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Thursday evening at Paris-Vincennes was held the trotting yearling sale of Osarus-Trot. There were 82 head to be sold with 41 bringing winning bids. The average was 21,159 euro, down from 24,359 euro a year ago. The leading horses sold are shown below: Hip 40 – Hety du Goutier (male, Ready Cash-Quetty du Goutier), 100,000 euro to Philippe DeWulf Hip 52 – Heulla Montaval (filly, Ready Cash-Villa Montaval), 80,000 euro to KS Courtage Hip 10 – Hacker Speed (male, Bold Eagle-Perle Speed), 80,000 euro to Courant AB The full detail may be found on the website under sale results. Hip 40 catalog page link follows: by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Bugsy Malone (7g Ready Cash-Night Captain) easily took Sunday’s Trophee Vert event named the Grand Prix Ville Montier and raced at Montier en Der. Timed in 1.15.2kr on the grass, the 3/10 favorite recorded his seventh straight Trophee Vert victory and he now has 113 series points versus 74 for Bebert Express and 56 for Utile Lebel. As usual Yoann Lebourgeois teamed Bugsy for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. He now has 26 career wins in 46 starts for 719,810 euro earned. 9/1 odds Astor de Rozoy (8m Ready Cash-Natacha de Rozoy) was second handled by Franck Ouvrie for trainer Thierry Duvaldestin, Third was the 37/1 outsider Crazy Look (6g Look de Star) with Cedrik Derham on the lines. On Saturday action at Cagnes sur Mer featured the Gr. III Grand Prix de la Ville de Nice (purse 75,000 euro, 2925 meters, 13 starters). Aigle Jenilou (8g Prodigious-Queen Jenilou) scored for driver Gwenn Junod timed in 1.12.8kr and off at 4.8/1 odds. Uniflosa Bella (10f Jag de Bellouet) was second at 3.7/1 with J.Ch. Feron aboard for trainer/owner Jean Paul Marmion, facing a 25 meter handicap and timed in 1.12.3kr.  Chicago Blues (6m Prodigious) took third for driver Romuald Mourice ahead of Uranium (10g Jag de Bellouet) with Junior Guelpa up and fifth finishing and 2/5 favorite Une Serenade (10f Gazouillis) with Pierre Vercruysse. This one was handicapped 25 meters and was timed in 1.12.7kr. Friday the Quinte+ was at Cabourg in the Prix de Granville (purse 35,000 euro, 2750 meters distance handicap, 14 European starters). Victory went to the 20/1 Ready For More (8g Ready Cash-B.Glorious) that overcame a 25 meter handicap to score in 1.13.4kr. Florian Desmigneux teamed the now career winner of 151,442 euro that is owned and trained by Anders Lindqvist. The 6/1 Onceforall Face (7g Viking Kronos) was second for Franck Nivard and trainer/owner Jeppe Juel, also with a 25 meter penalty. Sunshine Kronos (7f Enjoy Lavec) took third for Gabriele Gelormini at 8.5/1 odds. The 25  meter handicapped and 5.1/1 odds Balthazar d’Em (7g Coktail Jet) was fourth for Tony LeBeller and fifth was Cocktail des Pres (6g Melchior Jet) for Julien Travers at 82/1. The Q+ exact order payoff was 51,789.60 euro for a two euro wager. Monday action returns to Paris Vincennes after an absence since June 29. The fine card includes four Gr. II contests each with a purse of 120,000 euro. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Wednesday’s trotting action at Enghien included the Q+ Prix de Parc de Princes (purse 62,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 15 European starters). Victory went to 1.12.2kr timed and 2/1 favorite Titty Jepson (6f Varenne-Lamadi Costa) with Alexandre Abrivard the pilot for Scuderia Nininni and trainer Vincent Lacroix. The 11/1 Viking Fromentro (9g Capriccio-Orminda) was second with trainer Thomas Levesque up. Third was 16/1 Tripolini VP (8g Archduke Kemp-Lady Magic) with owner/trainer Jeppe Juel at the lines. The 28/1 Balandin Hongrois (7g Bon Conseil) and 14/1 Cicero Neo (6g Mandarino Blue) completed the top five. That exact order Q+ payoff was 22,992.40 euro. On the card was the Prix de Jonquieres (purse 65,000 euro, 2875 meters, 12 starters) with victory to 3/2 odds and 1.15.1kr timed Evrik de Guez (4g Un Mec d’Heripre-Quoumbayo de Guez) with trainer J-M Bazire up for owner/breeder Ecurie Vautors. The 4/1 Excellent (8m Real de Lou) was second for Alexandre Abrivard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. 6.9/1 Epsom des Brousses (4m Saxo de Vandel) was third for driver Franck Nivard. At Avenches (Suisse) was the Prix de Vitesse (purse 12,855 euro, 1609 meters autostart, eight starters). 9/1 and 1.11.6kr timed Un Geant d’Amour (10g Gigeant Neo-Glorieuse Rhea) scored in a four horse blanket finish for driver Jean-Barnard Matthey. The 3.3/1 Totem d’Azur (11m Joao Panca) was second for owner/trainer/driver Mme. Valerie Henry. 16/1 Undset (10g Ksar d’Algot) was third with trainer Renaud Pujol driving. Fourth was the 9/10 favorite and legendary veteran Swedishman (12g Gogo-Volgana) with trainer Patricia Felber up on the career winner of 1,232,449 euro. On August 2 at Meslay du Maine was the Prix B2H Conseils (purse 28,000 euro, 2875 meters, 13 starters). The 1.12.8kr timed winner was 17/1 Alcibiade (8g Capriccio-Mazurka) with Patrice Gesret driving for trainer Kaden Yemeloun and Ecurie Duem. The winner recorded career victory 11 and has over 229,000 earned. The 11/1 Vegas des Pres and 4/1 Agitateur were second and third. The upcoming weekend has much to offer including the German Trotting Derby on Sunday at Berlin Mariendorf, the Grand Prix de Wallonie at Mons Ghlin on Saturday (with Uza Josselyn and Aubrion du Gers at the start) and the Hambletonian at the New Meadowlands USA. The PMU network menu includes all these venues. The trotting lineup in Germany includes their Deutsches Derby Yearling Sale that has 81 yearlings offered on August 4 with 5 by Ready Cash. The racing lineup for the German Derby, the Filly Derby and the Super Trot are shown below. August 5 123. Deutsches Traber-Derby 2018 Klassisches Zuchtrennen, Gruppe I / 22.222 Euro Dreier-Garantie / mit Viererwette / PA / V5-3 Dotierung: 215.633 € (102816 · 51408 · 24976 · 16651 · 10782 · 4000 · 3000) Distanz: 1.900 m / A Startsumme: Frei für Alle 1 Inspector Bros 3j. W. 14,0 Stefan Schoonhoven 10.715 € 2 Chapter One 3j. W. 13,5 Michael Nimczyk 27.000 € 3 Very Impressive S 3j. H. 12,6 Cees F. Kamminga 40.950 € 4 Mister F Daag 3j. H. 12,8 Robin Bakker 77.823 € 5 Ids Boko 3j. W. 12,1 Rick Ebbinge 23.250 € 6 Charmeur Royal 3j. H. 13,5 Heinz Wewering 7.850 € 7 Standbyme 3j. H. 13,7 Björn Goop 7.250 € 8 Fabio de Pervenche 3j. H. 13,2 Dion P. Tesselaar 10.500 € 9 Velten von Polly 3j. H. 13,0 Hugo Langeweg 5.550 € 10 Laurel Park 3j. H. 15,0 Michael Larsen 13.257 € 11 Crazy and Quick 3j. H. 12,6 Jaap van Rijn 5.250 € 12 Officer Stephen 3j. H. 14,2 Karel Gerrits 7.850 € Super Trot Cup 2018 präsentiert von Jägersro, Wien und Berlin 10.000 Euro Sieg-Garantie inkl. 3.000 Euro Jackpot / Dreier- und Viererwette / PA / V4-2 Dotierung: 70.000 € (35000 · 17500 · 9500 · 5000 · 3000) Distanz: 2.500 m / A Startsumme: Frei für Alle 1 Friend of Nature (SE) 5j. W. 10,9 Björn Goop 62.820 € 2 Popeye Diamant 7j. W. 12,1 Gerhard Biendl 74.607 € 3 Khalid 5j. W. 13,0 Thorsten Tietz 31.551 € 4 Bijou Bourbon H.M. (SE) 6j. S. 11,9 Marc Elias 63.849 € 5 Muscle Boy AS 5j. H. 12,1 Gerhard Mayr 59.144 € 6 Tyrolean Dream 7j. W. 12,7 Rudolf Haller 62.038 € 7 Born Alone (AT) 7j. W. 13,5 Carsten Milek 68.075 € 8 Lord Brodde (SE) 7j. W. 12,0 Gregor Krenmayr 57.060 € 9 Arsenal (SE) 5j. W. 12,7 Peter Untersteiner 72.267 € 10 Trecciadoro Rex (IT) 6j. S. 10,9 Robin Bakker 94.481 € 11 Touch of Wind Bi (IT) 6j. S. 12,2 Rick Ebbinge 48.723 € 12 Den of Warlock (US) 5j. H. 11,8 Markus Niklasson 42.751 € 18:20 Uhr August 4 EDUARD WINTER Deutsches Stuten-Derby 2018 15.000 Euro Dreier-Garantie / mit Viererwette / Prämienausspielung / V4-4 Dotierung: 91.877 € (43439 · 21469 · 10825 · 7050 · 4594 · 2000 · 1500 · 1000) Distanz: 1.900 m / A Startsumme: Frei für Alle 1 Isabella Boshoeve 3j. S. 13,8 Heinz Wewering 44.983 € 2 Donna Granata 3j. S. 14,0 Rudolf Haller 7.350 € 3 Avalon Mists 3j. S. 13,7 Robin Bakker 72.400 € 4 Lusiana Bo 3j. S. 14,3 Jaap van Rijn 5.000 € 5 Cahaya 3j. S. 13,4 Dion P. Tesselaar 10.000 € 6 Laura Vici 3j. S. 14,4 Michael Nimczyk 31.773 € 7 Lightning Bo 3j. S. 14,5 Jörgen Sjunnesson 9.475 € 8 Nagama 3j. S. 14,4 Christian Lindhardt 14.103 € 9 Unicorn Diamant 3j. S. 14,3 Björn Goop 4.100 € 10 Intouchable 3j. S. 13,8 Robbin Bot 6.580 € 11 Olena 3j. S. 14,4 Gerhard Mayr 6.060 € 12 Girlofmanymissions 3j. S. 14,3 Thorsten Tietz 2.600 € The legendary Heinz Wewering drives Isabella Boshoeve from post one in the Filly Derby and a victory would be his 11th in the race. Catalog link below if for the August 4 Yearling sale that includes 5 by Ready Cash, 4 each by Timoko and Pastor Stephen, 3 each by Love You, Maharajah, Brioni and Muscle Hill. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Saturday’s good Enghien program top action began with three year old colts competing in the Prix Roule (purse 58,000 euro, 2875 meters, nine starters). The 3/10 favorite Fabulous Wood (3m Ready Cash-Qualita Bourbon) scored for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Yves Boireau and Scuderia Winner Stable timed in 1.17.1kr. The now five time winner in just seven career starts for 93,990 euro earned. Jean Pierre Dubois bred this one that is from his most recent champion mare in France. 11/1 Fakir Merite was second for Julien Raffestin and 5.5/1 Fun Quick took third for Franck Nivard. The Q+ Prix Domonique Savary (purse 82,000 euro, 2150 meters, 14 European starters) went to 1.13.7kr timed and 7/2 odds Dijon (5m Ganymede-Sonate d’Aunou). Trainer Romain Derieux was the pilot for owner Mauricette De Sousa. 3/1 Delia du Pommereux (5f Niky) was second with Franck Nivard up for trainer Sylvain Roger and owner Noel Lolic. Nivard won four straight at the end of yesterday’s card and today’s opener. 14/1 Unbridled Charm (10m Password) took third with Jean Philippe Dubois up for his Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. 7.7/1 Coup Droit and 5.2/1 Venosc de Minel completed the top five and the exact order Q+ payday was 840.80 euro. 5/1 Broadwell (4m Conway Hall-Boria) took the Prix de Milan (purse 85,000 euro, 2150 meters, 14 European starters) timed in 1.13.3kr and reined by Matthieu Abrivard. Paul Hagoort trains the winner for Gerrits Recycling BV. The 7/10 favorite Earl Simon (4m Prodigious-Tindrina) held second for driver Franck Ouvrie, trainer Jarmo Niskanen and Ecurie Skytten. 14/1 Voltaire Gifont (4m Quaker Jet) rallied to be third driven by Dominik Locqueneux, driver Cristian Rizzo and owner Mme. Caterina Ballini. 24/1 Classic Connection (4m Love You-Crys Dream) rallied from last to fourth for driver/owner Jean Pierre Dubois and trainer Yves Boireau. The Prix le Café de la Mairie de Goussainville at Enghien (purse 44,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 13 European starters) went to 3.7/1 Suricato Jet (7m Ideale Luis-oy Ami) timed in 1.14.5kr and reined by Nicolas Roussel for trainer Vincent Lacroix and Scuderia Dante Sm. The 16/1 Digital Collection (7g Super Photo Kosmos) was second for Anthony Barrier ahead of the 1.4/1 favorite Eldrick Boko (m Cantab Hall-Radiant Lindy) for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

The July 26 Enghien feature was the monte Prix de la Place d’Italie (purse 60,000 euro, 2875 meters, 16 starters, apprentice jockeys) with the 1.14.8kr timed victory to 6.1/1 Beau de Grimoult (7g Pacifique Gede-Quelle Bora) for Mlle. Mathilde Collet and trainer Franck Anne.  Second was 5.5/1 Vixien (9g Kaisy Dream-Nicole) with apprentice jockey Mlle. Celine Eliane Lemaire and trainer Franck Ouvrie. 4.9/1 Verdi de Tillard (9g Hermes de Perkard) for Melvin Kondritz up with the Sebastien Guarato trainee. Enghien’s Prix d’Aix en Provence (monte, purse 50,000 euro, 2250 meters, 13 starters) went to 2.6/1 odds Deep Impact (5g Saxo de Vandel-Uva du Rib) timed in 1.14.2kr. Alexandre Abrivard teamed the Paul Hagoort trainee that Richard Westerink owns. 9/1 Espoir Eleven (4m Vanishing Point) was seconds for jockey David Thomain and third was 20/1 Ecrin Periere (4g Kepler) with Eric Raffin in the irons. On July 25 at Enghien was the Q+ Prix du Medoc (purse 65,000 euro, 2875 meters, 14 European starters) and the 1.14.2kr timed winner was 8.1/1 Nancy America (7f Revenue-Carmarque) reined by Franck Nivard for Ecurie Leumas of Sweden and trainer by Philippe Billard. The16/1 Pave The Way (10g Pearsall Hanover-Hot Pants) for driver Adrien Lamy, and trainer Vincent Lacroix. Third was 1.3/1 favorite Balando (7m Nijinski Blue) for Eric Raffin and owner/trainer Alphonse Vanberghen. 6.9/1 Agitateur was fourth and 67/1 Ready For More (8g Ready Cash-B.Glorious) ended fifth, that one owned and trained by Anders Lindqvist. The Q+ exact order payoff was 13,087 euro. Also at Enghien was the Prix de la Chaussee d’Artan (Gr. III, purse 85,000 euro, 2875 meters, 12 starters) with 8.1/1 Cathy A Quira (6f Password-Quirada Jacquets) timed in 1.14.8kr. J. Ph. Monclin teamed this winner for Jarmo Niskanen and breeder/owner Etienne Desmet. 15.1 Darling de Reux (5f Prodigious-Queen Jet) was second for Alexandre Abrivard, ahead of 8.2/1 Derby de Souvigne (5g Othello Bourbon-Sata Josselyn) for trainer/driver Michel Lenoir. On July 24 at Solvalla there were several upper level races including the Tredje Jubileumstestte – The Victory Tilly (100,000SEK to winner, 2149 meters autostart). The 1.9/1 Makethemark (5m Maharajah-Global Naughty-Conway Hall) scored at 1.9/1 for Ulf Ohlsson and trainer Petri Salmela. 5.5/1 Milligan’s School (5m Yankee Glide-Tori Ann-SJs Photo) handled by Ulf Ohlsson for Stall TZ and trainer Stefan Melander. 2.2/1 second choice Policy Of Truth (5g Explosive Matter-Champagne-Suoergill) was third for Erik Adielsson. Race time was 1.11.9kr. On that Solvalla card was the Sommarfavoriten Mares (100,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) with the 1.12.6kr timed victory earned by 1.7/1 A Sweet Dance (3f Maharajah-Sugar Step-Sugarcane Hanover) reined by Johnny Takter for trainer Helena Burman. The 5/1 Evelyn (3f Muscle Hill-Royalty Forever-RC Royalty) took second with Orjan Kihlstrom driving the Roger Walmann trainee that SRF Stable owns. 16.2/1 Racing Brodda (3f Prodigious-Ronda Brick-Super Arnie) finished third with Mattias Djuse up. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Perfect weather and great racing, including the Quinte+, at Enghien brought out the fans and the action began with the Prix de Notre Dame (purse 41,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 13 starters) and the legendary Jean Pierre Dubois was victorious with 1.15.6kr timed and 1.3/1 odds Folie Amoureuse (3f Coktail Jet-Tes Amours) for her third career win in seven starts, now for 46,480 euro earned. Yves Boireau trains this rugged filly for Mr. Dubois and his Ecurie D was the breeder. She raced on the outer throughout before powering to the front. The 22/1 Fine Perle du Gite (3f Tabriz du Gite) was second ahead of 8.6/1 Fiorentina Somolli (3f Love You). Today’s Quinte+ was at Enghien in the Prix de la Porte Montmartre (purse 54,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 16 entrants). The 1.12.9kr timed victory went to 5.4/1 Balfour (g Scipion du Goutier-Pay The Bill) with Gabriele Gelormini up for owner/trainer Robert Bergh. The breeder was Marie Josee Nordin. 6.6/1 Usain Herna (8m Super Light-Kassandra Kuron) was second for trainer/driver Jorgen Westholm and third was 3.7/1 Capraio (6g Coktail Jet) for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Rene Aebischer and Ecurie Rhythm & Blues.The 7.9/1 Tesauto (6g Filipp Roc) and 19/1 Romi Mms (8f Turbo Sund) were fourth and fifth and the Quinte exact order ticket paid 5,140 euro. The day’s featured Gr. II Prix de Buenos-Aires (purse 120,000 euro, 4150 meters, 10 starters) went to rallying 2/5 favorite Cleangame (6f Ouragon de Celland-Red Bell) with trainer Jean Michel Bazire at the lines for Ecurie Jean Michel Rancoule. The 28/1 Tony Gio (6m Varenne-Ilaria Jet) took second for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Vincent Martens and owner Scuderia Bivans Srl. 7/2 Une Serenade (10f Gazouillis-Moonlight Serenade) was third with Eric Raffin aboard for trainer Serge Peltier. 56.1 As Dore and 14/1 Akim du Cap Vert captured fourth and fifth money. Race time was 1.17.7kr over the 2 and 9/16 miles plus distance. The Gr. III Prix de Rome (purse 85,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 15 starters) was a competitive event that 10/1 Fifty Kalouma (3m Ready Cash-Sadaya de Cerisy) secured the victory for Clement Duvaldestin, trainer Thierry Duvaldestin and breeder/owner Philippe Boff. For the winner it was career win number three in nine appearances, now for 147,000 euro earned. 1.7/1 Follow You (3m Ready Cash-Mara Bourbon) rallied late to be second driven by Matthieu Abrivard for trainer Yves Boireau and owner Scuderia Bivans. Ecurie Dream With Me bred this one. The 3.9/1 Fiorella de Ted (3f Up And Quick-Raviscarte Jo) took third with Franck Nivard up for trainer Franck Leblanc. 62/1 Fanina des Racques 3f Ready Cash) and 13/1 Zilath (3m Maharajah) were fourth and fifth, this pair reined by Eric Raffin and Andrea Guzzinati. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The Cabourg trotting action began with the Prix d’Auranches (purse 32,000 euro, 2750 meters, 16 starters) and the 1.15.1kr winner was 8/1 Danae d’Ela (5f Jag de Bellouet-Sonate de Bruyere) for Jean Philippe Borodajke. The 25 meter penalized at 2.7/1 odds Datcha (5f The Best Madrik) was second for Yoann Lebourgeois, trainer Emmanuel Ruault and Ecurie Comte P. de Montesson. 34/1 Carla des Caraibes (6f Flash de Cosse) was third for Daniel Marcel Olivier. The Q+ was at Cabourg in the Prix du Sap (purse 38,000 euro, 2750 meters) with the 1.15.2kr timed win to 9/1 Astral de Baumee (8g Prince de Montfort-Lisade Baumee) for driver Francois Lagadeuc and owner/trainer Stephane Blot. Second was 7.3/1 Bellino d’Auvrecy (7m Ganymede-Lady d’Auvrecy) for Franck Nivard, ahead of 1.9/1 Alinea (8g Baccarat du Mont) that David Thomain piloted for trainer Christian Bigeon. 106/1 Bill Please (7f Ready Cash) and 86/1 Boss d’Ourville (7g Quaro) completed the top five and established at 354,750 euro exact order payoff.      Rapports (pour 2€) Tirelire 1.000.000 € - Numéro plus : 0735   Ordre :       354.750,00€   Désordre :       5.960,40€   Bonus 4 :       192,80€   Bonus 4sur5 :       79,60€   Bonus 3 :       15,60€               Cabourg’s Prix de Domfort (purse 35,000 euro, 250 meters, 10 starters) went to 1.17.2kr timed and 2.1/1 odds Family d’Arjeanc (3f Kaisy Dream-Nancy d’Ecajeul) with Clement Duvaldestin up for trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. 6.1/1 France America (3f Jasmin de Flore-America) was second handled by trainer Louis Baudron and third was 73/1 Framboise (3f Nectar-Victoria) Action at Cagnes sur Mer featured the Gr. III Prix de Villeneuve Loubet (purse 70,000 euro, 2925 meters, 10 starters) with the 1.13.5kr timed victory to 1.2/1 favorite Uniflosa Bella (10f Jag de Bellouet-Koctiflosa Gede). J.Ch. Feron teamed the J.P. Marmion trainee that Marmion owns and Remi Boucret bred. 1.2/1 co-favorite Cavalleria (6f Prodigious-Janga) held second for trainer/driver J.P. Ensch and 43/1 Uranium (10g Jag de Bellouet-L’Aventoriere) was third with owner/trainer Junior Guelpa aboard. Weekend top trots are Saturday at Arjang where Propulsion tussles with nine rivals for 600,000SEK first prize, and Sunday at Mikkeli where Peace Of Mind, Pastore Bob and Heavy Sound battle with five others for a total purse of 140,000euro. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink      

The 28/1 Twitter (9g Offshore Dream-Face For Ever) took today’s Prix de l’Opera (purse 58,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 16 European starters) clocked in 1.12.7kr and reined by Mathieu Mottier for trainer A.H. Post and owner Haras du Arctic of Holland. The 12/1 Vixel (9g Quido du Goutier) took second for trainer/driver Franck Ouvrie. 91/1 Viking Dream (9g Iserio-Helfie) was third handed by owner/trainer A.G. Maillard. 6.8/1 Lover Face (10g Love You) and 13/1 Baraka de Belleu (7f Prodigious) completed the top five and the outsiders led to no exact order ticket winner. The disorder top five payoff was 7,918 euro. The Prix de Rochechouart (purse 50,000 euro, 2150 meters autostart, 13 European starters) went to 15/1 odds and 1.12.8kr timed Dona Nina (5f Tucson-Quolombre Winner). The breeder/owner/trainer Jarmo Niskanen was at the lines. The 73/1 Vanity Luis (4f Ideale Luis-Cristina Luis) was a distant second driven by Francois Lagadeuc for trainer Mlle. Melanie Gibon. Third was 18/1 Volturina Jet (4f Ken Warkentin-Eterea) for Filippo Rocca and trainer Fausto Barelli. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

France turf trotting continued on Sunday with the Prix de la Ville d’Ecommoy (purse 32,000 euro, 2750 meters, 18 starters). The 1.18.6kr winner was 6/1 Clyde de la Roche (6g Oiseau de Feux-Saga Lettoral) with trainer Damien Bonne up for Ecurie de la Roche. 1.2/1 Crazy Well (6g Orlando Vici) was second for Matthieu Abrivard, the breeder/owner/trainer/driver. The 6.3/1 Ce Retour le Oscar (6g Le Retour) and Jean Michel Bazire took third, this one bred, owned and trained by Ludovic Guitton. At Isle Sur Sorgue was the Prix de la Societe du Cheval Francais (purse 32,000 purse, 2650 meters distance handicap, 16 starters) and the 1.16.4kr timed winner was 22/1 Bichon del Green (7g Quick Wood-Molly Speed) for driver Steve Stefano for trainer J.M. Roubaud. 53/1 Auteur (8g Overtrick) took second for Christopher Haret and third went to 34/1 Vent du Der (9g Lejacque d’Houlbec) for driver Emile Gout and trainer Richard Gout. Trots on turf continued Sunday at Hippodrome Madinina Martinque with the Prix des Begonias (purse 5,000 euro, 3800 meters) and this 1.23.1kr winner was Avis Contraire (8g Infant du Bossis-Jolie Prometteuse) for Alexandre Faive, the owner/trainer/driver. Boycott (7g Goetmals Wood) was second for owner/trainer/driver Christine Lebreton. Third was Bavarois du Varlet (7g Laetenter Diem) for driver J.L. Langeron and owner/trainer Corrinne Gleize. The Prix des Tulipes (5,000 euro purse, 3800 meters on turf, 7 starters) went to Ussein Royal (10g Lilium Madrik-Heloire) timed in 1.22.5kr for driver J,F, Gate and owner/trainer Christine Lebreton. Vlatou des Salines (9g Magnificent Rodney) was second for Solene Pach and trainer/owner J.L. Langeron with third to Titan Pierji (11g Jardy) for owner/trainer/driver Christophe Moise. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The La Capelle racetrack in France featured Gr. II Prix de la Communaute de Communes Thierache Centre (total purse 100,000 euro, 1609 meters autostart, 11 starters in this 2nd leg of the Challenge du Trot Grand Vitesse, a UET Masters Series test)  and it was a superb race won by Bold Eagle (7m Ready Cash-Reethi Rah Jet) clocked in 1.10.8kr and reined by Franck Nivard. Sebastien Guarato trains the champion for Pierre Pilarski and he was bred by Jean Etienne Dubois. The Eagle left alertly, yielded to Un Mec d’Heripr and then regained the lead for the duration. The Eagle now has 41 wins in 54 career starts for 4,266,670 euro earned. He was off as the 1/10 favorite with 11/1 Un Mec d’Heripre (10m Orlando Vici-I Love You Darling) second for Franck Ouvrie. The 32/1 Billie de Montfort (7f Jasmin de Flore) was third for P-Y Verva, trainer Guarato and owner Philippe Dauphin. 17/1 Up And Quick (10m Buvetier d’Aunou-Fichtre) was fourth for Pierre Vercruysse, trainer Antoine Lherete and owner Ecurie Quick Star. Titty Jepson was fifth at 47/1. On the La Capelle undercard was the Prix de Cagnes sur Mer (purse 25,000 euro, 2750 meters, 15 starters) and 8.9/1 Bonefish Life (g Quatre Juillet-Izakaline) scored in 1.14.5kr for Pierre Vercruysse, trainer C.F. Kamminga and owner H.J. DeBoer. 8/1 Bequin d’Ali (7g Little Crack) was next for Bjorn Goop and 1.4/1 favorite Bilbao d’Ecajeul (7g Quaker Jet) was third for Romain Derieux. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

The Q+ On Friday was the Prix du Mont Saint Michel at Cabourg, France (purse 55,000 euro, 2750 meters, 15 starters) with that victory to 3.4/1 Copernic de Play (6g Giant Cat-Orelie de Play) driven by trainer/owner Franck Blandin.  Race time was 1.13kr as the winner recorded career win 12 in 39 starts now for 230,070 euro earned. The exact order Q+ payoff was 1,073 euro. 2.7/1 Cobra Ar Carae (6g Kaiser Soze) and Anthony Barrier was second with 5.7/1 Ceylan Dairpet (6g Ouragon de Celland) and Tony LeBeller taking third. The 9/1 Casimir de Survie and 53/1 Cash du Rib completed the top five. That day at Karlshorst (Berlin) veteran driver/trainer Heinz Wewering scored with Speed of Moor as the 4/5 favorite in the Prix du Spartak Stadium, timed in 1.17kr. Wewering remains the second highest driving dash winner in history, second to USA’s Dave Palone. Three year old fillies contested Enghien’s Prix de l’Ardeche (purse 39,000 euro, 2875 meters voltstart, nine starters) with the 1.17.1kr timed win to 2.3/1 Fame And Fortune (3f Sam Bourbon-Ma Crown) with legendary Jean Pierre Dubois at the lines. His Ecurie D bred the winning filly that Dubois also owns and Yves Boireau trains. Fame And Fortune now has earning of 38,400 euro from two wins in eight career starts. The 36/1 Felaine (3f Jasmin de Flore) was second and 6.9/1 Fantaisie Cherie (3f Sam Bourbon) was third. Dubois’ stablemate 2.1/1 Flower Wood (3f Jasmin de Flore) was fourth for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Boireau and this one was bred in Italy by Dubois’ Scuderia Bolgheri. Further note, Jean Pierre Dubois now has posted six driving wins in 2018 from 25 starts and 1370 career wins in France from 6704 drives. The Q+ on July 7 was Enghien’s Prix de la Manche (purse 85,000 euro, 2875 meters distance handicap, 16 starters European). 3.8/1 odds and 25 meter handicapped Virgious du Maza (9g Prodigious-Pocket Edition) scored for Sebastien Ernault and breeder/owner Ecurie du Maza. He recorded career victory 17 in 64 outings timed this day in 1.12.6kr to increase earnings to 703,295 euro. 6.5/1 Balando (7m Nijinski Blue) was second for Eric Raffin with 59/1 Ursa Caf (5f Exploit Caf) third. Beau Gamin and Cicero Noa completed the top five. The Q+ exact order payoff was 22,761 euro. The July 7 Enghien Prix de Berlin (purse 70,000 euro, 2875 meters, 14 starters) went to 1.14.3kr timed and 3.9/1 odds Fabulous Wood (3m Ready Cash-Qualita Bourbon) reined by Matthieu Abrivard. Yves Boireau trains the new four time career winner in six starts now for 67,890 euro earned. Scuderia Winner owns the colt that J-P Dubois bred. His dam Qualita Bourbon was a superb mare (at 3 winner of the Criterium des Jeunes, Prix de l’Etoile, Prix Roquepine, second in Criterium des 3 Ans: at 4 winner of the Prix de Selection, Criterium Continental, Grand Prix de l’U.E.T, third in Criterium des 4 ans and at age 5 third in the Prix d’Amérique). The 33/1 Fifti Kalouma (3m Ready Cash-Sadaya de Cerisy) was second for Clement Duvaldestin ahead of 45/1 Fakir Merite (4m Uaukir). Fourth was the 1.6/1 favorite Mister F Daag (3m Conway Hall-Miss Love) reined by Alexandre Abrivard for trainer Paul Hagoort. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Today’s Gr. II Grand Prix du Conseil Municipal (purse 120,000 euro, 2975 meters distance handicap) at Vichy, France, saw 3/10 favorite Aubrion du Gers (8g Memphis du Rib-J’Arrive du Gers) post a convincing victory for owner/trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire clocked in 1.10.9kr. The winner overcame a 25 meter handicap to record his 34th career victory in 58 starts now for 1,741,372 euro earned. Marie Brigitte Anty bred the great veteran. The 23/1 Bahia Quesnot (7f Scipion du Goutier-Queen Ines) was second for Franck Anne driving for Cedric Herserant. Third was 47/1 Aribo Mix (8g Reve des Vallees) for trainer/driver Dominik Cordeau. 5.5/1 Briac Dark was seventh. Lightly raced three year olds contested the Prix Core (purse 30,000 euro, 2975n meters, nine starters) with 2/5 favorite First Lady’s Paris (3f Rombaldi-Sahia du Bellay) remaining unbeaten with her fourth consecutive victory (40.950 euro earned), this one timed in 1.16.3kr for trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire. Ecurie J.M. Rancoule owns this filly. The 12/1 Fangio des Iris (3g Punchy) was second for Serge Peltier and 14/1 Fine Perle du Gite (3f Tabriz du Gite) took third for Damien Bonne. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

Sunday’s eighth leg of the prestigious Trophee Vert series was the Grabd Prix d’Agon-Coutainville (purse 45,000 euro, 18 starters distance handicap, 3425 meters) at Agon-Coutrainville. The even-money favorite Bugsy Malone (7g Ready Cash-Night Captain) was an easy winner on the turf from post 18 and a 50 meter penalty timed in 1.16.8kr and driven by Yoann Lebourgeois. Phillipe Allaire trains and owns the now 22 time winner in just 42 career appearances good for 638,810 euro earned. The 6.4/1 Viking Fromentro (9g Capriccio-Orminda) was second overcoming a 25 meter handicap in rein to trainer Thomas Levesque. The 58/1 Utile Lebel (10g Biesolo) was third for driver Anthony Honore, he too a 25 meter penalized performer. At odds of 23/1 Verazano Bridge (7g Offshore Dream), 28/1 Voici du Roco (9g l’As de Boussieres, and 23/1 Anette du Mirel (8f Laetenter Diem) were the next three to the line. Anette was a 50 meter handicapped horse in the Pick5 event. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The superb Vincennes Friday evening card began with the Prix Eva (purse 60,000 euro, 2100 meters, 18 starters) and 78/1 Dextase Montaval (5f Ryder de Tagor) lighted up the board with a 1.11.3kr score. Gabriele Gelormini teamed the Fabrice Lercier trainee that Brigitte Chaudemance owns. 10/1 Dune du Chenaid (5f Infant du Bossis) took second for Anthony Barrier and 9/1 Enora de Piercourt (4f Nuage de Lait) was third for trainer/driver Franck Blandin. The same owner/trainer connections returned to win the Quinte+ Prix Nemousa (purse 60,000 euro, 2100 meters, 18 European starters) with 6.5/1 Elnino Montaval (4g Magnificent Rodney-Qurla Montaval) and driver Eric Raffin. The breeder was Gerard Chaudemanche. 5/1 Broadwell (4m Conway Hall-Boria) was second for Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort amd Ecurie Gerrits Recylcing BV. Third was 20/1 Dino du Riler with Mathieu Mottier up. 8/1 Alcoy and 6.9/1 Docteur d’Erable completed the top five and the Q+ exact order payday was 5,954 euro. The featured Gr. III Prix Paul Delanoe (monte, 110,000 euro purse, 2850 meters) went to 1.13.3kr timed and 6.8/1 Alpha Saltor (8m Paris Haufor-Glory d’Ariane) with Matthieu Abrivard in the irons. Daniel Bethouart trains the winner for Ecurie P.G. David. The ever so close finish saw 12/1 Anzi des Liards (8g Look de Star) be second for Romain Derieux and 5.4/1 Vrai Voyou (9g Gazouillis) was third. Bohemian Rhapsody and Valse de Reve completed the top five with 1/1 favorite Cyprien des Bordes a misque dq. The card completed with the monte Prix Isis (purse 42,000 euro, 2850 meters, eight starters – three year- olds). 4/5 favorite Felixorio (3m First de Retz-Java du Vaumicel) with Eric Raffin up recored the 1.15.9kr score, his third career victory in just five outings, all monte. Sebastien Guarato owns and trains this one that defeated 8.6/1 France d’Anama (3f Vanishing Point-Provence d’Anama). Third was the P.Ph. Ploquin ridden Fifty Barbes (3m Ganymede). byThomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The Saturday Enghien, France superb harness racing card led off with the Prix St. Martin (purse 55,000 euro, 2875 meters, 11 starters) and the 1.15.7kr timed Italian winner was 5.4/1 Zaniah Bi (3f Equinox Bi-Fendi Bi) with Gabriele Gelormini up for Edwin Legas training for Azienda Agricola Biasuzzi. The 7.4/1 Fable du Plessis (3f Neutron du Cebe) was second for P.Ph. Ploquin, and third was 32/1 Flicka Luxaxelo (3f Mourotais) for driver Franck Ouvrie. The Prix l’Observatoire (prse 55.000 euro, 2150 meters, 15 starters) went to 1.12.1kr timed and 4.8/1 Capraio (6g Coktail Jet-Une de Bussy) for driver Franck Ouvrie, trainer Rene Aebischer and Ecurie Rhythm & Blues. The 5/2 United Love (5m Conway Hall-Dolly Kronos) was next for David Thomain and trainer Hans Bot, with 39/1 MY King Of Cash (6g Ready Cash-Inside Broline) third for Gabriele Gelormini. Token Bi (6f Equinox Bi) took fourth for Alexandre Abrivard, trainer Edwin Legas and Azienda Agricola Biasuzzi, this team a winner earlier. The Saturday Q+ was the Prix Roussillon (purse 48.000 euro, 16 starters, 2150 meters) with a narrow score to 1.12.9kr timed and 15/1 odds Balzac de Sauvigne (7g Lontzac). Michel Lenoir drove and trains the winner that setoff a 25,296 euro exact order payoff. 6.9/1 Romi Mms (8f Turbo Sund) was a game second for J.Ph. Monclin, owner Mitja Slavic (SLO) and trainer Philippe Billard. The 3/1 Azur des Caillons (8m Quaker Jet) was third for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard. 3.7/1 Baileyse and 6.2/1 Angelo Am completed the Q+ top five. The day’s featured Gr. II Prix Washington (purse 120,000 euro, 1609 meters, 12 starters) produced a track and France mile record 1.08.7kr (1:50.60) by the 3/1 winning Uza Josselyn (7f Love You-Teza Josselyn). Alexandre Abrivard reined the winner for trainer Rene Aebischer and Ecurie Rhythm & Blues. She now has 17 career wins ion 29 starts for 824,924 euro earned. Uza led and the start and parked 1.2/1 favorite Un Mec d’Heripre (10m Orlando Vici) with Franck Nivard up. Eventually she let Un Mec pass after a brutal struggle and the emerged at top of stretch to put the rival away to easily hold off 15/1 Dijon (5m Ganymede) with Romain Derieux up, and 5.9/1 Amiral Sacha (8m Ganymede) reined by Gabriele Gelormini. Un Mec salvaged fourth ahead of 10/1 Billie de Montfort (7f Jasmin de Flore) with David Thomain driving. Un Mec has career earning of almost 1.9 million euro and Billie has over 1.6 million euro on her card. Sunday action in France includes the eighth Trophee Vert led with Bugsy Malone the favporite despite a 50 meter handicap. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Vincennes, FR - Sunday trotting action at Paris-Vincennes was sensational under sunny skies and before a large and enthusiastic gathering. The first test was the monte Prix Xavier de Saint Palais (Gr. II, purse 120,000 euro, 2175 meters, nine starters). 5.2/1 Dexter Fromentro (5m Qwerty-Princesse d’Ombree) scored in a quick 1.10.9kr for jockey Camille Levesque, trainer Thomas Levesque and Ecurie Pierre Levesque. Dexter record his seventh career victory in 34 attempts now for 435,870 euro earned. The 3/10 favorite Draft Life (5f Ubriaco-Maflymede) was second for Eric Raffin and breeder/owner/trainer Louis Baudron. 2.8/1 Dominator Blond (5m Kenor de Cosse-Orchidee Blonde) took the third check for jockey Damien Bonne and trainer J.B. Bossuet. Early in today’s star filled program was the Gr. I Prix Albert Viel (purse 200,000 euro, 2700 meters, 15 starters) and the 1.14.2kr timed winner was 160/1 Fighter Smart (3m Uniclove-Vicky Cash). Mathieu Mottier handled the Cyrille Buhigne trainee that Ecurie Smart owns and bred. 64/1 Fortaleza (3f Prince D’Espace-Houlba de Pauline) took second money with J-M Bazire up for William Bigeon. Third was another outsider, the 40/1 Fend la Bise (3f Prince Gede-Una Prima Steed) handled by trainer Franck Anne for Ecurie AB Trot. 4/5 favorite Flocki d’Aurcy and well regarded Follow You were dq’s. The co-featured Gr. I monte Prix du President de la Republique (240,000 euro purse, 2850 meters, 17 starters) saw 23/1 Elladora de Forgan (4f Gazouillis-Hamina) score timed in 1.13.5kr with Franck Nivard the pilot for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner S.J. Dupont. The 64/1 Etoile de Bruyere (4fKenor de Cosse-Reinette de Tijas) took second for Adrian Lamy, the jockey for trainer Charles Dreux. 43/1 Emilius de Play (4m Hulk des Champs-Orelie de Play) was the third horse on the line with Alexandre Abrivard aboard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. The next two home were 4.6/1 Equinoxe Jiel (4m Rancho Gede) for Matthieu Abrivard and 2.1/1 Etonnant (4m Timoko) for Yoann Lebourgeois and owner/trainer Richard Westerink. The Q+ Prix Bertrand Deloison (purse 90,000 euro, 2850 meters, 18 European starters) went to rallying 7.7/1 Une Serenade (10f Gazouillis-Moonlight Serenade) with an excited Eric Raffin up. Serge Peltier trains this 18 time career winner in 82 outings now for 694,830n euro earned. The 16/1 Beau Gamin (7m Quinoa du Gers) was next with trainer J-M Bazire up and 32/1 Blues des Landiers (7g Phlegyas) was third for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Dominque Cheradame. 12/1 Unbridled Charm (10m Password)  was fourth for Jean Philippe Dubois and fifth was 11/1 Classic Way (6m Prodigious) and driver J.Ph. Monclin. Dubois (Jean Philippe) also bred this one. Well-regarded Caprice du Lupin, Cash Gamble and Bugsy Malone were miscue dq’s. The monte Gr. I Prix d’Essai (purse 200,000 euro, 2175 meters, 10 three year olds) saw 4/5 favorite Fado du Chene (3m Singalo-0Star du Chene) ride the pegs home for a passing win with P.Ph. Ploquin in the irons for trainer Julien LeMer and breeder/owner Claude Guedj clocked in 1.13kr. The 3.1/1 Feeling Cash (3m Ready Cash-Royale Star) gamely held second with Joann Lebourgeois up for trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Carlos Lerner. 30/1 Flore de Janeiro (3f Vanishing Point-Uzie de Janiero) was third for jockey Anthony Barrier and trainer/owner Franck Blandin. 6.1/1 Ferreteria (3f Goetmals Wood-Avenue Victoria) was fourth for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Yves Boireau and owner Jean Pierre Dubois. The Gr. III Prix de Grasse (80,000 euro purse, 2850 meters, 15 starters) went to 1.13.9kr timed 3/1 odds Orlando Jet (5m Orlando Vici-Chicolina) with Rudolf Haller the trainer/driver for Team Neuhof. This Elitlopp starter bested 23/1 Coach Franbleu (6f Prince d’Espace) handled by Franck Nivard for owner/trainer Franck Leblanc. Third was 36/1 Dream de Nilrem (5g Jet Fortuna) with Eric Raffin up for trainer Frederic Prat. The Gr. III Prix Raymond Fouard (100,000 euro purse, 2850 meters, four year olds) produced an easy score for the 7/10 favorite Earl Simon (4m Prodigious-Tindrana) with Franck Ouvrie the pilot. Jarmo Niskanen trains the now seven time career winner in only nine starts. Ecurie Skytten owns the career winner now of 250,900 euro. 22/1 Easy des Racques (4m Rodrigo Jet-Ombre des Racques) was second with J.Ph. Monclin up for trainer Alexandre Buisson. 35/1 Elana Sport (4f Titan d’Occagnes-Victoria Sport) took the third spot with Guillermo Andreu Adrover at the lines. Race time was 1.13.9kr. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

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