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The Friday Q+ was at Cabourg in the Prix des Tournesols (purse 32,000€, 2750 meters, 16 starters) with victory to 17/1 Eclat d”Isques (5m Tucson) reined by Vincent Boulogne, also his trainer, for owner Christian Lahuche, timed in 1.15.8kr,  Second was 8.3/1 Ecu de Mieloui (5m Soleil du Fosse) for David Thomain and third was 28/1 Esprits Crimineis (5g New des Landes) with owner/trainer Sebastian Hardy at the lines. The 36/1 Email de l’Iton (5g Magnificent Rodney) was fourth for Paul Pierre Ploquin and 9/1 Earl Chick (5g Nahar de Beval) earned the fifth-place check. There were three winning Q+ exact order tickets and they paid 129,359.20€ each with the Q+ pool reaching 3,622,806€. There was over 7,247,000€ wagered on the race. The same day at Pornichet was the Grand Prix de Pornichet (purse 30,000€, 2725 meters, 12 starters) that went to 1.14.8klr timed and 38/1 odds Love Dancer (9g Love You) reined by Christophe Gallier. The victory raised his life earnings to 112,232€. 5/1 Dancelli (8g Norvelous Hanover) took second with Olivier Raffin aboard and 2.9/1 Braquo (8g Ludo de Castelle) was third. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

July 26, 2019 - Friday’s harness racing Q+ was the Prix Henri Balliere (purse 32,000€, 2750 meters, 16 starters) at Cabourg. The 5.3/1 odds Carat du Goutier (7g Quido du Goutier) scored over the off track for Yoann Lebourgeois, trainer Marku Vartainen and Ecurie Fincumet Group OY, his seventh career victory in 41 starts. Race time was 1.15.4kr. 9/1 Av Nid de Gassard (9g Le Retour) was secomd with Alexandre Abrivard up and 25/1 Baron de l’Orne (8g Memphis du Rib) was third ahead of 4/1 Divine di’Leone and 7.9/1 Donuts Delador. The Q+ e-payoff was 18,515.20€. Carat du Goutier At Chatelaillon this day Jean Michel Bazire scored with three of his trainees. The Prix de Chatelaillon Plage (purse 17,000€, 2625 meters, 10 starters) went to 4/10 favorite Gitan de Guez (3m Niky-Allure de Star) timed in 1.15.7kr. Ecurie Vautors owns this youngster. Gitan de Guez The trainer/driver anjd owner team was back on top in the Prix Aubrion du Gers (piurse 17,000€, 2500 meters, 14 starters) with victory to the 4/10 favorite Denzo de Guez (6g Look de Star-Odyssee de Guez), his eight career win in 15 outings, and timed in 1.14.1kr for Bazire and Ecurie Vautors. Denzo de Guez Finally, in the Grand Prix Dynavena Maisagri (purse 35,000€, 2625 meters, 12 starters) it was Bazire again in the winner’s circle with 1.4/1 favorite Ghazi BR (5m Cantab Hall-Fiery Chip) clocked in 1.12.6kr. Ghazi BR Thomas H. Hicks  

Friday’s harness racing Quinte+ race was the GP de la Ville de Cabourg at Hippodrome Cabourg (purse 44,000€, 2750 meters, 16 starters) with the 1.15.2kr timed victory to 2.8/1 Dostoievski (6g Ganymede-Noor des Charmes). Dominik Locqueneux teamed this Jean Michel Bazire trainee for Ecurie des Charmes. He won for the eighth time in 33 career outings now for 250,970€ earned. 19/1 Blues des Landiers (8g Phlegyas) was second for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Dominique Cheradame , ahead of 20/1 Cledere de L’SAirou (7f Clef des Chatelet) handled by Sebastian Ernault. 15/1 Deese de Gueron and 7/2 Classic Connection completed the top five and established an exact order payoff of 35,301.00 to 11 winning tickets. The Q+ pool was 3.437,120€ and the total race handle was 6,940,000€. The card included the monte Prix Fandango (purse 44,000€, 2750 meters, 14 starters) with victory earned by 2.2/1 Ceylan Dairpet (7g Ouragon de Celland-Rosy MIP) with Yoann Lebourgeois up for trainer Tony LeBeller and Ecurie Dairpet. Race time was 1.11.6kr and the winner now has life earnings of 510,460€ from 14 career wins in 44 starts. 3.9/1 Daida de Vandel (6f Real de Lou) was second with Alexandre Abrivard up and third was 10/1 Al Capone Jet (9m Jag de Bellouet) rallied for third for jockey Francois Lagadeuc. Ceylan Dairpet Friday evening at Wolvega was the Super Trot Cup (purse 22,000€, 2100 meters autostart, ten starters) with the 1.12.7kr timed victory to 16/1 Durk M Boko (9g From Above-Vivian Boko) with Frans Van Der Blon up for trainer/owner H.A. Van Dljk. 13/1 Fabio Blanco (7g Ufo Kievitshof) was next with trainer Rob De Vlieger aboard and 4.6/1 Tuxedo Bi (7g Love You) took third for Rick Ebbinge and trainer JWM Engwerda. Durk M Boko Thomas H. Hicks

July 12, 2019 - Friday’s Quinte+ race was the Prix du Sap (purse 32,000€, 2750 meters distance handicap, 15 harness racing starters) at Cabourg. The 1.14.2kr timed victory went to 12/1 Copain du Cedre (7g Orlando Vici) with David Thomain up. The winner recorded his seventh career win in 44 outings now for 109,550€ earned. 15/1 Boxeur des Baux (8g Lilium Madrik) was second with Paul Philippe Ploquin aboard and 9/2 odds Carioca de Lou (7g Jag de Bellouet) was third for Leo Abrivard. 50/1 Be Good and 17/1 Brihana completed the top five finishers and set up a sole Q+ winning ticket and payoff of 394,889.80€. The Q+ pool was 3,754,008€ and total wagered on the race exceeded 7,774,000€. Copain du Cedre The top race of the day was the GP de la Ville de Cagnes-Sur-Mer (purse 66,000€, 2925 meters, seven International starters). The 4/5 favorite Balbir (8g Ganymede-Manzir) prevailed timed in 1.16.2kr with Mickael Cormy the driver/trainer for Ecurie du Vieux Chene. Balbir won for the 29th time in a 69-race career and increased his life earnings to 715,930€. 1.9/1 Bahia Quesnot (8f Scipion du Goutier) was second for trainer/driver Junior Guelpa and 18/1 Creative Castelets (7f Pomerol de Laumac) took third for J.Ch. Feron. Baldi Star and Colonel Bond were next to the line. Balbir On the undercard at CSM was the Prix de la Promenade de la Plage (purse 39,000€, 2925 meters, 15 starters) and the 1.15.1kr timed victory went to 20/1 Carlo de Carsi (7g Ismael du Pont) with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Laurent Gout and owner Gilles Baubier Canarelli. Carlo won for the ninth time in 50 lifetime starts, now for 300,750€ earned. 4.1/1 Diadam Atout (6m Timoko) was second for Christophe Martens and 7.4/1 American Dollar (9m Rocklyn) was third with Laurent Guy Richard aboard. Carlo de Carsi Thomas H. Hicks  

July 5, 2019 - The 2.3/1 harness racing favorite Denzo Montaval (6f Laetenter Diem) took today’s Quinte+ Prix du Mont Saint Michel at Cabourg, the race for a purse of 32,000€ and contested by 14 starters over 2750 meters. Gabriele Gelormini teamed the winner timed in 1.14.4kr, to this ninth career win in 41 outings. 14/1 Domingo Bello (6g Look de Star) was second for Mathieu Mottier and 6.2/1 Dassero (6g Ubriaco) took third, ahead of 9/2 Daddy Cut (6g Coktail Jet) and 21/1 Denys Davsson (6f Meaulnes du Corta). There were 128 winning Quinte+ tickets that paid 5,122.80€ each. The Q+ pool this day Was 3,683,777€ and the total handle on the race exceeded 7,426,000€ Two days prior, the Q+ was at Enghien and longshots prevailed in the Prix Porte Charenton (purse 51,000€, 2875 meters distance handicap, 16 starters) as 38/1 Benuro d’Auvillier (8g Laetenter Diem) scored timed in 1.14.4kr. Dominique Mottier trains the winner and Antoine Dubouis was the pilot. 89/1 Baileyse (8f Opus Viervil) was second for Alexis Garandeau, overcoming a 25 meter handicap. 9/1 Amour du Coglais (9g Ganymede) tool third with Franck Nivard up. 12/1 Azar d’Azif and 16/1 Be One des Thirons completed the top five and there were no winning exact order Q+ tickets. The top five disorder paid 35,202€ to 26 ticketholders in this race that showed a Q+ handle of 2,978,786€. Total handle on this race exceeded 6.653,000€. Benure d’Auvillier Later on the Enghien card was the Prix de la Madeleine (purse 53,000€, 2875 meters, 10 starters) with victory to the well-bred and 3/2 favorite City Guide (4m Love You-Crys Dream) that was reined by Pierre Vercruysse for trainer Erwin Bot and owner Ecurie Gerrits Recycling BV. The winner was timed in 1.13.5kr while recording his fourth victory in 10 starts in France, now for 130,980€ in career earnings. The 2.1/1 second choice Lover Boy (4m Conway Hall-Merlot DK) was second with Alexandre Abrivard aboard and 27/1 Florida Sport (4f Tornado Bello) was third handled by M.X. Mestre Suner. City Guide On July the Q+ race at Vichy produced another exact order non-winning ticket day in the Prix Jean Michel Bazire (purse 31,000€, 2950 meters, 15 starters. The disorder winning tickets paid 14,016.40€ to 64 ticketholders as the top five finishers went off at 6.4, 72, 12, 10 and 99/1 respectively. The Q+ pool was 3,045,459€ and total handle on the race exceeded 6,456,000€. The winner was Alinea (9g Baccarat du Pont) reined by Charles J. Bigeon, for trainer Christian Bigeon, to his 18th lifetime win in 92 starts. Alinea Thomas H. Hicks  

The Cabourg trotting action began with the Prix d’Auranches (purse 32,000 euro, 2750 meters, 16 starters) and the 1.15.1kr winner was 8/1 Danae d’Ela (5f Jag de Bellouet-Sonate de Bruyere) for Jean Philippe Borodajke. The 25 meter penalized at 2.7/1 odds Datcha (5f The Best Madrik) was second for Yoann Lebourgeois, trainer Emmanuel Ruault and Ecurie Comte P. de Montesson. 34/1 Carla des Caraibes (6f Flash de Cosse) was third for Daniel Marcel Olivier. The Q+ was at Cabourg in the Prix du Sap (purse 38,000 euro, 2750 meters) with the 1.15.2kr timed win to 9/1 Astral de Baumee (8g Prince de Montfort-Lisade Baumee) for driver Francois Lagadeuc and owner/trainer Stephane Blot. Second was 7.3/1 Bellino d’Auvrecy (7m Ganymede-Lady d’Auvrecy) for Franck Nivard, ahead of 1.9/1 Alinea (8g Baccarat du Mont) that David Thomain piloted for trainer Christian Bigeon. 106/1 Bill Please (7f Ready Cash) and 86/1 Boss d’Ourville (7g Quaro) completed the top five and established at 354,750 euro exact order payoff.      Rapports (pour 2€) Tirelire 1.000.000 € - Numéro plus : 0735   Ordre :       354.750,00€   Désordre :       5.960,40€   Bonus 4 :       192,80€   Bonus 4sur5 :       79,60€   Bonus 3 :       15,60€               Cabourg’s Prix de Domfort (purse 35,000 euro, 250 meters, 10 starters) went to 1.17.2kr timed and 2.1/1 odds Family d’Arjeanc (3f Kaisy Dream-Nancy d’Ecajeul) with Clement Duvaldestin up for trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. 6.1/1 France America (3f Jasmin de Flore-America) was second handled by trainer Louis Baudron and third was 73/1 Framboise (3f Nectar-Victoria) Action at Cagnes sur Mer featured the Gr. III Prix de Villeneuve Loubet (purse 70,000 euro, 2925 meters, 10 starters) with the 1.13.5kr timed victory to 1.2/1 favorite Uniflosa Bella (10f Jag de Bellouet-Koctiflosa Gede). J.Ch. Feron teamed the J.P. Marmion trainee that Marmion owns and Remi Boucret bred. 1.2/1 co-favorite Cavalleria (6f Prodigious-Janga) held second for trainer/driver J.P. Ensch and 43/1 Uranium (10g Jag de Bellouet-L’Aventoriere) was third with owner/trainer Junior Guelpa aboard. Weekend top trots are Saturday at Arjang where Propulsion tussles with nine rivals for 600,000SEK first prize, and Sunday at Mikkeli where Peace Of Mind, Pastore Bob and Heavy Sound battle with five others for a total purse of 140,000euro. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink      

December 21, 2017 - Today’s Quinte+ was the Prix des Saponaires at Cabourg. 16 contested the €36,000 purse, 2750 meters distance handicap event. 21/1 Aimee de Pervenche (7f Echo-Otsy) overcame a 25 meter handicap to win for driver Dwight Pieters and trainer Peter Derycia. 6.3/1 and 25 meter penalized Bariane James (6f Goetmals Wood-Ma Sissi James) took second for Tony LeBeller and trainer Philippe Billard. 5.7/1 Arythmie du Trio (7f Lontzac-Pomone du Trio) was third, this one also penalized 25 meters. 8.7/1 Belorese Verdere and 15/1 Allee de Fleur were the next two on the line. Thomas H. Hicks

December 12, 2017 - Today’s harness racing Quinte+ was at Cabourg in the Prix des Calceolaires (purse €40,000, 2750 meters, 16 starters) and the result lighted up the payoff scoreboard. 35/1 The Au Lait (10g Nuage de Lait-Kalfouny) scored timed in 1.13.1kr for Pierre Christian Jean and trainer Stephane Provoost/owner Ecurie Danover. 10/1 Valeur Ges (8f Quaro) was second for owner/trainer/driver Sylvain Marmion. 22/1 Valentine’s Day (8f Carpe Diem) took third for Pierre Houle. 10/1 Amigo Turgot and 24/1 Uppy de Vive ended fourth and fifth. The exact order payoff exceeded €372,000 for a €2 play. Interestingly the next four were off at 45, 28, 17 and 22/1 respectively, all finishing ahead of 7/10 Angelo AM that finished 10th, illustrating why horses race. Upcoming Vincennes weekend action includes the Saturday Prix Oscar Collard (Gr. III, purse €95,000, 2100 meters autostart) and Sunday the Prix Jean Dumouch (Gr.III, purse €115,000, 2850 meters, European). The latter includes in its early entrants Call Me Keeper, Uza Josselyn, Cash Gamble, Tony Gio, Traders, In Vain Sund and many others. Thomas H. Hicks

The European harness racing featured event on August 12th was the Aby Stora Prix with two heats (post positions reversed) contested each over 1640 meters autostart. Each heat carried a 400,000SEK purse with the final purse being 1,200,000SEK. Midnight Hour (6g Diesel Don-Quanne Kemp-Express Ride) took the two-horse raceoff in well-rated fashion timed in 1.16.9kr. Iikka Normonen drove the winner for trainer Ossi Nurmonen as that team bested Muscle Hustle (4m Muscle Mass-Crown Laurel-Cantab Hall) driven by trainer Robert Bergh. Muscle Hustle won the second heat timed in 1.11kr over Turno d’Azzurra (5m Love You) and third finishing Volstead. Midnight Hour won the first heat timed in 1.10.7kr over Turno d’Azzurra and BBS Sugarlight.  Aby Stora Prix organizers are reported to be considering a change to one heat over an extended distance in the future, in an effort to attract some of the better campaigners from France. Other winners of note on the August 12 Aby card included Diamanten (4m Adrian Chip-Iata Kill-Ata Star L) for Robert Bergh timed in 1.12.5kr in an event worth 200,000SEK to the winner. Later the Lyon Grand Prix for 500,000SEK for first place went to 12/1 Spitcam Jubb (6g Campbell Hall) timed in 1.14.6kr over 2140 meters and driven by Peter Ingves. Carla de Felliere (5f Quido du Goutier-Toccata du Bouffey) took Cabourg’s August 11 Quinte+ Prix Bruno Coquatrix (purse €45,000, 2750 meters, 14 starters) timed in 1.14kr for driver Anthony Barrier. J.P. Marmion  owns and trains this mare that was off at 10.5/1. 3.6/1 Bolt (6m Prince Gede-Souvola) secured second for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Christophe Gallier, ahead of 3/1 Comte du Vivier (5g Prince Gede-Jonque du Vivier) driven by Dominik Locqueneux. At Cagnes-sur-Mer was the Prix des Blevets (purse €46,000, 2925 meters, 13 European starters). Baby Lou Max (6g Gazouillis-Kamatie) scored timed in 1.13.8kr for Nicolas Mortagne. Zonguldak (8g Love You-Heartenings Crown) was second for Christophe Martens. That day at Enghien was the Prix de l’Odeon (purse €43,000, 2875 meters) and Erable du Vivier (3g Pine Chip Wood-Tendre du Vivier) was victorious for Clement Duvaldestin timed in 1.19.7kr. History of Aby Stora Prix since 1976 Year Winner HER Country Time Father Driver Second Third 2016 A Guy of Héripré M. 8  la France 1'11 " Orlando Vici Björn Goop Propulsion   2015 Support Justice M.6  Norway 1'11 "6 Kadabra Geir-Vegard Gundersen Västerbo Highflyer   2014 Order Crowe H.11  Sweden 1'12 "1 Juliano Star Örjan Kihlström Quid Pro Quo   2013 Sebastian K. M.7  Sweden 1'11 "5 Korean Jorma Kontio Save the Quick   2012 Sebastian K. M.6  Sweden   Korean Åke Svanstedt (No finals)   2011 Fast Lebel H.6  la France   Ginger Somolli Eric Raffin (No finals)   2010 Lisa America F.5  Italy   Varenne Torbjörn Jansson (No finals)   2009 Torvald Palema M. 8  Sweden   Alf Palema Åke Svanstedt (No finals)   2008 Garland Cronos H.5  Italy 1'13 "1 Viking Kronos Lutfi Kolgjini The Admiral Mauzun   2007 Giant Superman H.8  Sweden 1'13 "5 Giant Force Fredrik B Larsson Bird of Fire   2006 Red Chili Pirat M.7  Sweden   Giant Chill Örjan Kihlström (No finals)   2005 Gidde Palema M.10  Sweden 1'13 "3 Alf Palema Åke Svanstedt Steinlager   2004 Steinlager M.6  Norway 1'13 "5 Good As Gold Per Oleg Midtfjeld Infant of Bossis Giant Superman 2003 Gidde Palema M. 8  Sweden 1'12 "1 Alf Palema Åke Svanstedt Couch Doctor Scarlet Knight 2002 Victory Tilly cH7  Sweden 1'13 "5 Quick Pay Stig Johansson Legendary Lover K. Royal Tin 2001 Royal Tin H.9  Sweden 1'13 "1 Ulf of Ombrée Jorma Kontio Com Hector Victory Tilly 2000 Victory Tilly H.5  Sweden 1'13 "3 Quick Pay Stig Johansson Frisky Frazer Gidde Palema 1999 General of Pommeau M.5  la France 1'14 "4 Sébrazac Jules Lepennetier Edu's Speedy Rite On Line 1998 Rite On Line M.7  Norway 1'14 "3 Supergill Atle Hamre Ezira Josselyn Zoogin 1997 Gentle Star M.5  Norway 1'15 " Speedy Tomali Gunleif Tollefsen Rite On Line Zoogin 1996 Zoogin M.7  Sweden 1'14 "3 Zoot Suit Åke Svanstedt His Majesty Abo Volo 1995 Zoogin M.6  Sweden 1'13 "6 Zoot Suit Åke Svanstedt copiad His Majesty 1994 Houston Laukko M.6  Finland 1'13 "8 Choctaw Brave Jorma Kontio copiad Sea Cove 1993 Queen L F.7  Sweden 1'13 "2 Crowntron Stig H Johansson Sea Cove Nordin Hanover 1992 Sea Cove M.6  Canada 1'14 "5 Bonefish Jos Verbeeck Kosar Somollison 1991 Prince Mystic M.5  United States 1'14 " Mystic Park Atle Hamre Peace Corps Nordin Hanover 1990 Dream of Udon M.7  la France 1'14 " Éjakval Yves Dreux Jet Ribb Red Rhone 1989 Quellou cH7  la France 1'14 "9 Bellouet Pierre Levesque Napoletano Lord Quick 1988 ourasi M. 8  la France 1'14 "5 Greyhound Jean-René Gougeon Sugarcane Hanover Napoletano 1987 Jet Ribb H.5  Sweden 1'14 "8 Count's Pride Hans G. Eriksson Big Spender Grades Singing 1986 Utah Bulwark F.7  Sweden 1'14 "3 Utah IX Stig Johansson Grades Singing Hallon Brunn 1985 Minou of the Dungeon M.7  la France 1'15 "4 Quioco Olle Goop Ellizar H. Noble Asset 1984 The Onion M.5  Sweden 1'14 "8 Quick Pay Stig Johansson Legolas Shane T. Hanover 1983 Legolas H.5  Sweden 1'14 "6 Glasgow Thomas Nilsson Snack Bar Ideal of the Gazeau 1982 Ideal of the Gazeau M. 8  la France 1'15 "6 Alexis III Eugene Lefèvre Nino Blazing Keystone Patriot nineteen eighty one Ideal of the Gazeau M.7  la France 1'18 "4 Alexis III Eugene Lefèvre Mustard Dartster F 1980 Express Gaxe M.6  Sweden 1'15 " Express Rodney Gunnar Axelryd Lionel Minbar Ianthin 1979 Hadol of the Vivier M.6  la France 1'15 "5 Mitsouko Jean-René Gougeon Little Evander Tarok 1978 Charm Asserdal F.5  Sweden 1'16 "9 Train Bloc Heikki Korpi Express Gaxe Little Evander 1977 Micko Tilly M.7  Sweden 1'16 "3 Frances Nibs Olle Lindqvist Opal H Duke Iran 1976 Dines P F.6  la France 1'18 "9 Seddouk Michel Feuillet Arbont Clissa Thomas H. Hicks

July 21, 2017 - Friday evening’s Hippodrome Cabourg Grand Prix de la Ville de Cabourg (purse €58,000, 2750 meters distance handicap, 16 starters), the Q+ race of the day and feature race, went to 1.2/1 favorite Cantin de l’éclair (5g Jet Fortuna-Noce Joyeause) in rein to jubilant Tony LeBeller for Ecurie Leclair and trainer Nicolas Catherine. The 25 meter handicapped Bugsy Malone (6g Ready Cash-Night Captain) at 4/1, set the pace for Yoann Lebourgeois and owner/trainer Philippe Allaire but held second after being unable to hold off the winner. 22/1 Yankee’s Photo (9m SJ’s Photo-Yankee Tracer_ was third for Franck Nivard and trainer Bjorn Gulbransen. Alienor du Godrel and Venkatesh were fourth and fifth. The Cabourg action also highlighted monte trots. The secondary feature at Cabourg was the Prix Fandango (monte, purse €54,000, 2750 meters, 15 starters) and Catalogne (5f Cygnus d’Odyssee-Jabadie) scored, timed in 1.12.8kr, for Matthieu Mottier and trainer Denise Mottier. Catalogne, off at 2.8/1, recorded her seventh career win now for earnings of €250,180. Cassite (5f Neoh Jiel-Qiuiva du Rib) was second for jockey Matthieu Abrivard and the team of Ecurie Luck and J.L. Dersoir at 1.3/1 favorite. Bayern (6g Jam Pridem-Fulanera) was third for Oceane Briand and trainer Tony LeBeller at 18/1. Friday racing also took place at Wolwega was the Championnat d’Ete Elite Final (purse €9,900, 2100 meters, 10 starters) went to 1.13.4kr timed and 4/5 favorite Regio (7m Varenne-Leopardia) teamed with Robin Bakker. Paul J.P. Hagoort trains the property of Victoria Park Stable. Bakker recorded four wins on the card. Second in this one was 21/1 Feliai Boko (5f Virgil Boko-Serena Hall) also trained by Hagoort and driven by Hugo Langeweg, Jr. Third was 17/1 Freeway Fortuna (5f Conway Hall-Saratoga Yankee) driven by Joseph Verbeek for trainer S.M. Schoonderwoerd. Finally was the Biarritz – Prix du President de Folleville (purse €35,000, 3750 meters, 12 starters) and 5.3/1 Aladin (7g Love You-Joie de Mai) scored timed in 1.17.78 for Cedric Terry and Ecurie les Tilleuls. 13/1 Vainqueur D’ete and 8/1 Athos de Marlau were the next two on the line. Thomas H. Hicks

July 14, 2017 - Friday evening harness racing action was at Cabourg before a huge festival audience with the Prix de la Communaute de Communes Normandy (purse €35,000, 2750 meters, 14 starters) and that 1.15.7kr timed victory was secured by 7.7/1 Excel d’Amour (3m Quaker Jet-Havane de la Motte). Herve Langlois teamed the Sebastien Guarato owner and trained youngster. 42/1 Encore Plus (3f Ready Cash-Ustie Love) took second for Glenny Delaune for trainer Guarato and breeder/owner Ecurie D. 43/1 Electra Green (3f Texas Charm-Hiola du Gault) was third reined by Jean=Philippe Dubois for Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin.  Excel d’Amour - The Prix de Genets (purse €44,000, 2750 meters, monte, European eligibles) went to 1.13.6kr timed and 6.1/1 odds Corames (5f Speedy Blue-Rene Magic) with Matthieu Mottier driving. Dominique Mottier is the breeder/owner/trainer. Second was 54/1 Taj Mahal d’Ombree (10g Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree-Maharoni d’Ombree) reined by Mlle. Lolita Banayn. Third was 3.1/1 Coconut Creek (5f Jag de Bellouet-Quiza Sun) with Alexandre Abrivard up. Early on the program was the Prix de Granville (purse €38,000, 2750 meters, 16 starters) and that 1.15.2kr timed winner was 3.4/1 A Toi Jim (7g Kaisy Dream-Rama Jim) for driver J.Ph. Monclin and trainer Stephane Meunier. 7/1 Anaid d’Olaive (7g Gogo-Melodie d’Orlaine) was home second for Francois Lecanu, ahead of 8/1 Venus d’Ardennes (8f Corot-Louve d’Ardennes) for Alain Laurent. Three year-old colts battled in the Prix de Lisieux (purse €21,000, 2750 meters) and veteran Jean Pierre Dubois returned to the winners circle driving his 2.1/1 favorite El Gusto (4m Love You-Harazina) for trainer Yves Boireau. 58/1 Elton Maslois (3g Real de Lou-Sexy Mesloise) was second for Pierre Belloche and third went to 24/1 Eclope du Guelier (3g Quinto Kebir-Quorantyne) for driver Matthieu Lebrec.  Dubois also secured a victory in July 11 at Cabourg driving Estancia Love (3f Repeat Love-Quelle Aventure) to a 1.15kr win for his Ecurie D and trainer Yves Boireau. The legendary breeder/owner/trainer/driver now as nine 2017 wins in 50 drives (18%) and 1,357 victories in 6,642 starts since 1982 (20.4%). Thomas H. Hicks

December 22, 2016 - On Thursday at Cabourg (the harness racing undercard) there were several interesting winners. The Prix du Buis (monte, two year-olds, purse €13,000, 2200 meters, 14 fillies) went to 2.6/1 odds quick-stepping (time 1.15.8kr) Effrontee (2f Scipion du Goutier-Queasy Way) with Adrien Lamy in the irons for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner Jacques Seror. The two year olds monte colts battled in the Prix des Noyers (purse €13,000, 2200 meters, 10 starters) and the 1.17.8kr winner was 1.4/1 Etna Dairpet (2g Rombaldi-Regate de Celland) with Matthieu Abrivard up. J.L. Dersoir is the trainer for Ecurie Luck.  Three year-olds contested the Prix des Ormes B (purse €22,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) with the 1.18.4kr timed winner being 1.4/1 Divine Action (3f Ready Cash-Serious Action) with Jean-Philippe Dubois, also breeder, at the lines for trainer Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Divine Action At Meslay du Maine was the Prix des Guirlandes (A and B divisions each for a purse of €20,000, 2875 meters, 16 starters). The A groupe went to 1.17.9kr timed and 5.5/1 odds Dayan Winner (3g Offshore Dream-Tempete Winner). Sebastian Guarato trains this Ecurie Winner property. The B groupe was won by 1.3/1 favorite Distingua Bella (3f Goetmals Wood-Prestancia Bella) timed in 1.16.7kr for Antoine Wiels. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 22, 2016 - 13.3/1 Allure de Mallouet (6f Pagalor-Nova du Croissant) won today’s Quinte+ Prix des Saponaires (purse €38,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) timed in 1.15.9kr. Franck Blandin is the harness racing owner/trainer/driver of the winner, that headed up a list of finishing outsiders that resulted in a Q+ exact order payoff of over €390,000 for a €2 wager. 56.4/1 Amaya Djob (6f Mambo King-Kismie Djobo was a close second for Mme. Sophie Larduinat-Descout and third was 57.8/1 Vue du Ciel (7f Jag de Bellouet-Karina) for Sebastien Ernault. 31/1 Arlesienne and 74.3/1 Venus Verte were next to the line. Christmas Day features a host of groupe events led by the Gr. I Criterium Continental for four year-olds going for a purse of €240,000. A superb field of 16 is set featuring Traders (recently defeated Bold Eagle), Carat Williams, Charly du Noyer, Conra Bleu and Treasuire Kronos. Dimanche 25 décembre 2016, 00:00 C6 - CRITERIUM CONTINENTAL 240 000€ Groupe I - Attelé - 2 100m - GP Course Européenne Départ à l'autostart Pour 4 ans, hongres exclus, ayant gagné au moins 45.000. N° Cheval Casaque Fer S A Distance Driver / Jockey                 1 TRADERS M 4 2 100 D. THOMAIN 2 CARAT WILLIAMS M 4 2 100 G. GELORMINI 3 PRINCESS FACE F 4 2 100 D. LOCQUENEUX 4 TESORO DEGLI DEI M 4 2 100 V.P. DELL'ANNUNZIATA 5 CAHAL DES RIOULTS M 4 2 100 J.PH. MONCLIN 6 CHARLY DU NOYER M 4 2 100 Y. LEBOURGEOIS 7 CAID GRIFF M 4 2 100 M. MOTTIER 8 COBRA BLEU M 4 2 100 P. VERCRUYSSE 9 TIMONE EK M 4 2 100 J.M. BAZIRE 10 CERE JOSSELYN F 4 2 100 TH. DUVALDESTIN 11 TREASURE KRONOS F 4 2 100 CH. ERIKSSON 12 TIMBAL F 4 2 100 E. RAFFIN 13 DAY OR NIGHT IN M 4 2 100 J. UNTERSTEINER 14 CLARA DU PONTSEUIL F 4 2 100 A. BARRIER 15 CALY LOULOU F 4 2 100 M. ABRIVARD 16 TONY GIO M 4 2 100 CH. MARTENS   Thomas H. Hicks    

Friday’s Q+ Prix Bruno Coquatrix (purse €45,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) at Cabourg went to 11.2/1 Vasco de Viette (7g Capriccio-Nonette Tivoli) with harness racing driver Vincent Seguin up, his first Quinte+ victory. 8.1/1 Vramdao (7m Quido du Goutier-Kiss Me Coulonces) was second for Tony LeBeller, trainer Arnold J. Mollema and breeder/owner Pail Van Klaveren. The dam of Vramdao also produced international star Timoko, Umako and 10 money winners from 11 foals. She is a daughter of And Arifant-Allez Coulonces-Lutin d’Isigny. Second dam Vanina B was winner of the Prix de France and second in the Prix d’Amerique. Third today was 148/1 Viking du Pommeau (7g Biesolo-Actrice du Pommeau). The winner was clocked in 1.13.7kr for the open lengths score. Two year-olds contested the Prix des Souris (purse €13,099, 2050 meters autostart, eight participants) with victory to 1.17.9kr timed Evert de Ginai (2m Love You-Nymphe de Ginai). Off at 1,2/1 odds this Philippe Allaire trainee is owned by Ecurie Reimo Kursla OY. Second was 2.1/1 Eridan (2m Ready Cash-Topaze d’Atout), a Sebastian Guarato trainee for Philippe Dewulf and driven this day by Ch. Lefarx, finishing ahead of 10.6/1 Easy Turgot (2m Orlando Vici-Tamise Turgot) with trainer Sylvain Roger up. Thomas H. Hicks

The August 9th harness racing feature at Cabourg was the Prix des Hetres (purse €70,000, 2850 meters, ten starters) and 2.3/1 Bugsy Malone (5g Ready Cash-Night Captain) scored, clocked in 1.13.3kr. Yoann Lebourgeois teamed the Philippe Allaire owned and trainer performer, now with 11 career wins in 19 starts for earnings of €303,460. The 1.4/1 favorite Bird Parker (5m Ready Cash-Belisha) was second for teamster J-Ph Monclin and trainer Allaire. Elisabeth Allaire owns Bird Parker. 11/1 Belina Josselyn (5f Love You-Lezira Josselyn) was third, handled by trainer Jean Michel Bazire and 14/1 Bille de Montfort was fourth with David Thomain aboard. The same day at Baden-Vienne (Austria) was the Prix Vincent Gerard for €7,000 over 2100 meters autostart. Ten starters competed with the 1.15.7kr victory to 20/1 Global Player (9g Ditka Hanover-Gravitat) with Erich Kubes driving. 10/1 Abasi (6f Love You-Abani W) rallied for second with Mme. Cornelia Mayr up for trainer Gerhard Mayer, who landed third driving 0.5/1 favorite Vrai Lord (7m Meaulnes du Corta-Orelady), one he trains for Stall Antonshof. Thomas H. Hicks

Sweden’s Calvin Borel (6m Super Photo Kosmos-Ulrika Foran) with harness racing owner/trainer Conrad Lugauer driving took today’s Quinte+ Prix du Conseil Departmental (purse €38,000, 2850 meters, 16 European starters) at Cabourg. Racing barefoot the rallying winner was off at 2/1 and was timed in 1.14.9kr. 18/1 A Nice Boy (6g Niky-Pretty Perle) held on for second, driven by David Thomain, and third was Finland’s 32/1 Big Headache (6g EL Mikko-Southwind Roselle) with trainer Philippe Daugeard up. The Q+ jackpot this day was €3,150,000 and the exact order payout was €48,430. The Pornichet featured Grand Prix de la Ville de Pornichet (purse €34,000, 2725 meters, 18 European starters) went to Italy’s  13/1 Paparazi (7g Infinitif-Emily di Jesolo) with Mathieu Abrivard up for trainer Lutfi Kolgjini and owner Cete Trav AB. Timed in 1.14.3kr this one bested 13/1 Tsunami (9g Defi d’Aunou-Lais de la Duchee) handled by Mathieu Mottier and 2.6/1 Ulyssee de Fountain (8g Neutron du Cebe) with owner/trainer Y.R. Le Mee up. Thomas H. Hicks

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