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The 5/2 odds Cavalleria (6f Prodigious-Jange) took tonight’s’ Prix de Rome Tor di Valle Memorial at Cagnes sir Mer. Nicolas Ensch teamed the winner that he owns and trains.  She was timed in 1.12.3kr, a track record for the distance. 3.2/1 Boss du Meleuc (7g Lucky Blue) held second for Christophe Martens and owner/trainer Y.A. Briand. 17/1 Viking d’Hermes was third ahead of even money favorite Colonel Bond and 38/1 Uranium. The Prix Ready Cash (purse 32,000 euro, 2700 meters autostart, 10 entrants) at CSM went to 5/1 Dauphin Royal (5m Kesaco Phedo)  with trainer/driver Nicolas Ensch up. Race time was 1.13.7kr. 72/1 Da Vinci Bond (5g Quaker Jet) was second for J.P. Ensch, also trainer. 3.7/1 Dusty Wood (5m Goetmals Wood-Orangette) took third with Pierre Vercruysse up for owner/trainer Louis Baudron. At Mariendorf (Berlin) the featured Garantiebrief (purse 7,500 euro, 1900 meters autostart, eight starters) went to 9/10 favorite Hector Boko (4g Going Kronos-Yucca Boko) timed in 1.12.5kr and driven by Dennis Spangenberg for trainer Thorsten Tietz. 3.1/1 Kentucky Bo (4g Dream Vacation-Classic Bo) was second for trainer Rudolf Haller driving and 55/1 Holly Star (4f Classic Grand Cru) was third for Jaap Van Rijn. At Cabourg was the Friday Q+ Prix du Conseil Departmental du Calando (purse 38,000 euro, 2750 meters, 16 European starters). 2.3/1 Ce Bello Romain (6g Jam Pridem-Miss Echo Bello) scored in 1.14.2kr for driver Anthony Barrier and owner/trainer S.G.Dupont. This winner recorded his 10th career win in 34 starts now for 203,260 euro earned. 8/1 Digital Collection (7g Super Photo Kosmos-Full Authority) was second for David Thomain with third to 5/2 Colt des Essarts (6m Olitro) reined by Francois Lagadeuc. 95/1 Amour Orageux and 25/1 Cronis d’Hameline completed the top five and the Q+ exact order ticket paid 13,111 euro. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The 1.6/1 Cyber Lane (5g Raja Mirchi-Sybaris Hanover-Cantab Hall) won Wednesday’s featured Kjell Dahlstroms Minne at Mantorp in Sweden (200,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) timed in 1.12kr.  Johan Untersteiner is trainer/driver of the winner that Pretera International AB owns. 9.8/1 Generaal Bianco (5g Ufo Kievitshof-Zrskia Fortua-Coktail Jet) was second handled by trainer/driver Peter Untersteiner and third was 5/1 Love Matters (5m Explosive Matter-Lotsa Love-Andover Hall) with Orjan Kihlstom up for trainer Daniel Reden. This one was bred in the USA by Egloff and Burroughs. Aged performers were also on stage in the Mantorptravet (75,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) and the 1.12.2kr timed winner was 1.6/1 Sorbet (7m Super Photo Kosmos-Altar Bound-Supergill). Orjan Kihlstom teamed this Daniel Reden trainee for Stall Zet. 22.7/1 Buzz Mearas (7g Dream Vacation-Dance of Joy-Malabar Man) took second for Erik Adielsson and trainer Vincent Lacroix. 5.1/1 Carabinieri (m Wellino Boko-Dew Princess-JR Broline) was third for reinsman Peter Untersteiner. There were four Breeders Crown contests on the card, each with 110,000SEK to winners, each over 2140 meters autostart. The four year old winners were, first the male division, with 5.6/1 Output Pressure (4g Gigant Neo-Joda Lesdelles-Sebrazac) timed in 1.13.9kr for driver Orjan Kihlstrom and trainer Stefan Melander.  The Ready Cash son Short In Cash was second. The four year old female division went to 9.7/1 Mily (4f Perhaps Love-Blixtra Tanga-Victory Party) with trainer Peter Untersteiner driving for owner Easy KB. 7/2 Candy la Marc (4f Scarlet Knight) was second ahead of 42/1 Wild Love (4f Love You-Twins Vilda-Dreamaster). Race time was 1.12.4kr. The three year old Breeders Crown winner were, in the filly division, 8.9/1 Adorable Lady (3f Zola Boko-Malabara-Supergill) with trainer Pasi Aikio driving for Travkompaniets Stall AB timed in 1.13.5kr. The 1.8/1 Comrads Rodluva (3f SJs Caviar) was second for the team of Kihlstrom/Reden/Stall Zet. The three year old male division went to 5/2 Lewis Ale (3m Andover Hall-Ripley-Ride The Night) timed in 1.13.2kr for Tuomas Korvenoja. 4.8/1 Alone (3m Maharajah) was second for driver Kihlstrom and trainer Pasi Aikio. The weekend ahead offers superb top level trots on Friday at Cagnes sur Mer, Saturday at the New Meadowlands (Hambletonian Day with eight top trotting stakes), Mons Ghlin (Grand Prix de Wallonie) and Sunday at Berlin Mariendorf (Deutches Derby Day). by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Wednesday’s trotting action at Enghien included the Q+ Prix de Parc de Princes (purse 62,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 15 European starters). Victory went to 1.12.2kr timed and 2/1 favorite Titty Jepson (6f Varenne-Lamadi Costa) with Alexandre Abrivard the pilot for Scuderia Nininni and trainer Vincent Lacroix. The 11/1 Viking Fromentro (9g Capriccio-Orminda) was second with trainer Thomas Levesque up. Third was 16/1 Tripolini VP (8g Archduke Kemp-Lady Magic) with owner/trainer Jeppe Juel at the lines. The 28/1 Balandin Hongrois (7g Bon Conseil) and 14/1 Cicero Neo (6g Mandarino Blue) completed the top five. That exact order Q+ payoff was 22,992.40 euro. On the card was the Prix de Jonquieres (purse 65,000 euro, 2875 meters, 12 starters) with victory to 3/2 odds and 1.15.1kr timed Evrik de Guez (4g Un Mec d’Heripre-Quoumbayo de Guez) with trainer J-M Bazire up for owner/breeder Ecurie Vautors. The 4/1 Excellent (8m Real de Lou) was second for Alexandre Abrivard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. 6.9/1 Epsom des Brousses (4m Saxo de Vandel) was third for driver Franck Nivard. At Avenches (Suisse) was the Prix de Vitesse (purse 12,855 euro, 1609 meters autostart, eight starters). 9/1 and 1.11.6kr timed Un Geant d’Amour (10g Gigeant Neo-Glorieuse Rhea) scored in a four horse blanket finish for driver Jean-Barnard Matthey. The 3.3/1 Totem d’Azur (11m Joao Panca) was second for owner/trainer/driver Mme. Valerie Henry. 16/1 Undset (10g Ksar d’Algot) was third with trainer Renaud Pujol driving. Fourth was the 9/10 favorite and legendary veteran Swedishman (12g Gogo-Volgana) with trainer Patricia Felber up on the career winner of 1,232,449 euro. On August 2 at Meslay du Maine was the Prix B2H Conseils (purse 28,000 euro, 2875 meters, 13 starters). The 1.12.8kr timed winner was 17/1 Alcibiade (8g Capriccio-Mazurka) with Patrice Gesret driving for trainer Kaden Yemeloun and Ecurie Duem. The winner recorded career victory 11 and has over 229,000 earned. The 11/1 Vegas des Pres and 4/1 Agitateur were second and third. The upcoming weekend has much to offer including the German Trotting Derby on Sunday at Berlin Mariendorf, the Grand Prix de Wallonie at Mons Ghlin on Saturday (with Uza Josselyn and Aubrion du Gers at the start) and the Hambletonian at the New Meadowlands USA. The PMU network menu includes all these venues. The trotting lineup in Germany includes their Deutsches Derby Yearling Sale that has 81 yearlings offered on August 4 with 5 by Ready Cash. The racing lineup for the German Derby, the Filly Derby and the Super Trot are shown below. August 5 123. Deutsches Traber-Derby 2018 Klassisches Zuchtrennen, Gruppe I / 22.222 Euro Dreier-Garantie / mit Viererwette / PA / V5-3 Dotierung: 215.633 € (102816 · 51408 · 24976 · 16651 · 10782 · 4000 · 3000) Distanz: 1.900 m / A Startsumme: Frei für Alle 1 Inspector Bros 3j. W. 14,0 Stefan Schoonhoven 10.715 € 2 Chapter One 3j. W. 13,5 Michael Nimczyk 27.000 € 3 Very Impressive S 3j. H. 12,6 Cees F. Kamminga 40.950 € 4 Mister F Daag 3j. H. 12,8 Robin Bakker 77.823 € 5 Ids Boko 3j. W. 12,1 Rick Ebbinge 23.250 € 6 Charmeur Royal 3j. H. 13,5 Heinz Wewering 7.850 € 7 Standbyme 3j. H. 13,7 Björn Goop 7.250 € 8 Fabio de Pervenche 3j. H. 13,2 Dion P. Tesselaar 10.500 € 9 Velten von Polly 3j. H. 13,0 Hugo Langeweg 5.550 € 10 Laurel Park 3j. H. 15,0 Michael Larsen 13.257 € 11 Crazy and Quick 3j. H. 12,6 Jaap van Rijn 5.250 € 12 Officer Stephen 3j. H. 14,2 Karel Gerrits 7.850 € Super Trot Cup 2018 präsentiert von Jägersro, Wien und Berlin 10.000 Euro Sieg-Garantie inkl. 3.000 Euro Jackpot / Dreier- und Viererwette / PA / V4-2 Dotierung: 70.000 € (35000 · 17500 · 9500 · 5000 · 3000) Distanz: 2.500 m / A Startsumme: Frei für Alle 1 Friend of Nature (SE) 5j. W. 10,9 Björn Goop 62.820 € 2 Popeye Diamant 7j. W. 12,1 Gerhard Biendl 74.607 € 3 Khalid 5j. W. 13,0 Thorsten Tietz 31.551 € 4 Bijou Bourbon H.M. (SE) 6j. S. 11,9 Marc Elias 63.849 € 5 Muscle Boy AS 5j. H. 12,1 Gerhard Mayr 59.144 € 6 Tyrolean Dream 7j. W. 12,7 Rudolf Haller 62.038 € 7 Born Alone (AT) 7j. W. 13,5 Carsten Milek 68.075 € 8 Lord Brodde (SE) 7j. W. 12,0 Gregor Krenmayr 57.060 € 9 Arsenal (SE) 5j. W. 12,7 Peter Untersteiner 72.267 € 10 Trecciadoro Rex (IT) 6j. S. 10,9 Robin Bakker 94.481 € 11 Touch of Wind Bi (IT) 6j. S. 12,2 Rick Ebbinge 48.723 € 12 Den of Warlock (US) 5j. H. 11,8 Markus Niklasson 42.751 € 18:20 Uhr August 4 EDUARD WINTER Deutsches Stuten-Derby 2018 15.000 Euro Dreier-Garantie / mit Viererwette / Prämienausspielung / V4-4 Dotierung: 91.877 € (43439 · 21469 · 10825 · 7050 · 4594 · 2000 · 1500 · 1000) Distanz: 1.900 m / A Startsumme: Frei für Alle 1 Isabella Boshoeve 3j. S. 13,8 Heinz Wewering 44.983 € 2 Donna Granata 3j. S. 14,0 Rudolf Haller 7.350 € 3 Avalon Mists 3j. S. 13,7 Robin Bakker 72.400 € 4 Lusiana Bo 3j. S. 14,3 Jaap van Rijn 5.000 € 5 Cahaya 3j. S. 13,4 Dion P. Tesselaar 10.000 € 6 Laura Vici 3j. S. 14,4 Michael Nimczyk 31.773 € 7 Lightning Bo 3j. S. 14,5 Jörgen Sjunnesson 9.475 € 8 Nagama 3j. S. 14,4 Christian Lindhardt 14.103 € 9 Unicorn Diamant 3j. S. 14,3 Björn Goop 4.100 € 10 Intouchable 3j. S. 13,8 Robbin Bot 6.580 € 11 Olena 3j. S. 14,4 Gerhard Mayr 6.060 € 12 Girlofmanymissions 3j. S. 14,3 Thorsten Tietz 2.600 € The legendary Heinz Wewering drives Isabella Boshoeve from post one in the Filly Derby and a victory would be his 11th in the race. Catalog link below if for the August 4 Yearling sale that includes 5 by Ready Cash, 4 each by Timoko and Pastor Stephen, 3 each by Love You, Maharajah, Brioni and Muscle Hill. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The Hugo Abergs at Jagersro card was exceptional Tuesday evening highlighted by the Malmo Stoads Prix 2018 worth 250,000SEK to the winner in this 3140 meter voltstart contest with 11 starters.  Reckless (8m Ready Cash-Haver-Supergill) scored for trainer Bjorn Goop and owner Byggnads AB. The 2.7/1 winner won in 1.13.1kr to defeat Edindy (6f Racer Bourbon-Global Friend-Lindy Lane) driven by Orjan Kihlstrom with third earned by Mr. Jager (9g Gentle Star-Penny Simb-Alf Palema) handled by Stefan Persson. The Prix Cagnes sur Mer (200,000SEK to the winner, 1609 meters autostart, eight starters) went to 2.2/1 Seven And Seven (4m Chapter Seven-Ally Oop-Kadabra) timed in 1.11.5kr and driven by Erik Adielsson, trained by Frode Hamre and owned by Stall Christoff Racing Invest, in his first 2018 start and first outside of North America.  Rubio (4m Cantab Hall-Italienne Girl-In Dix Huit) was second for Orjan Kihlstrom, Stall Zet and trainer Daniel Reden. Third was King Of The Hill (4m Muscle Hill-Lantern Kronos-Viking Kronos) handled by Hans G. Eriksson. Ethien du Vivier and Von Wise As finished fourth and fifth. Earlier the Summer Meeting Mares Final (200,000SEK to winner, 1609 meters autostart, nine starters) saw In Toto Sund (5f Ken Warkentin-Marsia LB-Windsong’s Legacy) score at 11.6/1 and timed in a quick 1.10.0kr. Orjan Kihlstrom, Daniel Reden and Stall Zet were again the team behind this winner that record her 14th career victory in 39 starts for 3,803,216SEK earned.  Trendy OK (6f Varenne-Annette Hanover-Sierra Kosmos) held second for catch driver Bjorn Goop and trainer Alessandro Gocciadoro for owner Scuderia Verner Srl. Third was Uncertain Age (5f Jacose-Missis-Varenne) with Christoffer Eriksson, trainer Tomas Malmqvist and Easy AB. The program also showcased two year olds in the Colorama Staffanstorp (100,000SEK to the winner, 1609 meters autostart). The 2.1/1 winner here was US bred Sashay My Way (3f Muscle Massive-Fancy-Conway Hall) timed in 1.14.7kr. Erik Adielsson teamed the Lutfi Kolgjini trainee that Kolgjini owns and Millstream Inc. bred. Ultion Face (2m Joke Face-Crois d’Am-Love You) was second with Thomas Uhrberg the pilot of this Kolgjini trainee that Whap Capital AB owns. Third was another Kolgjini trainee, Ubiquarian Face (3m Joke Face-Babsane Face-Look de Star), that Kolgjini owns and Conrad Lugauer was the driver. Kolgjini trains five of the eight starters and he owns four of these. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Propulsion (7m Muscle Hill-Danae-Andover Hall) was a game three-time winner of the Gr. I International Hugo Abergs Memorial at Jagersro on Tuesday evening. Orjan Kihlstom teamed the 1.46/1 winner for Stall Zet and trainer Daniel Reden. Propulsion was timed in 1.09.4kr to win after a tough grind against Dante Boko and others. He was away sixth and began an outside journey before the 600 meter mark and eventually moved three wide in an attacking mode on the backstretch. He raced there alongside his rivals until top of the stretch when he drew off to a commanding lead. Bjorn Goop hustled veteran Up And Quick (10m Buvetier d’Aunou-Fichtre-Quiton du Coral) from far back to gain second about three lengths in arrears. Antoine Lherete trains this former Prix d’Amerique winner for Ecurie Quick Star. Pastor Bob (5g From Above-Estrada OR-Supergill) was a game third for trainer/driver Johan Untersteiner. Dante Boko held fourth and Rajesh Face was fifth in the solid field that raced 1609 meters autostart for a total purse of 175,700 euro with 100,400 euro to the winner. Propulsion now has a 29-11-7 slate in 60 career starts for 18,185,317SEK earned. Up And Quick raised his career earnings to 21,487,828SEK in 72 lifetime appearances. Replay: The undercard was also a superb presentation of trotting excellence led by the 120,480 euro total purse Premio Going Kronos for three year olds. 22/1 Zeus Bi (3m Donato Hanover-Las Brisas Bi-Toss Out) was victorious in the 1609 meter autostart contest timed in 1.11.1kr as he rallied for a narrow score. Erik Adielsson teamed the winner for trainer Fredrik Linder and Stall Courant AB. Holy Water (3m Pastor Stephen-Long Island Iced Tea-SJs Photo) was second for Christoffer Eriksson and trainer Tomas Malmqvist,  and Zelig Kronos (3m Muscle Hill-Laika Ek-Atlas Fighter L) took the third check for driver Wim Paal and trainer Cristian Rizzo for owner Scuderia Union Perfect Srl. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Pompano Beach, FL - The Federation Europeenne Des Gentleman Cavaliers, known as F.E.G.A.T., held their championship series in Belgium on July 28 and 29 with Argentina taking the crown, capturing the title over worthy opponents representing 11 other countries. Individual honors went to Argentina's Leonrado Agusti, who at age 67, entered the competition with over 1,300 career wins, tops in a very select group of drivers. The United States was represented by Dein Spriggs, who was hampered by the draws in his events and finished well back in the competition. In one of the closest finishes in F.E.G.A.T. history, Argentina edged out Australia and The Netherlands in the near triple dead-heat, while Norway and Finland were next in the two day competition. Germany was next, followed by New Zealand, host country Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Austria and, finally, the United States. After day one of the event, Norway had sprinted out to a quick early lead, followed by The Netherlands and Argentina. The United States, drawing outside posts in the majority of the events, was trailing the field. Things didn't get any better for the U.S.A. during day two with Spriggs lamenting, "The draw sure hasn't been very kind to us during this competition. "One good thing," Spriggs joked, "is that, if someone out there has dyslexia, they would think I came in first! "I must say, though, that the hospitality here has been absolutely great and the F.E.G.A.T. folks and the Belgium contingent were just great and made the journey memorable and more than worthwhile." Reported by John Berry for F.E.G.A.T.      

Ids Boko, Very Impressive S, Chapter One, Mister F Daag Win Deutsches Derby Eliminations July 29. 2018 Sunday’s German Trotting Derby eliminations took place at Berlin Mariendorf with each of the four elims raced over 1900 meters autostart for purses of 20,000 euro. The final will be raced on August 5, the 123rd edition of the classic that will have 12 starters going 1900 meters autostart to be crowned 2018 champion. The elims results follow along with the August 5 starting assignments: Elim 1 – 1.12.1kr Ids Boko (3g From Above-Celestial Boko), Robin Bakker for Paul Hagoort and Running Stable Laurel Park (3m Love You-Le Reve), Jean Pierre Dubois for Yves Boireau and Dubois the owner Crazy And Quick (3m Love You-Crazy For You), Dion Tesselaar driver/trainer for Stall Habo Elim 2 – 1.12.6kr Very Impressive S (3m SJs Caviar-Verify), Cees Kamminga driver/trainer for Hodij Coatings BV Charmeur Royal (3m Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song), Robin Bakker for Paul Hagoort and owners Isliker and Thomaskamp, this colt from the dam of undefeated Longines Standbyme (3m Muscles Yankee-Servus), Bjorn Goop for Dirk Hafer and Marion Jauls Elim 3 – 1.13.6kr Chapter One (3g Donato Hanover-C’est Facile), Michael Nimczyk for trainer Wolfgang Nimczyk and owners Brocker and Mommert. Jean Pierre Dubois was the breeder Inspector Bros (3g Pastor Stephen-Zecile Boko), Stefan Schoonhoven trainer/driver for Gerrits and Thomaskamp the owners Officer Stephen (3m Pastor Stephen-Gondolin), Dion Tesselaar trainer/driver for Carpe Diem Stables Elim 4 – 1.12.8kr Mister F Daag (3m Conway Hall-Miss Love), Robin Bakker for Paul Hagoort and owner Joseph Vanduffel Velten von Polly (3m Varenne-Eternity Rex), Hugo Langeweg Jr. trainer/driver for Sigrid Velten, this colt from the dam of Tuonoblu Rex racing at FFA level in USA Fabio de Pervenche (3m Love You-Her Way), Dion Tesselaar driver/trainer for Jan Reugebrink The August 5th Derby lineup is shown below.  Deutsches Traber-Derby 2018 Dotierung: - Distanz: 1.900 m Autostart 1 Inspector Bros 3j. W. 14,0 1.900 m Stefan Schoonhoven 10.715,- 2 Chapter One 3j. W. 13,5 1.900 m Michael Nimczyk 27.000,- 3 Very Impressive S 3j. H. 12,6 1.900 m Cees Kamminga 40.950,- 4 Mister F Daag 3j. H. 12,8 1.900 m Robin Bakker 77.823,- 5 Ids Boko 3j. W. 12,1 1.900 m Rick Ebbinge 23.250,- 6 Charmeur Royal 3j. H. 13,5 1.900 m Heinz Wewering 7.850,- 7 Standbyme 3j. H. 13,7 1.900 m Björn Goop 7.250,- 8 Fabio de Pervenche 3j. H. 13,2 1.900 m Dion Tesselaar 10.500,- 9 Velten von Polly 3j. H. 13,0 1.900 m Hugo Langeweg jun. 5.550,- 10 Laurel Park 3j. H. 12,2 1.900 m Jean-Pierre Dubois 18.257,- 11 Crazy and Quick 3j. H. 12,6 1.900 m Jaap van Rijn 5.250,- 12 Officer Stephen 3j. H. 14,2 1.900 m Karel Gerrits 7.850,- Also on the Derby Elims card was the Monte Derby raced over 1900 meters autostart for 20,000 euro total purse and with 10 starters. The 1.13.2kr timed winner was Zauni (5m Quite Easy-Nice Try Diamant) with Ronja Walter in the irons for trainer Manfred Walter. Victorious Star (7g Juliano Star) was second for jockey Henriette Larsen and trainer Conrad Lugauer. Third was Star Advisor Joli (9g Look de Star) ridden by Josefine Ivehag for trainer Sofia Aronsson.   by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Orlando Jet (5m Orlando Vici-Chicolina-Super Arnie) won the Friday feature at Berlin Mariendorf to begin Derby Week. This Elitloppet starter reined by trainer Rudolf “Rudi” Haller gained the front early and was never headed as he recorded victory number 13 in 17 starts, now for 229,519 euro earned. The purse of the Carlie Mills was 20,000 euro and the distance was 1900 meters for the six horse field. Stall Team Neuhof owns the winner that bested a game Cash Hanover (6m Love You-Impasse) and driver Michael Nimczyk. Stark Bi (7m Toss Out-No Reason Bi) was third for Josef Franzl, this one also a Haller trainee. Saturday’s solid Berlin Mariendorf card was highlighted by four German Filly Derby Eliminations, each raced over 1900 meters autostart for 10,000 euro purses. Elim one went to Cahaya (3f Love You-C’est la Vie) timed in 1.13.4kr for trainer/driver Dion P. Tesselaar. Intouchable (3f Expo Bi) was second for Robin Bot ahead of Girlofmanymissions (3f Manofmanymissions) and driver Thorsten Tietz. Elimination two was won by Avalon Mists (3f Pastor Stephen-Sunshine Bi) timed in 1.14.2kr for driver Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort and Stable Why Not. Unicorn Diamant (3f Orlando Vici-Keystone Tabby) was next for Bjorn Goop and third was Nagama (3f Brioni) for Christian Lindhardt. Donna Granata (3f Corleone-Granata Aas) took elim three timed in 1.14.2kr for trainer/driver Rudi Haller and Stall Wiersehof. It was her third straight victory. Laura Vici (3f Orlando Vici-Lavaletta) was next for Michael Nimczyk and Lighting Bo (3f Virgill Boko-Muscle Magic) took the third check for Jaap van Rijn. Elim four saw Isabella Boshoeve (3f Ready Cash-Yewel Boshoeve) score a 1.13.8kr victory for trainer/driver Dion Tesselaar and owner Wiebe Landman. Lusiana Bo (3f Dream vacation-Jacky Brown) was second with Jaap van Rijn aboard and third was Olena (3f Dream Vacation-Desaria Gill) for trainer/driver Gerhard Mayr and Stall Antonshof. Early on the card veteran Heinz Wewering was victorious driving Henry Havana (5g Pablo As) for trainer Christian Heitmann. Race time was 1.14.4kr in this conditioned event. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Canari Match (6m Extreme Aunou-Ruelle d’Ostral-Joe l’Amoroso) took Saturday’s Bollnas Trot feature worth 200,000SEK to the winner that was timed in 1.10.5kr over 1640 meters autostart. The 2.4/1 Canari Match, a two time winner in six 2018 starts, was reined by Orjan Kihlstrom for Stall et and trainer Daniel Reden, Nappa Scar (6m Scarlet Knight-Butterfly Player-Pearsall Hanover) was second for Per Lennartsson and third was Queer Fish (9g Varenne-Gambari-Victory Dream) with Kaj Widell driving. In Vain Sund was fifth, Cool Keeper seventh and French Laundry unplaced in the field. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Even money favorite Timoteo (6m Abano As-Ghirlanda Aas-Diamond Way) took Saturday’s Kincsem Park featured Super Hanover DIJ clocked in 1.18.4kr over 1800 meters autostart for a purse of 600,000Huf. Veljko Mazsity trains and drove the winner. The 14/1 Unique Vil (5m Conway Hall-Deborah Bi-Park Avenue Joe) was second for driver Csaba Lakatos and third was Oldtimer Diamant (8g Arc de Triomphe) for Emil Csordas. Titan Ville (6f Noir Desir) was fourth handled by trainer Imre Fazekas. The race was named after 1970 HU Derby winner and HU bred Super Hanover (1967m, Elton Hanover-Edith Hanover-Mr. McElwyn-Hanover Venus). by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Saturday’s good Enghien program top action began with three year old colts competing in the Prix Roule (purse 58,000 euro, 2875 meters, nine starters). The 3/10 favorite Fabulous Wood (3m Ready Cash-Qualita Bourbon) scored for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Yves Boireau and Scuderia Winner Stable timed in 1.17.1kr. The now five time winner in just seven career starts for 93,990 euro earned. Jean Pierre Dubois bred this one that is from his most recent champion mare in France. 11/1 Fakir Merite was second for Julien Raffestin and 5.5/1 Fun Quick took third for Franck Nivard. The Q+ Prix Domonique Savary (purse 82,000 euro, 2150 meters, 14 European starters) went to 1.13.7kr timed and 7/2 odds Dijon (5m Ganymede-Sonate d’Aunou). Trainer Romain Derieux was the pilot for owner Mauricette De Sousa. 3/1 Delia du Pommereux (5f Niky) was second with Franck Nivard up for trainer Sylvain Roger and owner Noel Lolic. Nivard won four straight at the end of yesterday’s card and today’s opener. 14/1 Unbridled Charm (10m Password) took third with Jean Philippe Dubois up for his Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. 7.7/1 Coup Droit and 5.2/1 Venosc de Minel completed the top five and the exact order Q+ payday was 840.80 euro. 5/1 Broadwell (4m Conway Hall-Boria) took the Prix de Milan (purse 85,000 euro, 2150 meters, 14 European starters) timed in 1.13.3kr and reined by Matthieu Abrivard. Paul Hagoort trains the winner for Gerrits Recycling BV. The 7/10 favorite Earl Simon (4m Prodigious-Tindrina) held second for driver Franck Ouvrie, trainer Jarmo Niskanen and Ecurie Skytten. 14/1 Voltaire Gifont (4m Quaker Jet) rallied to be third driven by Dominik Locqueneux, driver Cristian Rizzo and owner Mme. Caterina Ballini. 24/1 Classic Connection (4m Love You-Crys Dream) rallied from last to fourth for driver/owner Jean Pierre Dubois and trainer Yves Boireau. The Prix le Café de la Mairie de Goussainville at Enghien (purse 44,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 13 European starters) went to 3.7/1 Suricato Jet (7m Ideale Luis-oy Ami) timed in 1.14.5kr and reined by Nicolas Roussel for trainer Vincent Lacroix and Scuderia Dante Sm. The 16/1 Digital Collection (7g Super Photo Kosmos) was second for Anthony Barrier ahead of the 1.4/1 favorite Eldrick Boko (m Cantab Hall-Radiant Lindy) for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

The July 26 Enghien feature was the monte Prix de la Place d’Italie (purse 60,000 euro, 2875 meters, 16 starters, apprentice jockeys) with the 1.14.8kr timed victory to 6.1/1 Beau de Grimoult (7g Pacifique Gede-Quelle Bora) for Mlle. Mathilde Collet and trainer Franck Anne.  Second was 5.5/1 Vixien (9g Kaisy Dream-Nicole) with apprentice jockey Mlle. Celine Eliane Lemaire and trainer Franck Ouvrie. 4.9/1 Verdi de Tillard (9g Hermes de Perkard) for Melvin Kondritz up with the Sebastien Guarato trainee. Enghien’s Prix d’Aix en Provence (monte, purse 50,000 euro, 2250 meters, 13 starters) went to 2.6/1 odds Deep Impact (5g Saxo de Vandel-Uva du Rib) timed in 1.14.2kr. Alexandre Abrivard teamed the Paul Hagoort trainee that Richard Westerink owns. 9/1 Espoir Eleven (4m Vanishing Point) was seconds for jockey David Thomain and third was 20/1 Ecrin Periere (4g Kepler) with Eric Raffin in the irons. On July 25 at Enghien was the Q+ Prix du Medoc (purse 65,000 euro, 2875 meters, 14 European starters) and the 1.14.2kr timed winner was 8.1/1 Nancy America (7f Revenue-Carmarque) reined by Franck Nivard for Ecurie Leumas of Sweden and trainer by Philippe Billard. The16/1 Pave The Way (10g Pearsall Hanover-Hot Pants) for driver Adrien Lamy, and trainer Vincent Lacroix. Third was 1.3/1 favorite Balando (7m Nijinski Blue) for Eric Raffin and owner/trainer Alphonse Vanberghen. 6.9/1 Agitateur was fourth and 67/1 Ready For More (8g Ready Cash-B.Glorious) ended fifth, that one owned and trained by Anders Lindqvist. The Q+ exact order payoff was 13,087 euro. Also at Enghien was the Prix de la Chaussee d’Artan (Gr. III, purse 85,000 euro, 2875 meters, 12 starters) with 8.1/1 Cathy A Quira (6f Password-Quirada Jacquets) timed in 1.14.8kr. J. Ph. Monclin teamed this winner for Jarmo Niskanen and breeder/owner Etienne Desmet. 15.1 Darling de Reux (5f Prodigious-Queen Jet) was second for Alexandre Abrivard, ahead of 8.2/1 Derby de Souvigne (5g Othello Bourbon-Sata Josselyn) for trainer/driver Michel Lenoir. On July 24 at Solvalla there were several upper level races including the Tredje Jubileumstestte – The Victory Tilly (100,000SEK to winner, 2149 meters autostart). The 1.9/1 Makethemark (5m Maharajah-Global Naughty-Conway Hall) scored at 1.9/1 for Ulf Ohlsson and trainer Petri Salmela. 5.5/1 Milligan’s School (5m Yankee Glide-Tori Ann-SJs Photo) handled by Ulf Ohlsson for Stall TZ and trainer Stefan Melander. 2.2/1 second choice Policy Of Truth (5g Explosive Matter-Champagne-Suoergill) was third for Erik Adielsson. Race time was 1.11.9kr. On that Solvalla card was the Sommarfavoriten Mares (100,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) with the 1.12.6kr timed victory earned by 1.7/1 A Sweet Dance (3f Maharajah-Sugar Step-Sugarcane Hanover) reined by Johnny Takter for trainer Helena Burman. The 5/1 Evelyn (3f Muscle Hill-Royalty Forever-RC Royalty) took second with Orjan Kihlstrom driving the Roger Walmann trainee that SRF Stable owns. 16.2/1 Racing Brodda (3f Prodigious-Ronda Brick-Super Arnie) finished third with Mattias Djuse up. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

We’ve all witnessed memorable clashes before – the National Hunt had Kauto Star Vs Denman, the flat had Grundy Vs Bustino and now harness racing has Matticulous Vs Merrington Movin Up which will be held at Tir Prince this Saturday evening. Both are unbeaten this season and both have been purposely campaigned to avoid each other, but that all ends here at the Welsh venue when they go head to head for the first time. Trainer Alexis Laidler has publicly said that there has been nothing between them in workouts and it’s a coin toss as to what Rocker will drive on the night. This isn’t a two-horse race by any stretch and recent Irish classic winner Stakes On The Pan and Teddy Camden are also likely to make their presence felt. As promoter Dave Wilson has highlighted during the week, theres more than just the Matticulous Vs Merrington Movin Up showdown to look forward to on Saturday night as its Breeders Crown Finals night with over £50,000 in prizemoney up for grabs over 10 equally mouth-watering events. Heats and Final will be held for the 3 year old fillies division and all eyes will be on the freak that is Robyn Camden. This Irish trained multiple record breaker looks to have this classic at her mercy and Saturdays contest represents one last chance to see her in action before she jets off to the US to continue her career against the best pacers in the world. 15 other fillies will be all out to lower her colours and of these Rhyds Sapphire, Rhyds Reflection, Lyons Attack, Wellfield Witch and Isabella Camden have shown enough form to give Robyn Camden a real fright. The 4 Year Old Breeders Crown Colts Classic looks a formality on paper for current track record holder Rhyds Rock Star however recent Starmaker Series victor Father Ted has been improving in leaps and bounds this season and will certainly make his presence felt. The 4 Year Old Fillies equivalent looks a lot more competitive and any one of the 9 runners could land the spoils here. Lyons Lememay and Rhyds Mystique were a pair of champion 2 and 3 year olds but both have failed to fire on all cylinders this season. All this could change on Saturday and it would be no surprise to see either bounce back to claim the £2000 first prize. Teatime Preacher, Olivia Camden and Borntorun are others to consider in this wide-open event. The 2 Year olds are a golden batch this season both colts and fillies. £5000 is first prize for both divisions and with such valuable pots on offer these will be the most hotly contested of the night. In the colts Oakwood Inittowinit, Christy Camden and Shadowcaster are fancied by connections to run big races whilst The Mocking Jay, Loose Change, Springhill Miss Kate, Elski and Lyons Queen are the ones to watch in the fillies final. With a couple of Le Trot contests also scheduled to complement the Breeders Crown Finals, the night features something for everybody so don’t just sit at home and pray somebody transmits some blurry Facebook live videos, make your way to Tir Prince to soak up the atmosphere, see old friends and be part of history. Saturday is guaranteed to be choc-full of “I was there” moments. Don’t miss this meeting under any circumstances. Thomas Bennett      

Sunday at Axevalla was the Mares Championship (Gr. I National, 2640 meters autostart, 1,200,000SEK to winner) and 12.2/1 Mellby Free (4f Muscle Hill-Mellby Ticket-Windsongs Legacy) scored for trainer Bjorn Goop and breeder/owner Mellby Gard AM. This mare now has seven career wins in eight starts for 2,785,000SEK earned. 4.3/1 Vamp Kronos (4f Ready Cash-Only Kronos-Viking Kronos) was second for Christoffer Eriksson, trainer Jerry Riordan and owner Renato Bruni. 16.5/1 Global Upper Style (4f SJs Caviar-Platinum Shine-Viking Kronos) took third for Erik Adielsson. On the same card that culminated three consecutive racing days at Axevalla, the  Vara Entreprenads (125,000SEK to winner, 1640 meters autostart) went to 1.48/1 Double Exposure (7f Pine Chip-Lady Killer Gar-Varenne) that Christoffer Eriksson teamed for trainer Riordan and owner Pietro Gubellini. Third in this one was 35/1 Uncertain Age (5f Jacose-Missis-Varenne) with Bjorn Goop driving for trainer Tomas Malmqvist. The Borje Nasstroms (100,000SEK to the winner, 2140 meters autostart) on the program went to 1.13.5kr timed and 31.3/1 Ferrari Sisu (3g Djali Boko-Merja Sisu-Oiseau du Feux) scored for Adrian Kolgjini, trainer Lutfi Kolgjini and owner Jerry Bengtsson AB. The 8.7/1 Thought Hanover (3m Crazed-Teagarden Hanover-Royal Strength) was second for trainer/driver Jim Oscarsson and Stall Thought Easy. This one is full brother to Tirade Hanover in the USA. 2.4/1 Baritone Artist (3g Orlando Vici-Bring In The Night-Windsongs Legacy) took third for Markus Svedberg. On Saturday at Axevalla were several top events led by the V75 Gold (200,000SEK first money, 2640 meters autostart) with the 1.12.4kr timed victory to 9.6/1 Platon Face (6f Raja Mirchi-Keila des Jacquets-Defi d’Aunou) for the Adrian and Lutfi Kolgjini team for owner Knutsson Trotting AB. Call Me Keeper (8m Pine Chip-Eliza Keeper-Credit Winner) was second for the Kihlstrom/Reden/Stall et team, with third to Slide So Easy (9g Quite Easy-Elegante Frokjar-Smokin Yankee). The V75 Silver (purse to winner 150,000SEK, 2140 meters autostart) produced a victory for 1.12.3kr timed Zoko Lane (6f Zola Boko-Tango Gold-Good As Gold) at 41.6/1 odds. Thomas Uhrberg teamed the Roger Persson trainee that Stall Bjorkang owns. Trinity Lux (6m Love You-Eternidad-Extreme Dream) took send for trainer/driver Wilhelm Paal and Connie Srl of Italy. Third was Nobel Amok (6g Zola Boko) for trainer/driver Robert Bergh. Earlier, the Bronze V75 Division (125,000SEK to the winner, 2140 meters voltstart) went to 7.2/1 and 1.13.1kr timed Victory Kasgard (7g Ens Snapshot-Happy Birthday-Netted) for trainer Flemming Jensen driving for Denmark’s Leif and Morten Clemmensen. Araw Hoss (7m SJs Photo-Decadent Pagan-Malabar Man) was third for Bjorn Goop and trainer Timo Nurmos. Friday’s Q+ (July 20) was at Cabourg in the Grand Prix de la Ville de Cabourg (purse 58,000 euro, 250 meters, 16 European starters) and the 1.14.5kr timed winner was even-money favorite Copernic de Play (6g Giant Cat-Orelie de Play). Trainer/owner Franck Blandin teamed the winner to his 13 career win now for 282,270 earned. He has six wins and two second place finishes in the last eight starts. The 13/1 Brelan du Vivier (7m Joker de Rozy-Queline du Vivier) was second for Franck Nivard and 10/1 Citizen Kane (6g Orlando Vici) took third for Thomas Levesque. 19/1 Clemenza AM and 16/1 Aribo Mix completed the top five and the exact order Q+ payoff was 4,793 euro. The same day, at Cagnes sur Mer, was the Prix les Espaces Antipolis (purse 44,000 euro, 2925 meters, 12 starters) and 1.9/1 Colonel Bond (6g Revel d’Anama-Miss Margaretha) scored in 1.13.4kr with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer J.P. Ensch and owner Alain Dutheil. The 7.7/1 Clif du Pommereux (6m Love You) took second for Sylvain Roger for owner Noel Lolic. 6.6/1 Viking d’Hermes (9g Sancho Panca) was third with Yannick Alain Briand driving. At Pornichet was the Prix des Instagramers (purse 24,000 euro, 2725 meters, 10 starters) for three year olds. 2.1/1 Fast Cash (3m Ready Cash-Armeniade) scored with trainer Matthieu Abrivard up for breeder/owner Mme. Beatrix Andreani. The 4.2/1 First Class (3f Texas Charm-Ida Bourbon) was second for Julien Dubois, trainer Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Jean Philippe Dubois bred this one and third finishing 14/1 Famous Quality (3f Rocklyn-Union County) that Jean Philippe teamed for trainer Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. 25/1 Free And Easy (3m Ready Cash-Viva Island) was fourth for Jean Pierre Dubois, a colt he owns and bred through Scuderia Bolgheri Srl and Yves Boireau trains. I seldom report on USA activities but we now have increased European trotting representation in North America, such as Zephyr Kronos (3m Ready Cash-Orange Kronos-Yankee Glide in the Takter Stable (for owners Katz, Libfeld, Soderburg, and Takter), a possible Hambletonian entrant, There are 22 French gelding imports and two year olds that won a baby race on Saturday, that being Italian bred American Kronos (2f Donato Hanover-Glide About-Yankee Glide), a 1:58 winner with final quarter :27.3 with Andy Miller driving. The dam Glide About (foaled 2000 by Yankee Glide) raced at ages 2 and 3 in the US, was exported and made seven European starts in 2004 for Stig H. Johansson, earning three wins. She is now owned by Katz, Libfeld and Goodrow. Glide About (US) (124 0.82) m, 2000 1.11,0a SEK 2,635,880 29 11-5-4 At 3, Winner of New Jersey Sire Stake, second in American-National, World Trotting Derby, third in Delvin Miller Memorial. At 4, Winner of Norrlands Grand Prix. Sold at Kentucky Standardbred Sale 2001 for 33,000 USD. Her real career has been as a broodmare starting with a first foal in 2006: Jacky Glide, 2006 filly by Jag de Bellouet, 1.12.2 (2,028,467SEK) Oliver Kronos, 2008 gelding by Varenne, 1.11.6kr (2,187,631SEK) Prowess Kronos, 2009 filly by Andover Hall, 1.14.3kr (405,000SEK) Treasure Kronos, 2012 filly by Raja Mirchi, 1.09.7kr (4,964,492SEK), Criterium Continental winner Very Kronos, 2014 male by Ready Cash, 1.12.8kr (856,000SEK), 9 wins in 13 career starts Zizi Kronos, 2015 filly by Raja Mirchi American Kronos, 2016 filly by Donato Hanover, 1:58 The maternal family is loaded with high-level performers – dam M Stewart (by American Winner) produced FFA performer Lanson 1.11.2kr ($791,586 on Pathway, by Self Possessed, a 24 time winner in 81 starts for Don Swick) 1988 Furman (US)        1.11,2a   $ 550,000           h, by Joie de Vie (US)   - Garden Grove (US)     At 4, Winner of Hiram Woodruff, Nat Ray Trot, Su Mac Lad, third in Titan Cup. At 6, second in Finlandia-Ajo, Gran Premio Citta' di Montecatini, Su Mac Lad. Sold at Kentucky Standardbred Sale 1989 for 6,000 USD. and Maven 1:51.4h ($1,756,996) by Glidemaster, second dam Garden Grove (by Arnie Almahurst) produced FFA star Furman ($550,100) by Joie de Vie and good broodmare sister Patterns, dam of Patches; and third dam Ivory Coast by Nevele Pride, an Elite Mare in Sweden and dam of Baron Karsk and Calle Karsk. Little or none of the above appears on North American databases, to the detriment of breeders seeking to present and sell yearlings. It’s time for a meaningful international trotting database. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Sunday’s 10th leg of the Trophee Vert Series was at Saint Jean de Monts, raced over 2625 meters distance handicapped, by 16 entrants for the total purse 45.000 euro. It was the 4/5 favorite Bugsy Malone (7g Ready Cash-Night Captain) prevailing for driver Yoann Lebourgeois and owner/trainer Philippe Allaire, timed in 1.16.1kr.  The winner overcame a 50 meter handicap to record his fifth victory in the series and 24th career win in 44 starts now for 679,310 euro earned. The victory moved Bugsy to the top in the series points standings with 79, versus Bebert Express’ 70 points. The point winner at series end earns 100,000 euro. The 8.6/1 Capital Charm (6g Password-Molly Charm) was second today for driver Eric Raffin, trainer Gregory Thorel and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Jean Philippe Dubois bred this one. The 111/1 Alexis Jisce (8g Memphis du Rib) was third for Olivier Raffin while 25 meter handicapped and 4.3/1 Ardente du Clos was fourth. Utile Lebel was fifth and Bebert Express ninth in this 10th series leg. At La Capelle the Prix Avesne sur Helpe (purse 30,000 euro, 250 meters, 16 starters) went to 1.13.2kr timed and 2.6/1 Christo (6g Rieussec-Panacee) with Marcel Lenoir the driver/trainer. 21/1 Busy Money Ringeat and 5.1/1 Colombo Ranka completed the top three. It was also announced that the August 5th battle between Bold Eagle and Aubrion du Gers at the Gr. I Grand Prix de Wallonie at Mons Ghlin may not occur. Bold Eagle has been treated for back lameness following his last start at the La Capelle TGV and will miss the Mons contest. Bold Eagle leaves the way open to Aubrion du Gers to acquire the title that Bold Eagle was to defend. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The first post Derby trotting program was Saturday at Kincsem Park and the young trotting mare Longines (4f Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) remained unbeaten with her ninth consecutive victory, this time in the Bizakmas DIJ (400,000Huf purse, 1900 meters autostart).  The 1.2/1 favorite led all the way for driver Andrea Fazekas, trainer Imre Fazekas and owner Pimri. She was timed in a rated for her 18 victory as she defeated Une Dame and Asterix Evo. Longines was bred in Germany by Kornelius Heitman of Munster. Team Fazekas/Horvath scored again in the Nemecsek DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) as 3.3/1 Vola Gatto (4f Beissinger Hanover-Il Gato-Valley Guardian) scored in 1.19.9kr with Gyorgy Horvath the pilot for trainer Imre Fazekas and owner Bagameri. Violetta (4f Racino) and Zsozsoker trailed the winner that raced on the outer throughout before powering to the lead mid-stretch and holding off the late rush of Violetta. The co-featured Ceres DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) went to 1.16.8kr timed and 1.6/1 favorite Unreal Boss (5f Maximus Lindy-Light Lady-Baltic Bet) with trainer Veljko Mazsity up for breeder/owner Hico Versenyistallo. Urania RC (5f Racino-Sweet Pine-Pine Chip) was second for Sandor Varga and Henrik Ibsen AT was third. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

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