Day At The Track

Ken Ford has never been happier with his trotting bodybuilder Marcoola than he is heading into tonight’s $100,000 National Trot at Alexandra Park. And that spells huge trouble and maybe certain defeat for his rivals in the group one. Not that Canterbury trainer Ford coined the nickname Bodybuilder for Marcoola, the trotting star of the New Zealand summer. That is hardly Ford’s style, not the way they do things on the farm down south. “Somebody called him that the other day,” he laughs. “We have some visitors come out to where we are staying and they said that horse looks like a bloody bodybuilder, the way he is all muscled up and glistening. “So I took that has a compliment. This time of year, with the sun on his back and being a stallion, he looks super. “And he is as well as I have ever had him going into a race.” Those words won’t give rival trainers a lot of comfort after Marcoola was breathtaking beating an even better field than the one he meets tonight in the $300,000 Dominion at Addington last month. He then brought that form north to jog away with the Lyell Creek two weeks ago, suggesting he is just as comfortable right-handed. Both wins came after driver Clint Ford was able to balance Marcoola up early then launch him about 1000m from home before disappearing into the distance. Similar tactics looks likely tonight as he has drawn wide so will probably look for cover early and the most nerve-wracking section of the race may be when Ford decides to push the go button. If he is able to stride to the lead he should win, if he has to raced parked outside a high class rival like defending champ Temporale that will at least even things up. Temporale struggled for part of the spring but looked far more like the horse who won this race 12 months ago when he dominated the Flying Mile at Cambridge last Monday. With his natural gate speed he looks the likely first favoured leader tonight and with the advantage of the marker pegs and some question marks over key rivals who galloped at Cambridge he is the obvious danger to the favourite. One trainer confident her National Trot rep will be better tonight than at Cambridge is Michelle Wallis with Massive Metro, although he couldn’t be much worse as he didn’t even score up from the ace last Monday. “He used to be good left-handed but we have put so much work into getting him to go well right-handed he didn’t like being back left-handed,” explains Wallis. “I think back to Alexandra Park he will handle the ace draw this time and should be handy on the markers, which will give him his chance.” Before his Cambridge brain fade, Massive Metro was a luckless and fast finishing fifth against a similar field in the Lyell Creek and if he races up to that form and can cut the corners tonight he appeals as the place value. Amaretto Sun and Lemond were also not on their best behaviour at Cambridge but were group one winners last season so add to the puzzle behind the bodybuilding favourite.   Michael Guerin

Not many would argue with the fact the Southern region of the South Island is one of the best places to raise young stock, whether it be lambs, calves or young harness racing Standardbreds. At February’s NZB Standardbred National Standardbred Yearling Sales fifty two yearlings will be presented under the Southern Bred Southern Reared umbrella and buyers know these youngster have had a good start to life. Lawrence breeder Dan Cummings has produced yearlings for the National Sales for years and he says daylight hours play a big part in a young horse’s development. “The days are shorter and colder in winter, but as spring progresses into summer the days become two hours longer, one in the morning and one in the evening. I think the process of light affecting grass growth (photosynthesis) lets the grass grow for two hours longer at the height of summer in the south,” he says. Cummings says he’s spoken to a lot of local dairy farmers who bought cows down from Taranaki and Waikato in the late 1990s and early 2000s and they have noted an increase in production in their herds. “To their great surprise the same cows produced around 20% more milk in the south than they had in the north. The farmers attributed it to the longer days.  Apparently in the north milk production peaks just before Christmas then tapers off till May. In the south the peak is during January and the taper is far more gradual.” He says another significant influence of light for breeding in the south is the fact that an increase in daylight is what stimulates cycling in the mares and that increase occurs later in the south. So foals tend to be born a month to six weeks later than in the north.  “That’s a generalisation of course but it’s an influence that will still be apparent when the foals come to be sold as yearlings.  This factor definitely still has an influence at the yearling sales.  We live with it but will continue to try and counter its effect. But because of the way the seasons work the foals catch up quickly.”  Local vet Brendon Bell has worked in Southland for 22 years and he also says our climate is well suited to raising young stock. “Our temperate climate means there is plentiful grass over most of the critical phase of the foal’s development – from birth to yearling stage. This supply of grass means minimal hard feed is necessary to raise young horses.”  He adds that the summer climate gives the Southern region an advantage over the rest of the country. “Moderate temperatures – not too hot but not really cold. Adequate rainfall ensures grass growth over the summer. Somewhat cheaper land prices means more people can own and graze their own horses, keeping control in the hands of the horse owner.” He says the dairy boom has changed farm ownership but there’s still a groundswell of farmers who own or graze horses on their properties, in contrast to many horses in other provinces which are agisted at studs.  “Farm based horses exist with other stock which ensure minimal health issues, minimal parasite burdens from cross grazing, and normally plentiful feed.” He says Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium are important minerals for good animal development. So plenty of hard evidence to suggest southern foals get the best of starts to life. Bruce Stewart

Harness racing stallion Muscle Hill has been a sensation from the time he set foot on the race track. He continues to break record after record and with the 2018 yearling sales complete in North America, you have to wonder what more can a stallion do? At the 2018 Lexington Selected Yearling Sales there was 48 yearlings sold by Muscle Hill for an average of $121,000 for a total of $5,808,000. At the Harrisburg Sales 16 yearlings by Muscle Hill sold for an average of $178,938 for a total of $2,863,008. A total of 64 yearlings by Muscle Hill sold for a total of $8,671,008 with an average of $135,484 over the two sales. From his first five crops to the races three-year-olds and over Muscle Hill has produced 259 winners from 439 foals eligible, nine millionaires, thirteen with earnings of more than $750,000, twenty-one $500,000 plus winners, thirty-three $250,000 winners, ninety-eight $100,000 plus winners with 56 trotting in 1:53 or better and with total earnings of $47,334,500 to date. That works out to be $107,823 average earnings for all foals eligible to race. This is a stunning record that will be very hard to surpass. Muscle Hill is probably the greatest producing stallion in history. With only those five crops racing he has already produced stallions, Trixton and E L Titan that are already proven producers of two-year-olds in 2018. Muscle Hill is the pinnacle of breeding, a trotting sire that has it all, a great race record, a great siring record and this is all with just the five crops three-year-old and older racing. God knows where Muscle Hill will end up with many crops to come. He is still a very young stallion, just 12 years old. Muscle Hill is fully booked out every year in North America and to be able to buy a breeding to this champion stallion you have to pay at least US$40 to US$50,000 if you are lucky enough to find one that is available to buy. New Zealand and Australian buyers have an great chance of buying a Muscle Hill yearling at the inaugural New Zealand National Yearling Sale at Karaka in February 2019, it is a chance of a life time for serious trotting buyers.  In the Breckon Farms draft there are four outstanding, brilliantly bred Muscle Hill colts for sale by this amazing sire. They are the only colts for sale by Muscle Hill in the entire New Zealand sales this coming year. Lot 53 - Doosie Doo Doosie Do is from the race winning Love You mare Love Ya Doosie ( 2 wins, $12,375)  who is a half-sister to champion trotter, nine time Group 1 winner and 4yo Trotter of the Year, Trotter of the Year (twice), Harness Horse of the Year and Australian Trotter of the Year I Can Doosit  (T, 1.55.5; 36 wins, $1,445,774,), Group 3 winner and Group 2 placed Sno’s Big Boy (15 wins, $215,309),  Heezadoo Early ( 5 wins, $46,866) and Yankeedoosie ((4 wins, $43,999). Doosie Do’s second dam is the broodmare gem and dual Broodmare of the Year Sheezadoosie (7 wins, $48,632) who is the dam of 6 foals to race, 6 winners and the grand-dam of the promising Forget The Price Tag, two wins & t placings from just 6 starts to date. Lot 80 - Regal Attire Regal Attire is out of the Malabar Man broodmare gem Regal Volo (5 wins, $25,231), the dam of five foals to race for five winners, including four black type performers. This colt is a three-quarter brother in blood to four time Group 1 and Group 2 and 3 winner, Breeders Crown 2yof Trot Final winner, New Zealand and Australian two-year-old and three-year-old Trotting Filly of the Year, who set a New Zealand record High Gait (16 wins, $342,474) and two time Group 1 and three time Group 2 winner, double Breeders Crown Champion and Australian 3yo Trotter of the Year (Our) Twentyten (17 wins, $337,666), and a half-brother to Alannah Hall (6 wins, $38,928), three time Group 1 and Group 2 placed (Our) Regal Love ( 3 wins, $58,192) and a full-brother to Group 2 placed Girls On Film (3 wins, $32,708). The second dam of Regal Attire is Royal Jewel (12 wins, $218,343) is the dam of four winners including Winning Crystal (15 wins, $63,228) and One Chip (4 wins $8581), exported to Italy and dam of Il Capo Atc ( Italy winner l/e e43,187) and the family of Diamond Goal (T.3, 1.53.2m, 17 wins, $586,074). Lot 127 - Mr Muscle Mr Muscle is the first foal from the black type race winning Angus Hall mare Alannah ( 6 wins, $38,928) who is a half-sister to two time Group 1 and three time Group 2 winner, double Breeders Crown Champion and Australian three-year-old Trotter of the Year (Our) Twentyten (17 wins, $337,666)  four time Group 1 and Group 2 and 3 winner, Breeders Crown 2yof Trot Final winner, New Zealand and Australian two-year-old and three-year-old Trotting Filly of the Year, who set a NZ Record, High Gait (16 wins, $342,474, three time Group 1 and Group 2 placed (Our) Regal Love (3 wins, $58,192) and Group 2 placed Girls On Film (3 wins, $32,708). The second dam of Mr Muscle is the Malabar Man broodmare gem Regal Love (5 wins, $31,190), the dam of five foals to race for five winners including four black type performers. Lot 137 - I See Fire I See Fire is a  three-quarter brother in blood to Group 3 placed Sertorius (5 wins, $59,198) and a half-brother to Popcorn Sutton (1 win, $8,480), from a half-sister to five winners including Group 3 winner and two time Group 1 placed Sunny Elegant (14 wins $102,331). The second dam of I See Fire is the two time Group 1 winner, Rowe Cup, Dominion and the New Zealand National Trot winner and 4yo Trotting Mare of the Year, Trotter of the Year and Harness Horse of the Year Merinai (19 wins, $244,155) who is the dam of six foals to race for six winners. For the record here is an up date on Muscle Hill's Pedigree The first dam of Muscle Hill is the race winning daughter of the American Winner mare Yankee Blondie. Yankee Blondie was a minor winner of just $8,434 with a three-year-old record of 1:59.4f. Yankee Blondie is the dam of nine foals, for six winners. They are Muscle Hill 1:50.1 ($3,318,682), Diesel Don 1:55.3 ($247,117) who was exported to Finland, Manfromnantucket 1:57 ($152,857), Upfront Yankee 1:56.2 ($40,623), Winbak Blondie 1:57.4 ($16,545) and Eddiction ($14,420) who was exported to Sweden. Yankee Blondie is also the dam of the unraced Pine Chip mare Mets Rival who has produced five winners to date. They are Mets Inn 1:56.4 ($200,313) who is the dam of sensational 2018 three-year-old Mets Hall 1:51.2m ($1,349,176) and Mets Life ($31,880), Commando Queen ($124,941) dam of Order By Commander 1:55.1s ($184,763) and Winbak Maya 1:55.4 ($31,730) dam of three winners to date including a 2018 two-year-old The second dam of Muscle Hill is the Hickory Pride mare Yankee Bambi. From 16 foals she has produced 11 winners including the Speedy Crown stallion T V Yankee 1:56 ($572,024). T V Yankee is the sire of 136 race winners of $6,084,358 to date. Yankee Bambi is also the dam of the following good winners Yankee Yankee ($272,638), Yankee Bravado ($158,552), N Y Yankee ($125,080), Yankee Pinstripe ($73,799) and Elegant Yankee ($39,366). The last mentioned Elegant Yankee is the dam of Friendly Lover ($36,566) who has produced the good horse Good Friend 1:54.4f ($322,108) Yankee Bambi has left three unraced daughters that have produced well. They are Yankee Meme, who is the grand dam of Yankee Becall 1:57.1f ($106,328) who was exported to Sweden, Yankee Kitten who was also exported to Sweden left Kentucky Yankee 1:55.3 ($181,478) and Bashful Yankee who is the dam of Bamboo Yankee 1:54.2f ($379,797) and Yankee Benson 1:58f ($57,931) The third dam of Muscle Hill is the outstanding producer Yankee Duchess who was by Duke Of Lullwater. Yankee Duchess left 17 foals, 8 of those were winners. But it was not the winners that have made Yankee Duchess prolific. It was the three great mares by Hickory Pride that she left. Yankee Duchess produced five daughters by Hickory Pride and three of those daughters have become the grand dams of three super sires. Those three daughters of Yankee Duchess are Yankee Bambi, Yankee Scottie and Yankee Flight. Yankee Bambi, as detailed above is the grand-dam of Muscle Hill T,3, 1:50.1 ($3,266,835). Yankee Scottie is the grand-dam of Windsongs Legacy 1:53 ($1,921,088) and Yankee Flight is the grand-dam of Yankee Glide 1:55.1 ($506,904) It is interesting to note that these three mares and Yankee Duchess the dam of the three mares, have all produced between 15 and 17 foals each. Muscle Hill was from the third daughter of Yankee Bambi. Windsongs Legacy was from the eighth daughter of Yankee Scottie and Yankee Glide was foal number twelve from a daughter of Yankee Flight. Windsongs Legacy 1:53 ($1,921,088) was by Conway Hall and was the first foal of his dam Yankee Windsong. She left four foals for four winners. Windsongs Legacy bred 250 foals from just four crops before his untimely death but still produced 108 winners of $16,777,363. His progeny have averaged $67,109 per live foal and $109,656 per starter. Windsongs Legacy has produced two outstanding sons in Lucky Chucky 1:50.4 ($2,119,958) born in 2007 and Chapter Seven 1:50.1 ($1,952,853) born in 2008. Lucky Chucky has 120 race winners to date with earnings of $8,611,933 and Chapter Seven has become a siring sensation in 2018 with siring the top two-year-old colt and filly and also siring the 2018 Hambletonian winning filly Atlanta 1:50.3 ($1,171,477) Yankee Glide 1:55.1 ($506,904) was by the immortal Valley Victory and was the seventh of thirteen foals of his dam Gratis Yankee and he was the only one of any note. He was a great winner himself but his real claim to fame is his progeny. He has become a great sire. Yankee Glide has produced 1,419 foals eligible to race, 1036 raced, 737 winners of $97,146,785 in stakes to date. Yankee Glide has produced 10 millionaires including the great mare Passionate Glide 1:52.2 ($2,131,377) and the great racehorse and now stallion Glidemaster 1:51.1 ($2,038,575) to mention just the top two. COMMENT From a breeding point of view you could say that Muscle Hill has ticked all the right boxes. He is by one of the all-time great sires in Muscles Yankee and is from a prolific producing dam family of stallions, such as Yankee Glide, Windsongs Legacy, Glidemaster, T V Yankee, and now Muscle Hill. No need to say no more, this is just a tremendous family and I believe that it will produce many more champions in the future Muscle Hill was sold as a yearling in 2007 at the Harrisburg Sale as Hip# 199 for $55,000. Interesting to note here that I have seen a catalogue reference page of Muscle Hill by one of the buyers that show a list of leading trainers comments written on the page prior to sale that showed these leading trainers thoughts that Muscle Hill was not a very good prospect on type. All the comments shown were negative comments. Point here is that I believe every buyer at a sale is equal. No one formula works all the time. You just cannot tell which horse is going to be the fastest at the yearling stage. Nobody can in my opinion. RACE RECORD Muscle Hill trotted a world record equalling mile as a three-year-old in 1:50.1 and won 20 of 21 lifetime starts for stakes of $3,318,682. Muscle Hill now has seven crops racing and full details are below. North American Stallion Record Muscle Hill started his stud career in sensational fashion. From his first crop to the races he has produced the outstanding Resolve 1:50.4 ($2,749,545) the O'Brien Older Trotting Horse Of The Year in 2015 and exported to Sweden in 2017, the Hambletonian winner and now proven two-year-old sire Trixton 1:50.3 ($968,696) who finished third on the money winning sires list with his first crop, E L Titan 1:51.2f ($726,344) also now a proven sire of two-year-olds in 2018 with his first crop of just 24 foals finishing tenth on the money winning list overall but on the average earnings list E L Titan finished fourth, a great result as he stood in Canada. Muscle Hill - North American Statistics First crop of 82 foals from 139 bred resulted in 47 colts and 35 fillies. Eligible to race - 77 Winners - 46 $1,000,000+ - 1 $750,000+ - 2 $500,000+ - 4 $250,000+ - 6 $100,000+ - 18 Sub 1:53 - 9 Average earnings per starter $160,977 Average earnings per eligible horse - $114,984 Total earnings to date $8,853,738 ......................................................... Muscle Hill hit the headlines again with his second crop producing the sensational world champion filly Mission Brief 1:50.2f (27 starts for 19 wins with $1,657,399 in earnings), Muscle Diamond 1:50.1 ($810,706) and Pasithea Face S 1:50.4f ($591,473). Second crop of 83 foals from 139 bred resulted in 46 colts and 37 fillies. Eligible to race - 77 Winners - 42 $1,000,000+ - 1 $750,000+ - 2 $500,000+ - 4 $250,000+ - 7 $100,000+ - 20 Sub 1:53 - 11 Average earnings per starter $155,337 Average earnings per eligible horse - $106,920 Total earnings to date $8,232,852 ......................................................... Muscle Hill hit the headlines again with his third crop which has produced an unbelievable four millionaires. They are Marion Marauder 1:51.2 ($3,322,177) now standing at Hanover Shoe Farms, Southwind Frank 1:52.1 ($2,115,999) now standing at stud at Diamond Creek Farm, Bar Hopping 1:51.4 ($1,385,293) standing at Hanover Shoe Farms as well and the very good mare All The Time 1:52.1 ($1,026,356) Third crop of 80 foals from 130 bred resulted in 42 colts and 38 fillies. Eligible to race - 80 Winners - 52 $1,000,000+ - 4 $750,000+ - 4 $500,000+ - 4 $250,000+ - 7 $100,000+ - 23 Sub 1:53 - 7 Average earnings per starter $197,816 Average earnings per eligible horse - $153,307 Total earnings to date $12,264,582 ......................................................... Muscle Hill did it again with his fourth crop which has produced another three millionaires. They are the sensational filly Ariana G 1:50.2 ($2,600,995) and the Hambletonian winner (Then disqualified) What The Hill 1:51.4s ($1,345,999) now standing at stud. Fourth crop of 106 foals from 140 bred resulted in 58 colts and 48 fillies. Eligible to race - 101 Winners - 59 $1,000,000+ - 2 $750,000+ - 3 $500,000+ - 5 $250,000+ - 9 $100,000+ - 25 Sub 1:53 - 12 Average earnings per starter $158,421 Average earnings per eligible horse - $111,365 Total earnings to date $11,247,873 ......................................................... Muscle Hill did it again with his fifth crop producing another filly millionaire Manchego 1:50 ($1,609,480) who was unbeaten as a two-year-old 12 for 12. He also produced the outstanding late season sensation Tactical Landing 1:50.2 ($812,300) and now to stand at stud in 2019. Fifth crop of 105 foals from 141 bred resulted in 62 colts and 43 fillies. Eligible to race - 104 Winners - 60 $1,000,000+ - 1 $750,000+ - 2 $500,000+ - 4 $250,000+ - 4 $100,000+ - 12 Sub 1:53 - 12 Average earnings per starter $87,473 Average earnings per eligible horse - $64,764 Total earnings to date $6,735,455 From his first five crops to the races three-year-olds and over Muscle Hill has produced 259 winners from 439 foals eligible, nine millionaires, thirteen with earnings of more than $750,000, twenty-one $500,000 plus winners, thirty-three $250,000 winners, ninety-eight $100,000 plus winners with 56 trotting in 1:53 or better and total earnings of $47,334,500. That works out to be $107,823 average earnings for all foals eligible to race. This is a stunning record that will be very hard to surpass. Muscle Hill is probably the greatest producing stallion in history. With only those five crops racing he has already produced Stallions, Trixton and E L Titan that are already proven producers of two-year-olds in 2018. Muscle Hill is the pinnacle of breeding, a trotting sire that has it all, a great race record, a great siring record and this is all with just the five crops three-year-old and older racing. God knows where Muscle Hill will end up with still many crops to come. He is still a very young stallion, just 12 years old. What a future Muscle Hill has. Australian Stallion Statistics Muscle Hill has bred by frozen semen a total of 81 mares that have three-year-olds or older progeny to date. He has produced 19 starters for 15 winners with total earnings of $725,681. That is a good average per starter of $38,194. His two best progeny are the fillies Glenferrie Burn 1:55.5 ($234,430) and the rising star Dance Craze 1:56.9 ($180,240) 14 wins from 21 starts. His next best is the good three-year-old from last season La Grange ($91,540) a recent export to North America. New Zealand Stallion Statistics Muscle Hill has bred 67 mares in New Zealand all by frozen semen that have produced 46 live foals that are three-year-old or older. He has had 24 starters for 15 winners of $386,669 to date the best of which is Luby Lou ($94,000), One Muscle Hill ($57,637) and Kings Landing ($35,060) Europe We have no statistical data on progeny bred in Europe for this review although we know that the exported Propulsion has been a very good horse there. Muscle Hill, who raced only as a two and three-year-old, is the champion trotter of his era. Possessed of brilliant speed, great stamina and a magnificent flowing gait, Muscle Hill became the idol of all American trotting fans. Beaten at his debut, Muscle Hill won the last 20 of the 21 races he contested, setting two world records and a string of stakes and track records. His average winning margin was four lengths! As a two-year-old he won eight of his nine starts for $817,301 including the $700,000 Breeders Crown in a world record 1:53.6, $500,000 Peter Haughton Memorial, New Jersey Sire Stakes, Bluegrass Stakes, International Stallion Stakes and the Simpson Memorial and was named USA 2YO Trotter of the Year. He took his record of 1:50.1 at three years, winning the $1,520,333 Hambletonian at The Meadowlands by six lengths. He also captured the $617,880 Breeders Crown at Woodbine, $540,000 World Trotting Derby, $1,000,000 Canadian Trotting Classic and Kentucky Futurity, netting $2,501,381, a season's record for a trotter or pacer. Undefeated in 12 starts at 3, Muscle Hill was the unanimous choice for Horse of the Year and 3YO Trotter of the Year in both USA and Canada. The fastest son of thrice premier sire and champion sire of sires Muscles Yankee 3, 1:52.2, Muscle Hill belongs to a family replete with champion trotters. Harnesslink Media  

Harness racing superstar Chase Auckland has arrived in Auckland for a short two week stopover before making his way to Australia for some rich pickings at Menangle during February.   The Auckland Reactor gelding will leave New Zealand shores on the first available flight after January 11th and will be stabled at Luke McCarthy's property close to the Menangle track.   The challenge for trainer Mark Purdon is finding suitable trials for Chase around Auckland prior to the 11th so Mark is instead looking at the option of trials and a 'soft' lead up race or races in Australia prior to his first big race on February 2nd in the $50,000 Hondo Grattan Stakes.    "I don't want to hurt him first up and it will be better to have him settle in over there and possibly have a couple of trials and a soft race or races before February 2nd,"    "He seems well and worked nicely at home on Saturday."   Chase Auckland 'pulling' Michelle along keen to get to his new paddock in Auckland.   Other feature 4yo races on the radar for Chase Auckland at Menangle are the $50,000 Paleface Adios Sprint on the 9th February and also the $200,000 Chariots of Fire a week later on February 16th.   Safely through those races the one million dollar Miracle Mile is also a possibility for the classy four year old.     Harnesslink Media

There’s a certain something with the name Purdon and the Auckland Cup. The famed North Island feature was first staged back in 1890 when Commodore proved triumphant and since then, so many great champions have won the event. Names like Cardigan Bay, Delightful Lady, Gammalite, Master Musician, Christian Cullen, Monkey King, Im Themightyquinn and Terror To Love  have all proved victorious while many more have all etched their name into the record books. But it’s the name Purdon that is synonymous with the Alexandra Park feature. Whether it is Roy, Barry or Mark – they have all made the race their own! Their haul of winners includes Sole Command, Comedy Lad, Luxury Liner (x 2), Christopher Vance, Chokin (x 2), Sharp And Telford, Holmes DG, Young Rufus and Auckland Reactor. And more recently, they have won it with Have Faith In Me, Dream About Me and Vincent. What’s even more remarkable, the Purdon name has contested the Auckland Cup every year since 1985. Most times with multiple entries. And the 2018 edition is no different. Again, the Gr.1 $250,000 Trillian Trust Auckland Cup will be staged over the 3200m and the Purdon stables have 8 of the 12 runners. The All Stars (Mark & Natalie Rasmussen) have 5 entrants while Barry has three runners engaged. Sporting the blue and silver livery is classy four-year-old’s All U Need Is Faith, Turn It Up, Sicario and Ashley Locaz while 2016 winner Dream About Me also represents the powerful stable. Mark Purdon All five pacers are racing in super form headlined by millionaire mare Dream About Me and emerging superstar Turn It Up, a last start winner of the Franklin Cup. Big brother Barry has Raptors Flight, Jacks Legend and Mach Shard lining up. Jacks Legend finished 6th behind Vincent last year. Astute mentor Steve Reid has a pair of challengers with the highly regarded Star Galleria and Utmost Delight both engaged. Dream About Me and Utmost Delight are the only mares tackling the famed feature this year. Veteran performer Lets Elope is starting in the Cup for the second time after finishing 5th behind Terror To Love back in 2014. After spending several seasons in Australia, the Real Desire gelding has recently returned to original trainers Frank Cooney and Tate Hopkins. Promising four-year-old Triple Eight takes his place for trainer Steve Telfer but faces his biggest challenge to date. Six of the 12 runners are four-year-olds. As it stands, Sydney based pacer Tiger Tara is a clear leader in the 2018/19 Australian Pacing Gold Grand Circuit and while connections have elected to bypass this feature, maximum points are up for grabs which will be crucial as the series hits the halfway mark. Chris Barsby

Tony Herlihy is heading to Auckland Trotting Cup night with two serious group-one winning drives but if he needs a pre-race reality check he will only need to look left. Because there outside him in both the Auckland Cup and National Trot lie the enormity of the tasks in front of Star Galleria and Temporale. The pair come into their respective group one races on Monday’s twilight card in improved form after messy spring campaigns. Star Galleria (Auckland Cup) started the season on a high but lost form and was later diagnosed with an entrapped epiglottis, which has been operated on and the five-year-old is bouncing back to sharp form. He stormed home into second at Alexandra Park last start and the best version of him can be a player in the Auckland Cup, even if 3200m may not be his most natural distance. But while he has drawn ideally at barrier three, if Herlihy turns his head left in the seconds before the start he will see four members of the All Stars army drawn directly outside him, including dominant favourites Dream About Me (barrier five) and Turn It Up (six). “I was really happy with him (Star Galleria) last start and I think he can get some of it but I think everybody knows how tough Mark’s (Purdon) horses will be. “They are racing so well and are very hard to beat in these big races so while we have a chance it is hard to be confident.” That same applies but probably without quite as much trepidation for Herlihy’s stable star Temporale as he defends his title in the $100,000 National Trot. He struggled with minor issues in the spring and Herlihy had to take the cautious approach when working the big trotter but he looked back to something like his best winning the Flying Mile at Cambridge on Christmas Eve. “He felt good there and was able to get handy while a couple of others galloped so it worked out well,” said Herlihy. “He feels back to top form now and he is coming into this well.” Temporale has the gate speed to go forward from barrier four and could even lead but Herlihy’s confidence is tempered by the recent form of Marcoola, who looks certain to be launched by driver Clint Ford at some stage. “He really is racing well, like a top horse,” says Herlihy of Marcoola. “And he seems to be very free-running when it gets going at the moment so he should make it a staying test.” So as stunning as Marcoola has been in his last two wins it is hard to envisage any of his rivals getting in his way if he gets a head of steam up so if he races up to his Dominion and Lyell Creek winning form his widish draw of barrier seven might prove irrelevant.   Michael Guerin

If you happened to watch the replay of Mighty Santana’s run in the Wairio Cup, and timed some of the sectionals, you would have backed the John Hay runner today in the Gore Cup. “He went super at Winton. His sectionals were unreal. He didn’t get the best steer by me but he ran 55 (seconds) five and six wide around the bend so I was pretty confident (today) that if he got to the front he’d be hard to beat,” Hay said. That’s the way it turned out in today’s Mataura Licensing Trust sponsored feature. Hay took the Santanna Blue Chip gelding to the front with 2000 metres to run and there he stayed. At the end of the 2700 metre journey he had three quarters of a length to spare on Mr Kiwi. The winning time was 3-24.9. “He’s just a real nice horse. He’s got high speed and a wee bit of toughness too. He was gawking round and looking at everything in front but when the business came he was on the job. He was pricking his ears all the way up the straight and he pulled up a bit.” Mighty Santana (11) winning the Gore Cup from Mr Kiwi (inside) and Bettor Enforce (in tight quarters in the middle) - Photo Bruce Stewart. Mighty Santana has a very strong pedigree with plenty of good male pacers in his bloodlines including Mighty Cullen, Likmesiah and Mister Presley. He was a $10,000 buy at the 2015 sales. “He was a funny bugger to break in but when we took him to Addington first up I said it would take a good maiden to beat him and he sat parked all the way and won.” Hay is now considering races like the Invercargill and Northern Southland Cups. The five year old is part-owned by long-time stable client Peter Cate. “Peter’s in the ownership. He lives just around the corner from me. He lost his wife Jocelyn in the winter so it hasn’t been a good time for him. He had a win yesterday on the West Coast (Son Of A Tiger). He’ll be watching it from home today and the whole family will be there having a wine.” Hay’s no stranger to Southland. He started his career in the province in the early ‘80s. “I started with Jim and Ross Dynes. We didn’t have too many good horses so I moved back to Canterbury and I’ve had lots of good Southland owners since then. Russell Hill was my first ever owner and I didn’t know him from a bar of soap. He was one of the best owners you could ever have and he’s turned out to be a good friend.”   It was the second Gore Cup win for Hay. He won the event in 2012 with Jimmy Johnstone. Meanwhile Coolhand Easton bred and owned by Brian Norman won his second race for Gore trainer Syd Breen. The Breen team is on a bit of a roll at the moment and he's having his best season as a professional trainer. He currently sits on ten wins for the season.   Bruce Stewart

The very talented square gaiter Get Lucky provided one of the highlights of the Gore meeting yesterday when he out-trotted nine rivals into the ground in the $12,000 Gold Chip Final. The result was not only a track and Southland record, it was also a good result for the broodmare Bree which quinellaed the event when That’s The Story finished second. The result was also a quinella for the Williamson brothers Brad (Get Lucky) and Nathan (That’s The Story). Get Lucky showed he was a quality horse in the making last season when he ran second to Enhance Your Calm in the New Zealand Two Year Old Trotting Stakes, beaten only by three quarters of a length. Trainer Alister Black said that as a two year old he showed a few wayward tendencies, but Black has seen him mature. “Probably in his head. As we know he could do things wrong. He was very good in his gait today but he’s still got a bit to learn.” In today’s Stallions Australasia Gold Chip Final he was taken to the lead early on by regular driver Brad Williamson and from there it was game over. “He (Williamson) said he felt super when he let him roll down the back. Half his problem is that he gawks a lot and doesn’t concentrate until you ask him to do a bit. When you do a bit he starts trotting out real nice.” The winning margin was six and three quarter lengths and Black thinks he’s not at his best in a front running role. “He’s probably best driven with a sit. He’s got very high speed saved up for a quarter and he’s shown that.” Today’s winning time of 2-52.8 was a new track and Southland record. The previous record held by Brad’s Kenny was 2-53.3 and set in 2014. Back to the birdcage                                 -   Photo Bruce Stewart  After today’s win, the $12,000 Hanley Formula Orari Challenge Stakes which is a mobile 1850 metres race for three year old trotters at the Geraldine meeting on February 2nd is on the radar. “After that we might leave him up in Christchurch. We may give him a trial round Addington just to see whether he can get round. Then he can come home, then we can go again.” The Hambletonian at the Ashburton track in late February is also on the programme. “I don’t know how much he’s improved but he hasn’t lost any of that ability. We won’t know that until we strike Oscar Bonavena and Enhance You Calm and all of those ones. But he’s another year older.” It was a great result for the sponsors of the race as Get Lucky is by Lucky Chucky is one of their stallions.   Bruce Stewart

Tony and Cheryl Barron love returning home to Southland and winning races. It was the perfect scenario for them today at Gore when Global Domination beat a small but handy field of three year olds in The Cardrona Distillery/MLT Three Year Old Stakes. In doing so he also set a new three year old and all-comers track record. The winning time was 2-39.8.The previous record of 2-40.7 was held by the Cran Dalgety trained Art Union and was set in 2015. By Bettor’s Delight out of Christy Breanna, Global Domination was bred by Tony Barron and after qualifying last November won his first three starts before running eighth then fifth in Sire Stakes Heats at Addington. “He probably got there a bit early as far as the grades go. We werent scared to take on the big boys. He didn’t disgrace himself getting within four lengths (when he ran fifth behind Ultimate Sniper),” said Barron. In today’s three year old feature driver Matty Williamson (who was driving him for the first time) took an early trail behind pacemaker and favourite Robyns Playboy. As they approached the winning post for the first time Global Domination jumped footprints on the track (mine), broke, and came down pacing. “He’s always been a funny bugger like that. I had the shadow roll right up. It’s just a part of the breed. They’ve all done it.” Robyns Playboy took Global Domination to the Kubala Seeds Passing Lane and once balanced he came up the inside running line to beat Fear Cruisin by half a length with Cast No Shadow another half a length back in third. Win, lose or draw today, Barron said Global Domination is going out for a spell. “I took a blood test off him last week and he’s getting over a bug. I just wanted to get a start in him for the Supremacy (Southern Supremacy Stakes). So that one is out of the way and a bit of money in the bank.” Global Domination is out of the six win Lis Mara mare Christy Breanna, which Barron also trained.  Peter Marshall and the Barron family have had success with this breed over a few decades. “I think he’s the best one. The whole family have been nice horses and they’ve got better and better but I think this fella’s a notch up. Time will tell.” Winning connections                               - Photo Bruce Stewart Tony with wife Cheryl have scaled down their operation since Tony and his brother Ken decided to train separately. Tony and Cheryl are training between seven and ten horses and are currently preparing five colts for the February Sales. Tony’s pick is a Bettor’s Delights colt out of Elite Medley which is from the same family as today’s winner. There is also a full brother to Global Domination called Calatural Damage later in the sale. The Cardrona Distillery/MLT Three Year Old Stakes is an attempt by the Gore club to resonrecte the Tanqueray Stakes which was run on the course in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s. The Tanqueray Stakes for three year olds was first run in 1974 when hot favourite Lunar Chance ($1.75 and $0.95) driven by Keith Lawlor won beating Flying Tempest and Eclipse. The race was run for eleven seasons with other winners were Bronze Regal (1975), Monarque (1976), Islafax (1977), Hurricane Squire (1978), Shona Way (1979), Ryal Pont (1980), Auburn Bret (1981), Trilobal (1982) Starling (1983) and North Fleet (1984). In 1980 it was afforded Group Two status. Once the Southland Oaks (1983) and Southern Supremacy (1984) became part of the Southland racing calendar the race was discontinued. Islafax caused the biggest upset in 1977 when she beat Sapling and Belmer’s Image. She was owned by local Harness Racing identity Ken McRae and trained and driven by Ray Todd. She paid $71.65 and $11.50. The race that year was raced for $5,250 by far the biggest stake of the day. Many also remembered the 1978 edition when Hurricane Squire trained and driven by Richard Brosnan beat the mighty Lord Module. Meanwhile Majestic Man won his sixth races when he held out arch rival War Admiral in the Gore Mitre 10 Handicap Trot.   Bruce Stewart

Southland trainer Kirk Larsen and his wife Michelle along with Tara Blyth are taking on a new venture; forming a syndicate that is fun and most of all affordable. The idea behind The Own The Moment Syndicate was triggered by a recent visit to the province by Canadian trainer Anthony MacDonald who has an art of getting people involved in large affordable and successful racing syndicates.  “After listening to him he gave me a few ideas. Horse numbers are light everywhere so it’ll be good to get some new blood into the game,” said Kirk. Larsen, who has bought yearlings at the sales for many years, plans to go to the February Sales and purchase up to five horses for the new syndicate. “We’re looking at an average of $30,000 per horse and selling 200 shares at $1,000. After that, it works out to be about $50 per month. It assures people of how much it’s going to cost. There’s a lot who want to get involved in syndicates but they are often scared about how much it’s going to cost and may think they can’t afford it. If I can give them a price and it’s no more than that it may encourage them.” Larsen says new owners don’t have to buy a full share. They can buy a share amongst a group of friends. “But I’m hoping some will also take a couple of shares because selling 200 shares won’t be easy.” If the uptake is slower than expected Larsen says 160 shares would buy 4 horses or 120 could buy three. “But by buying a few you’ve got a better chance of getting a result.” He says he did consider getting a readymade horse to kick start the syndicate but thought that wasn’t the way to go. “I half pie considered it but you have to pay over the odds for horses (like that) and you’re competing against the Australian market. I’ve tried everything over the years and the best success I’ve had is going to the yearling sales and buying.” Larsen does have a very good buying record at the sales. In 2016 he bought James Butt ($16,000) and Thatswhatisaid ($25,000).  James Butt won three of his twenty starts and $26,340 while Thatswhatisaid won once and was placed in five of his other starts. Both have since been sold to Australia. In 2017 his three purchases were The White Rabbit ($18,000), Tolkien ($17,000) and Duke Of Dundee ($11,000). The White Rabbit and Tolkien have already won races while Larsen is sure Duke Of Dundee will win at short notice as well. “If you’ve got up to $30,000 you can generally buy something reasonable. We may pay a little bit more for one and maybe a bit less for something else. We’re also looking (at maybe) buying two colts, two fillies and a trotter so we can diversify a bit.” He says so far the response has been very positive. “I’ve had a few owners that have dropped off over the years because they may have sold their farm but they still love the game. It gives them an excuse to go to the races. Some are keen to get back into the game.” Larsen says his wife Michelle is already using Facebook, photos and videos’ of horses doing track work for their existing group of owners and this use of social media is important to the next generation of owners. “We plan to have an open day in mid-January for anyone that’s interested and would like to check the place out. When the horses arrive home (February) there’ll be a BBQ, a look at the horses and I can explain how we’re going to do things. The idea is to keep everyone well informed.” The Larsens are also taking their syndicate idea on the road to the Omakau Races on the 2nd January. They’re going to be running a special competition that’ll give the winner a phantom share in one of their racehorses so they can get a taste of things to come. The winner will receive complimentary admission, carpark tickets for 4 people, 4 complimentary race books and be treated like an owner throughout the day, meeting the trainer and the horse. If the horse wins, then there’ll be an opportunity to have their photo taken with the horse. The Central Otago Trotting Club is also putting $50 each way on the horse. If you’re keen to get onboard and join the Own The Moment Syndicate, contact Michelle Larsen on 03-2217096 or Tara Blyth on 0274206810.      Bruce Stewart  

There have been some highs and some lows for two of the glamour girls of the All Stars pacing team this week. While last season’s champion filly Princess Tiffany has been sidelined and will miss one of her richest targets of the season, stablemate Dream About Me’s chances of winning Monday’s Auckland Trotting Cup may been boosted by a near perfect draw. Princess Tiffany will miss the $150,000 Sires’ Stakes Championship at Alexandra Park’s huge twilight meeting on Monday as she struggles with what is believed to be a problem in her hocks, although co-trainer Mark Purdon expects she will be back for some of the bigger three-year-old fillies races later in the season. Still after suffering the first two defeats of her career this month and then missing Monday’s race, her classic season has hardly started how her connections would have wanted. Dream About Me has been in outstanding form and will now be locked in a battle for Auckland Cup favouritism after drawing the middle of the front line for the great race. Dream About Me is looking to add Monday’s Cup to the one she won two seasons ago and with her usually reliable standing start manners she has a slight advantage over stablemate and favouritism rival Turn It Up, who has drawn directly outside her. Turn It Up is a veteran of only eight starts and would rank as one of the most amazing winning stories in the proud history of the Cup if he can trump Dream About Me in the $250,000 race, which goes at 8.08pm local time on a programme that starts at 3.15pm. Another of the day’s hotpots in Ultimate Machete has drawn the potentially awkward ace draw in his $200,000 Sales Series Pace and while he may not have the natural gate speed to hold the lead with a fast beginner drawn directly outside him, the small second line should aid him and he will be many punters multi anchor for the day. Marcoola will be odds-on on the $100,000 National Trot even after drawing wide on the front line, especially after several of his key rivals galloped at different stages of the Flying Mile at Cambridge on Christmas Eve. Last season’s National Trot winner Temporale returned to winning form in the Cambridge sprint and with the draws now emerges as the threat to Marcoola, if there is such a thing in open class trotting at the moment. Michael Guerin  

Bettor's Delight five-year-old Never Say Never N claimed his 17th lifetime victory just before Christmas with harness racing driver Corey Callahan at the helm for trainer Dylan Davis at Dover Downs winning by two lengths in 1:52.1. His previous win was at Hoosier Park when taking a lifetime mark of 1:50 in August 2018. Never Say Never N was sold to North America by JC International in November 2016 and has been a good earner there making a tidy $229,728 to date. Before he was exported, Never Say Never N had only five starts in New Zealand for trainer Ken Barron, for one win at Ashburton over 2600 metres rating a 2.05.9 mile rate over the distance. When he arrived in North America Never Say Never N won his first five races in a row with the last of those five wins coming in the $61,800 Sagamore Hill Final at the half-mile oval of Yonkers Raceway in 1:54.2 which was a great effort for a new import from New Zealand. Never Say Never N is the first foal of the Group placed race winning mare Maid In Splendour who has produced three to the races for three winners to date. A full-sister to Never Say Never N was a recent winner for The Allstars stable at Addington called Ruby Rose. Another full-brother is entered in the inaugural National Standardbred Yearling Sale at Karaka on the 18th of February 2019. Entered on behalf of The Breckon Farms draft as Lot 58 this colt is called Pace N Pride and is the fifth foal of Maid In Splendour. Pace N Pride is by Bettor's Delight, who needs no introduction as he is the dominant leading pacing stallion in the world right now, yes that is right he is the overall leading money winning sire in all four Countries, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA. Bettor's Delight has bred over 7,500 mares in all Countries and he is heading towards $300 million in progeny earnings right now. Maid In Splendour Maid In Splendour is from the race winning and now great producing Holmes Hanover mare Diamonds N Gold, dam of ten winners to date including Diamonds N Furs 1:54.8f ($231,399). Diamonds N Gold is a half-sister to the super racehorse Desperate Comment ($1,033,065) who won many races including the 1996 $250,000 Victoria Cup seen here; Harnesslink Media

Harnesslink would like to wish all our harness racing readers a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.   It is a time to reflect on a successful twelve months and also to consider a number of challenges facing harness racing in the coming year. We are confident the industry can come together and find the outcomes to the issues before us, that will benefit harness racing well into the future. At Harnesslink we will endeavor to continue to keep you up to date with all the latest news and stories about harness racing from around the world. Thank you for your support and have a safe and happy holiday over the new year break. From the staff and managment at Harnesslink

In 2019, New Zealand Bloodstock will host its first dual code auction event of thoroughbred and standardbred horses at the Canterbury Agricultural Park on 29 April. The South Island Sale of thoroughbred yearlings and mixed bloodstock, along with the Standardbred Yearling, Weanling and All Age Sale, will merge into a one-day Sale that will see thoroughbreds go under the hammer first, followed by standardbreds. “NZB is committed to the ongoing success of dedicated Christchurch-based Sales, and it is evident that synergies exist between the two codes, particularly in the South Island,” commented NZB Managing Director Andrew Seabrook. “Given that both Sales are held around the same time, in the same location, combining the two sale days into one makes sense. “We are confident this will best serve all participants, with vendors benefiting from presenting their horses to an increasing number of cross code buyers.” The Sales will remain catalogued and promoted independently, with the hospitality and increase in number of horses available for inspection adding to the overall atmosphere at the venue – a key selling point for South Island breeders and vendors. Standardbred weanlings and yearlings offered at the Sale are eligible to be nominated for the Harness Million Series administered by the N.Z. Sires’ Stakes Board. To nominate your bloodstock for the 2019 Standardbred Yearling, Weanling and All Age Sale, please download an entry form from the NZB Standardbred website, click here. Alternatively, you can request an entry form from

A clever drive from harness racing driver Tim Williams was enough to get Funatthebeach home in the Ashburton Cup on Sunday recording 4.01.9 for the 3200m. Funatthebeach is only the second All Stars Ashburton Cup winner, the previous one being Isaiah in 2014.  Funatthebeach is putting together a very good record with the Ashburton Cup becoming his seventh victory from just the 20 starts to date. He now has earnings of $84,811. In his short career Funatthebeach has beaten some very good horses such as the now exported rising star Duplicated 1:50.2, New Zealand Cup starters Alta Maestro and Letspendanitetogetha and others.Funatthebeach has a very bright future. Owned by Trevor Casey and Peter Hailes, Funatthebeach was bred by Caroline and Braeden Whitelock. A son of the ill-fated super sire Somebeachsomewhere, Funatthebeach is the first foal from the good race winning Bettor's Delight mare Minnie Moose ($142,791). Minnie Moose retired from racing in June 2013. Her last race was in the $150,000 Diamond Harness Racing Jewels at Ashburton and what a great race she went, only going down by a neck after racing wide for the trip, to the super mare Bettor Cover Lover ($1,061,534). Minnie Moose, second in the $150,000 Jewels Funatthebeach - Ashburton Cup Minnie Moose has a yearling colt for sale at the inaugural New Zealand National Yearling Sale at Karaka in February 2019. It is the fourth foal from Minnie Moose and a half-brother to Funatthebeach called Brent Michael and it sells as Lot 63 in the Breckon Farms draft.  Brent Michael is by the outstanding sire Art Major who really needs no introduction. He has sired the winners of over $122 million in North America alone. In New Zealand he has sired the winners of over $13 million and in Australia he has sired the winners of over $51 million.  Harnesslink Media  

Sale toppers from last year John and Katrina Price from Winton are back at this Februarys Inurgural National Standardbred Yearling Sales with three well bred harness racing colts – two by in vogue sires Bettor’s Delight and Art Major and the other by first season stallion Captaintreacherous. Two of their foals, Stag Party (Bettor’s Delight – Surprise Party) and Sergeant Major (Art Major – Presidential Reign) were actually born on the same day - 29th November, while Captain Nemo (Captaintreacherous – Arden Caviar) was born on the 20th December. “We’re feeling really realistic about the sale this year. They’re all very nice colts but they’re just lacking a champion brother,” said Katrina Price who sold Chicago Cub, a full-brother to millionaire pacer Chicago Bull for $190,000 at last year’s sale. Stag Party is one of the colts they’re offering. He’s out of the one win Christian Cullen mare Surprise Party. John and Katrina bought Surprise Party for $26,000 at the 2010 Yearling Sales in Christchurch and she won one race from fourteen starts. “This is her third foal. Repartee her first was a fine boned thoroughbred type. Her next foal is by American Ideal and is a three year old. She’s due to go to the workouts. She’s the opposite (to Repartee) - a big raw boned filly so we’ve had to wait on her. This fella (Stag Party) is more athletic. He looks like he’d get up and go. He’s not a big Bettors. I like him. ”     Their second lot is Sergeant Major. From the breed that John’s father Roger has developed over the years, he can be traced back to Queen Of Spades.   “He’s a very typical Art Major - got that real good top line like the Art Majors do. He’s the nicest looking foal that she’s had.” Sergeant Major is Presidential Reign’s sixth foal. She’s the dam of Machrie (Mach Three) who has won eight races while her other winner is the Somebeachsomewhere gelding Manly which has won seven races.  The couple’s third colt at the sale is Captain Nemo. He’s out of Arden Caviar a Rocknroll Hanover mare who’s a half-sister to Arden’s Choice, Arden’s Winstar and Bettor’s Strike and is a full-sister to Rocknroll Arden. “If I was in America I’d be very excited about him with the way the Captaintreacherous (progeny) have sold. He was born on the 20th December. He’s really starting to thrive now. His sister (Pearl Harbour) qualified at Winton. She’s very much like he was – an ugly duckling foal. He’s just starting to bloom.” He’s one of six colts by Captaintreacherous at the Christchurch sale. “It depend on how the New Zealand buyers take to the Treacherous’s and whether they’re as open minded as the Americans are.” We need to ask here why would they not be open minded on the Captaintreacherous yearlings? He is the leading two-year-old sire in North America and this is from his first crop to the races. Captaintreacherous is the sire of the current Dan Patch two-year-old of the year in North America called Captain Crunch 1:49.1 ($648,642). Captain Crunch winning the 2018 two-year-old Breeders Crown Captaintreacherous had total yearling sales of $5,042,000 in 2018. He sold 58 yearlings that averaged $86,931 a stunning result for any sire. Here is a list of the top ten two-year-old money winning stallions in North America as at 21st of December 2018;                                                                      Starters          Money won CAPTAINTREACHEROUS 78 $3,525,238 SWEET LOU 68 $3,082,937 SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE 78 $2,832,485 BETTORS DELIGHT 82 $2,791,340 ART MAJOR 61 $1,819,740 SPORTSWRITER 107 $1,784,495 AMERICAN IDEAL 62 $1,577,488 ALWAYS A VIRGIN 44 $1,279,739 PET ROCK 69 $1,019,430 BETTERTHANCHEDDAR 48 $988,231 Arden Caviar’s first foal Pearl Harbour is a filly by Somebeachsomewhere and is heading to North Island trainer Barry Purdon after having qualified recently at Winton. “She’s probably more advanced than Democrat Party was when we sent her up there to Barry’s. She’s a lovely filly. Everything she does at home and on the track seems to be with ease.” The Young Guns Fillies Series is her target with the second heat being run at Alexandra Park at the end of the month. Although realistic about this year’s draft at the sales the Prices have some more cards to play at future sales with Democrat Party’s first colt being earmarked for the 2020 sale. “She’s got a Bettor’s Delight colt at foot at the moment. That’ll go to the sales next year. It looks a real cracker.” Meanwhile Chicago Blues the dam of Chicago Bull and record priced Chicago Cub (renamed Perfect Stride) is in foal to Bettor’s Delight. Her foal died last year and she didn’t get in foal. “We’ve just had a couple of years without anything from her.” The mare’s other filly Rockabilly Blues, was on the list to go to stud but that’s been put on hold as she’s starting to prove herself on the racetrack. “We had Rockabilly Blues booked into the Stud because Chicago Blues had her problems so we thought we might just breed from her. But she came up good this season so her stud career has been deferred for another year.” Bruce Stewart