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The annual Hanover Shoe Farms broodmare reduction is now taking place on the website This year's reduction features 41 well -bred mares in foal to top stallions including Bar Hopping, Betting Line, Bettor's Delight EL Titan, Huntsville,, International Moni, Stay Hungry and Swan For All. The list of mares selling can be found here: All service fees are paid but non-refundable with no returns if the mares fail to produce live foals. There is no reserve on any of these mares. All mares will be boarded at Hanover one week free of charge starting at the conclusion of the auction while shipping arrangements are made. Hanover Shoe Farms is committed to the welfare of all their horses, even after they are sold. Therefore, if it becomes necessary, all of these mares are welcome back to live out their lives at Hanover Shoe Farms at the conclusion of their breeding careers providing that they are not in foal at the time and that they meet the testing requirements for re-entry. 2020 Stallion books are open   From Hanover Shoe Farms

Cream Ridge, NJ -  The Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) learned of fifty-three Standardbreds crammed in a crowded pen to be shipped for slaughter. One has already passed away at the pen for unknown reasons.   Each horse needs a home, someone in their past to help, someone new who will give one a soft place to land. Without help each will endure a brutal trip to the unthinkable end at the Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouse. It is expected that without help, this will happen on Monday, December 16, 2019.   There are a few possible ways to help these animals of which nearly every horse is in Pennsylvania. A few appear to be nearing their last days as they are elderly, several are sound and of a great age to ride and enjoy as pleasure horses, and others are acute or chronically sore or lame and may need rest or humane euthanasia.   How can you help: (Please read before you go to the link of names.)   1. Take one from the kill pen directly: There is a price on most of the horses, prices vary from $650-$800 Their soundness is unknown, but typical of the breed, they are extremely well mannered.To bail directly send payment through paypal to, then text (717) 360-8557 to arrange pick up of bailed horse (please no harassing the pen, let's just help these horses right now). There is room at a boarding facility for quarantine, and board for those who wish to take a horse, but please do not expect that SRF can take the horse in the future. Please help with full understanding of a commitment to an animal. Email SRF for the facility's information.   2. Contact SRF to offer a home by using this link for an application to adopt   3. Offer a foster home at no charge to SRF use this link SRF Foster   How tax-deductible donations will help: Donate to Rescue   1. With donations SRF can then incur the expenses for horses that may have a foster home offer, as there are expenses involved, some may include paying the kill pen, transport, quarantine, a Veterinary care, hoof care, etc.   2. There are several in the pen in need of a Veterinarian due to feed and care neglect, acute or chronic soreness or lameness, and at least two have injuries that need immediate attention. Usually every one of these horses will need a farrier, worming, and TLC.   3. There are a few in the group that Veterinarians will determine that humane euthanasia is kinder.   4. Should horses be left without homes, humane euthanize is an option, as this is less inhumane as shipping for slaughter. The expenses to help one would include: pay the pen for the horse, transport to a facility, Veterinary fee $150., and the renderer $350.   5. There are 376 horses already under SRF’s expense and care, therefore SRF can take on another only if a full year of expenses are donated; this averages $4,500. If several people help as sponsors this can also be accomplished.   These horses have had the help of SRF and volunteers for two days already. Some horses have been helped from individuals who care. Past owners, breeders, and trainers were contacted, and some have stepped up. As of today, here is the list of the 53 with updated notes: SRF Rescue   It is the holiday season which makes this hit the heart harder. These horses have given so much. Every bit of help for them will change their lives. To contact SRF with any questions please use srfhorsesandkids@gmail, or call 609-738-3255. SRF has only a few on staff, and this is a large undertaking of coordination. Response time may not be as quick as on a typical day. Donate to SRF Today   From the Standardbred Retirement Foundation  

YONKERS, NY, Wednesday, December 11, 2019-- Harness racing driver Jason Bartlett's first words about Mach it a Par were hardly the stuff of testimonials. "She doesn't look like much, her gait isn't the smoothest, very choppy, she has to use many more steps to cover same amount of ground," her usual chauffeur said. "But"--and there's always a 'but'--"what no one could measure was her heart." Mach it a Par makes the 182nd and final start of her seven-figure career Friday night (Dec. 13th), after which she'll be honored by her home away from home, Yonkers Raceway. Entering the $22,000 second race, the 9-year-old daughter of Mach Three has made her last 87 starts in Westchester for co-owners D'Elegance Stable IX, Carmen Iannacone, T L P Stable and the Gandolfo Stables, "She's not supposed to do the thing she's done," trainer Richard Banca said of the 52-time winner. "She did overcome so much, all sorts of foot issues. She's just been tremendous and gets around Yonkers great. I don't know why, maybe it's her size. She took a (1:50.3) mark there (September of 2016, Brian Sears driving), which I think was a world record at the time. We've had her since early (March) 2016. I think the owners paid $60,000 for her. She was racing at Pompano. She had a lot of wins, but hadn't made much money. "We put her right in the (2016 Blue Chip) Matchmaker," Banca said. "She was probably eligible to non-winners of $10,000 (in last five starts), but we threw her in the series. She ended up winning and paying a lot ($81, George Brennan driving) and that really surprised us. There weren't that many surprises after a career-best '16 season (39 starts, 13 wins, nine seconds, eight thirds, $404,200), with Yonkers as her nearly-exclusive place to race. The past two full seasons have seen Mach it a Par pay her way, earning $200,000-plus in each. "It's not that she can't race anymore (six wins, more than $144,000 in 2019)," Banca said. "The owners just want to breed her (to as as-of-now undetermined New York stallion)," It wasn't all sunshine and Skittles on the track for Mach it a Par, however. The lass cost herself any number of winner's circle pictures and a fair amount of coin by not necessarily pacing the straight and narrow through the lane. "We never could figure out why she runs out," Banca said. "She doesn't do it every time (cue Bartlett...'She was a winner last [Friday] night [Dec. 6th], but off the last turn, she wants to go and get a hamburger in the grandstand') and we've tried some equipment changes, but then she ran in." So, there. Mach it a Par wasn't always pretty, but with more than $1.1 million on account, she was pretty good. A friendly reminder from Yonkers Raceway that Thursday evening’s (Dec. 12th) Pick 5 wager starts with a carryover of $4,791.45 and a $15,000 guaranteed pool. The guarantee is in conjunction with the U.S. Trotting Association’s Strategic Wagering Program. The Pick 5 is a 50-cent base wager comprising races 6 through 10 Thursday night. It has no consolation payoff, meaning if no one selects all five winners (as was the case Tuesday night), the entire pool (minus takeout) moves to the next racing program. by Frank Drucker, for Yonkers Raceway

Recently announced Nappanee, Indiana, Citizen Of The Year, Ola Yoder stunned the harness racing world with a significant investment buying five sensational broodmares for $690,000 at the recent White Birch Farm dispersal sale held at Harrisburg in November. Ola Yoder turned to standardbreds recently when he took a shot buying Enterprise, a Chapter Seven stallion who won an elimination of the Hambletonian in 2017 and shipped to Sweden for racing the year after. Enterprise since has served well over 100 mares in 2019 at Dublin Valley Farms in Ohio. "I'm retiring from my business a Cabinet Company called Kountry Wood Products" Ola says in an interview on Harness Racing Update. Yoder has a simple game plan investing in standardbreds to sell high-priced, well-bred yearlings in the future feature sales, Lexington and Harrisburg. That is what Ola Yoder wants to achieve. The mares from the White Birch Farm dispersal that Ola bought were; Dragon's Tale - Dam of Workin Ona Mystery and in foal to Captaintreacherous Please Beehave  a Muscle Hill sister to Bee A Magician and in foal to Chapter Seven Belclare  dam of Captain Victorious and in foal to Captaintreacherous World Of Rock a sister to Worldly Beauty and in foal to Captaintreacherous Western Silk (Open) has a 1:49 record with over $1.6m in earnings. Since purchasing these mares in November, Ola Yoder again invested when the opportunity came, just announced last week, this time privately buying the Breeders Crown three-year-old Trotting Champion filly of 2019, Winndevie. Winndevie seen here winning The 2019 Breeders Crown (New Image Media Photo) Winndevie was one of North America’s leading three-year-old filly trotters in 2019 (by Credit Winner), whose late-charging success in the $655,000 Breeders Crown in a lifetime best 1:53 at Mohawk, was her crowning achievement in a glittering career.  To read the recent article on the impact of Ola Yoder and his purchase of Winndevie click on this link. Ola Yoder is our "Rookie Of The Year" in harness racing by making a significant investment in the future of the State of Ohio's standardbred breeding Industry. ...................................................................... Here is some background about Ola Yoder and his Company found on Buzz File; Kountry Wood Products is located in Nappanee, Indiana. This organization primarily operates in the Wood Kitchen Cabinets business / industry within the Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 21 years and employs approximately 210 people at this headquarters location and 425 total employees across all locations producing some 1.4 million Cabinets annually. This organization is engaged in manufacturing activities at this facility. Harnesslink Media ...................................................... Below is truly an inspiring story about Ola Yoder, his life and his Faith The visitation room at the correctional facility looked like an elementary school cafeteria that hadn’t been updated since 1974. The walls were taupe but for two bold roller-rink stripes of maroon and blue. The tiled floor was patterned to make the room feel busier than it already was. Vinyl furniture was arranged around the room, creating faux privacy for families and loved ones. If not for the heavyset guards at the north end of the room and the steel-reinforced, bullet-proof Plexiglas, you might feel like you were at a support group meeting in a church basement as much as a prison visitation room Ola Yoder sat in the middle of the room and stood out. Crisp white short-sleeve button-down shirt tucked into black flat-front dress pants. Work-scuffed black dress shoes with black suspenders. This was Ola’s uniform. Work, leisure, meetings, Sunday church, family gatherings, prison visits. A uniform style of dress that discourages physical appearance as a source of pride, Ola and his religious community had learned that simplicity reflects universal values of humility and modesty. His Shenandoah beard and solemn gaze gave away his faith. But Ola never concerned himself much with what others think of him. He sat across from Eli Weaver with an open mind and a full heart. As he had done countless times before, Ola sought to comfort Eli and to understand what he had done. This was Ola’s fourth visit of the year. For Ola, you reach out to someone in trouble in your community and help them…and when you can’t help, you try to understand. You see, in 2009, a life had been taken — the life of a member of the community, a woman who was the mother of 5, and the wife of Eli Weaver. Hundreds of miles from Ola’s home, family, and business, the murder shook him. What would cause someone who grew up learning the ways of pacifism and peace to turn to violence and murder his wife? It just didn’t make sense. How could someone be so troubled as to murder an innocent woman, in their house, with their children present, seated in the middle of an Ohio Amish community? Hundreds of miles west, back in Nappanee, Indiana, an empire continues to grow. Dozens of semi-trailers litter the area behind locked gates. Hidden inside each, packed perfectly, are dozens of kitchen cabinets made by a company whose reputation is highly regarded by customers and vendors alike. Kountry Wood is a huge part of Ola’s legacy, though he’d never say it himself. His children, his faith, his works, his community — they would all be mentioned first, as well they should. But one cannot tell the story of Ola Yoder without understanding the beauty of his products. The company was started just 20 years ago in Ola’s barn. Today, it spans well over 250,000 square feet of factory floor, and it’s growing yearly. The company turns out over 1.4 million kitchen cabinets each year, with under 500 hard-working employees. The factory floor is clean A short tour around Kountry Wood would leave anyone blown away. The factory floor is clean — not clean like a standard factory floor, but immaculately clean like a hospital and biochemical lab. Skilled craftspeople delicately sand and stain at their respective stations. Between those stations runs a factory line that looks more like something that should be producing Tesla Model Xs than Nappanee’s favorite cabinetry. Laser precision guides nearly every step of the process, all the way through custom corrugated cardboard packaging built for each product. A red digital counter hangs from the middle of the ceiling reminding everyone of the day’s goals and current production numbers. Today, like most days, the factory has run so efficiently that by 3:00 p.m. the workers have surpassed production goals and only a few folks remain at work. The employees look happy to be involved. Ola doesn’t allow employees to use drugs of any sort in the workplace; in fact, he doesn’t even allow them to curse on the premises. Despite the dual monitors at every cubicle; despite the computer-guided factory floor; despite the beautiful efficiency…Kountry Wood, like everything lucky enough to be touched by Ola, is steeped to the core in his faith, and it shows. That faith, while understated by nature, is crucial. Ola Yoder is many things. A business mogul by any measure. A researcher tasked with understanding human behavior of the worst kind. A humanitarian. A human, endlessly proud of his wife and family. That faith is a common thread that can weave together all sides of the man. It’s the same faith that guided him to help those five orphans stay afloat after their mother was murdered and their father was imprisoned. It’s the same faith that comforts the man who put his children in that position — who stole their foundation and, if not for Ola’s kindness, almost stole their livelihood. One of several Awards that Ola Yoder has received for helping young people in his community There’s an Amish proverb that provides a thesis for Ola’s life: “The most important things in your home are people.” Ola, like many of his peers, believes that home goes well beyond four walls, a farm, or even a factory. That is the power of Ola’s faith. And now that faith is taking acts to a new level. Ola pulls a black, oversized handle. Hand-formed wrought iron has its own story to tell. A story of a craftsman like Ola, firing and hammering away — removing excess and shaping the remains until he finds perfection. It’s symbolic of Ola’s empire: the pull is simple, understated, without frills or excess, but it forms something beautiful. He and his longtime advisor, Brian Hoffer, walk through the oversized oaken doors. Inside is an amazing space that would drop the jaws of the most seasoned architects. Ola's new event center donated to the Nappanee Community Suited and put together, a lawyer focusing on finance and estate planning, Brian lets a smile break through. Who could help it? After working together since the beginning, Brian feels emotionally tied to Ola’s great work too, and he should. There is simply no reining in Ola’s philanthropic spirit. But, like the few cut from his same cloth in this world, Ola has a hard time approaching philanthropy in the same way he does business. So Brian’s recent guidance has been important in taking some big strides forward. Together with Brian’s guidance and the professionals at the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, Ola has recently opened a donor-advised fund to help him and his wife, Vera make the most of their charity. The fund allows the Yoder’s to help guide funds into the charitable projects that are most important to them, while still benefiting from the expert fund management being performed by the Foundation. Ola paces across the beautiful wood floors and takes in the status of another big project an example of his generous outreach: an event space befitting his community and reminiscent of his spirit. Enormous wooden beams span the ceiling several stories overhead. Like a barn-home made for giants, the new space is open, expansive, and natural and says everything about Ola’s heritage and craftsmanship. He called in a specialized Amish engineering team to ensure the building’s floor was free of supports in an enormous center section. The space is a work of art and will provide a center for activities of thousands in and around the community. While the event space will be used by the community for festivals, events, and fundraisers, it isn’t the only project Ola has his eyes on. He has an unwavering passion for the next generation. And when Ola heard from Foundation president Pete McCown about the good work being done at CAPS (Child and Parent Services), he knew he had to help. As quickly as Ola learns about a new project aimed to do good, he gets himself involved. His new fund is just another tool at his disposal. As Ola walks out of Grafton Correctional, he hears the invasive buzz of gates and barred doors. The low thud of a heavy steel door separates him again from Eli. Faint clangs and muffled yells create a harsh mixture of background noise that echoes through the walls of the sterile prison. Ola knows Eli will spend the next 15 years locked in that institution. He knows much or all of his life may well be spent inside those cold walls. He also knows that his own simple visits warm the days that surround them for Eli,and that Eli has grown in the time he has spent incarcerated. He knows that no soul is defined — and certainly not lost — in its worst moment. He believes firmly in the transformative power of love…a love he expresses to his family and to his community. The most important things in your home are people. For Ola, he calls home his humble farm; his ever-growing factory; his new event center — Sammlung Platz (translated — “The Gathering Place”). He calls home Nappanee, Indiana, and the Amish community. He calls home the whole of Elkhart County, where his fund will impact the lives of thousands. He calls home the many nonprofits offering love and forgiveness. He calls home Grafton, and Eli struggling to live with the heinous things he’s done. For Ola, home extends far beyond the property line. And the most important things in his home are the people. Reprinted with permission of The Community Foundation of Elkhart County  

Batavia, NY --- In an era where mainstream media habitually overlooks harness racing in their day to day publications, two news outlets in New York State routinely include harness racing news in their sports pages and continue to promote the sport despite their counterparts failure to do so. And the coverage given to the action at the track by the Batavia Daily News and The Batavian is why the Upstate New York Chapter of the United States Harness Writers Association (USHWA) will be presenting them with the 2019 President's Award. The Batavia Daily News is a print newspaper that was founded in 1878 and has been in operation ever since. Their circulation goes well beyond the confines of the City of Batavia and Genesee County, into several surrounding counties and also include Buffalo and Rochester. Additionally the paper has a strong online presence ( to go along with it's daily print publication and both cover Batavia and Genesee County in depth. The Batavian ( is an online news outlet that was launched in 2008. It is the first local, online-only news source for the City of Batavia and Genesee County and has become one of Genesee County's most popular internet news sites and provide local residents with news and information based mainly around Genesee County. This outlet has a reputation of showing up at every major event in the city and posting timely first-hand reports and videos. "Both of these outlets have provided outstanding coverage to harness racing at Batavia Downs over the years but in 2019, gave unprecedented week-long coverage to the $1.8 million New York Sire Stakes Night of Champions that were held at Batavia Downs and produced record numbers for the track as well as noticeably increased revenue for the city itself that weekend by visiting participants," said Tim Bojarski, president of UNY USHWA. "They both do an outstanding job for the community in general and the sport in particular. The coverage provided to harness racing by these fine news sources sets a standard that outlets in other cities should well take note of." The Batavia Daily News and The Batavian will be presented their awards in the Purple Haze Winner's Circle at Batavia Downs on Saturday night (Dec. 14). Post time for the first race is 6 p.m. From the Upstate NY Chapter of USHWA

Tight Lines wins the Open Trot in the slop at Dover Downs on Tuesday night. Tight Lines and driver Ross Wolfenden, for trainer Jeff Gregory, left alertly and allowed Jack Vernon to reach the front at the quarter pole.  Ross Wolfenden retook the lead and cut fractions of :27.4,  :56.4 and 1:25.1, stopping the teletimer in 153.4.   Royal Becca J braved the wind and rain to race first up down the backstretch pressuring Tight Lines.  The team trotting a :28.2 third quarter.  Tight Lines, the 1-5 race favorite, proved to be too much and pulled away in the stretch to win in hand. Tight Lines is owned by Jeff Gregory and W.H. Richardson. Jack Vernon and driver Victor Kirby, for trainer Dylan Davis, sat the pocket and finished 2nd. Royal Becca J, for driver Jack Parker Jr. and trained by his wife Carol Jamieson-Parker, finished a game third. Harrington Raceway’s leading driver, Art Stafford Jr.  won four races on the Dover Downs card. Post time is 4:30 pm by Alex Kraszewski, for Dover Downs  

Monticello, NY - While the weather was cold, wet and nasty Tuesday afternoon at Monticello Raceway, Bruce Aldrich Jr. was red hot and as he drove five harness racing winners on the 10 race card. Bruce started the rally early in the first race with Tweedledtweedledum, the Bo Sower's trainee started from post 6 and scored in 2:02 - paying $8.20 to win. Aldrich went on a tear in race 3 and won the next 3 races in a row. Scootin For Joy notched her 5th seasonal win for trainer Jim Doherty Jr in 2:02.3 - $4.50. Next up was Zone Blitz, the former Ron Burke trainee won in 1:59.3 - $10.60. Carters Casper won his 8th race of the season in 1:57.1, the fastest mile of the day on a track rated sloppy for trainer Al Annunziata. The fifth win of the afternoon cam in the last race were he scored a wire to wire victory with Future Life in 2:02.4, the win also gave 2nd leading trainer Jim Doherty Jr. a training double on the afternoon. The five wins on the afternoon gives Aldrich 193 wins at Monticello Raceway this season which puts him in 3rd place for leading dash winners behind Jim Taggart Jr. and Michael Merton. by Shawn Wiles, for Montiello Raceway

WASHINGTON, PA, Dec. 10, 2019 -- Enoch quarter-poled to the front and easily held off the late challenge of his stablemate, Latest Desire, to capture Tuesday's opening-leg harness racing division of a holiday series at The Meadows for $20,000 claiming horse and gelding pacers. Mississippi Rabbit took the other $12,000 split. The Meadows currently is hosting six Holiday Claiming Series; all begin this week, and all conclude with Dec. 30 championship legs that carry estimated purses between $15,000 and $20,000. Dave Palone let the dust settle before moving Enoch, and the 6-year-old Panspacificflight-Kieanna's Angel had little trouble from there, downing Latest Desire by 3/4 lengths in 1:54.1 over a "good" surface. Big Dutch finished third. Trainer Ron Burke enjoyed the exacta sweep while Burke Racing Stable, Weaver Bruscemi LLC, Phillip Collura and Frank Baldachino registered the owners' win. Tuesday's card also featured the opening leg of a holiday series for $10,000 claiming horses and geldings, with the splits going to Nathan Feelsgood and Nobettorplacetobe. Tony Hall piloted four winners and Aaron Merriman three on the 13-race card. Live racing at The Meadows continues Wednesday, when the program features an $89,374.07 carryover in the final-race Super Hi-5. First post for the 13-race card is 1:05 PM. By Evan Pattak, for The Meadows Standardbred Owners Association

Goshen, NY - A few seats still remain for the Monticello - Goshen Chapter of the United States Harness Writers Association's 61st annual awards banquet, featuring Mickey Burke as the apex harness racing honoree. The banquet takes place on Sunday, December 15 at The Fountains at Wallkill Golf Club, Middletown, NY Banquet chairman Shawn Wiles noted, "We have enjoyed one our greatest responses in recent memory, bolstered largely in part to this year's deserving and popular slate of honorees." With 150 tickets sold, so far, we have been fortunate enough to add another table to the banquet hall set up. The schedule for this year's festivities is as follows: Doors Open with a Cocktail Hour and Open Bar starting at 6 p.m. Banquet seating begins at 7 p.m. with the horse awards being presented. Dinner served at 8 p.m., followed by the primary honorees being presented their individual awards. The activities of the Monticello-Goshen chapter, largely through advertising sales and banquet participation, have allowed the organization to make generous annual donations to both the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, as well as Goshen Historic Track. In addition to the year-end awards for horses and horse people from the local tracks, the Monticello-Goshen chapter will also honor Mickey Burke (Lifetime Achievement Award); Noelle Duspiva (Excelsior Award); Barbara Martinez (Amy Bull Crist Distinguished Service Award); Larry Lederman (John Gilmour Good Guy Award); Purple Haze Stable (Breeders Award); Dave Brower (Phil Pines Award); Tony Verruso (Amateur Driver); Joe Chindano, Jr. (Rising Star), etc. Tickets for the gala event are still available and can be reserved by contacting Shawn Wiles at (845) 794-4100 extension 458 or Email:, or contact Chris Tully at (845) 807-7538 or Email: by Chris Tully, for Monticello-Goshen USHWA  

YONKERS, NY, Tuesday, December 10, 2019--Yonkers Raceway has announced its live 2020 harness racing schedule, pending approval of the New York State Gaming Commission. The 237-program docket begins Monday night, Jan. 6th, and encompasses the usual five nights per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) throughout the bulk of the season. It's nighttime--first post remaining at 6:50 PM--the entire way, save for a Saturday, Sept. 12th, matinee. That program (first post 1 PM) shall feature both the $1 million International Trot and the New York Day of Champions, finals of the New York Sire Stakes. The 2020 calendar accompanies this release. Note that the 2019 season ends a week from tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 17th). By Frank Drucker, for Yonkers Raceway    

Columbus, OH — The powerful one-two punch of trainer Ron Burke and driver Chris Page captured both Kaltenbach titles in 2019. The Jerry Kaltenbach Memorial trophies were established in 1988 and are awarded annually to the driver and trainer who have earned the most dollars competing in Ohio Sires Stakes events that season. Trainer Ron Burke captured his second Kaltenbach title in 2019, sending 98 youngsters postward in the 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes legs, championships and consolations. Burke’s impressive assortment of 2- and 3-year-old pacers and trotters earned $1,121,850 from 22 wins, 10 seconds and 12 third-place finishes. Burke had captured the 2014 Kaltenbach crown with $428,750 in OSS earnings and last year was runner-up to winning trainer Brian Brown with $953,150 earned from 78 starters with 11 wins, 13 seconds and 12 thirds in OSS competition. Chris Beaver, who was third in the OSS training standings in 2018 and captured the 2017 Kaltenbach title, finished second to Burke this season, with 79 starters who earned $899,550 from 15 wins, 12 seconds and 12 thirds. Steve Carter was third with a 6-9-5 record from 24 starters who earned $422,250, while Virgil Morgan Jr. and Jason McGinnis were tied in fourth with five winners each. Morgan’s charges earned $417,700 while McGinnis’ trainees earned $310,050. Of the 117 trainers who participated in OSS events in 2019, a full 18 scored earnings of $100,000 or higher, with 11 earning $200,000 or better and five who accumulated $300,000 or more in the series. Driver Chris Page (Conrad photo) Driver Chris Page captured the Kaltenbach title for the fourth time in six years. Page piloted 23 winners, nine second-place finishers and 11 third-place finishers to $1,085,100 in OSS earnings from 94 starters. North America’s leading reinsman, Aaron Merriman and Brett Miller, who returned to Ohio in 2019 after plying his wares on the East Coast for the past decade, tied for the bridesmaid role with 14 winners each among them. Merriman edged out Miller in earnings, with the 94 horses he drove amassing $1,019,050 while Miller’s 82 steeds earned $850,750. Last year’s Kaltenbach king, Ronnie Wrenn Jr., garnered 11 triumphs and $669,800 in earnings from 89 starters, while Danny Noble ($587,050) and Tyler Smith ($481,650) notched seven winners each. Of the 54 drivers who participated in the 2019 OSS events, 47 garnered at least one purse check; 15 notched earnings of $100,000 or more; nine earned $200,000 or more; and six earned $400,000 or better. There were 19 drivers whose OSS purse checks totaled between $10,000 and $100,000, while 13 amassed $10,000 or less. In the 30 years the Kaltenbachs have been awarded, David Miller leads all drivers with seven trophies. In the training ranks, Virgil Morgan Jr., has captured the title six times. Only two horsemen have won the Kaltenbachs in both the training and driving categories — Sam “Chip” Noble III and Dave Rankin. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund Administrator

Ft. Washington, MD — What That Is won his third straight $10,000 Open Handicap Trot at Rosecroft Raceway on Monday night (Dec. 9) as part of a harness racing driving double for Roger Plante Jr. and an owning-training double for Kerry Welty. The 4-year-old trotter by pacing sire Cam’s Rocket won for the seventh time this year and the 19th time in 57 career starts. Plante sent his charge from post nine and cleared past the opening quarter and rolled on a track labeled ‘good’ in 1:55.3. In seven Open Handicap starts since Oct. 20, What That Is has won five of them. Plante also remained red hot with Rockin The Shades who won his third race in his last four starts in a lifetime best 1:53.2. Jared Moyer doubled on the night, steering Honest Liar to a win in his second start for new owner-trainer Jerry Nock in 1:56. Moyer also closed stoutly from sixth with Bo Breeze, getting him home at 8-1 and winning his 12th race of the year in 1:53.4. Eric Davis guided two winners for owner Eugene Robinson and trainer Katie Flaherty. Baby She’s Got It won a dazzling stretch duel with Earn My Stripes, Writteninred and Whiskey N Coke who were within a length of each other in a four horse photo. Davis later scored with Crush Hanover, who held off a game effort from True Cut, who was parked from the three-eighths mark on, in 1:56.2. Frank Milby took the $11,000 Open Pace with Romantic Interest who fought off a stubborn Rocktavious and In Record Time in 1:51.3. It was the eighth win of the year for the 4-year old Always A Virgin gelding for owner Candy Milby. by Pete Medhurst, for Rosecroft Raceway  

The California Sires Stakes program is still accepting yearling nominations for foals of 2018. 2018 Foals from stallions in the DHA program from the states of California, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine and Alberta, Canada may still nominate until December 31st 2019 for $300. Payment must be postmarked by Dec 31st. To submit a payment, forms may be downloaded at our CHHA website at under the sires stakes tab. by Robin Clements, for the California Sire Stakes

Pompano Beach, FL...December 10, 2019...In a "see-saw" finish right to the wire, the USA Amateur team eked out a narrow harness racing victory over the visiting Italian team at Pompano Park on Monday night in the annual friendship series between the two countries. The final tally was 100 to 86 with Ron Cusimano reaching the winners circle with Everyone' Talkin to give the USA the narrow win. With USA taking a 53-40 edge on opening night, the Italian visitors struck first on Monday night when Italy's Daniele Orsini gave a "heads-up" drive to Kelly Walkers' Stables Thisisshe, pushing the Italians into the point lead with one race to go. Thisisshe completed her one mile journey in 1:57.4. In the finale, Cusimano sent Everyone's Talkin, who he co-owns, right to the front from his mid-pack post and proceeded to wire his foes in 1:55.4. The Jake Huff trainee carded panels of :28.1, :57.2 and 1:26 along the way to earn his 25th career win. Both winning drivers were gracious in he winners circle with Cusimano applauding his main rival for the "fantastic drive" he gave to Thisisshe an Orsini thanking Dein Spriggs and Joe Pennacchio for their "grand hospitality" during their stay. Spriggs added, "This is what our sport can do for the community and beyond in the form of promoting our industry and, at the same time, be of benefit for so many worthwhile charitable organizations." The Florida Amateur Driving Club has donated over $200,000 to charities benefiting everything from Make-A-Wish and Animal Rescue Organizations to finding a cure or cancer. Racing continues Tuesday with a Pick-6 carryover and a blossoming Super Hi-5 jackpot of $4,731. Post time is et for 7:20 p.m. by John Berry, for the Florida Amateur Driving Club              

Anderson, IN - Effective Dec. 1, the Harness Horse Youth Foundation is using the talents of the Top Line Media Team to coordinate and manage its social media platforms and website content. "By enlisting the services of Top Line Media, HHYF hopes to build on our efforts to reach outside of the 'regular racing' comfort zone to find new harness racing enthusiasts," explained Adam Bowden, HHYF president. "Top Line Media Team has a diversified staff in many areas that HHYF needs. Unbeknownst to us prior to the interview, one of those team members is Daina (Kazmaier) Behe, a former HHYF scholarship recipient, so we can hit the ground at an even faster pace," he added. Erinn Berge, founder of Top Line Media Team said, "Our company is excited and honored to partner with Harness Horse Youth Foundation for their online web & marketing needs. We look forward to being a part of their strategic growth to enhance visibility for current and new audiences." The Harness Horse Youth Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing young people and their families educational opportunities with harness horses in order to foster the next generation of participants and fans. The Foundation has been making a difference in young people's lives since 1976; its programs include interactive learning experiences with racehorses as well as offering scholarships and creating and distributing educational materials relating to harness racing. For more information on opportunities through HHYF, or to support its mission, go to or call 317.908.0029. From the Harness Horse Youth Foundation      

WASHINGTON, PA, Dec. 10, 2019 - The Super Hi-5 jackpot at The Meadows has risen over $85,000. Thanks to another carryover, Tuesday’s Super Hi-5 jackpot stands at $85,012.93. The Meadows offers the Super Hi-5 on the final race of each harness racing live card. Tuesday’s program also features a $5,000 total-pool guarantee for the Pick 4 (races 3-6) and a $1,099.56 carryover in the Pick 5 (races 2-6). First post for the 13-race card is 1:05 PM. By Evan Pattak, for The Meadows Standardbred Owners Association