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Davidson du Pont (8m Pacha du Pont - Laguna du Pont) rallied late in the lane to capture today’s Gr. II Prix Kerjacques (purse 100,000€, 2700 meters, International) clocked in 1.11.9kr at Paris-Vincennes for reinsman Nicolas Bazire, breeder/owner Albert Rayon and trainer Jean Michel Bazire. Off at 8.3/1 odds, Davidson recorded his 15th victory now for 1,654,010€ earned. 23/1 Detroit Castelets (8m Neoh Jiel) was second and 44/1 Carat Williams (9m Prodigious) took third ahead of Chica de Joudes and 2/10 favorite Dorgos de Guez. Davidson du Pont On the undercard 13/1 Gout Baroque (5m Offshore Dream - Joie Baroque) took the Gr. II Sulky Summer Series Third Qualifier for five year olds (purse 100,000€, 2850 meters) clocked in 1.12.7kr after a powerful closing burst. Eric Raffin teamed this Thierry Raffegeau trainee to his ninth career win now for 234,700€ earned. The 1.9/1 favorite Green Grass (5f Bold Eagle - Tootsie Smiling) held second for Mathieu Mottier and 4.1/1 Genay de Banville (5m Jasmin de Flore) took third for Jean Michel Bazire. Giant Chief and Grand Art completed the top five.Gout Baroque Heliade du Goutier (4f Prodigious - Voltige du Goutier) captured the Gr. III Prix du Vaueluse (purse 70,000€, 2850 meters, European four year olds) timed in 1.13.7kr. Heliade won for the third time in her career for 163,050€ earned. Gabriele Gelormini teamed the Sebastien Guarato trainee for Ecurie Saint Martin. This 8/10 favorite bested 2.1/1 Haziella d’Amour (4f Un Amour d’Haufor) with Alexandre Abrivard up. Third was 12/1 Beautiful Colibri (4f Ready Cash)-Gilly LB) for Francois Lagadeuc. Heliade du Goutier The Gr. III Prix de L’Aube (purse 70,000€, 2850 meters, European four year olds) went to 17/1 Hades de Vandel (4m Ganymede - Silene de Vandel) for Robin Bakker timed in 1.14.7kr. Paul Hagoort trains this one for Stable Why Not as Hades won his fourth, now for 134,550€ earned. 2.1/1 odds Harvest de Buliere (4m Charly du Noyer) was second and 4.4/1 Bolero Gar (4m Varenne) took third for Leo Abrivard. Hades de Vandel The Gr. II monte Prix Jean Gauvreau (monte qualifier one for five year old monte performers, purse 100,000€, 2175 meters) went to 7/10 favorite Gef de Play (5m Gazouillis - Paradise Island) with Yoann Lebourgeois the jockey for Franck Leblanc. Race time was 1.10.9kr as Gef won his fifth, now for 235,770€ in life earnings. The 14/1 Granvillaise Blue (5f Jag de Bellouet) took second for Camille Levesque and 15/1 Gloria du Gers (5f Ready Cash) was next for J.Y. Ricard in the irons. Gef de Play Last on this power packed card was the Prix du Rouergue (purse 67,000€, 2100 meters autostart, European 7-10 year olds) and 2.1/1 Calle Crown (7m Great Challenger - Hillary Crown) scored in 1.11.4kr for David Thomain, trainer Tomas Malmqvist and Easy KB. Calle won for the fifth time in France and now posts earnings of 430,014 for his career. The 5.8/1 Equinoxe Jiel (7m Rancho Gede) was second for Matthieu Abrivard and 5/2 Decoloration (8f Prince d’Espace) was third for Tony Le Beller. Dexter Chatho and Wild Love completed the first five. Calle Crown This was a superb racing day at Vincennes. Many more ahead this summer. LeTrot, PMU files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

Hatha Josselyn (4fn Charly du Noyer - Ta Josselyn) took the Prix de la Porte Saint-Cloud (purse 38,000€, 2150 meters autostart, nine starters) at Enghien this day timed in 1.14.0kr. Hatha was the 1.7/1 favorite and recorded her third career victory now for 63,850€ earned. Jean Michel Bazire teamed his trainee for breeder/owner Yvan Bernard. Happy Story (4f Prodigious - Rapide Aventure) was second handled by breeder Jean Philippe Dubois for his Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. Holly Mesloise (4f Roc Meslois) was third for reinsman Eric Raffin Hatha Josselyn On April 21 at Solvalla was the Onions Lopp (purse 20,700€, 1640 meters autostart) that went to 4.9/1 Milliondollarrhyme (7g Ready Cash - Nursery Rhyme-Credit Winner) clocked in 1.10.7kr. Trainer Fredrick B. Larsson teamed the winner to his 13th career victory in 50 starts now for 4,824,738SEK earned. He is a likely Elitloppet invitee. There was a dead-heat for second between 12/1 Forfantone AM (6m Muscle Hill - Tamla Celeber - Cantab Hall) reined by Torbjorn Jansson and the 4/10 favorite Missle Hill (6m Muscle Hill - India Hall - Garland Lobell) with Orjan Kihlstrom up. 34/1 Chestnut Hill (4m Muscle Hill) and 9/1 Click Bait (5m Cantab Hall) completed the top five. Milliondollarrhyme   PMU, Solvalla files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

A top card was on stage this day at Vincennes, starting with the Prix de Langeais (purse 67,000€, 2850 meters, 7-11 year olds). Here the 5/10 favoite Elie de Beaufour (7g Royal Dream-Pignata) scored in 1.13.1kr for Jean Michel Bazire to record his fourth straight victory and 20th lifetime, now for 438,000€ earned. He overcame a 25 meter handicap for the victory over 12/1 Elu de Dompierre (7m Vanishing Point-Magie de Dompierre) with Damien Bonne at the lines for trainer David Haon. Third was another 25 meter penalized performer, the 6.3/1 Duel du Gers (8g Quaker Jet-La Chasse Verte) handled by trainer Matthieu Abrivard. Elie de Beaufour In the Gr. III Prix de Dozule (monte, purse 70,000€, 2700 meters. European eligible four-year olds) the 49/1 outsider Hispanien (4m Magnificent Rodney-Uniedor) scored in 1.13.4kr for jockey Paul Philippe Ploquin and trainer Didier Brohier. Ecurie Le Rivage owns this first-time winner that now has 136,590€ in life earnings. Second home was 3.7/1 Harley Charentaise (4f Voltigeur de Myrt-Jessie Charentaise) with Adrien Lamy the jockey for trainer Franck Leblanc. Third was 6.3/1 Happiness Ellis (4f Opus Viervil) with Mathieu Mottier up. Hispanien The Prix de Chambery (purse 43,000€, 2850 meters, European six-year olds) saw 10/1 Inspector Bros (6g Pastor Stephen-Zecile Boko-Goetmals Wood) rally late for the 1.13.6kr score with Robin Bakker at the lines. Erwin Bot trains this one for owner Leendert Gerrits. Inspector won his second straight in France and advanced his life earnings to 133,018€. The 97/1 longshot Fan de Phyts (6g Magnificent Rodney-Andalouse du Cedre) was second for trainer/driver P.Y. Verva. Third was 9/1 Ingo (6g Infinitif-Lubby la Marc) for Ganriele Gelormini and owner/trainer Christoffer Eriksson. Inspector Bros LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. HIcks, for Harnesslink  

January 30, 2021 - Dorgos de Guez (8g Romcok de Guez-Ladt Fromentro), off as the 3/10 favorite, with harness racing trainer Jean Michel Bazire up, took today’s Paris-Vincennes featured Gr. III Prix de Luxembourg (purse 100,000€, 2100 meters autostart, International). Dorgos, owned by Ecurie Vautors, rallied to victory timed in 1.10kr off quick fractions (1.05.9kr at 1500 meters to go, 1.08.1kr at the 1000 and 1.10.6kr with 500 remaining) after a stretch long battle with pacesetter and 22/1 odds Frisbee d’Am (6m The Best Madrik-Miska des Rondes) with Anthony Barrier piloting for trainer Richard Westerink. Dorgos won for the 30th time in his career, today increasing his earnings to 927,830€, with this his fourth straight victory. He has won eight times in his last 10 appearances. Third home was 11/1 Violetto Jet (7m From Above-Nocciolaia Jet) that Franck Nivard teamed for trainer Philippe Billard. Bazire’s trainee Ble de Gers (10g Quinoa du Gers) landed fourth with Alexandre Abrivard up for owner J.M. Rancoule. Anzi des Liards, Desir Castelets and Tamure Roc completed the top seven, as Dreambreaker and Zlatan was miscue dq’s. Dorgos de Guez I also watched today’s Amerique press conference that had eight horsemen on stage, all with connections in Sunday’s big race. Several remarked that Gu d’Heripre, Vivid Wise As and Victor Ferm could be contenders. Thomas H. Hicks  

The 3/10 favorite Ganay de Banville (4m Jasmin de Flore-Anais de Banville) took this day’s Prix Paris Turf at Laval (purse 31,000€, 2850 meters, four year olds, LeTrot Open des Regions Anjou Maine) clocked in 1.14.2kr. Owner/trainer Jean Michel Bazire was aboard this now seven time career winner of 110,830€. He was handicapped 25 meters as was second finishing and 6/1 odds Gaja Tejy (4m Atlas de Joudes) handled by Christophe Chalon. Third was 18/1 Glorieux (4g Severino) for owner/trainer/driver Mathieu Mottier. Ganay de Banville LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

Cruseo d’Anama (8g Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree-Jarifa d’Em) took today’s 12th Leg of the Grand National du Trot Paris Turf (Gr. III, purse 75,000€, 3000 meters distance handicap) at 2/1 odds. Timed in 1.13.9kr the now eight-time winner in 98 starts was reined by trainer Jean Michel Bazire. The Mario Xuereb owned performer now has life earnings of 329,350€. The 5.8/1 odds Et Voila de Muze (6m Royal Dream) was second for driver Eric Raffin and trainer Sebastien Guarato. 26/1 Fashion Queen (5f Ready Cash) took third with Francois Lagadeuc aboard for trainer Philippe Allaire. 50/1 Blues d’Ourville and 14/1 Desir Castelets completed the top five. This was the Quinte+ race of the day with the exact order payoff of 8,117.40€ to 79 winning tickets. The Q+ pool reached 3,093,959€. Crusoe d’Anama On the same card was the Prix du PMU de Narval (purse 23,000€, 3000 meters) with that victory earned by 2.2/1 odds Headline (3f Brillantissime-Mara Bourbon) clocked in 1.15.8kr. Owner Jean Pierre Dubois teamed the winner that Kevin Vanderschelden trains. She now has 11 career wins in 20 starts for over 130,000€earned. The 15/1 Health Mesloise (3f Prince Gede) was second and the 9/10 favorite Heaven’s Pride (3m Brillantissime) was third. Headline LeTrot, PMU files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

The Grand Prix Federation Regionale du Nord (Gr. III, purse 75,000€, 2700 meters autostart, international) at La Capelle, France saw the 7/10 favorite Dorgos de Guez (7g Romcok de Guez-Lady Fromentro) score in 1.13.5kr for trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire and Ecurie Vautors.  This was his 26th career harness racing victory for lifetime earnings of 774,830€ earned, and his third straight win. 20/1 Valojka Hindo (9m Great Challenger-Hindo Enghave) was second with Christophe Martens up for trainer J.M. Bazire. Third was 14/1 Express Jet (6m Goetmals Wood-Run For Jet) handled by trainer Pierre Vercruysse for Ecurie Hunter Valley. Behind this group were Billie de Montfort, Carat Williams, Eridan and Bahia Quesnot, in that order. Dorgos de Guez LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

Elie de Beaufour (6g Royal Dream-Pignata) took today’s ninth leg of the Gr. III Grand National du Trot Paris Turf (purse 75,000€, 2626 meters distance handicap) held at Chatalaillon-la-Rochelle. Eric Raffin teamed the 8/10 favorite for trainer Jean Michel Bazire and Ecurie LeVallois, Race time was 1.12.8kr. Elie won for the 17th time in his career for 276,600€ earned. The 25 meter penalized and 3.4/1 odds Diable de Vauvert (7m Prince d;Espace-Pop Star) was second with Gabrielle Gelormini aboard for trainer Bertrand LeBeller and owner Franck Learvet. 12/1 Dayan Winner (7g Offshore Dream-Tempete Winner) was third for Hugues Monthule and trainer Sebastien Guarato. Elie de Beaufour Yesterday at Paris-Vincennes was the Prix Brunhild (purse 33,000€, three year olds, monte) and 5.6/1 odds Heroic Park (3m Bird Parker-Quiromantica) gained the victory for trainer/jockey Pierre Yves Verva for breeder/owner Jean Pierre Dubois. This colt now has four career wins for 38,880€ earned. Heroic now has three wins in in his last six starts, all in monte events. 1.2/1 Hashka (3g Goetmals Wood) was second for trainer/jockey Yoann Lebourgeois. 3/1 Horoneur du Cebe (3m Un Charme Fou) was third for jockey Eric Raffin and owner/trainer Franck Leblanc. Heroic Park On Monday at Paris-Vincennes was the Gr. III Prix Legoux-Longpre (purse 70,000€, 2850 meters, monte) and the 3/2 odds open lengths winner was Gladys des Plaines (4f Opus Viervil-Thetis de Vaujour) and jockey Mathieu Mottier. She was timed in 1.13.3kr and is trained by Gilles Curens in recording her fourth career victory now for 281,170€ in life earnings. 3.6/1 Gospel Pat (4m Uriel Speed-Namorosa) was second with David Thomain up for trainer Philippe Allaire. Third was the 9/1 Flamboyant Blue (5g Timoko-Quafsa Blue) with Antoine Dabouis in the irons for trainer J.P. Mary. Gladys des Plaines On the weekend (September 6) is the Trophee Vert Final at Craon. Named the Prix V and B (Gr. III, purse 60,000€, 2775 meters) the race will have 17 horses at the start including the leading point winners to date in this prestigious series. LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

Cleangame (8g Ouregon de Celland-Red Bell), off as the 9/10 favorite, reined by trainer Jean Michel Bazire took this day’s featured Gr. II International Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere (also the Prix d’Europe) at Enghien. Raced over 2875 meters voltstart for a purse of 110,000€ Cleangame won for the 35th time in his legendary career for 1,382,070€ earned. Race time today was 1.14.5kr off a slow rated tempo. 1.2/1 odds Feliciano (5m Ready Cash-Ravenella) was two lengths back second for pilot David Thomain, trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Ecurie des Charmes. 16/1 Tony Gio (8m Varenne-Ilaria Jet) took third for Eric Raffin, trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner Scuderia Bivans Srl, four lengths off the winner. 28/1 Carat Williams (8m Prodigious-Miss Williams) was fourth for Matthieu Abrivard and fifth home was 50/1 Bel Avis (9g Ganymede-Gloria Maris) with Nicolas Bazire aboard. Cleangame Replay - Interesting fast-class races are ahead on August 15 at Paris-Vincennes that includes four Gr. II events: Prix Guy Deloison (85,000€ purse, 2700 meters, European) Prix Herve Ceran-Maillard (monte, 85,000€ purse, 2175 meters) Prix Pierre Plazen (purse 85,000€, 2700 meters, European) Prix Jockey (purse 85,000€, 2700 meters) The prior day the Grand Prix de la Ville de Nice (purse 46,000€, 2925 meters, European) takes place at Cagnes sur Mer. LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

Cleangame (8g Ouragon de Celland-Red Bell) gamely held on to win Vichy’s Grand Prix du Conseil Municipal (International, purse 90,000€, 2950 meters distance handicap) clocked in 1.11.0kr. He was off as the 5/10 favorite and overcame a 25-meter handicap to win for trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire and owner J.M. Rancoule. Racing with shoes on Cleangame won for the 34th time in his racing career for 1,292,070€ earned and indicated he may be back among the top performers in France. The 9/1 odds Bugsy Malone (9g Ready Cash-Night Captain) was a tough second as he also overcame the 25 meter penalty and raced wide throughout for reinsman Yoann Lebourgeois and owner/trainer Philippe Alllaire. 5.9/1 Eclat de Gloire (6h Tiego d’Etang) was placed third through the dq of Etonnant. Bazire stablemates Dreambreaker and Bel Avis were placed fourth and fifth. Repaly - Cleangame over Bugsy Malone the stretch battle LeTrot files/photos by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

The 1.4/1 favorite Fairplay d’Urzy (5m Ready Cash-Romane d’Urzy) took the Gr. III Prix de la Mayenne at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes Sunday (purse 80,000€, 2700 meters, 15 starters) timed in 1.13.6kr. Trainer Jean Michel Bazire reined the winner for Ecurie Marechal, Fairplay won for the 10th time in 22 starts now for life earnings of 264,030€. To watch the race replay, click here.  The 6.1/1 Celle Crown (6m Great Challenger-Hillary Crown) was a game second for driver Bjorn Goop, trainer Tomas Malmqvist and owner Easy KB. 5.9/1 Vipera Killer Gar (6f Varenne-Uakland) took third with Eric Raffin up for trainer Vitale Ciotola. 10/1 Éclair du Mirel and 15/1 Freyja du Pont completed the top five. Fairplay d’Urzy LeTrot, PMU files/photo by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

The road to the Prix d’Amerique began today when the 2.9/1 Davidson du Pont (6m Pacha du Pont-Laguna du Pont) scored for harness racing driver Franck Ouvrie, trainer J-M Bazire and owner/breeder Albert Rayon with a superb late rush in the Gr. II Prix de Bretagne. Timed in 1.12.7kr over the 2700 meter course the winner earned 49,500€ of the 110,000€ purse in this contest with the top three .gaining entrance for the Prix d'Amerique. The winner earned his 12th career victory in 36 starts now for 899,410€ in life earnings. The 13/1 Chica de Joudes (7f Jag de Bellouet-Queschua Love) held second for Alain Laurent and 4.4/1 Looking Superb (6m Orlando Vici-Classical Pine) was a very game third with Alexandre Abrivard up for trainer Bazire, this one traveling most of way on the outer, near the leader. The 16/1 Tony Gio (7m Varenne-Ilaria Jet) was fourth for J.Ph. Monclin and trainer Sebastien Guarato with fifth to 6.6/1 Enino du Pommereux (5m Coktail Jet-Noune du Pommereux) for Matthieu Abrivard and trainer Sylvain Roger. Belina Josselyn and Bilibil finished 14th and 15th. This race was the Quinte+ race of the day and the exact order payoff was 9535.20€ for a 2€ wager. The Q+ pool was 5,596,370€ and over 11,093,000€ was wagered in all pools on this event. by Thomas H Hicks, for Harnesslink  

July 26, 2019 - Friday’s harness racing Q+ was the Prix Henri Balliere (purse 32,000€, 2750 meters, 16 starters) at Cabourg. The 5.3/1 odds Carat du Goutier (7g Quido du Goutier) scored over the off track for Yoann Lebourgeois, trainer Marku Vartainen and Ecurie Fincumet Group OY, his seventh career victory in 41 starts. Race time was 1.15.4kr. 9/1 Av Nid de Gassard (9g Le Retour) was secomd with Alexandre Abrivard up and 25/1 Baron de l’Orne (8g Memphis du Rib) was third ahead of 4/1 Divine di’Leone and 7.9/1 Donuts Delador. The Q+ e-payoff was 18,515.20€. Carat du Goutier At Chatelaillon this day Jean Michel Bazire scored with three of his trainees. The Prix de Chatelaillon Plage (purse 17,000€, 2625 meters, 10 starters) went to 4/10 favorite Gitan de Guez (3m Niky-Allure de Star) timed in 1.15.7kr. Ecurie Vautors owns this youngster. Gitan de Guez The trainer/driver anjd owner team was back on top in the Prix Aubrion du Gers (piurse 17,000€, 2500 meters, 14 starters) with victory to the 4/10 favorite Denzo de Guez (6g Look de Star-Odyssee de Guez), his eight career win in 15 outings, and timed in 1.14.1kr for Bazire and Ecurie Vautors. Denzo de Guez Finally, in the Grand Prix Dynavena Maisagri (purse 35,000€, 2625 meters, 12 starters) it was Bazire again in the winner’s circle with 1.4/1 favorite Ghazi BR (5m Cantab Hall-Fiery Chip) clocked in 1.12.6kr. Ghazi BR Thomas H. Hicks  

July 27, 2019 - Today’s Enghien-Soisy featured Prix de Washington (Gr. II, purse 100,000€, 1609 meters autostart, eight starters) saw 9/10 favorite Bel Avis (8g Gamymede-Gloria Maris) get up late for the 1.10kr timed victory with harness racing trainer Jean Michel Bazire at the lines. He scored for the 21st time in 58 career starts and the win raised his career earnings to 1,037,663€. New Blue 1 LLC (USA) owns the winner that was bred by Comte de Bellaigue. 12/1 Tessy d’Ete (7f Ganymede-Love Me Tender) was a head back second for Franck Nivard, owner Scuderia Eurocolor Srl and trainer Philippe Billard, 6.9/1 Billie de Montfort (8f Jasmin de Flore-Quismy de Montfort) gamely set the pace for Gabriele Gelormini and held third . 2.3/1 Dijon (6m Ganymede-Sonate d’Aunou) was a disappointing pocket sitting fourth for Romain Derieux and fifth was 15/1 Valko Jenilat (10m Kepler) with Paul Philippe Ploquin up. The fractions were well rated (1.09.9kr with 1000 meters remaining; 1.11.2kr at the 500). Bel Avis The Gr. III Prix de Milan (purse 80,000€, 2150 meters autostart, nine starters) was also on the card as secondary feature.  Victory went to the 9/1 odds Feliciano (4m Ready Cash-Ravenella) timed in 1.11.3kr for a three-length victory. Eric Raffin was the pilot for trainer Philippe Allaire and Ecurie des Charmes. Feliciano won for the sixth time in 23 career starts now for 269,790€ earned. 4.8/1 Fakir du Lorault (4m Vaillant Cash) chased for second and the 4/5 favorite Mister F Daag (4m Conway Hall-Miss Love) was third for Robin Bakker. 6.2/1 IDS Boko and 25/1 Florida Sport completed the top five. Feliciano Three year old fillies began the day’s action in the Prix de la Porte Pouchet (purse 53,000€, 2875 meters, nine starters) and the 1.16.6kr clocked winner was 7/10 favorite Galaxie du Goutier (3f Kaisy Dream-Idole de Tugeras) handled by trainer Thierry Duvaldestin for Ecurie Saint Martin. This filly won for the fifth time in nine career starts. 10/1 Gesira (3f Baccarfat de Simm) was second and 9/1 Gazelle du Corta (3f Love You) was third. Galaxie du Goutier Three year old males contested the Prix de Roule (purse 53,000€, 2875 meters, 11 starters) with victory to the 6.6/1odds Golfe Juan (3m Kam Pridem) that scored for the third time in eight outings for pilot Yoann Lebourgeois. 3/2 favorite Good Friday (4m Village Mystic-Maflymede) held second after a courageous journey for Pierre Vercruysse and trainer Luc Roelens. Thiurd was 23/1 General Sport (3g Kaisy Dream) for M.X. Mestre Suner. Race time was 1.16.6kr. Golfe Juan The day’s e-Q+ was the Prix Dominique Savary (purse 51,000€, 2150 meters, 14 starters) that saw a contested finish led by 6.3/1 Coalinga City (7f Coktail Jet-Mamaora) reined to the 1.12.3kr score by Franck Nivard for trainer Francois Senet. The now seven-time winner is 64 appearances defeated 2.1/1 Classic Haufor (7m Jag de Bellouet) and Ch. J. Bigeon and 9/1 Brandeis Jet (8m Coktail Jet-Qasida Jet) with Pierre Vercruysse up. 22/1 Bois de Bosnet and 10/1 Ballais d’Ourvfo completed the exact order top five that paid 4,597.40€. Coalinga City   Best Of Bourbon Wins Prix de Bunny Sur Loire Enghien-Soisy’s Prix de Bunny Sur Loire (monte, purse 49,000€m 2875 meters, 12 starters) was the Thursday featured event this evening and monte specialist Best Of Bourbon (8g Ready Cash-Herba Bourbon) won again for Mlle. Mathilde Cullet at 1.4/1 odds. As usual Mlle. Collet went right to the front and never looked back in the 1.14kr timed journey. This Vincent Jarry trained, and Ecurie Nice Nasach owned, performer won for the 11th time in 55 career starts, now for 175,540€ earned. SARL Haras Saint Martin bred the winner that defeated 8.4/1 Diktat du Start (6g Quaker Jet) handled by Matthieu Abrivard and 3.2/1 Delta Fac (6g Tucson) piloted by Franck Nivard. Best of Bourbon For a video replay click on this link.    Thomas H. Hicks  

July 17, 2019 - Champion Aubrion du Gers (9g Memphis du Rib-J’Arrive du Gers) was killed yesterday in a training accident at the harness racing training center of Jean Michel Bazire. Stablemate Cyrano du Pont succumbed to injuries in the same accident. Aubrion du Gers won 46 times in 73 career starts for earnings in excess of 2.5€ million. He won 16 straight at one point in 2018-19 before losing the final heat of the Elitloppet. The FR veteran trotteur will be greatly missed, and in many of the greatest International contests. He was to represent France in the 2019 Yonkers International Trot. Back to the racing scene, Sunday at Rojan was the 10th leg of the Trophee Vert series, this one raced on the turf over 3100 meters by 15 starters for the 45,000€ purse. 10/1 Aldo d’Argentre (9m Qualmio de Vandel-Isabelle de Yalda) scored timed in 1.15.7kr with owner/trainer E Lamy aboard. The winner scored his 28th victory in 104 career starts. Aldo d’Argentre 39/1 Aribo Mix (9g Reve des Vallees) took second for D. Cordeau and 38/1 Calsaka de Guez (7f Pomerol de Laumac) was third for Nicolas Bazire and trainer JMB. Viking Dream and Blues des Landiers completed the top five. Thomas H. Hicks  

July 6, 2019 - It was a JMB harness racing sweep today at Vichy in the Grand Prix du Conseil Municipal (Gr. II, purse 90,000€, 2950 meters, 10 International starters). Jean Michel Bazire won the race for the sixth time starting in 2010 (Aubrion du Gers won the 2017-18 editions) and his trainees finished 1-2-3 with son Nicolas Bazire catch driving the fourth-place finisher. The 6/10 favorite Cleangame (7g Ouragon de Celland-Red Bell) scored with Jean Michel Bazire aboard for owner J-M Rancoule, his 25th victory in 40 career starts now for 865,970€ in life earnings. Cleangame now has posted six wins in seven 2019 starts with a second-place finish. Race time was 1.14.4kr. 4.4/1 Ble de Gers (8g Quinoa de Gers) was second for Alexandre Abrivard, teaming for the Bazire-Rancoule team. Third was another JMB trainee, 4.1/1 Valokaja Hindo (8m Great Challenger), with Christophe Martens up. Nicolas Bazire teamed 22/1 Cicero Noa (7g Mandarino Blue) to a fourth-place finish for breeder/owner/trainer Jan Van Houcke. 27/1 Balbir (8g Ganymede) took fifth money with trainer Mickael Cormy at the lines. Thomas H. Hicks  

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