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December 26, 2017 - Victory Knick (5g Cantab Hall-Lapponla-Lindy’s Crown) reined by harness racing trainer Emil Csordas took Tuesday’s  featured 1.2Huf million purse Janos Paulovitz Memorial raced over 1900 meters autostart. Race time was 1.17.5kr. The winner scored for the third time in four Hu starts after import from Sweden. Vortice Bi (3m Toss Out-Rhode Island Bi-Equinox Bi) was second for trainer/driver  Imre Fazekas in his first HU start after import from Italy. Bimbo de Chenu (6f Scipion du Goutier-Ovivede Chenu-Casino des Sports) took third for trainer/driver Sandor Varga. The fine card also included the 1Huf million purse  Ketevesek Versenye (1900 meters autostart, two year olds) and Veritable Yankee (2m Yankee Mustang-Vraja Zilelor-Komediant) scored for trainer/driver Goran Zolnaji timed in 1.24.6kr. Zafira (2f Belami-Jade-Valley Guardian) took second for Branislav Mukity and Zaffiri (2f Naglo-Chemise Cobra-Atlas Fighter L) took third with Sandor Varga aboard. The Rablany Handicap (purse 800,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) went to 1.19.8kr timed and Viktoria Nemeth reined Salihamidzic (6m Wall Street Banker-Helikon-Awesome Goal) that Lajos Marton trains. Offenbach Bigi (9m Andover Hall) and Dabano As (6m Abano As) were the next two on the line. The Vamba DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) was another upper level trotting event that went to 1.20.2kr timed Urania RG (4f Racino-Sweet Pine-Pine Chip) driven by trainer Sandor Varga. Urban Legend and Tengelic trailed the winner. Next up at Kincsem Park is the annual December 31 festival. Thomas H. Hicks    

December 25, 2017 - The Prix de Beaumont-de-Lomanges (purse €54,000, 2175 meters, nine monte starters) began the Christmas Day harness racing activity at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes and the 1.12.9kr timed victory was earned by 2/1 Daytona Jet (4f Goetmals Jet-Run For Jet) with Mlle Mathilde Collet in the irons for trainer Stephane Meunier and Ecurie du Londel..  39/1 Doyale For d’Am (4f Goetmals Wood-Royale For You) took second for P.Ph. Ploquin and 2.4/1 Diva Fatale (4f Neoh Jiel) was third for jockey David Thomain. The Prix des Begonias (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, eight starters) for two year olds went to 2.3/1 Fastissime (2m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire) with Yoann Lebourgeois up. Philippe Allaire is the breeder/trainer and Fredrik Sauque is the owner of the now two time winner in three starts. 12/1 Flambeau Royal (2m Look de Star-Rodea Josselyn) and driver David Thomain was second, ahead of 1.8/1 favorite Fredo Griff (2m Love You-Royale de Bea) handled by Mathieu Mottier and Ecurie Griff and trainer Dominque Mottier. The Quinte+ Prix de Craon (purse €64,000, 2700 meters, 17 European starters) was a good one  with 52/1 Bandit Hornline (7m San Pellegrino-Dash Girl) home the winner for Eric Raffin timed in 1.13.8kr. Robert Bergh trains for owner Stall Askbollen. 2.8/1 Auch (7g Niky-Migraine) was second for Charles J, Bigeon and owner/trainer Christian Bigeon. 65/1 Brut de la Cote (6g Kepler) took third for Yoann Lebourgeois and trainer Sebastien Guarato. 13/1 Re Doc (7g Love You) was fourth and 19/1 Quincy Frontline (8g Rotation) was fifth. Super Fez and Diamond complete the check earners. There were no exact order Q+ tickets. The Prix du Merlerault (purse €54,000, 2100 meters autostart, eight three year old filly starters) produced a gate to wire victory for 5.8/1 Erabella Madrik (3f Ready Cash-Talina Madrik) trained by Yves Boireau for owner/driver Jean Pierre Dubois timed in 1.13.7kr. Dubois recorded career victory 1364 in 6679 starts since 1982 (20.4% win percentage). 2.9/1 Elite de Jiel (3f Niky-Quick Star de Jiel) was just-missed second for Franck Ouvrie and trainer J.L. Dersoir. Third was 1.8/1 favorite  Else de Belfonds (3f Tornado Bello-Taifa) for owner/trainer/driver Thomas Levesque. Holiday action also took place at Cagnes-sur-Mer with the featured Grand Prix de Noel (Gr. III, purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) with the 1.14.4kr victory to 3/2 favorite Uniflosa Bella (9f Jag de Bellouet-Koctiflosa Gede). J. Ch. Feron teamed the J-P Marmion owned trainee. 2.4/1 Viking Blue (8g Prodigious-Idole Blue) was second for trainer/driver Yannick Alain Briand. 15/1 Another (7m Kool du Caux-Calmness) took third for Ch. A. Mary and fourth was 5.6/1 Altesse du Mirel (7f Ready Cash-Ina de Mirel) for trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse. Vercruysse later won the Prix du Closher de Belvedere (purse €20,000, 2925 meters, 14 starters) with 1.16.4kr timed and 2.1/1 favorite Donoratico (4g Singalo-Quimera) that Eric Prudhom trains for J. L. Yacono. The Christmas action also occurred at Mons Ghlin and featured the Grand Prix de Noel Belgique (purse €8,400, 2850 meters, nine starters). 2.7/1 second choice Gosip Sidney (7g SJs Photo-Super Sidney scored for Marc Huygens driving for trainer Mme L. Huygens-de Witte and owner Pascal Vander Rasieren.  4/5 favorite and great veteran Ru de l’Airou (12g Cygnus d’Odyssee-Cour d’Intheville) was second for owner/driver Sven Hoste and trainer Jean Marc Chaineux. 5.3/1 By Vivant (12g Armbro Kaiser-Elady) took third for Roger VanRoy. The day’s featured Grand Criterium Belgique (three year open, purse €10,800, 2300 meters autostart, seven starters) went to 4/5 favorite and 1.17.4kr timed Kazan Vrijthout (3m From Above-Yael Boko) driven by Rik Ebbinge for trainer J.W.M. Engwerda. 8.1/1 Kirr Royal (3f Sugar Trader-Belle Percz WG) was second for Rik Dupuydt and 16/1 Kamukana Vrijthout (3g Love You-Duenna Transs R) landed the third check for Nico dHaunens. The coming weekend is highlighted by the next “B” qualifier for the Prix d’Amerique, the Gr. II Grad Prix de Bourgogne. The first pass entries (30) are shown below and will be narrowed significantly as the week moved ahead. The early entrants include some that have earned a Prix d’Amerique start - Billie de Montfort, Bird Parker, Bold Eagle, Charly du Noyer, Doria Desbois, Readly Express, Ringostarr Treb, and Valko Jenilat. 12/31/17 C4 - GRAND PRIX DE BOURGOGNE 120 000€   000011 DROTTNING VIKING - F 4 2 100   BROHIERD. BROHIER Da 4a 6a 1a Da Da 6a 4a Da 5a 0a 1a 2a 8a 9a Da Da 1a 2a Da 115101'15"1 0000046430 46 430 € 2640 000022 DASTAVIA DE GUEZ - F 4 2 100   BAZIREJ.M. BAZIRE 6a 2a 2a 1a 1a 4a (16) 3a 3a 8a Da 2a 2a 115101'15"1 0000049170 49 170 € 2205 000033 BALTICA SPORT - F 6 2 100   ANDREU ADROVERG. ANDREU ADROVER 0a 0m Da 0a 7m 0a Da Da 8a 0a 1a Da 0a 1a 3a 1a Da 1a 1a Da 116701'16"7 0000051872 51 872 € 13493 000044 DARK NIGHT LOVE - F 4 2 100   BAZIREJ.M. BAZIRE 4a 1a 8a 0a 1a (16) 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 4a 114101'14"1 0000114900 114 900 € 811 000055 SPARTAN KRONOS - M 6 2 100   LUGAUERC. LUGAUER 0a 4a (16) 1a 2a 1a 1a 110601'10"6 0000250086 250 086 € 8862 000066 SHADOW GAR - F 6 2 100   GUBELLINIP. GUBELLINI 0a 5a 4a 1m 1a 2a (16) 1a 1m 0a 7a 3a 8a 7a 7a 2a 110701'10"7 0000321153 321 153 € 247 000077 DAY OR NIGHT IN - M 5 2 100   UNTERSTEINERJ. UNTERSTEINER 3a Da 8a 2a (16) 2a 9a 111301'11"3 0000323702 323 702 € 682 000088 BLOOMA D'HERIPRE - F 6 2 100   THORELG. THOREL 2a 1a 2a 0a 9a 2a 0a 6a 8a Da Da 4a 2a Dm Dm 3m Dm 4m Da Da 112301'12"3 0000341320 341 320 € 378 000099 CLARA DU PONTSEUIL - F 5 2 100   MOINONG. MOINON 1m 5m 9a Dm 8m Dm Da 3m Dm 3m 5m Dm 4m Da 1m 2m 7a 8a Da Da 112601'12"6 0000399210 399 210 € 137 0001010 ROMANESQUE (ITY) - M 7 2 100   DE COCKM. DE COCK 5a 0a Dm 6a Dm 2a 0a Da 2a 0a 1a 5a Da 5a 0a 3a 1a 6a 5a 0a 111801'11"8 0000419098 419 098 € 467 0001111 URSA MAJOR - F 9 2 100   PROVOOSTS. PROVOOST 0a 0a 0a 0a 0a 0a 0a 0m Da 0a 0a Da 0a Da 6a 0a 4a 0a 6a Da 113001'13"0 0000430000 430 000 € 2720 0001212 CALL ME KEEPER - M 7 2 100   REDEND. REDEN 9a 4a 6a 2a 1a 7a (16) Da Da 1a Da 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 4a 9a 1a 110601'10"6 0000558890 558 890 € 145 0001313 UZA JOSSELYN - F 6 2 100   AEBISCHERR. AEBISCHER 1a 0a 0a 1a 1a 1a 3a 1a 2a 2a (16) 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 4a 1a 1a 111201'11"2 0000604700 604 700 € 111 0001414 BRIAC DARK - M 6 2 100   DUVALDESTINT. DUVALDESTIN 0a 1a 2a 5a 1a (16) Da 6a 7a 5a 2a 5a Da 6a 6a 4a 9a 7a 1a Da 111701'11"7 0000630110 630 110 € 53 0001515 VAL ROYAL - M 8 2 100   BAZIREJ.M. BAZIRE 1m Da 0a 2a 8a 3a 0a 4m Dm 1m (16) 2a 7a Da 4a 4a 6a 7a 0a 2a 111601'11"6 0000683850 683 850 € 136 0001616 BEST OF JETS - M 6 2 100   BAUDOUINJ.M. BAUDOUIN 6m 0a 7a 9a 3a 3a Da 4a Da 5a Da Dm Da 6a 6m 0a 7m 5m 2m 0a 110601'10"6 0000706560 706 560 € 389 0001717 CHARLY DU NOYER - M 5 2 100   ALLAIREP. ALLAIRE 3a 8a 3a Da 2a 2a 7a 1a Da Da Da 1a Da Da 3a 2a 0a 4a Da 1a 110301'10"3 0000775390 775 390 € 33 0001818 RINGOSTARR TREB - M 7 2 100   RIORDANJ. RIORDAN 3a Da (14) 0a 2a 112601'12"6 0000851394 851 394 € 2444 0001919 BOOSTER WINNER - M 6 2 100   GUARATOS. GUARATO 0a Da 5a 0a 6a 3a 4a 7a 4a 5m 7a 3a 4m 3m 0a 3a 6a 4a 6a 3m 110201'10"2 0000987650 987 650 € 176 0002020 VALKO JENILAT - M 8 2 100   GUARATOS. GUARATO Da 1a 1a 2a 4a 2a 1a 2a 1a 1a 3a 2a 3a 0a 4a 5a 2a 8a 1a 5a 110701'10"7 0001061790 1 061 790 € 11 0002121 AMIRAL SACHA - M 7 2 100   LAMAREF. LAMARE 6a 7a 3a 2a 1a 2a Da Da (16) 0a 8a 1a 1a 3a 1a Da 1a 2a 1a Da 110501'10"5 0001075130 1 075 130 € 44 0002222 PROPULSION - M 6 2 100   REDEND. REDEN 4a Da 6a 4a (16) 2a 111501'11"5 0001151073 1 151 073 € 572 0002323 BELINA JOSSELYN - F 6 2 100   BAZIREJ.M. BAZIRE 6a 9a 5a Da 1a 3a 1a 4a 2a Da (16) 1a Da Da Da 1a 2a 2a 3a 6a 111101'11"1 0001180830 1 180 830 € 34 0002424 AKIM DU CAP VERT - M 7 2 100   ANNEF. ANNE 0a 6a 2a 7a 7a 8a Da 7a (16) 3a 8a 8a 2a 4a 3a 1a 3a 2a 2a 3a 110501'10"5 0001307180 1 307 180 € 4070 0002525 LIONEL (NOR) - M 7 2 100   REDEND. REDEN 5a 3a 2a 6a Da 3a 4a (16) 2a 0a 0a Da 1a 1a Da Da 8a 1a 1a Da 111701'11"7 0001389138 1 389 138 € 124 0002626 VOLTIGEUR DE MYRT - M 8 2 100   DONATIR. DONATI 0a 7a Da 1a 0a 1a Da 3a 8a 5a (16) 3a Da 6a 3a Da 6a 7a 2a 1a 110301'10"3 0001402317 1 402 317 € 283 0002727 WILD HONEY - F 5 2 100   REDEND. REDEN 9a 0a Da 3a 112901'12"9 0001402941 1 402 941 € 2446 0002828 BIRD PARKER - M 6 2 100   ALLAIREP. ALLAIRE 1a 4a 1a 1a 3a 1a 1a 4a 3a 4a 3a 1a 3a 0a 5m 2a 4a 4a 2a 7a 109701'09"7 0001534605 1 534 605 € 35 0002929 BILLIE DE MONTFORT - F 6 2 100   GUARATOS. GUARATO 2a 3a 3a 2a 2a 2a 4a 5a 2a 2a 2a (16) 7a 6m 6a 2a 4a 4a 3a 7a 109201'09"2 0001537616 1 537 616 € 23 0003030 BOLD EAGLE - M 6 2 100   GUARATOS. GUARATO 2a 2a 1a 1a 4a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a (16) 1a 2a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 110101'10"1 0003541620 3 541 620 € 1 Of interest to FR trotting enthusiasts may be the driving leaders. As of today3 J-M Bazire had 228 victories, leading Franck Nivard with 200 and Eric Raffin with 186. Thomas H. Hicks

Harnesslink would like to wish all our harness racing readers a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.   As the year comes to a close, Harnesslink can reflect on another successful twelve months in reporting on and airing the issues that matter if Harness Racing is to have a successful and sustainable future. We thank our visitors for their continued support and we pledge to work as hard again in 2018 to keep the Harnesslink site at the high level at which it presently operates. Safe travels and Merry Christmas    Management and staff at Harnesslink.

December 24, 2017 - Seventeen trotteurs entered by prestigious Criterium Continental today at Paris Vincennes, the harness racing Gr. I Epique contest (2100 meters autostart, total purse €240,000) for four year olds with the winner obtaining an Amerique ticket at end of January. Five mares were entered and they took the top three finishing spots. 16/1 Doria Desbois (4f In Love With You-Ivaniez) scored for Matthieu Abrivard, owner/trainer Christophe Feyte and E.A.R.L. Guitet-Debois bred the winner. Race time was a quick 1.10.7kr with a furious kick home after fast fractions (1.05.3kr at 1500 remaining; 1.08.1kr at the 1000; 1.09.9kr with 500 to go). Doria Desbois now has nine career wins in 22 outings for €325,710 earned. She raced third in the third tier before an explosive late move. 6.9/1 Draft Life (4f Ubriaco-Maflymede) was a solid second for Eric Raffin driving for breeder/owner/trainer Louis Baudron. 18/1 Delia du Pommereux (4f Niky-Nounes du Pommereux) finished third for trainer/driver Sylvain Roger and breeder/owner Noel Lolic. 2.7/1 Django Riff and 30/1 Dragon des Racques were the next pair to the line. Urlo dei Venti was scratched. Readily Express wins Prix Tenor de Baune Many awaited his arrival at Vincennes and a presumed battle with Twister Bi. Readly Express (13) did not disappoint and easily won his ticket to America as the Gr. II Prix Tenor de Baune (total purse €120,000) champion at Paris-Vincennes, after racing on the lead much of the way, using a slow pace directed by Bjorn Goop. Distant in his wake after a perfect pocket journey, Treasure Kronos (8) held second, in front of Charly du Noyer (11). Fractions were as follows over the classic 2700 meter distance (1.12.9kr with 1500 to go; 1.14.1kr at the 1000; 1.14kr with 500 remaining; 1.12.9kr finish). Readly Express (5m Ready Cash-Caddie Dream) was off as 1.3/1 favorite for driver Bjorn Goop, trainer Timo Nurmos and BRO Byggnads AB, the owner. His career earnings are now €1,063,424. 29/1 Treasure Kronos (5f Raja Mirchi-Glide About) was second driven by Gabriele Gelormini for trainer Jerry Riordan and Aeto & Dios AB. 23/1 Charly du Noyer (5m Ready Cash-Ornella Jet) handled by Yoann Lebourgeois was third for trainer Philippe Allaire and Ecurie Normandy Spirit. 4.3/1 Carat Williams (5m Prodigious-Miss Williams) was fourth for David Thomain and 2.6/1 Twister Bi (5m Varenne-Lorraine Bi) rallied late to be fifth for Alexandre Abrivard, trainer Riordan and Pasquale Ciccarelli. Caid Griff and Coup Droit earned the sixth and seventh paychecks. Wild Honey was scratched and Cobra Bleu was a misque dq in the lane. Dexter Fromentro and Eveil du Chatelet win Groupe Monte tests Today’s Paris-Vincennes card was far more than Criterium Continental and Prix Tenor de Baune. Two monte groupe events also highlighted the program. The Gr. II Prix Emile Riotteau (purse €120,000, monte, 2700 meters, nine starters) went to 1.7/1 Dexter Fromentro (4m Qwerty-Princesse d’Ombree) clocked in 1.14.5kr with Camille Levesque in the irons as he increased career earnings to €183,870 with his fourth lifetime victory. Thomas Levesque trains the winner, up in the final strides, for owner Pierre Levesque and he was bred by Francoise Meslin. 10/1 Derby du Dollar (4m Rodrigo Jet-Magalie du Dollar) was second with Matthieu Abrivard up for trainer Sylvain Roger and third was 25/1 Dragon d’Avril (4m Thorens Vedaquais-Sirence d’Avril) for Adrien Lamy and breeder/owner Sebastien  Houyvet. 3.3/1 Dawana was sixth Next up was the €240,000 classic Prix de Vincennes (Gr.I, monte, 2700 meters, 14 starters, three year olds). 73/1 Eveil du Chatelet (3m Very Look-Uranie du Chatelet) scored with J-Y Ricart in the irons. J-M Bazire trains the winner, that recorded his second career win in 11 starts, now for €150,180 earned. Today he more than tripled career bank account. 7/10 favorite Evidence Roc (3f Paris-Haufor-Misfase du Boulay) took second for trainer/jockey Emilie LeBeller and Ecurie d’Embeli, just missing with a game challenge. Third was 5.2/1 Elladora de Forgan (3f Gazouillis-Hamina) with Franck Nivard up for trainer Franck Leblanc. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from France. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 23, 2017 - A fine holiday harness racing program began today with the Gr. II Prix Une de Mai (purse €120,000, 2175 meters, nine starters) and 18/1 Folelli (2f Timoko-Andrea d’Ecajeul) scored for Alexandre Abrivard driving for breeder/owner/trainer Frederic Prat. Race time was 1.13.7kr. 7.6/1 Fendi la Bise (2f Prince Gede-Una Prima Speed) for trainer/driver Franck Anne and Ecurie AB Trot, the breeder/owner.  5.9/1 Full Option (2f Fast Photo-Stance Van Troje) was third for Eric Raffin, trainer Philippe Allaire and breeder/owner Kevin Tebirent. The top three here look to be fine fillies for the future. The Gr. II Prix Jules Lemonnier (purse €120,000, 2175 meters, 13 starters) was won by the 1.11.7kr timed and 37/1 Athena de Vandel (7f Prince Gede-Maelia de Vandel) scored for Alexandre Abrivard, trained Cedrik Megessier and breeder/owner Ecurie La Tour de Vandel. 15/1 Valse de Reve (8f Mister President-Nouba Houba) was next for Guillaume Martin and owner/trainer Alain Roussel. Third was 14/1 Attentionally (7f Jasmin de Flore-Intentionally) for David Thomain. 30/1 El Catwalk and 7.5/1 Uppercut de Manche completed the top five. Today’s Q+ Prix de Strasbourg (purse €88,000, 2700 meters, 18 starters) went to 1.13.3kr timed and 2.3/1 Unbridled Charm (9m Password-Intense Action) reined by Jean Philippe Dubois, trainer Philippe Monclin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Unbridled Charm recorded his 16th career win in 64 starts for €454,170 earned. 10/1 Unero Montaval (9g Nem)  and J-M Bazire and 7.2/1 Violine Mourotaise (8f Le Retour) with David Thomain up were second and third. 39/1 Valse Mika and 34/1 Vouchka were the next pair to the line. The Prix Constant Hervieu (Gr. III, purse €105,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) went to 3/5 favorite and Bold Eagle brother Cash And Go (5m Ready Cash-Reethi Rah Jet) driven by Franck Nivard. Sebastien Guarato trains the Pierre Pilarski owned performer that now has posted 10 career wins in 22 starts for €318,198 earned. 12/1 Cirrus Atout (5g Look de Star-Ire du Ciel) was second for Gabriele Gelormini and trainer Guarato. 4.4/1 Comtesse du Chene (5f Quaker Jet-Imperiale du Chene) was third for Matthieu Abrivard and breeder/owner Claude Guedj. Thomas H. Hicks

December 22, 2017 - Today, Clara du Pontseuil (5f Mich Phili-Osaka d’Occagnes) at 50/1 with P-Y Verva in the irons took the Gr. III harness racing monte Prix Sans Dire Oui (purse €105,000, 2850 meters, 10 starters) this day at Paris-Vincennes. The 1.13.7kr timed winner is trained by Guillaume Moinon for owner J.J. Thomas and recorded her sixth career win, this after twelve straight losses. 4/1 Chablis d’Herfraie (5m Giant Cat-Osmuise d’Herifraie) took second for David Thomain with 23/1 Catalogne (5f Cygnus d’Odyssee) home third. The Q+ Prix d’Amboise (purse €55,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) went to 1.13.8kr timed and 1.8/1 odds Babylone Seven (6f Oiseau de Feux-Nyola) handled by trainer/owner/breeder J-M Bazire. 11/1 Easytowin (6f Offshore Dream-Victory My Way) took second for Bjorn Goop, trainer Dion P. Tesselaar and Carpe Diem Stable (Holland).7/1 Bova Bova Jiel (6f Rombaldi-Houba Houba Jiel) was third for Franck Ouvrie, trainer J.L. Dersoir and Ecurie Luck. 65/1 Agora du Goutier and 9/1 Baraka de Bougy completed the top five. The Prix Emmanuel Margouty (Gr. II, purse €120,000, 2175 meters, 10 starters) went to 53/1 File Gin (2m Repeat Love-Toscara Pellois) timed in 1.14.5kr for driver Guillermo Roig-Balaguer, also trainer, and breeder/owner is Philippe Levy. 20/1 Fifty Kalouma (2m Ready Cash-Sadaya de Cerisy) was second for trainer/driver Thierry Duvaldestin and breeder.owner Philippe Boff. 21/1 Fast des Brousses (2m Ganymede-Malda des Brousses)  rallied for third for Franck Nivard, owner/breeder Mme. Virginie Dubois, and trainer Philippe Billard. The 7/10 favorite Follow You was a miscue dq. This weekend at Paris-Vincennes is highlighted by top level groupe events, two of which will lead to Prix d’Amerique invitations. The lineups of these events are shown below. Prix Tenor de Baune (Gr. II, five year olds, purse €120,000, winner gets an Amerique tik)) Thomas H. Hicks

December 21, 2017 - Today’s Quinte+ was the Prix des Saponaires at Cabourg. 16 contested the €36,000 purse, 2750 meters distance handicap event. 21/1 Aimee de Pervenche (7f Echo-Otsy) overcame a 25 meter handicap to win for driver Dwight Pieters and trainer Peter Derycia. 6.3/1 and 25 meter penalized Bariane James (6f Goetmals Wood-Ma Sissi James) took second for Tony LeBeller and trainer Philippe Billard. 5.7/1 Arythmie du Trio (7f Lontzac-Pomone du Trio) was third, this one also penalized 25 meters. 8.7/1 Belorese Verdere and 15/1 Allee de Fleur were the next two on the line. Thomas H. Hicks

December 20, 2017 - Today’s Paris-Vincennes program showcased harness racing two-year-old fillies in the Prix des Freesias (purse €35,000, 2175 meters, 14 starters) and four of them were a length apart on the line with the 1.16.1kr timed win going to 4.9/1 Famille Royale (2f Village Mystic-New York) for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Louis Baudron. 48/1 Flore de Janiero (2f Vanishing Point-Ozzie de Janiero) was second for owner/trainer Franck Blandin and driver Adrien Blandin. 15/1 Family Queen (2f Rocklyn-Queen Along) was third for Jean Philippe Dubois, his Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Pierre Moulin. 6.1/1 Firefly (2f Ready Cash-Topaze Bourbon) was fourth for Matthieu Abrivard, owner Jean Pierre Dubois (breeder through Scuderia Bolgheri Srl) and trainer Yves Boireau. Fifth was 8.5/1 Freegate Island (2f Timoko-Agneska) for trainer/driver Bjorn Goop and owner P&D Bronsman AB. Lightly raced three year olds battled in the Prix de Gencay (purse €36,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters) and victory went to 9/2 odds Equateur Mauzun (3m Ready Cash-Strawinska Mauzun) for trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse. Comte Paul de Senneville bred and owns the winner that now has four career wins in five outings. 30/1 Eskandar (3g Ganymede-Sirene) was second for Damien Bonne, trainer Thierry Raffegeau and owner J.Y, Roze. Third was 8.3/1 Elencio (3m Love You-Olencia) for Matthieu Abrivard and Alphonse Vanberghen, the breeder/owner/trainer. The monte Prix de Jonveille (purse €35,000, 2175 meters, 14 starters) went to 11/1 and 1.12.8kr timed City Girl (5f Paris Haufor-Inlie Girl) with trainer/jockey Damien Bonne up. 8.7/1 Cornaline d’Orient (5f Coktail Jet-Topaze d’Orient) was a four length second for trainer/jockey Romain Derieux. 3.3/1 Californie of Love (5f Opium-Quia) was third for David Thomain and trainer Sebastien Ernault. Two year olds were also in the spotlight at Cagnes sur Mer in the Prix Fleuron Perrine where 12 youngsters raced over 2150 meters autostart for €16,000. The 1.18.4kr timed winner was 9/2 Funky Girl (2f Uhlan du Val-My Lovely Girl) for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Louis Baudron. 6.6/1 Forever Ceke (2m Prodigious-Salome) for Christophe Martens and  Ceke Farm BVBA. Third home was 6.2/1 Flower Wood (2f Jasmin de Flore-Usha Dream) for David Bekaert, owner Jean Pierre Dubois. Trainer Yves Boireau and breeder Scuderia Bolgheri Srl. 2.8/1 Formosa (2f Gobernator-Vesta du Vivier) driven by Alexandre Abrivard, Ecurie des Charmes and trainer Yannick Alain Briand. The result was rich in Dubois pedigree. The winner’s dam is by Coktail Jet from legendary Guilty Of Love (And Arifant-Amour d’Aunou, she a daughter of Nesmile, the dam of Buvetier d’Aunou, Defi d’Aunou and Extreme Aunou). Guilty Of Love produced superstar sire Love You, Nice Love, Perhaps Love, In Dix Huit and Repeat Love). The dam of third finishing Flower Wood is Usha Dream (Goetmals Wood-Island Dream-Coktail Jet). Island Dream produced Infinitif and Not Disturb. Wow!!! Watch the Christmas Weekend action in Paris. Thomas H. Hicks

Today’s Q+ was the Prix de la Tremblade (purse €66,000, 2850 meters, 18 European starters) and the 1.13.7ker timed winner was 1.6/1 Takethem (7m From Above-O’Cherie) driven by Bjorn Goop for trainer Steen Juul and Taketehm US (Denmark). 14/1 Ange de Lune (7g Laetenter Diem-Kera Elle) was second for owner/trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard, ahead of 8.6/1 Vasco Flower (8g Niky-Nimea) reined by Charles J, Bigeon for owner/trainer Christian Bigeon. The fourth and fifth finishers were off at 30 and 27/1 odds. The Vincennes feature this day was the Prix Pierre Giffard (purse €85,000, 2850 meters, 17 European starters) and the 1.13.7kr timed winner was 7.7/1 Reckless (7m Ready Cash-Haver) for owner/trainer/driver Bjorn Goop. 1.2/1 favorite Aero King (7g Hooper-Quarmina du Hour) was second for Anthony Barrier ahead of 31/1 Tout Va Bene. Yesterday interesting action was at Krieau Austria. The Prix Camille Catala (€8,000, 1600 meters autostart, 11 starters) was the headliner and 5.2/1 Evita Viking (7f Love You-Cindy Viking) scored timed in 1.13.8kr for trainer/driver Gerhard Mayr for owner Christian Mayr. 2/5 favorite Mister Big Yankee (4g Muscles Yankee-Lady Medal) took second for Christoph Fischer driving for trainer Gregory Krenmayr. The Prix Eugenie le Summer (purse €7,000, 1600 meters autostart, 11 starters) went to 1.14.4kr timed and 7/10 favorite Delux Ms (5g Coktail Jet-Divna Ms) reined to an open lengths score for Mitja Slavic, the owner, and trainer Marko Slavic Jr. 26/1 Ruby Venus (6f Edu’s Speedy-Firecat) was second for trainer/driver Franz Konlechner. Upcoming fast class continues this week on Saturday-Sunday at Vincennes with seven groupe tests highlighted by the Prix de Vincennes, Criterium Continental and Prix Tenor de Baune on Sunday. Thomas H. Hicks

December 16, 2017 - The Saturday Kincsem Park featured Mikulasgya DIJ (600,000Huf purse, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to 1.19.1kr timed Passion Grif (8g Varenne-Sex Appeal OK-Lanson) with trainer Laszlo Kolozsi up. The winner now has a 7-2 slate in nine 2017 starts. The 20 meter handicapped Sultana Jet (6f Igor Font-Art Deco-Diamond Way) was second for Gyorgy Horvath and trainer Imre Fazekas. This mare has a 7-4 slate in 13 seasonal starts. Timoko RL (4m Doctor Sugar RL-Triestina-Golden Goal) was third for Andrea Nagyvary and trainer Imre Fazekas. Earlier in the program Longines (3f Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) scored in the Nabob DIJ (360,000Huf purse, 1900 meters autostart) timed in 1.17.3kr. The undefeated filly (three starts in 2017 at Kincsem Park) was reined by Andrea Fazekas and is trained by Imre Fazekas.  White Lady (3f Toss Out-Elegant Lady-Mill H) was second for Dejan Katanic and third went to Valentino (3m Frullino Jet-Chemise Cobra-Atlas Fighter L). Two year olds contested the Nyeretien for a purse of 500,000HUF over 1800 meters autostart. Zucker (2f Vioxx SR-Helicon-Awesome Goal) was victorious for trainer/driver Lajos Marton. Zsivanyka (2m Yankee Mustang) and inneno (2f Frullino Jet) trailed the winner. On Saturday, at Madinina Martinique, the Prix de Grosbois (purse €7,000, 2600 meters, turf) went to 1.20.6kr timed Boycott (6g Goetmals Wood-Mine d’Or)  reined by owner/trainer/driver  Christine Lebreton. The 25 meter handicapped stablemate Ussein Royal (9g Lilium Madrik) was second for J.F. Gate driving for owner/trainer Christine Lebreton. The Prix de Cabourg (purse €8,000, 2600 meters, turf) went to 1.19.6kr timed and 25 meter handicapped Unoki (9g Meaulnes du Corta-Madrine) driven by J.F. Gate, the second straight win by Unoki. 50 meter handicapped Usly des Visais (9g Defi d’Aunou-Pristine Jet) was second for owner/trainer/driver J.L. Langeron.  Stablemate Vlatou des Salines (8g Magnificent Rodney) was third for Alexandre Favre overcoming a 50 meter penalty. Saturday the 30 program winter meet began at Cagnes sur Mer and the feature was the Prix Varenne (purse €42,000, 2925 meters distance handicap, 17 starters) and 25 meter penalized Uniflosa Bella (9f Jag de Bellouet-Koctfiflosa Bella) scored with a powerful late rush timed in 1.14kr. J.Ch. Feron teamed the J-P Marmion trainee that Marmion also owns. Ursis des Caillons was second for Nicolas Ensch and Bering was third for Christophe Martens. Saturday’s SWE V75 action was at Gavle. The featured V75 Gold Gavle Store Prix (150,000SWEK to the winner, 2640 meters autostart) went to 2/1 Zenit Brick (6g Make It Happen-Exi Svard-Super Arnie) with Bjorn Goop up for trainer Timo Nurmos. 5.5/1 Digital Ink (8g Super Photo Kosmos-Leverda des Pres-Filou du Boscel) took second for driver Nicklas Westerholm and trainer Robert Bergh for Stall TZ. 20.6/1 Mind Your Face (8g Offshore Dream-Mind Your Manners-Dahir de Prelong) was home third for Erik Adielsson and trainer Lars Friberg. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 16, 2017 - Saturday’s Quinte+ Prix Michel Thoury (purse €78,000, 2100 meters autostart, 18 European starters) commenced the Paris-Vincennes harness racing program (that included two excellent Gr. III events)  and 13/1 Alamo du Goutier (7g Quido du Goutier-Opade Tourelle) prevailed timed in 1.12.4kr for driver Vincent Hebert and owner Hubert Hebert. The winner recorded his 19th career victory now for €367,200 earned. He is now 7-1-1 in his last nine outings. 8.1/1 Blooma d’Heripre (6f Rolling d’Heripre-Quenta Por Favor) was second for driver Eric Raffin and trainer Gregory Thorel. 28/1 Ariane de Caponet (7f One du Rib) was third ahead of El Catwalk and Bon Copain. Saturday’s co-featured Gr. III Prix Jules Lepennetier (purse €76,000, 2100 meters autostart, 12 starters)  went to 2/1 odds and 1.12.6kr timed Espoir Wic (3m Look de Star-Epona Vinn) with David Thomain up for owner C.M. Foiret and trainer Alban Cottart. Espoir Win now has a 4-3-2 slate in 10 career starts good for €116,730 earned. 8.1/1 Empereur The Best (3g Un Amour d’Haufor-Tania)  was second with Eric Raffin up for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. Third was 6.4/1 Esmondo (3m Un Mec d-Heripre-Vourga) with owner/trainer Richard Westerink aboard. The Gr. III Prix Oscar Collard (purse €95,000, 2100 meters autostart, 14 European starters) went to 14/1 Titty Jepson (5f Varenne-Lamadi Costa) timed in a quick 1.11.1kr and driven by Alexandre Abrivard.  Vincent Lacroix trains this one for Scuderia Nininni. 6.5/1 Caly LouLou (5f Gazouillis) was second for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard, ahead for 16/1 Cash Okay (5m Ready Cash-Tresokay) for trainer/driver Olivier Raffin. 3/5 favorite Tobin Kronos (5m Muscle Hill-Zamia FC) was fourth for Orjan Kihlstrom with fifth to 16/1 Super Nice (4m Orlando Vici) driven by Eric Raffin for trainer Bjorn Goop. On Saturday afternoon at Vincennes the monte Prix de Langeuc (purse €50,000, 2175 meters, 13 starters) went to 1.13.1kr timed  and 4.1/1 odds Coconut Citrus (5f Jag de Bellouet-Quiza Sun) reined by Alexandre Abrivard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard and owner Jean Pierre Barjon. 8/1 Capella du Vivier (5f Saxon de Vandel) was second and third was 8/1 Castanella (5f Rombaldi) with Damien Bonne in the irons for Ecurie des Charmes. Uza Josselyn wins Gr. III Prix Jean Dumouch at Vincennes December 17, 2017 - Uza Josselyn (6f Love You-Teza Josselyn) rallied to win Sunday’s Quinte+ Gr. III Prix Jean Dumiuch (purse €115,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) clocked in 1.13.6kr. Alexandre Abrivard teamed the winner for Ecurie Rhythm & Blues and trainer Rene Aebischer. Uza recored her 15th career win good for €604,700 earned. She recently posted good wins in Milan, Avenches and Angers in featured events. 1.4/1 Afghan Barbes (7g Meaulnes du Corta-Nuance Barbes) was a solid second (after eight wins in last 11 starts before today)  after much of the jouney in the death seat, drive by Charles Julien Bigeon for trainer Christian Bigeon and owner Andre Francis Bigeon. Third was 6.8/1 Une Serenade (9f Gazouillis-Moonlight Serenade) reined by Eris Raffin for trainer Serge Peltier. Alfas da Vinci and Tony Gio ended fourth and fifth. Afghan Barbes’  trainer Christian Bigeon was back in the next race, the €65,000 Prix SES Racing Team (2850 meters 11 starters), with a driving/training/owning victory with 1.4/1 favorite Dexter Chaltho (4g Un Amour d’Haufor-Okoyama) clocked in 1.14.3kr. Earlier in the program, Thomas Levesque teamed trainee Everglades (3f Rodrigo Jet-Penang) to a 1.13.5kr victory in the Gr. III Prix Association des Courses Poney Trotteurs contested over 2100 meters by 11 starters vying for the €76,000 purse.  The program began with the Prix de Chamaliers for monte specialists and 4/1 Daytona Jet (4f Goetmals Wood-Run For Jet) scored timed in 1.15.2kr for 2850 meters. Mlle. Mathilde Collet was in the irons for trainer Stephane Meunier and Ecurie Londel. Christian Bigeon was back again for another victory as breeder/owner/trainer/driver of Be Bop Haufor (6g Notre Haufor-Ica Haufor) in the Prix de Briarc (purse €55,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters). The 1.14kr timed winner bested 2.2/1 Sorbet (6m Super Photo Kosmos-Altar Bound) that Franck Nivard handled for the Daniel Reden/Stall Zet team. 73/1 Rocket Zet (8g Muscles Yankee-Hefty Zet) ended third for Gabriele Gelormini, trainer Mme. Kattsa Hoivonen and owner Totochampions of Finland. Christian Bigeon returned  the winner’s circle once again with Diane d’Haufor (4f Paris Haufor-Diane des Essarts) after a 1.14.6kr victory with the 1.6/1 favorite in the Prix Federation Francais d’Equitation (purse €44,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters). Bigeon is the breeder/owner/trainer and driver of this mare. Upper class monte performers closed out todays program with the Prix de Limeil (purse €70,000, 2850 meters, 13 European starters) and 3.3/1 Bohemian Rhapsody (6f Niky-Kuala Lumpur) scored handily with a rallying effort engineered by jockey Camille Levesque. Thomas Levesque trains the mare for breeder/owner Pierre Levesque and the Levesque Stable posted its second win this day.  1.6/1 favorite Gross Weight (6g Scarlet Knight-Elma Jet) held second for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Thierry Duvaldestin and owner Johann Schembri. 15/1 Silverado Lux (6g Amigo Hall-Mabelle As) was third for Romain Derieux and Scuderia Fast Horse Srl. Thomas H. Hicks

December 15, 2017 - Today’s harness racing Quinte+ Prix de Tourcoing (purse €70,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters) was at Paris-Vincennes and it went to 3.1/1 Artiste Vivanciere (7g Onyx du Goutier-Giga Query) with Matthieu Abrivard up for trainer Mlle. Claire Desmontils. The 1.15.2kr timed winner bested 33/1 Vaillant Zailer (8g Tresor de la Motte) and Franck Ouvrie with 65/1 Ariana du Nil (7f Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree) third for Maxime Bezier. 58/1 Vicomte de Corveil and 18/1 Verdi du Chatel completed the top five. Today’s featured event was the monte Prix du Neubourg (purse €80,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters five year olds) and what a finish it was with three on the line together. 4.7/1 Corail d’Aure (5g Cygnus d’Odyssee-Muccia)m scored timed in 1.13.9kr with Adrien Lamy in the irons for trainer Pierre Emmanuel Mary. 31/1 Crepe de Satin (5f Le Retour-Ina d’Avril) was second for Romain Marty and trainer Bruno Marie. 32/1 Cappricia Verderie (5f Mah Jong du Vivier-Prisia Verderie) was third for Mansour Krouchi and trainer Mme. Emilie LeBeller. Yesterday at Vincennes was the Prix des Glaieuls (purse €34,000, 2700 meters, 14 two year olds) and the 1.17.2kr timed winner was 4/1 Free And Easy (2m Ready Cash-Viva Island) handled by Matthieu Abrivard for owned Jean Pierre Dubois, trainer Yves Boireau and breeder Scuderia Bolgheri Srl.  1.4/1 Fredo Griff (2m Love You-Royale de Bea) was second for Mathieu Mottier, trainer Dominique Mottier and breeder/owner Ecurie Griff. 15/1 Fakr Merite (2m Uaukir) took third for Julien Raffestin. The winners dam, Viva Island, is a daughter of Goetmals Wood-Island Dream-Coktail Jet. Island Dream was a US$555,000 winner who won the Prix Albert Jiel, Prix Ozo and Prix Roquepine. She has produced Not Disturb and Infinitif. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 13, 2017 - Food Money (9g Andover Hall-Windylane Hanover-Lindy Lane) took Wednesday’s Solvalla Gosta Nordins (100,000SEK to the winner, 2140 meters autostart) as this 5.9/1 Jezek Thomas trainee scored in 1.13.6kr with Ulf Ohlsson the pilot. Thomas also owns the veteran campaigner that rallied in the lane to defeat 1.2/1 favorite Nuncio (6m Andover Hall-Nicole Isabelle-Lindy Lane) with owner/trainer Stefan Melander up. 8.2/1 Charrua Forlan (7g Up Front Larry-Friska Bar-Frisky Frazer) landed third for Hans Owe Sundberg. Luckycharm Hanover and French Laundry were the next two on the line. Nuncio was being prepped for a trip and France and an apparent Prix d’Amerique try. His recent efforts have not been up to his best against relatively weak competition, raising some question about an effort at Vincennes versus retirement. Thomas H. Hicks

December 10, 2017 - Trendy OK (5f Varenne-Annette Hanover-Sierra Kosmos-Anders Favorite) won Sunday’s GP Royal Mares (purse €88,000, 1600 meters autostart) driven by Alessandro Gocciadoro timed in 1.11.8kr. Trendy OK now has 21 wins in 37 starts for €182,360 earned for her career (post race photo below). Super Star Reaf (6f Varenne-Fantastica Star-Lemon Dra) was second and third went to Tina Turner (5f Daguet Rapide-Gloria Gainor-Cezio Josselyn). Thomas H. Hicks

December 13, 2017 - Tony LeBeller teamed 2.1/1 Avenir de Blay (7g Hooper-Mirabelle de Blay) to victory in Wednesday’s Quinte+ Prix Poitou-Charentes (purse €85.000, 2850 meters, 17 starters) at Paris-Vincennes. The LeBeller harness racing trainee, that he also owns, was timed in 1.14kr to defeat 7.2/1 Attacus (7g Hand du Vivier) driven by Eric Raffin for trainer Sebastien Guarato. 21/1 Venus de Bailly (8f Chaillot) was third for Alexandre Abrivard ahead of Artiste de Joudes at 13/1 and 4.4/1 Auch. Avenir de Blay On the card was the Prix les Mathes-la Palmyre (purse €80,000, 2175 meters, 11 starters) with the 1.13.7kr timed score to 5/1 Chance des Douits (5f Power Jet-Pony Girl) for Gabriele Gelormini. 5.4/1 Comete Darche (5f Ready Cash) took second for J-M Bazire and 39/1 Chic et Belle was third driven by Anthony Barrier. Chance des Douits The day’s featured event was the monte Gr. III Prix Auguste Francois (purse €110,000, 2175 meters, 12 starters) and a classic affair it was with a pair on the line together timed in 1.11.8kr. The 2.4/1 winner was Val Royal (8m Capriccio-Quarda du Rib) handled by Eric Raffin for trainer J-M Bazire and owner Ecurie des Charmes. This one, and his chief rival could be a Cornulier player. Second finishing was 41/1 Valse de Reve (8f Mister President-Nouba Horba) with Guillaume Martin in the irons for owner/trainer Alain Roussel. 2.1/1 Alpha Saltor (7m Paris Haufor-Glory d’Ariane) took third for jockey Matthieu Abrivard. 12/1 Vra Voyou and 12/1 Tiger Danover were 11th and 12th. Val Royal Other interesting winners this day were 11/1 Bel Air (6g Ganymede-Kaldeira) in the Prix de Villers Cotterets (purse €55,000, 2100 meters, 18 starters) with P-Y Verva up for trainer Franck Bouismartel, also the owner. 33/1 Ballaya (6f First de Retz) was second for Franck Anne ahead of 7/10 favorite Global Response (6g Credit Winner-Com Mimmi). Race time was a quick 1.11.5kr. Bel Air Finally was the Prix de Blanquefort (purse €55,000, 2100  meters, 12 European starters) and the 1.12.9kr timed winner was 5.5/1 Amitie d’Orgeres (7f defi d’Aunou-Passion d’Orgeres) handled by Anthony Barrier. 8.4/1 Romi Mms (7f Turbo Sund-Goldy LB) was a rallying second for J-M Bazire and SLO based owner Mitja Slavic. Third was the 3/2 favorite Ardente du Clos with owner/trainer Matthieu Abrivard the pilot. Amitie d’Orgeres   Thomas H. Hicks  

December 12, 2017 - Today’s harness racing Quinte+ was at Cabourg in the Prix des Calceolaires (purse €40,000, 2750 meters, 16 starters) and the result lighted up the payoff scoreboard. 35/1 The Au Lait (10g Nuage de Lait-Kalfouny) scored timed in 1.13.1kr for Pierre Christian Jean and trainer Stephane Provoost/owner Ecurie Danover. 10/1 Valeur Ges (8f Quaro) was second for owner/trainer/driver Sylvain Marmion. 22/1 Valentine’s Day (8f Carpe Diem) took third for Pierre Houle. 10/1 Amigo Turgot and 24/1 Uppy de Vive ended fourth and fifth. The exact order payoff exceeded €372,000 for a €2 play. Interestingly the next four were off at 45, 28, 17 and 22/1 respectively, all finishing ahead of 7/10 Angelo AM that finished 10th, illustrating why horses race. Upcoming Vincennes weekend action includes the Saturday Prix Oscar Collard (Gr. III, purse €95,000, 2100 meters autostart) and Sunday the Prix Jean Dumouch (Gr.III, purse €115,000, 2850 meters, European). The latter includes in its early entrants Call Me Keeper, Uza Josselyn, Cash Gamble, Tony Gio, Traders, In Vain Sund and many others. Thomas H. Hicks

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