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Spring Garden Ranch 2018 training roster

07:45 AM 11 Jan 2018 NZDT
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Brian Brown Stable has 73 two-year-olds and 33 three-year-olds in training
Brian Brown Stable has 73 two-year-olds and 33 three-year-olds in training

DeLeon Springs, FL --- Here is the 2018 harness racing training roster for Spring Garden Ranch, DeLeon Springs, Fla.

Training in the Brian Brown Stable are 73 2-year-olds. First crop sires with foals training at Spring Garden Ranch are Captaintreacherous, Detour Hanover, E L Titan, Heston Blue Chip, Nob Hill High, Rockin Amadeus, Royalty For Life, Sweet Lou, Trixton, Uncle Peter and Western Vintage.

Rod Bartlett/Mayfair Trotters Stable
Mayfair Gracie G 3,f,t, Ivanhoe Blue Chip—Malia O
Mayfair Well 3,g,t, (2,2:04.4h,$8,370) Ivanhoe Blue Chip—Mayfair Segredo

older horse
Mayfair Johnny B 4,g,t, (3,1:57.4,$18,850) Ivanhoe Blue Chip—Malia O

Chris Beaver Stable
Aunt Rose 2,f,t, Uncle Peter—Lightning Flower
Gallivant 2,c,t, Triumphant Caviar—Hollys Diamond
Mark C Adams 2,c,t, Dejarmbro—Lotstoliveupto
Never Say Uncle 2,c,t, Uncle Peter—Travelin Dream

Bealot 3,c,t, (2,2:04.3h,$14,033) Triumphant Caviar—Hollys Diamond
Bugs MVP 3,f,t, (2,1:59.1h,$54,542) My MVP—Char Catie Becca
California Love 3,f,t, (2,2:00.3h,$51,002) Stormin Normand—Frannie’s Ridge
Charlie Call Home 3,c,p, Charley Barley—Calamity Hall
Cindi Hall 3,f,t, (2,Q,2:00.2h) Cash Hall—Colleen Hall
Custom Cantab 3,f,t, (2,1:55.3,$214,486) Mr Cantab—Custom Model 
Koonichiwa 3,g,t, Andover Hall—Classic Belle
Moosenee 3,g,t, (2,1:57f,$64,170) Explosive Matter—Lady Andover
Red Storm 3,f,t, (2,1:57f,$109,975) Stormin Normand—Ms Pollyanna
Sesame 3,f,t, (2,1:58.4f,$76,047) Triumphant Caviar—Jewell Creek
Sugar Please 3,f,t, Dejarmbro—A Girl Named Sugar
Zoe Bi 3,f,t, (2,1:56,$106,193) Donato Hanover—Octavia Bi

older horses
Buckeye Boss 4,h,t, (3,1:55.1f,$259,149) Triumphant Caviar—Frannie’s Ridge
Fraser Ridge 4,h,t, (3,1:55h,$399,219) Triumphant Caviar—Classical Mary
Lucky Matter 4,h,t, (3,1:55f,$38,020) Explosive Matter—Maloha
Moonshiner Hanover 4,h,t, (3,1:53.3f,$413,635) Andover Hall—Madam Hooch

Clark Beelby Stable
American Risk 2,c,p, American Ideal—Kissing Bandit
Jeremy Hanover 2,c,t, Royalty For Life—Jewel Ave
Quantum Blue Chip 2,f,p, American Ideal—Southwind Swallow
St Lad’s Megatron 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Linatawa N
The Ice Dutchess 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—The Ice Queen

Sherry’s Lady 3,f,t, (2,1:56.3,$23,700) Muscle Hill—Fraction
Wish I Was There 3,f,t, (2,1:55.4,$14,692) Wishing Stone—Zeta Jones
Ms Nightlife 3,f,t, (2,Q2:01.3) Andover Hall—Ms Naughty
Ms Emily Mariette 3,f,t, Muscle Hill—Thistle Dhu

older horses
It’s Hallright 4,m,t, (3,1:54.2,$88,846) Cantab Hall—It’s Alright Ma
The Erm 4,m,t, (3,1:54.4f,$132,052) Cantab Hall—Ms Naughty

Rick Beinhauer Stable
Didyaseezmedoit 2,c,t, Explosive Matter—Seeuinthespring
Fast Reaction 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Ts Fast Forward
First Mate 2,c,t, Wishing Stone—Mouche Hanover
I’mallthatmatters 2,f,t, Explosive Matter—Chiptomylou
Master Malin 2,c,t, Uncle Peter—Pinup Springs
Performance Tested 2,c,t, Conway Hall—Promisemespring
Super T 2,c,t, E L Titan—Parlia Hanover
Tactical Trix 2,c,t, Trixton—Ruffleshaveridges

Fordham Road 3,c,t, (2,1:57.1,$53,548) Holiday Road—Half Ours

Shane Bowermaster Stable
Copper 2,c,p, Shadyshark Hanover—EJ’s Copperstone
Townline Shady 2,c,p, Shadyshark Hanover—Fox Valley Nanners

Beau Brown Stable
Sweetnfamous 3,f,p, (2,1:55f,$37,721) Yankee Cruiser—Gimmealittlesugar

Brian Brown Stable
Afraid Not Hanover 2,f,p, Sweet Lou—Appleloosa Hanover
Air Force Hanover 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Allamerican Cognac
Akron 2,p,c, McArdle—Western Top Cat
All About Amy 2,f,p, Western Vintage—Lucky Turns
Ashleys Rockin A 2,f,p, Rockin Amadeus—Ashley Cruiser
Bayonet 2,c,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Belle Boyd
B B’s Rockin Image 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Yankee Pankee Bb
Bean 2,c,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Odds On Guinevere
Be Not Nobody 2,f,p, McArdle—B Intensified
Black Smile 2,c,p, Dragon Again—Smiley Rocks
Bound To Be Good 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight—Bound To Rock
Brown Magic Woman 2,f,p, Yankee Cruiser—Special Magic
Captain Sunshine 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Poetic Lady
Carmen Ohio 2,f,p, The Panderosa—Hufflepuff
Cat’s Crisis 2,f,p, Pet Rock—Cating Around
Chasing Madi 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Miss Madi M
Crius N Rock 2,c,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Tropical Breeze
Cruise 2,f,p, Sweet Lou—Gettingreadytoroll
Deploy 2,c,p, Art Major—Bet On Luck
Dislocator 2,c,p, Big Bad John—Eagle Yankee
Edge Of Eternity 2,f,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Margin Blue Chip
Egomania 2,c,p, Always A Virgin—Has An Attitude
E O S N Rock 2,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Natural Instinct
Final Offer 2,f,p, Rockin Amadeus—Sectionline Yankee
Fred’s Filly 2,f,p,, Fred And Ginger—Mj’s Bid
Fully A Virgin 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Full Of Gold
Glorious Virgin 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Bound For Glory
Glory Ghost 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight—Rock For Glory
Good Tidings 2,f,p, Well Said—Here Comes Gia
Got It Flaunt It 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Upfrontandpersonal
Graygon 2,f,p, Dragon Again—Redwalls
Heaven N Petrock 2,f,p, Pet Rock—Heavens Bettorhalf
High On Paydaze 2,c,p, Nob Hill High—Myeli
High Reward 2,f,p, Yankee Cruiser—Enhance The Night
Home Town Girl 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Jamie Sue
Hulking 2,c,p, Pet Rock—Princess Cruiser
Hydration 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Just Add Water
Image Of Venus 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Venus Killean
Jessica’s Beach Boy 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Bolt Of Thunder
Lady Capulet 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Allswelthatendswel
Lightning Virgin 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Lightning Glory
L Dees Kimberly 2,f,p, Sweet Lou—L Dees Heavenlyval
Long Legs Laurie 2,f,p, Pet Rock—Economic Clout
Lovable Lady 2,f,p, Shadyshark Hanover—Gin Rickey
Mcmoe 2,c,p, McArdle—Maureen Rocks
Meet The New Boss 2,c,p, Art Official—Stonebridge Luau
Mr Bigly 2,c,p, Always A Virgin—Big Blacky
National Anthem 2,c,p, Nob Hill High—Cheshire Kitty
One Sweet Beach 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Backstreet Sweetie
Pansy’s Image 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Pantidepressant
Petoskey Stone 2,f,p, Pet Rock—Fine China
Primo Capitano 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Twin B Diva
Proof 2,c,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Ginger And Fred
Pure Honey 2,f,t, Uncle Peter—Honey Thorn
Pure Maid 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Straight Fuel
Pure Rock 2,c,p, Rockin Image—Pure Diamond
Quite Blue Chip 2,f,p, Art Major—Lotsa Matzah
Rip Cord 2,c,p, Well Said—Grrby Hanover
Road To Heston 2,c,p, Heston Blue Chip—Elegant Girl
Rock Candy 2,c,p, Pet Rock—Cotton Candy
Rock N Zeus 2,c,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Novascotia Hanover
Sessors Delight 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight—Loving Successor
Shady Payton 2,c,p, Shadyshark Hanover—Bj’s Sunrise
She's Da Boom 2,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Shes Da Bomb
Smackitwithahammer 2,c,p, McArdle—Higher Standards
Smooth Lou 2,c,p, Sweet Lou—Smooth Silver
Sumthinsubstantial 2,c,p, Western Vintage—Pacific Classic
Thaneeya 2,f,p, McArdle—Nuke’s Last Dream
The Mad Hatter 2,f,p, Captaintreacherous—Southwind Siren
Tivo Hanover 2,c,p, Pet Rock—Tempest Blue Chip
Tony Too Tall 2,c,p, Big Bad John—Lismaraslady
To The Max 2,c,p, McArdle—Gargantua Hanover
Twist The Tale 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Dragon’s Tale
Virgin Colors 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Full Color Camo
Who Can You Trust 2,f,p, Art Major—Neverhaveneverwill

Always Bet De Grey 3,c,p, (2,1:50.3,$165,250) Always A Virgin—Life Of Delight
Always Woggy 3,f p, (2,1:53,$174,650) Always A Virgin—Soggy Woggy
Black River Dragon 3,c,p, Dragon Again—Mississippi River
Black Ruby 3,f,p, (2,1:58.1f,$4,750) Dragon Again—Baby Michelle
Bo Bo Ginger 3,f,p, Fred And Ginger—Blue Starlett
Brangus 3,c,p, Pet Rock—Can’t Quit Smiling
Busninethirtysix 3,g,p, (2,Q1:55.3,$41,685) McArdle—Otherpeoplesmoney
Bye Hanover 3,f,p, (2,1:52.2,$110,563) Well Said—Beachbunny Hanover
Cinnamack 3,c,p, McArdle—Armbro Cinnamon
Concertina’s Image 3,f,p, (2,1:56.1f,$16,625) Rockin Image—Western Concert
Done Well 3,c,p, (2,1:51.2f,$93,782) Well Said—Dagnabit Hanover
Dragonology 3,g,p, (2,1:53.2h,$75,348) Dragon Again—La Diavla
Goingtocalifornia 3,c,p, Pet Rock—Steuben Baywatch
Grant Me This 3,f,p, Pet Rock—Champale Blue Chip
Katarina’s Dance 3,f,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Keystone Rebecca
Lots To Live For 3,c,p, (2,1:53.2f,$50,064) McArdle—Slice Of Life
Mcpansy 3,f,p, McArdle—Pantidepressant
Mcvenus 3,f,p, McArdle—Venus Killean
Mister Mojo Risin 3,c,p, (2,1:54.4,$18,250) Sportswriter—Miss Mojo
Prsntpretynperfect 3,f,p, (2,1:54,$125,166) Big Bad John—Wildfire Princess
Pure Paradise 3,f,p, (2,1:53,$49,183) McArdle—Odds On Hemera
Put Into Words 3,c,p, Well Said—Bettor Beware
Queen Marlene 3,f,t, Dejarmbro—Winnie The Who
Queen Me Again 3,f,p, Dragon Again—Queen Me
Roan Color 3,c,p, Always A Virgin—Full Color
Rock N Jo Z 3,c,p, (2,1:54.1,$18,150) A Rocknroll Dance—Twin B Beachbaby
Rock On Creek 3,g,p, (2,1:52.4h,$112,323) Pet Rock—Pebble Creek
Rockin Away 3,c,p, (2,1:53,$74,980) Pet Rock—Higher Standards
Shadow’s A Virgin 3,f,p, Always A Virgin—Red Shadow
Slick Mick 3,c,p, (2,1:54.2h,$70,248) The Panderosa—Hufflepuff
Smiley Dragon 3,f,p, Dragon Again—Smiley Rocks
Whatstroublnurocky 3,g,p, (2,1:53.2f,$21,029) A Rocknroll Dance—Whatstroublnubunky
Who's Better 3,g,p, (2,Q1:55.2,$50,780) Bettor's Delight—Whos Up Who's Down

older horses
Blazin Britches 4,m,p, (3,1:48.4,$540,424) winner of Breeders Crown Rock N Roll Heaven—Soggy Britches
Muscle Network 7,h,t (2,1:53.2,$336,930) Muscle Hill—India Hall

Walt Carroll Stable
Rock N On Sunshine 3,f,p, (2,1:55.4f,$21,411) Rock N Roll Heaven—Card Trick Hanover

older horses
Divorced 5,g,t, (4,1:57f,$33,930) Donato Hanover—Wedding Dress
Silver Review 4,g,t, (3,1:57f,$45,340) Donato Hanover—Credit Review

George Ducharme Stable
Angel For Life 2,f,t, Royalty For Life—Sand Moxie
Bail Out 2,c,t, Royalty For Life—Rc Biscuit
Borderline 2,f,t, Crazed—About To Bee
Box Of Gifts 2,f,t, RC Royalty—Soprano Hanover
Budget Buster 2,c,t, Kadabra—Sugar Wheeler
Crystalline 2,f,t, Chapter Seven—Royalty Free
Electroya 2,c,t, RC Royalty—Electra Hanover
Euphoric 2,f,t, Credit Winner—Enchanting
Halloween Girl 2,f,p, Heston Blue Chip—Lifesawitch
Jake G’s Champion 2,c,t, RC Royalty—Super Starlet
Jk Ideal Pearl 2,f,p, American Ideal—J K Pearl Pure
King For Life 2,c,t, Royalty For Life—Samartina
Natural Disaster 2,f,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Natural Woman N
Precision 2,c,t, Muscle Hill—Bourbon ’N Grits
Queen For Life 2,f,t, Royalty For Life—Now Shes Gone
Rfl’s Lord Command 2,c,t, Royalty For Life—Tetiana
Royal Reproduction 2,f,t, Royalty For Life—Ghost Glider
Sensuous Sensation 2,f,t, Muscle Mass—Twin B Sensation
Simple Kaos 2,c,t, RC Royalty—Ksenia
Superman Hanover 2,g,t, Chapter Seven—Sea Level Hanover
Susquehanna 2,f,t, RC Royalty—Heather Spur
Twin B Rollwithit 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Chatelaine
Wanda’s Rock 2,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Wanda’s Choice
Zinfurreal 2,f,p, So Surreal—Miss Zifandel

A Gift For You 3,f,t, (2,Q1:57.2,$17,892) Credit Winner—Soprano Hanover
Bag O Chips 3,f,t, (2,1:57.3f,$93,100) Sierra Kosmos—Heather Spur
Bet The Bank 3,c,t, (2,Q2:00.2) Chapter Seven—All For One
Clive Bigsby 3,g,t, (2,1:56.2f,$151,780) Muscle Mass—Northern Flare
Hashtagmadeyalook 3,g,t, (2,1:56.3f,$77,550) Chapter Seven—Royalty Free
Ithinkthatsmine 3,f,t, (2,Q:00.3,$51,835) RC Royalty—Super Starlet
Lunar Credit 3,c,t, (2,Q1:59.3,$8,924) Credit Winner—Lunar Dream Om
Rocksapatriot 3,g,p, (p,2,Q1:57.3,$4,025) Rockincam—-Fox Valley Sage
The Veteran 3,c,t, (2,Q1:57.1,$73,729) Muscle Mass—Tequila Sunrise

Steve Elliott Stable
Art Lecture 2,f,p, Well Said—Watercolor Hanover
Character Art 2,c,p, Sweet Lou—Character Flaw
Fabrice Hanover 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Fit To Frame
Finally Found Away 2,c,t, Andover Hall—Fluttering Wings
Get Even Hanover 2,c,t, Detour Hanover—Girls Gone Lindy
Mainboard Hanover 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Maremma Hanover
Roquefort Hanover 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Rachel Welch
Sheldon Hanover 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Shakeitupamy
Trix Are For Kids 2,f,t, Trixton—Lei Trevino
Twin B Sonja 2,f,p, Well Said—In The Pink

Destiny Hanover 3,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Don’t Deny Me
Double H 3,f,t, Muscle Hill—Peach Martini
For A Dreamer 3,c,t, (2,1:57f,$18,840) Cantab Hall—For A Dancer
Twin B Tuffenuff 3,c,p, (2,1:51.1,$99,691) Rock N Roll Heaven—In The Pink

older horse
Last Gunfighter 4,h,p, (3,1:50.1,$55,790) Rocknroll Hanover—One Last Kiss

William Herman Stable
Berliner Hanover 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Beignet Hanover

Cindy Jerome Stable
older horse
Sir James 8,t,g, (1:55.4f,$45,949) Master Glide—That Ladys Hot

Todd Luther Stable
Bet U Im Rockin 2,f,p, Rockin Amadeus—Zabette

older horse
Mcboogitty 4,g,p, (3,1:54.2,$11,665) McArdle—Real Nasty

Cam McCown Stable
Rock Me Cristal 2,f,p, Rockin Amadeus—Cristal Daddy Girl

Gothic Rock 3,c,p, Woodstock—Mid-western Jatelo
Officially Nub 3,g,p, (2,1:57h,$24,590) Art Official—Nuzzle Hanover

Mary Nelson Stable
older horse
Golden Brit 5,g,p, (4,1:53.2,$40,790) American Ideal—Panimal Farm

Charlie Norris Stable
Bien Volo 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Tresbien Volo
Chardonnay Nay 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—Slightly Tipsy
Conway Kellyanne 2,f,t, Conway Hall—Pacific Centerfold
Donnafugatta 2,f,t, Kadabra—Renees Pockets
Journey Of Love 2,f,p, Western Ideal—Sara Diamond
La Bonheur Hanover 2,f,t, Cantab Hall—Lady Violet
Lindy Splendor 2,f,t, Lucky Chucky—Love Lockdown
Mai Mint Julep 2,f,t, Yankee Glide—Mai Tai
Wizard Hawk 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Valley Makayla
Zinger’s Winner 2,f,t, Credit Winner—Zinger

Bandol Rose 3,f,t, Cantab Hall—Renees Pockets
Raileegotaholdonme 3,c,t, Explosive Matter—Railee Beautiful

older horse
Picture This 8,g,t, (3,1:52.4,$519,109) Classic Photo-Eggie Again

Team Okusko Stable
Cash Crazy 2,f,p, Art Major—Crazy Eights
Century Felicity 2,f,p, Shadow Play—Sunshine Patriot
Covered Bridge 2,c,p, American Ideal—Stonebridge Kisses
Critique Again 2,f,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Delighted Again
Decameron Hall 2,f,t, E L Titan—Daylon Mystique
Dw’s Noah 2,c,t, Conway Hall—Yankee T L C
Exhibition 2,f,p, American Ideal—My Little Art
Flyhawk Rolln Solo 2,f,p, Roll With Joe—Cannae Jenna
Jenny Lake 2,f,t, RC Royalty—Sienna
Jet Rock 2,c,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Jet Wash
Jordan’s Angel 2,f,t, Archangel—JJ’s Jordyn
Lancaster Seelster 2,c,p, Sunshine Beach—Ladycino
Lovely Lisa 2,f,t, RC Royalty—Designed To Dazzle
My Buddy De Vie 2,c,t, Conway Hall—Pauls Wink
Qui Gon Blue Chip 2,c,p, Art Major—J K Geronimo
Sugarfree Hanover 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Seducedbychocolate
Trick Of Delight 2,c,p, Bettor's Delight—Tricky
Warrawee Utica 2,f,p, Sportswriter—Davinci’s Choice
Writer Rocks 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Rocknroll Wishes

Aces In Heaven 3,p,c, (2,1:55.2,$47,720) Rock N Roll Heaven—One Ace Too Many

Paul Reid Stable
American Pageant 2,c,t, Angus Hall—American Miss K
Antique Master K 2,c,p, Vintage Master—Silky Flower
Bafraidbveryafraid 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Be Winnin
Bank Box Treasure 2,c,t, Break The Bank K—Treasure Box K
Bankers N Robbers 2,c,t, Break The Bank K—Jonlinda
Big Pocket Teen 2,c,p, Mister Big—Beautinaful
Bikini Tina 2,f,t, Winning Mister—Palette Tina
Break Hearts 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—Sweetie Hearts
Cash In The Chips 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—Miss Chip K
Chinatown Beach 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Chinatown K
Counting Her Money 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—Sheknowsherlines
Don’t Sass Me 2,c,t, Encore Encore—Sass N Pout
Dragon Teeth 2,c,p, Vintage Master—Dragon Flier K
Far Far Away 2,c,t, Conway Hall—Pleasure’s Maiden
First Maestro 2,c,t, Winning Mister—First Sonata
Flying Feathers 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—Feather Your Nest
Hey Mister Mister 2,c,t, Winning Mister—Lovely Challenge
Hour Glass K 2,f,p, Western Terror—Boheman Dancer
Icy Spirit 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Icy Pleasure
Imabajamaiden 2,f,t, E L Titan—Merry Maiden
Jaw Breaker K 2,c,t, Break The Bank K—Sugar Heart
Lady Builder 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—My Winning Way K
Lite Years Away 2,c,t, Encore Encore—Winter Star
Mac N Caps 2,c,t, Angus Hall—Mac’s Caper K
Mass Fortune K 2,c,t, Muscle Massive—Ice Fortune K
Master Mystical 2,c,t, Kadabra—Win Missy B
Mister Magic K 2,c,t, Winning Mister—Magic Treasure
Mister Pool Hall 2,c,t, Winning Mister—Curlicue
Mr Saint Alive 2,c,t, Winning Mister—American Saint
Notel Motel 2,c,p, We Will See—Cheap Motel
Pacific Siren 2,f,t, Explosive Matter—The Great Pacific
Paper Fans 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—American Beauty K
Penny Holiday 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—American Holiday
Pink Teacups 2,f,t, Andoversure—Pink Ruffles
Pocket Of Treasure 2,f,t, Conway Hall—Pocketbook Treasure
Presto Change O 2,f,t, Kadabra—Pretty As My Mom
Rush Lane 2,f,t, Explosive Matter—Fast Lane K
Shadow Sparks 2,f,p, Shadow Play—Nuclear Rays
She Blushes 2,f,t, Conway Hall—Pure Romance
She Dragons 2,f,p, Dragon Again—Native Flower
She’s Gifted 2,f,p, Royal Mattjesty—She’s Game
Shezmylilrocknroll 2,f,p, Sweet Lou—Rocknroll Queen K
Sign Here N Here 2,c,t, Encore Encore—Dolly Signs
Silencia K 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—Quiet Snow
Sister Donato 2,f,t, Donato Hanover—Winning Sister
Sister Gracie K 2,f,t, Winning Mister—Graceful Sister
Skate Chase 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—Pleasure Skate
Snow Boarders K 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—Americansnowqueen K
Songstress K 2,f,t, Winning Mister—Pleasure’s Song
Spellbounder K 2,c,t, Kadabra—Silent Opera K
Sports Teen 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Tattootina
Stinglike A B K 2,c,t, Andover Hall—Winningmissbrenda
Stone Lions 2,c,t, Angus Hall—Marbella K
Sweet Madam 2,f,t, Winning Mister—Sweet Mademoiselle
Sweet Karats 2,f,t, Encore Encore—Sweetsixteen Karats
The Bank Teller K 2,f,t, Break The Bank K—Mity’s Winner
The Muscle Dog 2,c,t, Muscle Massive—Princess Fortune
Treasure Wish 2,f,t, Encore Encore—Treasure Bank
Volley Ball Beach 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Alladorable
Waltzing With Tina 2,f,p, Shadow Play—Dance With Me Tina
Whirl Winds K 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—Pacific Winds K
Win Over K 2,c,t, Andover Hall—Amity’s Winner
Winning Legends 2,c,t, Winning Mister—Fairest Of All

Kool Beans K 3,c,t, Winning Mister—Merry Maiden

BJ Roberts Stable
Cyclone Spiritwind 2,f,p, Rockin Amadeus—Can Doit Forever

Robbie Roberts Stable
Molly Girl 2,f,t, Possess The Will—Dreamlands Oolong

Robert Sanders Stable
Sports Drama 2,c,p, Sportsmaster—Fox Valley Shuffle

Jersey Jim 3,g,p, (2,1:54.1h,$177,483) Artiscape—Jersey Pearl (NYSS champion)

older horse
Town Temptress 6,m,p, (1:51.3f, $214,419) Artiscape—Tura Hanover

Perry Simser Stable
Hotfoot Hannah 2,f,t, Chapter Seven—All For One
Keystone Wonderful 2,f,t, Lucky Chucky—Womanly Image
Leveler Hanover 2,c,t, Credit Winner—La Boheme
Spare No Money 2,f,p, Art Major—Indulge Me
Wine Gum 2,c,p, Artiscape—Nojoke Island

Treasured Tina 3,f,t, Muscles Yankee—Summer Belle
UF Missys Girl 3,f,t, Lucky Chucky—Dior Kosmos

older horses
Glow Boat 5,m,p, (4,1:55.1h,$44,803) Riverboat King—Glow On Glow
Take The Cash 5,m,t, (3,1:57.3f,$76,496) Cash Hall—Take The Lid Off
UF Lana Rae 4,m,p, (3,1:56.1h,$26,725) Art Major—Chiffon Hanover
Winter Mint 4,g,t, (3,1:57.3h,$50,662) Credit Winner—Homefortheholidays

Chuck Stillings Stable
Cumberland Gap 2,c,t, Wishing Stone—Battle Axe
Escape Clause 2,c,p, Woodstock—Crackling Rose

Chuck Sylvester Stable
Chanel De Vie 2,f,t, Cantab Hall—Lola De Vie
Gardepat 2,c,t, Father Patrick—My Dream Gar It
Lollipop Lindy 2,f,t, Cantab Hall—Dana Boko
Lucky Weekend 2,c,t, Lucky Chucky—Weekend Vacation
She’s A Bronxbomber 2,f,t, Donato Hanover—Housethatruthbuilt
So Diane Hanover 2,f,t, Cantab Hall—Shared Past

Hey Blondie 3,f,t, (2,1:53.1,$295,595) Cantab Hall—Winbak Blondie

by Kendra Casselman 

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