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Southern Oaks 2018 training roster

07:17 AM 12 Jan 2018 NZDT
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Southern Oaks Training Center
Southern Oaks Training Center

Sorrento, FL --- Here is the 2018 harness racing training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla.

First crop sires with 2-year-olds in training are CaptaintreacherousFather Patrick, and Heston Blue Chip. Erv Miller has 105 head, including 68 2-year-olds, training in his winter quarters. John Butenschoen is training 59 horses, including 34 2-year-olds.

Dave Arrenholtz Stable
Curry Palm 2,c,t, Swan For All—Fox Valley Poetry

Our White Knight 3,c,t, Crazed—Psychotherapist
Carolinas Network 3,f,p, Net Ten Eom—Carolina Girl

John Butenschoen Stable
Accustom 2,f,t, Credit Winner—Habit’s Lady
Back Road 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Royal Distraction
Baltusrol 2,c,p, Dali-B J’s Skye
Bay Sky 2,f,p, Art Major—Bay Girl
Caesars Crazy 2,c,t, Muscle Hill—Crazy Grigio
Cruella Hanover 2,f,t, Cantab Hall—Celebrity Nike
Darty 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Foxy Victory
Disorganized Fun 2,f,p, American Ideal—Preppy Party Girl
Donnie Blue Chip 2,c,t, Andover Hall—I’ll Bring Dessert
Drain The Swamp 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Brandnewgirlfriend
Forecast 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—Downpour
Go Girl Hanover 2,f,t, Explosive Matter—Good Common Cents
Jo Jo’s Place 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Angel Place
Love’s Delight 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight—Love You Forty
Malibu 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—Random Destiny
Mami Hanover 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Mesmerize Blue Chip
Music Note 2,c,p, Heston Blue Chip—Keystone Musical
No Ordinary Man 2,c,p, Betterthancheddar—Hypnotize
Panko Hanover 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—P Note Blue Chip
Que Sera Blue Chip 2,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Grace K
Rocknroll Captain 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Ready To Rocknroll
Sabrina Deo 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—Caught My Eye
Scirocco Donnahill 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—Uf Tady’s Donato
Scirocco Ironhill 2,c,t, Muscle Hill—Matriarch Hanover
Scirocco Mistysaid 2,c,p, Well Said—Cold Mist
Scirocco Sasycaptn 2,f,p, Captaintreacherous—I’m Sassy
Seven Hills 2,c,t, Muscle Hill—Southwind Maywood
Sexy Wow 2,f,t, Father Patrick—No Pan No Gain
Stella Jane 2,f,t, Crazed—Naughty Nana
Stonebridge Serene 2,f,p, American Ideal—Glacier Express
Strong Is Sexy 2,c,t, Muscle Massive—Inspired Society
Thunder 2,c,t, Conway Hall—CR Oh Suzanna
Wishimaywishimight 2,f,t, Yankee Glide—Celebrity Liza
Zigazig Ah 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Weeping Wannabe

Bill’s Lady 3,f,t, Donato Hanover—Homefortheholidays
Broadway Concert 3,c,t, Broadway Hall—Luscious Lindy
Dragnet Alert 3,g,p, Dragon Again—Jettin Jenna
Funknpancakes 3,g,t, (2,1:56.3,$38,047) RC Royalty—Velma K
Gaagaa Gone 3,f,t, (2,1:57.2f,$44,217) Googoo Gaagaa—Up Front Claire Z
House Hubby 3,c,t, (2,Q2:02.1f) Cantab Hall—Domestic Diva
Island Town 3,f,t, (2,1:56.1,$45,915) Yankee Glide—Doin The City
Jackie’s RN 3,f,t, Cantab Hall—Lindy’s RN
Johny Victory 3,c,t, (2,1:55.3f,$64,425) Andover Hall—Born To Love
Karma Wins 3,g,p, (2,1:56.1f,$7,300) Western Terror—Her Mattjesty
My Man Stony 3,c,t, (2,1:57.1f,$15,000) Yankee Glide—Armbro Vanquish
Nixie Volo 3,f,t, (2,1:53.4,$71,300) Yankee Glide—No I’m Not
Paprike Blue Chip 3,g,p, (2,1:51.4f,$222,573) Roll With Joe—Bliss N Vinegar
Scirocco Rob 3,g,t, (2,1:55.2f,$113,675) Explosive Matter—Fun At Parties
Shadow Cat 3,c,p, (2,Q1:54.2f,$42,835) Somebeachsomewhere—Shady Past
Speed To Market 3,g,p, (2,1:53.4,$7,500) Betterthancheddar—Road To Pandalay
Spin Around Man 3,c,t, Cantab Hall—Fitness Girl
Tequila Talkin 3,c,t, (2,2:01.3f,$18,080) Cantab Hall—-Margarita Nights
Winston 3,c,p, (2,1:52.1f,$42,060) Western Ideal—Paris Hanover

older horses
Bill’s Man 4,h,t, (3,1:52.2f,$537,352) Credit Winner—Silver Springs
Celebrity Stimulus 8,g,t, (1:54.2,$211,718) Cantab Hall—Slow Dance Hanover
Cufflink Hanover 5,g,t, (4,1:51.1,$574,892) Andover Hall—CR Savoire Faire
Don Dream 4,h,t, (2,1:55h,$104,893) Donato Hanover—Gabby’s Dream
Funknwaffles 4,g,p, (3,1:50.4h,$853,013) American Ideal—Hatsoff Hanover
Simply Volo 4,g,t, (3,1:53.4f,$182,153) Crazed—Sterling Volo

Eddie Lohmeyer Stable
Blackjack 2,c,t, Credit Winner—You And I

Love Over Gold 3,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—How ‘Bout A Smooch
Sausalito 3,c,t, Donato Hanover—Lady Holiday
Yuge 3,c,t, (2,1:57.3f,$41,950) Muscle Mass—Miss Fidget

older horse
Casa Palmera 4,m,t, (3,1:58.1f,$25,570) Andover Hall—Ura Hanover

David Miller Stable
J B Escapade 2,c,t, Andover Hall—Autumn Escapade

RJ Brown 3,c,t, Donato Hanover—Autumn Escapade

Erv Miller Stable
Albacore Hanover 2,c,t, Muscle Massive—Alidade
Alway’s Close 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—St Patty’s Love
Amplifier 2,c,t, Swan For All—Ladylike Volo
Amnesiac Hanover 2,c,p, Western Ideal—Allamerican Rand
Angel On The Hill 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—Slice Slice Baby
App Hanover 2,c,p, Russell Hanover—Allamerican Apex
Appealing Lindy 2,f,p, Captaintreacherous—Real Appealing
Artie’s Ideal 2,c,p, American Ideal—Midnight Art
Bigly 2,c,t, Muscle Mass—Miss Fidget
Bing Bang Zoom 2,c,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Redhots Memory
Brimfull 2,f,t, Credit Winner—Strong Tea
Byfarthefavorite 2,f,t, Muscle Mass—-Special Interest
Catch A Ride 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Catch A Train
Century Ferrari 2,c,p, American Ideal—Sounds Perfect
Coal On The Beach 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Talkative
Coronal Mass 2,c,t, Muscle Mass—Sunshine Glide
Cub Fan 2,c,p, So Surreal—Pardon
Dali Deo 2,c,p, Art Major—Wordly Deo
Dancin Yin 2,c,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Guan Yin
Dirty Laundry 2,c,t, Swan For All—C E R T
Explosive Mel 2,c,t, Explosive Matter—Flyer Mel
Flippen Creek 2,c,t, Andover Hall—Angelholm Hanover
Forever Foxy 2,f,t, Swan For All—Fox Valley Click
Fox Valley Dynamyt 2,c,p, Sportsmaster—Palen Power
Gobbaloppa 2,c,p, Western Ideal—Miss Atm
Gotta Roll Baby 2,f,p, Roll With Joe—Long Gone
Grandma Anna 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Fox Valley Ying 
Gumption 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Uffizi Hanover
Id Wanna Beme Too 2,f,p, Art Major—You Don’t Know Me
Imperial Miss 2,f,t, Muscle Massive—Miss Imperial
Jumalay Mass 2,c,t, Muscle Mass—Acoustic Hanover
Keystone Magneto 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Miss Rose
Keystone Rex 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Keystone Rebecca
Magnum Opus 2,c,p, Art Major—Classical Yankee
Meadowbrook Crown 2,c,p, Rockin Image—Diamond Tiara
Meetmeathedance 2,c,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Meet Gisele
Meet The Future 2,f,p, Rockin Image—BC’s Jesse
Meyer On Fire 2,c,p, Sagebrush—Sleazy Babe
Miss Goose 2,f,t, Guccio—Striking Vintage
Mystical Heidi 2,f,t, Muscle Mass—Six Figure Dreams
Nite Gown Hanover 2,f,p, Captaintreacherous—New Album
Notwithoutafight 2,c,p, Art Major—Upfront Secret
One In A Row 2,f,p, So Surreal—Dawn’s Ideal
Party Gal 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Gala Gal
Peace Train 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Keep The Peace
Pecan Hanover 2,c,t, Muscle Massive—Piney’s Schooner
Pendleton 2,c,p, Sweet Lou—Apple
Pondas Ugo 2,c,t Guccio—Dream Act
Ponder Dat 2,f,p, Ponder—Pleasant Thoughts
Primal Rush 2,c,t, Muscle Massive—Hawaiian Stroke
Quadruple Bluechip 2,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Regal Wish
Rockin Jimmy Brown 2,c,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Ideal Ginny
Rockin Medicine 2,c,p, Rockin Image—Modern Medicine
Rocknroll Annie 2,f,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Miss Annie J
Rock N Roll Doodle 2,f,p, Rock N Roll Heaven—Willow Gram
Rouge Rocker 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Red S
Seafarer 2,c,p, Captaintreacherous—Baez
She’s A Major Lady 2,f,p, Art Major—J K Getupngo
S McKee 2,c,p, Art Major—Taiya Hanover
Stonebridge Strike 2,c,t, Muscle Mass—Stonebridge Encore
Sunday Clothes 2,c,p, Rockin Image—Sara’s Lucky Charm
Swan Popper 2,c,t, Swan For All—Petticoat Affair
Topville Angelina 2,f,p, American Ideal—A Fiesty Affair
Under The Hood 2,f,p, Art Major—Myluvmylife
Wayward Man 2,c,t Yankee Glide—Classical Girl
White Hair Rocks 2,c,p, Rockin Image—Yankee Luck
Windy Corner 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Wind Stroll
Without A Doubt 2,f,t, Conway Hall—Queen Of More

Aldine Hanover 3,f,p, (2,1:52.1,$81,582) A Rocknroll Dance—Armbro Amoretto
American Influence 3,c,p, (2,1:53.4f,$8,200) American Ideal—Mrs American Pie
Apollo’s Creed 3,c,t, Muscle Hill—Autumn Treasure
Around The Horn Ld 3,c,p, Rockin Image—Miss ATM
Bb Rocks 3,f,p, Rockin Image—Yankee Pankee Bb
Butchie Beach 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—McGibson
Cousin Bea 3,f,t, (2,2:00.1f,$7,300) Yankee Glide—Southern Senorita
Fine Art 3,f,p, (2,1:54.3f,$32,300), Bettor's Delight—Acquavella
Hey Judy Judy 3,f,t, (2,1:59.3f,$18,050) Muscle Massive—Likeavirgin Lindy
Hill Of A Horse 3,c,t, Muscle Hill—Lukes Sophie
Ideal Flip 3,c,p, (2,Q1:55.3,$59,384) Western Ideal—Flip For Love
Jeopardy 3,g,p, (2,1:52.3f,$50,800) Rockin Image—Gottogetoutmore
Karpathian Kid 3,c,p, (2,1:50.1,$157,267) Somebeachsomewhere—Vysoke Tatry
Keystone Apache 3,c,t, (2,1:56.2h,$78,615) Explosive Matter—Found An Angel
Lady Orb 3,f,p, Art Major—Spirit Of The West
Lindsay’s Pride 3,f,t, Credit Winner—Keepsake Hanover
Meadow Brook Grace 3,f,t, (2,1:54,$175,950) Swan For All—Chip’s Goddess
Mean Leen 3,f,p, (2,1:52.3,$44,020) Well Said—Macapelo Rose
Michando 3,f,t, (2,Q1:58.4f,$5,910) Muscle Mass—Haul’n Fanny
Miss Lady Halfmoon 3,f,t, (2,1:57.1,$30,430) Guccio—Meghan’s Halfmoon
Modesty 3,f,p, (2,Q1:56.4f,$3,800) American Ideal—Shyaway
Papa Harvey 3,c,t, Possess The Will—Fashion Huntress
Partyon Partygirl 3,f,p, (2,1:57.2,$13,019) Always A Virgin—Delightful Party
Repete’s Boy 3,c,t, Lucky Chucky—Dipietrantonio
Rockin Rusty 3,g,p, (2,1:52,$69,614) Rockin Image—Yankee Ashley
Shesgoingoinggone 3,f,p, So Surreal—Long Gone
Sleazy Dancer 3,f,p, (2,1:59.3,$21,013) Sand Shooter—Sleazebiscuit
Somebaddude 3,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—New Album
Supergirl Riley 3,f,t, (2,Q1:56.4,$99,674) Muscle Mass—Crown Laurel
Suddenly Sam 3,c,p, (2,Q1:56,$12,718) Somebeachsomewhere—Always True
Teddy Brosevelt 3,g,t, (2,2:00.4,$12,040) Guccio—Princess Royalty
Tito 3,c,t, (2,1:55,$239,963) Muscle Mass—Stonebridge Encore
Top Expectations 3,f,t, (2,1:54.1,$224,278) Cantab Hall—Exceed Expectation
Townline Virgin 3,c,p, (2,1:57.4,$6,013) Always A Virgin—Fox Valley Naomi
Trak 3,c,t, (2,1:58.1f,$14,014) Andover Hall—Just A Valley Gal
Ty Chi’s Legacy 3,f,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Ty Chi Hanover

older horse
Lucky Jim 13,g,t, (4,1:50.1,$1,940,482) SJ’s Photo—Hawaiian Sierra

Dr. Ian Moore Stable
Deb 2,f,p, Sportswriter—Atlantic Seelster
Full Moon Fix 2,f,p, Bettor's Delight—Balasun
Ike 2,g,p, Well Said—Finishing Touch
Justwiggleit 2,c,p, Bettor's Delight—Wiggle Hanover
Mac’s Power 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Michelle’s Jackpot
Missile Seelster 2,c,p, Bettor's Delight—Magna Blue Chip
Northern Captain 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Northern Athena
Play Girl 2,f,p, Shadow Play—April Three
Res Q 2,c,p, Mach Three—Teenage Paige
Shadow Carta 2,f,p, Shadow Play—Carta Final
Shadow Royal 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Lady Kimberly Lynn
Silas Seelster 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Smilesplace
Silverhill Bunna 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Ruthie Jane
Spade Seelster 2,f,p, Sunshine Beach—Stonebridge Sassy

Atomic Seelster 3,c,p, (2,1:57.3h,$34,657) Shadow Play—Angelina Seelster
Casimir Richie P 3,c,p, (2,1:52.4,$31,528) Astronomical—Casimir Hugs
Jan 3,f,p, (2,1:51.4,$41,718) Rock N Roll Heaven—Armbro Savannah
Percy Blue Chip 3,f,p, (2,1:51.2f,$351,989) Shadow Play—Advantest
Shadow Moon 3,c,p, (2,1:51.4,$156,247) Shadow Play—Lofty Yankee

older horse
Classic Pro 4,h,p, (3,1:51,$414,799) Shadow Play—Kattimon

Pinske Stable
Antonia 2,f,t, Donato Hanover—Tactical Caviar
Arglbargl Hanover 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—Are You Ready
Can’t Beach That 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Cannae Cammie
Laurentian Hanover 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Luxuriant Hanover
Loving Life 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—We’ve Got It All
May Bride Hanover 2,f,p, Captaintreacherous—Musicale Hanover
Something Fine 2,c,t, Credit Winner—Spice Girl
Southwind Percy 2,f,t, Muscle Hill—Counter Pointe
Swannitemare 2,f,t, Swan For All—Mamie’snightmare
Sweet Troy 2,c,p, Sweet Lou—Magestic Blue Chip
Westerner 2,c,p, Western Ideal—Caitlin Q

American Vision 3,g,p, American Ideal—Caitlin Q
Haveitalltogether 3,g,t, (2,1:56.2,$64,319) Cantab Hall—We’ve Got It All
Hayden Hanover 3,c,p, (2,1:50,$289,092) Somebeachsomewhere—Hana Hanover
Lucky Rainbow 3,f,t, (2,2:01h,$69,207) Credit Winner—Lady Rainbow
Points North 3,g,p, (2,1:51.1,$154,180) Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover
Van Helsing 2,c,p, A Rocknroll Dance—Southwind Vanna
Voss Volo 3,g,t, (2,2:03.2,$16,820) Credit Winner—Silver Springs

Joel Smith Stable
Always A Class Act 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Fox Valley Touche
Pleasures Chip 2,f,p, Hypnotic Blue Chip—Small Pleasures
Torrid Desire 2,c,p, Real Desire—Fox Valley Tori

Dancing Devil 3,c,t, Swan For All—Lasting Beauty
Fox Valley Sinful 3,c,p, Sportsmaster—Thongundrcolrsoops

by Kendra Casselman

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