delia du Pommereux and Chica du Joudes were close to the leader and then in the final bend Valzer di Poggio and Victor Ferm, both Jean Michel Bazire trainees, made a charge. FTB held easily to score his 27th career victory now for 2,247,940 in life earnings. Sebastian Guarato trains the Scuderia Bivans Srl owned performer. Victor Ferm (6m Nad Al Sheba) held gamely for second with Alexandre Abrivard up and third went to Moni Viking (7m Maharajah) for Matthieu Abrivard. The top three earned an Amerique Prize invite along with Bretagne top three of Diable de Vauvert, Feliciano and Bahia Quesnot. For a video reply of the Bourbonnais click here. Face Time Bourbon Thomas H. Hicks

December 12, 2020 - A collection of harness racing Groupe events were on stage today starting with the Prix Raoul Balliere (Gr. II, monte, purse 85,000€, 2175 meters for three-year olds). 5.4/1 odds Hope On Victory (3f Booster Winner-Ruche Honey) scored in a quick 1.12.3kr for jockey Matthieu Abrivard, trainer J.P. Monclin and owner Manuel Martinez. This was her third career win in 22 appearances now for 143.680€ earned. 109/1 Hector des Champs (3m Prince d’Espace) was second for Damien Bonne and third home was the 9/10 favorite Heros des Fleur (3m Ludo de Castelle) and Eric Raffin. Hope On Victory In the Gr. III Prince de Mansle (purse 60,000€, 2100 meters autostart, European) the 3.3/1 odds Helboy d’Alesa (3m Rodrigo Jet-Violine des Coup) scored in a sharp 1.11.9kr (fractions 1.07.2kr with 1500 meters remaining, 1.10.7kr at the 1000 and 1.12.3kr with 500 to go). Mathieu Mottier was the reinsman for trainer A.Ph. Grimault and owner Franck Saussage. This was the winners’ third victory in 17 starts now for 113,760€ earned. The 1.4/1 favorite Baeco del Ronco (3m Owens Club) was second with Bjorn Goop subbing for trainer Pietro Gubellini. 4/3/1 Honneur du Cebe (3m Un Charme Fou) was third for Eric Raffin, ahead of 10/1 Hodake Vedaquais, David Thomain up, and 8.5/1 Hede Darling, with Yoann Lebourgeois aboard. Helboy d’Alesa The featured Prix Octave Douesnal (Gr. II, purse 85,000€, 2700 meters for four-year olds) saw 1.3/1 odds favorite Gu d’Heripre (4m Coktail Jet-Vedetta d’Heripre) secure the 1.12.7kr victory for pilot Franck Nivard, reainer Philippe Billard and Ecurie d’Heripre. Gu won for the 12th time in 21 starts for 504.400€ earned. 16/1 Gelati Cut (4m Coktail Jet-Variety Cut) was a game second for Gabriele Gelormini. Ecurie de Windcut and trainer R. Ch Larue. Third was 1.7/1 Galius (4m Love You-Star de Villeneuve) for Yoann Lebourgeois and Mme. Severine Raimond, the breeder/owmer/trainer. This was the Quinte+ race of the day and the exact order winning ticket payoff was 1,801.60€. Gu d’Heripre The Gr. II Prix Narquois (purse 70,000€, 2700 meters, European) saw 2.2/1 Feydeau Seven (5m Redeo Josselyn-Unanime) score in 1.12.1kr for trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire. Feydeau recorded his 12th career win in 30 starts now for 302,710€ in life earnings. 3.2/1 odds Fire Cracker (5g Quaro) took second for Eris Raffin and trainer Gregory Thorel. 5.5/1 Rebella Matters (5f Explosive Matter-Mystical News) was third for Matthieu Abrivard and trainer Jean Michel Bazire. Feydeau Seven The Prix d’Hautefort (purse 44,000€, 2100 meters autostart, 16 starters) was also on tap and it was very competitive. The 102/1 outsider Dream Cash (7g Ready Cash-Susy Love) scored in 1.12.3kr for Adrien Lamy. The P.E. Mary trainee is owned by his breeder Ecurie des Charmes. This was his eighth lifetime victory in 41 starts for 250,410€. The 3.6/1 Douxor de Guez (7g Jasmin de Flore) was second for Nicolas Bazire with 22/1 Banbou Tahiti (7g Neutron du Cebe) third handled by trainer Mathieu Mottier. Dream Cash Yesterday at Vincennes the Thierry Duvaldestin stable won a pair. Here du Goutier (3f Ready Cash-Queen Bourbon) won the Prix de Montargis (purse 37,000€, 2700 meters for three year olds) clocked in 1.15.2kr. Ecurie Saint Martin owns this winner. The same trainer/driver won the Prix des Jacintes (purse 30,000€, 2850 meters, two year olds) with 1.17.6kr timed In The Money (2m Cristal Money-Destinee Cash). Thierry Duvaldestin bred and owns and trains In The Money. Thomas H. Hicks  

Gladys des Plaines (4f Opus Viervil-Thetia de Vaujours) captured this day’s Gr. II monte Prix Philippe du Rozier (purse 85,000€, 2175 meters, seven starters) at Vincennes with Mathieu Mottier in the irons and timed in 1.11.3kr. This 2/1 second favorite is owned by Augustin Radu and conditioned by Gilles Curens. The 1.1/1 harness racing odds favorite Gospel Pat (4m Uriel peed) was second for David Thomain and trainer Philippe Allaire. Third home was 9/1 Grace de Fael (4f Sam Bourbon) with Matthieu Abrivard at the lines foe trainer Thierry Duvaldestin, Gladys des Plaines It was announced in Italy that the November 28 winner of the Gran Premio Mipaaf Filly (Gr. II, purse 220,000€, 2100 meters autostart), Cindy Truppo (2f Maharajah-Nives Manco-Indro Park), would be transferred for trainer/driver Thorsten Tietz to the Billard-Souloy stable in France. This good filly was victorious at Napoli in 1.15.4kr as she bested Caramel Club (2f The Bank) and Crystal Pan (2f Ideale Luis). That same day at Napoli saw the Gr. II Gran Premio Mipaaf Males (220,000€ purse, 2100 meters autostart) go to 1.15.1kr timed Callmethebreeze (2m Trixton-Gilly LB-Supergill) for Alessandro Gocciadoro, his fifth 2020 win in seven appearances. Capital Mail (2m Nad Al Sheba) was second ahead of Corazon Bar (2m Oropuro Bar).   LeTrot, Gaet files/photos Thomas H. Hicks  

Billie de Montfort (9f Jasmin de Flore-Qusimy de Montfort-And Arifant), off at 13.1/1, received a perfect second over trip for harness racing reinsman Gabriele Gelormini, and rallied in the lane for an easy two length win in the Gr. I Gran Premio Delle Nazioni- Eduardo Gubellini Memorial (purse 275,000€, 2250 meters autostart, 14 starters) at Ippodromo Milano La Maura. Race time was 1.12.1kr. Sebastien Guarato trains the now 20-time career winner for 2,358,707€ earned that Philippe Dauphin owns. The 36.7/1 Chief Orlando (7m Orlando Vici-Muito Bonito-Felix Santana) rallied for a narrow second with Vinceonzo Gallo up for trainer Holger Ehlert. His rival on the line, Ble du Gers, was a dq for interference apparently against Alrajah One. Placed third was 9.4/1 Valokaja Hindo (9m Great Challenger-Hindo Enghave-Victor Victor) that Christophe Martens teamed for trainer Jean Michel Bazire and owner Erik Djuve. The full results, and photos follow.   Replay   Ippodromo Milano La Maura Thomas H. Hicks

Zitti Tutti (5f Napoleon-Isola d’Arno-Coktail Jety) took Saturday’s Kincsem Park featured Lucky Luke DIJ (purse 700,000Huf, 2560 meters distance handicap) timed in 1.21.1kr. Trainer Veljko Mazsity teamed this 1.4/1 harness racing favorite to his eighth 2020 win in 11 starts. 2.4/1 Zona (5f Offenbach Bigi) was a closing second for trainer Emil Csordas and 9/1 Zapato (5m Frullino Jet) overcame a 20-meter handicap to be third for Tibor Hajnal. Last week (November 28) there were three top level trots on the Budapest card The Adai DJI (purse 700,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) went to 1.18.9kr timed Ujrazz! (7m Maximus Lindy) for Lazslo Kolozsi, his first victory of the year. He was off at 1.4/1 odds and defeated 7.4/1 Urania RG (7f Racino) and 7.4/1 Unika Vik (7f Cantab Hall). Alfa Boy The Szabadkai DJI (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) saw 1.4/1 Amy del Duomo (4f Daguet Rapide-Lily del Duomo-Muscles Yankee) score in 1.15.3kr for trainer/driver Vladimir Pribic. This was her second 2020 win in Hungary from three appearances. 1.9/1 Uno del Duomo (7m Ganymede) was second for Goran Zolnaji ahead of 23/1 Alexander UR (6g Infinitif) and reinsman Sandor Varga. Fourth was 15/1 Sirol Axe (9g Express Road) for Milan Tasic. Amy del Duomo The featured Oszi Kiserleti (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to 1.17.8kr timed and 20-meter handicapped Alfa Boy (4m Racino-Chippychip GT-Defi d’Aunou). Csaba Lakatos teamed the 6.5/1 Alfa Boy to this third victory in nine 2020 starts. Adriana Asti (4f Frullino Jet-Carmen Diaz-Baltic Speed), last year’s winner of this race, was second at 1.7/1 odds, she too facing a 20-meter handicap. 3.6/1 odds and 40-meter handicapped Zseneroz (5f SJs Photo-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy) was third for Andor Angyal. The speed record for this classic race is co-held at 1.16.8kr by Nana (4f Tony Oaks) in 2011 with Imre Fazekas up, over 1980 meters, and Lester (14m Gridiron Lad) over 2000 meters in 2010 for reinsman Joze Sagaj. Ujrazz! Kincsem Park files/photos   Thomas H. Hicks

A quarter to groupe level events were on stage this day at Paris-Vincennes. The Prix Joseph Lafosse (Gr. II, monte, purse 85,000€, 2700 meters, International) started the harness racing action with that victory to 5.8/1 odds Fado du Chene (5m Singalo-Star du Chene) with P.Ph. Ploquin up for trainer Julien Le Mer and owner Claude Guedj. Fado won for the 13th time in his career for 813,900€ earned. 1.8/1 favorite Feeling Cash (5m Ready Cash-Royale Star) was second for Eric Raffin, trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Carlos Lerner. 17/1 France Bresil took the third check for Adrien Lamy. Race time was 1.12.5kr. Fado du Chene The Prix Doyrel de Saint-Quentin (Gr. II, purse 85,000€, European, 2850 meters) went to 1.14.4kr timed and 2.4/1 odds Fakir du Lorault (5m Vaillant Cash-Native du Lorault) with Francois Lecanu up. Mickael Chanuel trains this now nine-time winner for520,290€ earned. 49/1 Rebella Matters (5f Explosive Matter) was second with Christophe Martens up for trainer Jean Michel Bazire. 2.6/1 Feerie Wood (5f Rockfeller Center) took third for Alexandre Abrivard. Fakir du Lorault The Prix Vourasie (Gr. III, 2200 meters, purse 50,000€, two-year old females) was next and 3/1 Italienne (2f Goetmals Wood-Doceanide) scored in 1.17.2kr with David Thomain up for trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Kevin Tebirent. This was her third victory for career earnings of 63,370€. 6.1/1 Idylle A Vie (2f Ready Cash) was second handled by Alexis Cheradame. Third was 7.8/1 odds I Wanns Be Queen (2f Bilibili) for Alexandre Abrivard. Italienne The Gr. III Prix Ourasi (purse 50,000€, 2200 meters, two-year old colts) completed groupe action and in this one the 6/10 favorite Italiano Vero (2m Ready Cash-Baraka d’Henlou) prevailed in 1.15.4kr. David Thomain also teamed this Philippe Allaire owned and trained product to his fourth career win for 76.700€ earned. 15/1 odds In The Money (2m Cristal Money-Destinee Cash) took second for breeder, owner, trainer, and driver Thierry Duvaldestin. 77/1 Infant Perrine (2m Atlas de Joudes) captured third for P.Ph. Ploquin. Italiano Vero LeTrot files/photos   Thomas H. Hicks

November 28, 2020 - Very Kronos (6m Ready Cash-Glide About-Yankee Glide), off at 7.6/1 odds, rallied late in the lane to win the harness racing Gr. II International Konung Paul XVI (purse 57,960€, 2140 meters autostart) last evening timed in 1.10.9kr. Erik Adielsson teamed this Svante Bath trainee to his 21st career victory in 40 starts for 3,304,559SEK in life earnings. His dam Glide About was bred by Kentuckiana Farms and took a record of 3, 1:54.2 winning US$291,650. Cyber Lane (7g Raja Mirchi-Sybaris Hanover-Cantab Hall) was game second as the 1.7/1 favorite with trainer Johan Untersteiner aboard. Third home was 16.5/1 Antonio Trot (7g Orlando Vici-Outside Interest-Lindy Lane) with Bjorn Goop at the lines for trainer Timo Nurmos. Zarenne FAS (5m Varenne) and Milligan’s School (7m Yankee Glide) captured the next two checks. Very Kronos Race replay - Thomas H. Hicks  

November 28, 2020 - Today’s Paris Vincennes harness racing program featured the Gr. II Prix Annick Dreux “Criterium des Pouliches” (purse 95,000€, 2700 meters, three year old females) and 2.3/1 odds Hirondelle Sibey (3f Gazouillis-Celina de Chatelet) scored in 1.14.7kr with Eric Raffin up for trainer J.M. Baudouin. This was her fifth career victory now for 245,600€ earned. Second home was 3.4/1 Hanna des Molles (3f Village Mystic-Ultimate Jet) with Alexandre Abrivard up for trainer L. Cl. Abrivard. The 1.7/1 favorite Havana d’Aurcy (3f Royal Dream-Avila) took third with Jean Michel Bazire up. 9/1 Hunter Valley (3f Charly du Noyer-Reethi Rah Jet) and 84/1 Hora Beji (3f Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree) completed the top five. Hirondelle Sibey The Gr. III Prix Jacques des Vauloge (purse 85,000€, 2700 meters, three year old males) was next on the superb Vincennes card and here the 3/1 odds Hooker Berry (3m Booster Winner-Osaka Berry) prevailed in 1.15.3kr with trainer Jean Michel Bazire up. This fifth career win for Hooker Berry raised his life earnings to 324,320€. The 6/10 favorite Hohneck (3m Royal Dream-Carances) was second with Yoann Lebourgeois at the lines for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire ahead of 13/1 Hokkaido Jiel (3m Brillantissime) with P.Y. Verva up for trainer J. L. Dersoir. 108/1 Heart Of Gold (3m Bird Parker), 34/1 Hyacinto Bello (3m Voltigeur de Myrt) and 26/1 Hades de Vandel (3m Ganymede) followed the top three, these also in a close pack. Hooker Berry The Gr. III Prix de Chenonceaux (purse 70,000€, 2700 meters, 4-5 year old European eligibles) completed the groupe level events today. Here the 10/1 odds Fun Quick (5m Carpe Diem-Activity Quick)  scored in 1.12.1kr with Matthieu Abrivard up for Ecurie Quick Star and trainer Maik Esper. The was the winner’s fifth career victory now for 345,900€ earned. 13/1 Fire Cracker (5g Quaro-Urganza) was second handled by Eric Raffin for trainer Gregory Thorel. Third was 29/1 Galileo Bello (4m Aladin d;Ecajuel) with Gabriel Gelormini up. 32.1 Foxtrot Sea and 8.8/1 Fric du Chene completed the top five. ​Fun Quick Thomas H. Hicks

November 27, 2020 - Aetos Kronos (4m Bold Eagle-Will Of A Woman-Muscles Yankee) converted a three wide surge to a narrow harness racing victory in tonight’s Solvalla Grand Prix (300,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart, four year olds) clocked in 1.11.6kr. Magnus A. Djuse teamed the 10/1 odds winner for trainer Jerry Riordan and owners Team Snyder and Aetos Dios AB. He won for the 11th time in 26 career appearances now for 7,222,374SEK earned. He has five victories in 10 starts this year. The 1.9/1 favorite Ecurie D (4m Infinitif-To Soon-Muscles Yankee) held second after a long death seat journey with Bjorn Goop up for trainer Frode Hamre. This one is now 14 for 17 lifetime. 6.2/1 odds Power (4m Googoo Gaagaa-La Vici-Orlando Vici) set the face and yielded back to third in the lane with trainer Robert Bergh aboard. Aetos Kronos mid-stretch final bend Replay ATG, Solvalla files/photos Thomas H. Hicks  

The Saturday Kincsem Park featured Diamond River DIJ (purse 700,000HUf, 1800 meters autostart) saw 1.7/1 Zolta (5m Naglo-Gazza Jet-Supergill) core for Veljko Mazsity clocked in 1.19.8kr, his fourth harness racing victory of 2020 in eight appearances. Trancsen (8m Ata Star L-Eperjes-Witsends Speedy) was second for Istvan Papp with third going to Zapato (5m Frullino Jet-Diatemas PL-Friendly Face) and teamster Tibor Hajnal. On the undercard was the Good Love River DIJ (purse 500,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and the 1.2/1 youngster Bolide Laksmy (3m Conway Hall-Nine di Jesolo-Supergill) scored in 1.18.9kr for Veljko Mazsity. This was the winner’s third 2020 victory in seven starts. Be Happy (3m Com Muscle-Keep Smiling-Valley Guardian) was next for Lajos Marton, and third was Antonia Schwin (4f Belami-Mellby Schwin-Supergill) with Sandor Varga aboard. Bolide Laksmy   Thomas H. Hicks

A group of fine harness racing four and five year olds contested the Gr. III Prix Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson at Vincennes (purse 70,000€, 2100 meters autostart, European eligibles) and 7.8/1 odds Gallant Way (4m Ready Cash-Queen Flore) emerged victorious with a powerful stretch run handled by Anthony Barrier for trainer Philippe Allaire. The handsome winner scored for the seventh time in his career for 281,600€ earned. He was bred and is owned by the great legendary journalist Jacques Pauc. Race time was 1.11.6kr. 14/1 For You Madrik (5m Up and Quick) was second with Eric Raffin driving for trainer J.L. Bigeon and owner Joel Seche. 119/1 Flora Quick (5f Prodigious) was third for Gabriele Gelormini. 18/1 Golden Bridge and 9/1 IDS Boko completed the top five/ Gallant Way   Fast class aged performers battled in the Prix Reverdy (purse 49,000€, 2100 meters autostart) and 13/1 odds Ferrari BR (7m Muscles Yankee-Bauxite) scored with Alexandre Abrivard at the lines for trainer Jean Michel Bazire and owner Team Ferrari. This was Ferrari’s first win in France and it advanced his life earnings to 279,040€. 15/1 Sobel Conway (7g Conway Hall-Jasmine Broline) was second for Nicolas Bazire and trainer JMB. JMB was third teaming his trainee Victor Ferm (6m Nad Al Sheba) that was the 9/10 favorite. 16/1 Confidence and 30/1 Altea du Piencourt followed the first three. Ferrari BR LeTrot files/photos Thomas H. Hicks

The 6.3/1 Diable de Vauvert (7m Prince d’Espace-Pop Star) ralled top win today’s Prix de Bretagne (Prix d’Amerique ZeTurf Qualifier 1, Gr. II International, 2700 meters, 95,000€, 18 starters) at Paris-Vincennes timed in 1.12.8kr (1.14.3kr at the 1500 to go mark, 1.13kr at the 1000, 1.12.9kr with 500 meters remaining) Gabriele Gelormini teamed this Bertrand LeBeller trainee that won for the 11th time for 542,290€ in life earnings and earned his Amerique invitation. The 6.4/1 Feliciano (5m Ready Cash-Ravenella) was second for David Thomain, trainer Philippe Allaire and Ecurie des Charmes. 46/1 Bahia Quesnot (9f Scipion du Goutier-Queen Ines) was third handled by her trainer Junior Guelpa. 24/1 Fakire du Lorault, 133/1 Carat Williams, 20/1 Tony Gio and 9/1 Feerie Wood completed the top seven. It was a blanket finish. There was five dq’s – late leading Valzer di Poggio, Calle Crown, Erming d’Oliverie and Delia du Pommereux.  Diable de Vauvert Vidéo replay-2020-11-22-VINCENNES-C4 ( LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

Alrajah One (4m Maharajah-Martu’-Varenne) captured the 2020 edition of the Prix Unione Europea (purse 407,000€, 2080 meters autostart) at Ippodromo Modena Ghirlandina. Race time was 1.12.8kr by the winner that was reined by Orjan Kilstrom to his 10th victory in 22 starts for 644,374€. Axl Roxe (4m Love You-Linda si Casei-Uronometro) was second for driver/trainer Alessandro Gocciadoro, who also conditions the winner. Third home was Gelati Cut (4m Coktail Jet-Variety Cut-Mambo King) with Gabriele Gelormini up for trainer R.C. Larue. Grand Art (4m Prodigious-Real Artist-Love You) with Santo Mollo up and Amon You SM (4m Love You-Emon Sartie Fe FM-Lemon Dra-Keystone Santa Fe) reined by Roberto Vecchonie completed the top five. Alrajah One Gaet, Modena Ghirlandina files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

Very Kronos (6m Ready Cash-Glide About-Yankee Glide) captured this week’s STL Gold Division at Romme (purse 29,708€, 2640 meters autostart) clocked in 1.13.6kr with Erik Adielsson aboard for trainer Svante Bath. Mindyourvalue WF (7g Hovding Lavec-Mind Your Manners-Dahir de Prelong) was next for trainer/driver Robert Bergh. Third home was Antonio Trot (7g Orlando Vici-Outside Interest-Lindy Lane) for Jorma Kontio teaming for trainer Timo Nirmos. Very Kronos Romme, Gaet files/photo by Thomas H. Hick, for Harnesslink    

Paris-Vincennes on Saturday hosted four groupe level contests starting with the Prix Louis Tillaye (Gr. II, monte, purse 85,000€, 2700 meters). Here the 9/1 Heartbreaker One (3m Alto des Viette-Reine Normande) scored in 1.14.8kr with Hanna Huygens in the irons for trainer Luc Roelens, This was his fourth career win now for 200,500€ earned. The 1.6/1 favorite Heros de Fleur (3m Ludo de Castelle) was four lengths back second for Eric Raffin, trainer Frederic Prat and owner Flavien Prat. 12/1 outsider Hepler des Louanges (3f Gazouillis) rallied for third with Adrien Lamy up for trainer Franck Leblanc. Heartbreaker One Hirondelle Sibey (3f Gazouillis-Celine du Chatelet) took the Gr. II Prix Reine du Corta (purse 85,000€, 2175 meters, three-year olds) timed in 1.13.2kr and off at 3.2/1 odds. Eric Raffin teamed this J.M. Baudouin trainee to her fourth career victory that increased her life earnings to 202,850€. The 3.7/1 odds Hanna des Molles (3f Village Mystic-Ultimate Jet) was second for teamster Alexandre Abrivard, and third was 13/1 Hunter Valley (3f Charly du Noyer-Reethi Rah Jet-Coktail Jet) with Franck Nivard up for trainer Tomas Malmqvist. Jean Etienne Dubois bred this half-sister to Bold Eagle. Hirondelle Sibey The Gr. III Prix du Languedoc (purse 70,000€, 2850 meters, European 6-10 year olds) saw 2.1/1 odds Milliondollarrhyme (6g Ready Cash-Nursery Rhyme) win his first in France timed in 1.13.4kr with Eric Raffin up for trainer F.B. Larsson and owner MDR Trotting HB. The winner’s life earnings are now 455,347€. The 6/1 Ce Bello Romain (8g Jam Pridem) was a fast closing second for reinsman Anthony Barrier and owner/trainer S.G. Dupont. Third was 3.1/1 Dreambreaker (7f Offshore Dream) with trainer Jean Michel Bazire aboard. Milliondollarrhymme Three-year olds then battled in the Gr. II Prix Abel Basigny (purse 85,000€, 2175 meters) with 2.5/1 Hohneck (3m Royal Dream-Cararca) rallying to victory with Yoann Lebourgeois up for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. Hohneck was timed in 1.12kr for this his eighth career win now for 201,340€ earned. Hooker Berry (3m Booster Winner) was a game 5.3/1 second for trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire. The 8/10 favorite Helgafell (3m Charly du Noyer) held third for Eric Raffin and trainer Philippe Allaire. Hohneck On the card was also the Prix d’Argentan (purse 65,000€, 2700 meters, six-eight year olds) and that victory was earned by the 6/10 favorite Elie de Beaufour (6g Royal Dream-Pignata) and trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire. Eric Levallois owns the now 19-time winner of 358,350€. Race time was 1.12.8kr. 12/1 Crusoie d’Anama (8g Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree) was second for Alexandre Abrivard and trainer Bazire. 8/1 Dexter Chatho (7g Un Amour d’Haufor) was third with Ch. J. Bigeon at the lines. Elie de Beauforu LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

The 3/1 odds Zitti Tutti (5f Napoleon-Isola d’Arno-Coktail Jety) rallied for an easy 1.17.3kr victory in the featured Detroit DIJ (purse 665,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park. Trainer Veljko Mazsity directed the winner to her seventh 2020 victory in ten starts. The 3/2 favorite Alfa Biy (4m Racino-Chippychip GT-Defi d’Aunou) was second for Csaba Lakatos teaming for trainer Tibor Hajnal. Third was 2.6/1 Pan Globe Jaycee (6f Muscle Yankee-Impala Jaycee-Othello Vivant) handled by trainer Goran Zolnaji. Zitti Tutti Kincsem Park files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink