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MANALAPAN, NJ -- November 10, 2020 -- Tied as the fastest three-year-old harness racing colt pacer in the world, Cattlewash will stand at Walnridge Farm in New Jersey for the 2021 breeding season. The Somebeachsomewehere colt trained by Ron Burke has 6 wins in 16 lifetime starts, tied the world record for pacers on a mile track in a time of 1:46.4 (tying his sire Somebeachsomewhere), and has earnings of over $490,000. The 3-year-old is set to race in $350,000 Progress Pace on Wednesday (Nov, 25) at Dover Downs hoping to increase his earnings before the end of the year. Cattlewash will stand at Walnridge Farm with a stud fee of $7,500, for more information contact Walnridge farm at 609-758-8208. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANY  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- November 17, 2020 -- On Monday (Nov. 16) Executive Administrator Al Ochsner hosted the Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey's annual meeting along with President Mark Ford and the board of directors. For the first time ever, the meeting was held virtually online, and streamed live on Facebook. The meeting opened with messages from President Mark Ford and Executive Administrator Al Ochsner. Mark Ford mentioned that the SBOANJ is now a member of the newly formed North American Harness Horse Alliance. They both thanked the SBOANJ staff, all those involved with the Rutgers Risk Management Plan to enable racing to resume, the tracks and training centers that hosted dozens of qualifiers, and those who have reached out to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Al Ochsner addressed the cancellation of the Golf Outing which is the main source of revenue for TrotPAC the SBOANJ's Political Action Committee. He thanked all those members that helped continue fundraising capabilities to support legislators. That support along with the completion of the 2019 NJ Horse Racing Impact Study that was sent to all state legislators really made a difference in the state approving the appropriation funding for 2021. He also applauded Sam Landy's son Harry for making a great and informative video of the Standardbred business, in an effort to bring attention to the need for the appropriation funding. The SBOANJ has been working since 2016 to reduce the driver workmen's compensation insurance premium at both races tracks. Finally, NJRC established the Standardbred premium to be based on the number of claims and the money associated with them. For many years the Standardbreds had low claims or none at all but had to share a much higher premium with the thoroughbreds. In 2020, because of the adjustment and cash reserve available no money was needed to pay the cost of insurance. Plus there is a cash reserve to carry forward. Plans have been made with Freehold Raceway to have two memorial races for the Fusco family and Harold Kelly in December and January. The SBOANJ and BCAP presented four scholarships to SBOANJ member's children totaling $9,000. The 2021 racing dates were announced, the Meadowlands will race 90 dates and Freehold Raceway will race 82 dates. The Breeding Committee reported that the breeding industry in NJ has shown gains for the third year in a row. There were 279 mares bred in 2017 and 780 bred in 2020. The Insurance Committee reported another year without an increase to the insurance premiums for the fourteenth year in a row. The Finance and Pension Committee is very pleased with the investment policies at this time and continues to review UBS performances. They reported the investments to be good relative to benchmarks, especially during these uncertain times. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ

MANALAPAN, NJ -- November 12, 2020 -- This year the SBOANJ's annual Board of Director's meeting will be held via zoom conference, on Monday, November 16, 2020, at 3:00 pm. The meeting will be streamed live on the Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association Facebook page, for everyone to view. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey residents can now place bets on horse races even when they are out of state. Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday signed legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer (A2355) that allows residents to place wagers using New Jersey's account wagering system while in another state. "All New Jersey residents should be allowed to place wagers on horse racing no matter where they are, whether it's online or through an agency," stated Dancer (R-Ocean). "With the changes in technology, our access to place wagers has changed and the law should reflect those changes. It's also critical we do everything we can do to keep our staple industries afloat during and after the coronavirus pandemic." The Assembly voted 73-0 on the bill in June, and last month the state Senate passed it with a 35-0 vote. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ

MANALAPAN, NJ -- November 6, 2020 -- Earlier this week the SBOANJ reached out to the NJRC regarding the implementation of the new whipping rule and a possible transition period with written warnings. The SBOANJ was told that the NJRC staff considered a transition period with written warnings but decided against it. The new whipping rule became effective on October 19, 2020, but the NJRC delayed the implementation of the rule until November 6, 2020, to allow judges time to meet with drivers and explain the requirements of the new rule. The NJRC stated that the new rule is intended to protect the horses and the staff cannot delay implementation any further. As of November 6, 2020 penalties, which will be determined by the Board of Judges, will be imposed after the judges conduct their hearing. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- November 5, 2020 -- Attention all New Jersey harness racing drivers. There will be a drivers meeting at the Meadowlands on Friday (Nov 6) and Saturday (Nov 7) at 6:30 pm. The meeting will be held outside of the paddock office to discuss the implementation of the New Jersey Racing Commission's new whipping rule. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- October 9, 2020 -- Any foals eligible for 2019 stallion rebate and or resident mare rebates must be registered with the USTA by October 31, 2020. Rebate checks will be issued to, current SBOANJ members only, after proof of live foal, and a current W-9 form is on file. Applications for the 2020 programs are also due October 31, 2020, no late applications will be accepted. Visit for 2020 applications, if you have any questions call the office at 732-462-2357. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- October 1, 2020 -- The Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey (SBOANJ) has breeder and sired award money available for 2020 distribution. The harness racing awards were earned in designated NJ races for breeders or in overnight events for owners of New Jersey sired horses. In order to receive award money, you must be a member of the SBOANJ and have a current W-9 form on file by December 31, 2020. Money will no longer be available after December 31, 2020, please be sure to have all the necessary documents in place before the deadline. Click here to view the stables/individuals that are eligible for New Jersey award money, but do not have required membership and or W-9 on file. For SBOANJ Membership Form, click here. For a W9 Form, click here. Any questions call the SBOANJ office 732-462-2357 by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ

MANALAPAN, NJ -- September 18, 2020 -- The BCAP free medical clinic is opening Monday, October 5, 2020, at Gaitway Farm. The Free medical clinic is available to all NJ farm and harness racing training center stable employees, trainers, second trainers, farm employees, and NJRC licensed horsemen. The BCAP medical clinic is staffed by Centra State Hospital Physicians, and RN, and 3rd year Rutgers University Resident Doctors. The staff is available to provide free medical attention to insured as well as un-insured NJ horsemen. All patients must make an appointment, there will be no walkups this year. Please call when you arrive outside the clinic and wait until instructed to enter. Face masks/ face coverings must be worn at all times within the clinic. To make an appointment call or text Chris Samaha at 732-740-5376. For more information visit and click on the BCAP tab. Click link for the autumn clinic dates.  by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- September 17, 2020 -- The Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey is aware of the recently introduced Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act and welcomes collaboration among all horse racing participants. The SBOANJ supports all efforts to address the safety and welfare of all Standardbreds. The Standardbred breed of horse is unique as is Standardbred Racing, and the SBOANJ is hopeful that consideration will be given to those aspects when final legislation is proposed. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ

MANALAPAN, NJ -- September 17, 2020 -- The 2020 Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of NJ (SBOANJ) election will take place on November 16th, 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and in the interest of safety, the annual open meeting is canceled. Anyone interested in running for director must send a letter of intent to the SBOANJ office via certified mail, or in person, no later than September 30th. In order to qualify as a director, you must have been an active member for the past 2 years in the designated category in which you wish to run. There are two positions available in the driver/trainer category, one position in the breeder category, and two positions in the owner category. Running for re-election are Mark Ford and Julie Miller in driver/trainer category, Stephen Dey in the breeder category, and Bob Boni and Sam Landy in the owner category. A copy of the by-laws can be found on our website. Please check our website ( for updates. Send your letter and a short biography to: SBOANJ 64 Business Route 33 Manalapan, NJ 07726 by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ

MANALAPAN, NJ -- The Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey want to remind all owners and breeders that you must be a current member and have a W9 on file in order to qualify for all breeder and sired awards. Also, as stated in the USTA stakes guide, all owners must be current members of the SBOANJ to be eligible to participate in all SBOANJ sponsored races. For more information visit or call the office at 732-462-2357. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- September 3, 2020 -- UMH Properties President and CEO Sam Landy ran the New York Stock Exchange's opening bell on August 25, 2020, to celebrate a new Fannie Mae loan product for manufactured housing communities. Representatives from UMH Properties, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae participated in the ceremony alongside Landy in commemoration of the first-of-its-kind loan. The loan, which was arranged by Wells Fargo, facilitates UMH's acquisition of communities with vacancies that might normally create problems for underwriting community loans. This new loan's flexibility will allow UMH Properties to upgrade communities and offer more options for residents. The agreement allows for a mix of UMH-owned rental units and land leases for residents who site their own homes. This more flexible loan allows UMH Properties to make acquisitions, reduce vacancies and maintain a mix of land lease sites and home rentals tailored to local market conditions. "Our recent credit facility with Fannie Mae and Wells Fargo underscores our collective effort in providing quality affordable housing through manufactured home communities," said Landy. "We are honored to commemorate this commitment with Fannie Mae and Wells Fargo Bank by ringing the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange." Fannie Mae has a statutory "Duty to Serve" manufactured housing, including a specific responsibility to develop innovative loan products. The combination of a low interest rate and flexibility under this new Fannie Mae loan is a critical innovation that will allow UMH Properties to offer manufactured home units at affordable rents and finance new home purchases for buyers in their communities. UMH Properties is a public equity real estate investment trust founded in 1968 that owns and operates a portfolio of around 23,200 homesites in 123 manufactured home communities nationwide. UMH has received a number of honors from MHI, including Retail Sales Center of the Year Award, 2019 Interior Design Award and 2018 Operator of the Year Award. Last year, for the fourth consecutive time, UMH received MHI's Land-Lease Community of the Year Award. These awards recognize UMH Properties' long-term commitment to innovation and advancement of the manufactured housing industry, and dedication to providing quality, affordable housing. Not only is Sam Landy the President of UMH Properties, but he is a vital member of the New Jersey racing community. He is currently a director on the Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey's board. He owns the New Jersey training center Congress Hill and he and his wife Laurie lead the nonprofit program helping individuals with special needs called Special Strides. The SBOANJ congratulates Mr. Landy on these momentous occasions and thanks to him for his commitment to the New Jersey racing program. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- August 26, 2020 -- Yesterday, the Governor proposed what he wanted the budget to look like from his vantage point. I want to reassure you that this is only the beginning of the budget process. The budget is now in the hands of the Legislature. Between now and the September 30th budget deadline, the Legislature will be negotiating their own budget with the Governor. Legislative leaders have their own budget priorities with the power to add and remove what is in the final budget. This is not the time to be discouraged that the $20 million for purse appropriation was not in the proposed budget. We need to keep advocating for our industry. The foundation of our years of advocacy has made it clear to policy makers that our industry is part of the fabric of what makes New Jersey the state it is in the Union. Courtney Stafford

FREEHOLD, NJ -- August 11, 2020 -- Freehold Raceway will open their harness racing meet as scheduled on Friday, August 28, 2020. Qualifiers will be held the week before. More information to follow. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

MANALAPAN, NJ -- August 5, 2020 -- The SBOANJ would like to remind all harness racing horsemen, horsewomen, owners, trainers, and drivers to continue to follow all COVID-19 protocol while attending the Hambletonian and other major events this weekend at the Meadowlands. It is especially important to our future that all persons in the winner's circle have facemasks on at all times, even when taking the picture. We cannot be too careful and we must take all precautions possible, as we are now making efforts to maintain our appropriations and we do not want to give Trenton any reason to not look favorably upon us, or even worse shut us down. It is no secret that Governor Murphy continues to monitor COVID-19 numbers in NJ and he is very aware of social media and we do not want to show up on his radar in a negative way. Please be sure to wear facemasks and social distance when in the winner's circle and while in the paddock areas. You never know when a camera may be watching. by Courtney Stafford, for the SBOANJ  

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