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Harness racing provides some close finishes

05:15 AM 03 Jun 2017 NZST
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Zak Lewis on board Goerge Gentle winner of the Grade B Final
Zak Lewis on board Goerge Gentle winner of the Grade B Final

The first visit to Ceredigion this season produced a good afternoon of harness racing without sunshine but with no rain to spoil the show.

The big open track as always provided classic racing with some close finishes to test the cameraman.

Derek Pritchard drove both winners of the two Nurseries at the beginning of the day with Ithon JR owned by the Thomas family from Llanbister winning the first and Cool Ice (Gething Ewyas Harold) victorious in the second.

The Novice race was a straight race this week with the well regarded Immortal Breeze (Williams Llanafan) and partnered by Mel Langford coming home in front of The Wow Factor (Lewis Welshpool) on his season’s debut in second and My Amazing Grace (Evans Red Roses) in third.

In the first grade B heat Hyar Temptation with her owner Janet Thomas from Tregroes at the controls swept up the home straight to snatch victory ahead of fast finishing Meadowland Maverick (Jones Evenjobb) with long-time leader Tyssul Pearl (Thomas Llanbister) holding on gallantly to third. In the second grade B George Gentle with owner Zak Lewis from Welshpool on board enjoyed their first taste of open racing by making the most of their guaranteed pole position to win comfortably from the well named Fold the Notes (Perks Presteigne) while Ayr Ontario (Weigel Llanddewi Velfrey) was third.

Chinatown Kolt (Jones Llanllwni) and trainer Debbie Hitchcock claimed the first heat of the Grade A from Habberley Playboy (Jones/Gittins, Shrewsbury) with No Mercy (Weigel Llanddewi Velfrey) third. In the second heat Best of the Fleet repeated last week’s heat win with owner Matt Lewis from Welshpool on board coming home just in front of Ithon Inmate (Price Brecon) while local horse Lakeside Pan (Elder New Quay) was third.

In the Baby Novice race the impressive youngster Ithon Nitro with owner Andrew Bevan from Builth in charge swept to the front to win decisively from Meadowland Olympic (Evans Newcastle Emlyn) and deputy driver Celyn Evans in the seat in second with the speedy Talavary Zara (Jones Evenjobb) in third.

The next race was the Junior this always a favourite as the younger members of the family get their chance to have a go. Ellie Tromans from Newcastle Emlyn is a very experienced jockey but this week was her first effort at driving, but her partner Immortal Breeze (Williams Llanafan) was a willing collaborator and they were first over the line in front of Rachel Bevan-Thomas from Builth on her own Posezest.

The next race on the card was the ladies race, and Rebecca Williams who loves leading the field, found a willing partner in the Baby Novice Ithon Nitro (Bevan Builth Wells) as they scorched around the track not allowing anyone to challenge their position. Brywins Jo Jo (Jones Ammanford) and Makemeamillionayr (Weigel Llanddewi Velfrey) had to be content with the minor places.

The Consolation followed and again it was a Baby Novice, Ceiron Blue Boy (Weigel Llanddewi Velfrey) who claimed the race with his young driver Louisa Barton in the seat ahead of Tyssul Opal (Meaney, Merthyr) while Nia Patrol and dedicated owner Paul Miles was third.

The afternoon ended with the two open finals, in the Grade B George Gentle with owner Zak Lewis from Welshpool won convincingly from the striking Meadowland Maverick (Jones Evenjobb) while talented Fold the Notes (Perks Presteigne) was third.

In the Grade A Final four horses swept across the line to produce a blanket finish, the verdict went to Ithon Inmate (Price Brecon) and Derek Pritchard while Best of the Fleet (Lewis Welshpool) for the second week in a row finished in second place this week beating Chinatown Kolt (Jones Llanllwni) into third.

At the end of the week we return to Powys when the old committee of Kington and the Vale of Arrow host a meeting at the Evenjobb track, on Saturday June 3 starting at 1.30pm.

Nursery race 1

1 Ithon JR (Derek Pritchard) owned Thomas Llanbister trained Pritchard Rhosgoch 2 Hilltop Recon 3 Brywins Awesome Time: 2:18.03

Nursery – race 2

1 Cool Ice (Derek Pritchard) owned & trained Gething Ewyas Harold 2 Ithon Overdrive 3 Hobgoblin Time: 2:14.81


1 Immortal Breeze (Melanie Langford) owned & trained Williams Llanafan 2 The Wow Factor 3 My Amazing Grace Time: 2:10.07

Grade B – heat 1

Hyar Temptation (Janet Thomas) owned & trained Thomas Tregroes 2 Meadowland Maverick 3 Tyssul Pearl Time: 2:10.72

Grade B – heat 2

1 George Gentle (Zak Lewis) owned & trained Lewis Welshpool 2 Fold the Notes 3 Ayr Ontario Time: 2:08.59

Grade A – heat 1

1 Chinatown Kolt (Debbie Hitchcock) owned Jones Llanllwni trained Hitchcock Haverfordwest 2 Habberley Playboy 3 No Mercy Time: 2:10.25

Grade A – heat 2

1 Best of the Fleet (Matt Lewis) owned & trained Lewis Welshpool 2 Ithon Inmate 3 Laleside Pan Time: 2:10.94

Baby Novice

1 Ithon Nitro (Andrew Bevan) owned & trained Bevan Builth Wells 2 Meadowland Olympic 3 Talavary Zara Time: 2:10.56


1 Immortal Breeze (Ellie Tromans) owned & trained Williams Llanafan 2 Posezest (Rachel Bevan-Thomas Time: 2:14.69


1 Ithon Nitro (Rebecca Williams) owned & trained Bevan Builth Wells 2 Brywins Jo Jo 3 Makemeamillionayr Time: 2:04.94


1 Ceirion Blue Boy (Louisa Barton) owned & trained Weigel Llanddewi Velfrey 2 Tyssul Opal 3 Nia Patrol Time: 2:14.97

Grade B Final

1 George Gentle (Zak Lewis) owned & trained Lewis Welshpool 2 Meadowland Maverick 3 Fold the Notes Time: 2:05.93

Grade A Final

1 Ithon Inmate (Derek Pritchard) owned Price Brecon trained Pritchard Rhosgoch 2 Best of the Fleet 3 Chinatown Kolt Time: 2:07.78

By Brecon and Radnor Reporter in Equine


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