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DUBLIN, Ireland - The biggest and richest race weekend in all of Ireland and Great Britain, the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial, is set to go Saturday and Sunday (August 13 & 14) at Portmarnock Raceway in Dublin. With a record number of 180 horses set to compete over the two days, the limelight will be on the Vincent Delaney Memorial (VDM), which is for two-year-old pacers. For the first time colts and fillies each have their own divisions to compete in. Both divisions drew 14 entries so two elimination divisions will take place Saturday with the top four official finishers returning Sunday afternoon for their respective finals. "It is the biggest and toughest challenge for any two-year-old in the sport." Said Derek Delaney, head of the VDM committee. "No other race weekend requires 2yos to race back to back days. But every year since 2012 our entry numbers increase by more than 10 percent. The VDM has become the race that everyone wants to win in Ireland and the UK." The race was developed by Derek and his brother, James Delaney, who own and operate Oakwood Stud, one of the top up and coming breeding facilities in Ireland, to honor the memory of their younger brother, Vincent, who tragically died of a massive heart attack at age 27 in 2011. The first colt division is the third race Saturday and is headed by recent Breeders Crown UK & Ireland winner Share A Smile (Pro Bono Best), Rhyds Rock Star (Hasty Hall) and Tyrion Hanover (Somebeachsomewhere). The second division is the fourth race featuring the super tough Rhyds Rival (Hasty Hall) taking on Benny Camden (Pro Bono Best) and Talavary Motivator (Crown Manhattan). The fillies get underway in the sixth race with Breeders Crown UK & Ireland winner Rhyds Mystique (Hasty Hall) the big favorite going against Greenhilldebatable (Well Said) and Coalford Honey (Coalford Laag). The Share The Delight filly, IB Coyote heads the seventh race second filly division against Cross Hill Ace (Cam's Card Shark) and Theladieslovejim (Big Jim). "We have many of the leading owners, breeders, drivers and trainers from around the world coming to Ireland this weekend." Derek Delaney said. "Our feature drivers are Aaron Merriman from the USA, who led the world with the most wins in 2015 and currently leads all drivers in 2016. Also here for the second straight year is New Zealand's Dexter Dunn, who wowed the crowd at the VDM last year and has been racing in Wales at Tir Prince Raceway the last ten days. "We also have Adam Bowden from Diamond Creek Farm in the USA," Delaney explained, "and they are sponsoring the inaugural VDM Filly Final. Top owner Joe Bellino of Rocknroll Heaven and Pet Rock fame is here from the USA with his entire family, Alan Galloway, the owner of Alabar Stud, the biggest breeders in all of Australia and New Zealand is here. World renowned trainers John McDermott from New Zealand and Joann Looney-King from the USA are all here for the VDM weekend." Additional major stakes events over the weekend include the Oakwood Stud Derby for three-year-olds at 1.5 miles, the Paul Murtagh, Sr. Memorial for four-year-olds, the RocknRoll Heaven/Pet Rock Irish-American FFA Pace that is sponsored by Joe Bellino, the Lee Edwards/PJI Engineering Junior FFA Pace and the Elvin-Delaney French FFA Trot. In the Oakwood Stud Derby, all eyes will be on last year's VDM winner, Miraculous and driver Patrick Kane, Jr. This year Miraculous has become the top three-year-old pacer of the year with five straight wins and last week set the track record at Tir Prince and prior to that took his lifetime mark of 1:55.9 at Portmarnock Raceway. "We have full fields in nearly every race," Delaney added, "which should make for some great action and odds for the fans and the bookies on site. Both race cards are very competitive and I know the fans coming out and our special guests from around the world are going to have a super time. "And for the third straight year our special guest announcer is USA Hall of Famer Roger Huston joining Darren Owen in the booth." Delaney added. "It is just amazing how this weekend has grown into such a special event. Both James and I know that our brother Vincent would be so proud of what we have done in his memory." By Steve Wolf, for the Vincent Delaney Memorial

DUBLIN, Ireland – A record number of 180 horses have entered the weekend race card for the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend at Portmarnock Raceway just outside of Dublin. “My brother James and I cannot believe how everyone wants to race this weekend,” said Derek Delaney, head of the Vincent Delaney Memorial Committee. “For the fourth straight year we keep growing and growing.” A total of 188 horses have been entered for the Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14 two-day meet. That is up 11.12% over prior year. The big race of the weekend is the 5th annual Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial (VDM) for two-year-old pacers. This is first year that there are both a colt and filly division with 14 youngsters entered in both events. The VDM is a rugged event that requires horses to compete in elimination divisions on Saturday and then come back again Sunday to race in the finals. The inaugural filly division is being sponsored by Diamond Creek Farm of Kentucky, USA. Each of the finals race for a purse of $16,000 euros.  Vincent Delaney was Derek and James younger brother who tragically died in 2011 at the age of 27. The brothers then developed the memorial race series in his honor and it has since grown to become the richest stakes event and weekend in the history of harness racing in Ireland the UK. Additional major stakes events over the weekend include the Oakwood Stud Derby for three-year-olds at 1.5 miles, the Paul Murtagh, Sr. Memorial for four-year-olds, the RocknRoll Heaven/Pet Rock Irish-American FFA Pace, the Lee Edwards/PJI Engineering Junior FFA Pace and the Elvin-Delaney French FFA Trot. There is a gala kickoff dinner Friday evening at the Airport Hilton Hotel that is already sold out and Sunday’s VIP Marquee Tent is also sold out with over 300 to attend. Every year the VDM Committee selects a local charity to benefit from the VDM Weekend, especially at the Friday night gala dinner auctions. This year’s charity is the Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) of Dublin. The organization, which is comprised 100% of all volunteers, operates a seven-day outreach service across the city, coinciding with their mobile outreach unit. ICHH’s outreach support service operates nightly providing access to beds, sleeping bags, food or case management referrals. ICHH works a 16-hour mobile outreach service, responding to rough sleeper reports within 15 minutes of getting a call. The service also operates seven days a week. The website is at It is just grand how all of this has come together,” Derek Delaney said. “And this year we have so many great horsemen and women coming over for Vincent’s weekend. Dexter Dunn from New Zealand, Aaron Merriman from the USA are the special guest drivers, Diamond Creek Farms Adam Bowden, Joe Bellino and his entire crew, Roger Huston, Heather Vitale, Heather Wilder, Murray Brown, John McDermott, Alan Galloway, Sydney Weaver, Joann Looney-King, Susan Looney and a huge group from Australia on tour. "What a great time we will show them all!” Delaney said. "Most everyone is arriving today and tomorrow and we are looking forward to meeting everyone." The guests begin their VIP weekend with carriage ride tours of downtown Dublin plus lunch at the world famous Temple Bar, a bus trip to Oakwood Stud training and breeding facility, the gala kick-off dinner Friday and then the two big VDM race days Saturday and Sunday. For more information, visit By Steve Wolf, for the Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend

After Hambletonian Week is over, a large number of owners, breeders, trainers, drivers, caretakers, journalists and race fans from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe will all be boarding planes and heading to of all places, IRELAND! They will all be coming to Dublin as part of a new age Mecca of harness racing called the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14.   But two very prominent owners and breeders in the industry, Joe Bellino, of Rocknroll Heaven, Pet Rock and Bellino Racing stardom and Adam Bowden of Diamond Creek Farm, Pure Country, Creatine and Divine Caroline fame are coming to Dublin for more than just a great vacation.   They are also sponsoring races that weekend at Portmarnock Raceway and are big time excited to feel the passion for harness racing that the Irish and UK horsemen and women have for the sport.   The reason that both of these men are not just coming over on holiday, but sponsoring races, came about because of their Facebook friendship with Derek Delaney, the chairman of the Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend (VDM). Derek, along with his brother James, run Oakwood Stud, a prominent breeding and training facility in Ireland and where they stand the former top racehorse, Foreclosure N.   Back in 2011, Derek and James lost their younger brother, Vincent, age 27, after a massive heart attack. Young Vincent was helping run the farm, working with the yearlings and showing great promise in the sport. To honor their late brother, they developed a race in his memory that has grown to become the richest and biggest stakes weekend in all of Ireland and the UK.   To Joe Bellino, his Facebook friendship with Derek Delaney has grown to the point where barely a day goes by that they are not in contact with each other via FB messenger. "I have become great friends with Derek through Facebook." Joe Bellino explained. "We have a lot in common, we both lost our brothers, and I think that has some special meaning to me.   "I am always looking to help (sponsor) groups that help promote harness racing," Joe explained when asked what prompted him to sponsor the Rocknroll Heaven/Pet Rock Irish-American FFA Pace at Portmarnock Raceway that weekend.   "Derek has a lot of the same love that I do for harness racing," Joe said, "We speak almost every day about racing. I have never met the guy face-to-face, but we are like best friends. It will be so great to finally meet him." "I have never been to Ireland," Joe said. "My mother is from the Dublin area. Maybe I will meet someone who knew her family.   "We are so excited about this trip." Joe explained, "That my wife and I are bringing her mom and most of our team over with us. Maybe eight to ten of us are coming to Ireland.   What does Joe Bellino look forward to most on this trip? "Meeting Derek and his family and then the two race days," Joe said. "I'm ecstatic about all of this. I don't go much to the races here in America. Even for the big races as we feel it is taboo, but I can't wait to come to Portmarnock Raceway for Derek's big weekend."   "I've never been to Ireland and am really excited about going." Adam Bowden said. "My wife Lindsay and I are looking forward to this trip and we are even leaving the kids are home.   "It was Heather Vitale who first came to me to consider sponsoring a race in Ireland at the Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend." Adam said. "I wanted to make sure if I was sponsoring a race that I would be to come over and attend. I could not do it last year but made it a priority for this year and it's all come together nicely." Adam and Diamond Creek Farm are the name sponsors of the inaugural filly final of the VDM.   "The story that Heather told us about the VDM weekend was really intriguing," Adam explained, "Then I started reading about it online and then got a hold of Derek. He and others from Ireland and the UK have purchased horses from us over the years and this is a great way to give back and what Derek and his brother James are doing is inspiring in memory of his brother.   "Derek has developed this race and made it really big." Adam said. "They are promoting our sport and Derek has pretty much accomplished all the goals he has put to his committee. Their ability to get this race weekend so popular it is attracting people from all over the world is pretty neat and I wanted to be part of it."   Is there any Irish blood in the Bowden family? "Probably." Adam laughed. "I would have to say yes figuring if you go back far enough we would find some Irish blood.   "Everyone I have ever talked to about this race weekend has said what a wonderful place it is." Adam said, "We're really excited to experience whatever comes our way. Hopefully I will love it so much I will want to come back again next year. It's really shaping up that way." Joining Joe and Adam on this special adventure to Ireland will be Hall of Fame announcer Roger Huston and social media extraordinaire Heather Vitale, each of whom, along with this reporter, are making our third straight trip for the VDM.   Newcomers this year include North America's leading driver in 2015, Aaron Merriman, USA's Heather Wilder from the Meadows, Hanover's Murray Brown, Heather Vitale's mom (Joanne Looney-King) and sister Susan and Canada's darling owner, breeder and journalist, Sydney Weaver and her family.   Returning for his second year at the VDM is Dexter Dunn, the reigning world trotting council driving champion along with an entire tour group from down under. Other prominent breeders, owners and horsemen from down under include Alan Galloway, John McDermot, Bill Hutchison, Clive Dalton, Peter Ferguson, Peter Larkin and Steve Phillips.   "It is just so grand that Joe and Adam and everyone is coming to Ireland for the VDM," Derek Delaney said. "My brother James and I and the VDM committee are so thankful to Joe and Adam for their sponsorships and for their friendship. And for sure we will be showing everyone a great time, great racing and hopefully everyone will go home and tell their friends how they must come over to Ireland next year. That's the impression we love to leave with our guests." Just by this VIP guest list alone, Portmarnock Raceway, on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland, is THE place to be the second week of August.   For more information, visit   By Steve Wolf, for the Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend          

DUBLIN, Ireland - It was a weekend of record breaking at the second annual Barney Joyce Memorial festival of harness racing at Portmarnock Raceway last Saturday and Sunday where a bumper attendance were treated to twenty races and two track records. Miraculous, a half-brother to the ill-fated Titanium, owned by Derbyshire's Arnie Flower, was billed as the star of the show and just like Wiggle It Jiggleit continues to enthrall harness lovers in the US, Miraculous does the same for enthusiasts in the UK and Ireland. On Saturday evening he blitzed the 3 year old pacers record to win his heat comfortably by 2 lengths in 1:56.6 whilst the following afternoon he lowered it further down to 1:55.9 in the final by five lengths, scooping the  €10,000 first prize for trainer/driver Patrick Kane, Jr. Honourable mention must go to Alan Wallace aboard the vanquished Newtown Rock, the gallant runner up, who still clocked under 1:57 himself, a performance that would have been considered good enough to win on any other year. Two more juvenile prep races for the forthcoming Vincent Delaney Memorial and these were well supported by owners desperate to get more experience into their babies in advance of the big festival weekend at Portmarnock on 13th/14th August. First up were the Ladbrokes sponsored colts and Rhyds Rival justified long odds-on favouritism for driver  iBilly Roche, who laid out his stall from the outset by establishing a commanding early lead. The much-hyped Benny Camden, who was making his debut, ran very green at the early stages of this event before finishing with a flourish to be only 3/4l of a second ahead of Talavary Motivator, who stayed on to be third, a further 3 lengths in arrears. The time was an electrifying 2:01.6 and whilst overjoyed connections collected their prize, some shrewd punters instead invaded bookmaker Dan Carlin's pitch in order to try and grab some value about Benny Camden, who will arguably come on leaps and bounds for the run and could be the dark horse of the entire championship. His odds in the betting are now 6/4 second favourite from 8/1. But take nothing away from Rhyds Rival, he could do no more than win and the Roche camp will be happy with their colt, who was backed from 40/1 into 4/1 earlier on in the year. He is not likely to go down without a fight and must surely have one hand on the winners trophy with the finals just days away. The females were next up and a calamity on the first turn resulted in Oakwood Eternity, Newtown Onyx and Jennifer Camden all being hampered. That left What Mam out in front pursued by IB Coyote, Shes Royal and Earnies Casino. Jonathan Dunne who managed to avoid the carnage on the opening turn, then made a sweeping forward move with Triplicity at the ¾ pole and the momentum carried the debutante past IB Coyote and a tiring longtime leader What Mam. By Kikicolt out of Tripleplay Hanover, Triplicity went on to triumph in 2:08.1 to the delight of trainer Geoff Dunne who admitted this was his first ever 2 year old winner, having never really concentrated his efforts on juveniles before. Marc Elvin, owner of Rhyds Mystique, current even money ante-post favourite for the Diamond Creek Farms sponsored event, was on hand to size-up the competition his filly is likely to face and a comparison of winning times of all the prep races so far indicate that the Welshman's Hasty Hall bred star remains the one they all have to beat. Coalford Honey is next best at 2/1 followed by She Be Rockin at 9/4. Rhyds Voodoo is 8/1 and Sundays winner Triplicity represents real value at 12/1. Other winners over the weekend included a heat and final for Matt Roches Deans Alibi. On Saturday in a heat he trailed 10 yards at the off and won in 1:55.7 just a half second outside the all-comers national record whilst in the final on Sunday a 40 yard starting deficit was not able to prevent him winning again, this time in a scintillating 1:55.8. Junior and senior free for alls were also held during the festival and these were won by Stoneriggs Chris in 1:57.4 and Meadowbranch Demon in 1:58.8 respectively. But the Barney Joyce Memorial weekend belonged to Patrick Kane and Miraculous, who has now brought his winnings to almost  €50,000 in less than 2 seasons and with the Breeders Crown in Tir Prince and the Oakwood Stud Derby at Portmarnock, more big prizes await the Arts Conquest colt out of Another Mattie. by Thomas Bennett, for Harnesslink

Anyone who are attended Tir Prince Raceway Towyn on Saturday night was treated to a top class display of harness racing that will live long in the memory. The showers that had fallen earlier in the day had dampened the track nicely leaving it extremely fast come race time. Ayr Trooper took the opener for Mrs Wilma Morton he was produced in the straight by driver Mick Lord overtaking long time leader Rhyds Firebird to win by half a length in a time of 2.02.8. A Kind Of Magic stayed on for third. Kikis Boy rewarded favourite backers in race 2 leading from pillar to post under a confident Stevie Lees drive. 2 Year Old Boos Fury came with a very impressive late run to finish second with Elsa Camden back in third the winning time was 2.04.9 the distances were half a length and a length and a half. Race 3 saw the Silver division of The George Dixon Memorial Le Trot and things really became interesting as Sire Pazenais broke the track record for the 1.5 Mile Trot coming home in 3.08.5 with Paul Mather Snr in the sulky. Titan De Prelong was second with Alza La Belle in third. Paul Mather,Jr. co-owns Sire Pazenais with Simon Elvin of Kinmel Clwyd, UK. Connections of the winner faced an anxious wait to see whether they would collect the £1000 bonus for breaking the track record as the gold division of the race was yet to come and if a faster time was clocked then the winner of that race would collect the bonus. The previous record of 3.09.1 had stood for over 24 years so this was no mean feat by the 10 year old French Trotter. Setting the old record in 1992 was the Swedish trotter, Ideal Key in 3:09.2.. Click here to view the track record race. Next up was The Vincent Delaney Memorial Prep Race Fillies Division,  and Rhyds Mystique and driver Vicky Gill made it three out of three with a performance that simply said "I'm the boss bring on Dublin!" Marc Elvin bought this filly for £3000 with every intention of giving her John Gill to break in and then bring her home to train himself when John Gill phoned Marc in December and insisted that this filly had to stay with him as she was special he definitely was speaking the truth! Rhyds Vodoo and Greenhill Debatable filled the places. The race time was an impressive 2.03.5 and this performance will no doubt leave Rhyds Mystique firm favourite for the VDM Fillies Division. Click here to see the Diamond Creek Farm VDM Filly Prep The Gold Division of the George Dixon Memorial Le Trot saw Sulky De Blequin come from the clouds to clinch victory from Showbusiness in one of the closest finishes seen at the track for many many years. The gasps of the spectators around the finishing line told you all you needed to know about the quality of the finish to this race. They crossed the line in 3.08.9 meaning that the winner of the Silver Division collected the £1000 bonus which was kindly put up by Billy Dixon in memory of his late brother. Race 6 saw the Colts and Geldings division of the Ladbrokes VDM Prep Race go to post, hot favourite Tyrion Hanover broke at the start of the race and lost over 100 yards, this left Rhyds Decoy  and trainer/driver Andrew Cairns to lead out and he never looked like relinquishing the lead coming home in 2.05.8 from Share A Smile in second and Ladyford Express in third. Tyrion Hanover made up a lot of ground and finished fourth. Race 7 was the Crock Of Gold Heat and Porterstown Road took full advantage of his gate position leading out from the two hole he clocked the first quarter in 27.9 and then hit the half in 57.4 anyone who was expecting him to come back to the field after setting such a fast pace to the half was left dumfounded as he extended his lead clocking the three quarters in 1.26.7 he ran out the eight lengths winner in a very impressive time of 1.57.3. Tarawood Messi stayed on for second clocking a time of 1.59.7 with Bath Lane back in third in a time of 1.59.9. The winner was very impressive and has now booked his place in the final on 20th August. Race 8 was The Oakwood Stud Grey Free For All and Wellfield Ghost caused an upset by retaining his crown as the top Grey in the UK with a gutsy front running performance under a superb Patrick Kane drive. Favourite Shades Of Grey never really travelled and it was left to Blue Incredible and Coalford Chief to fight out the places with the former just getting up at the death to claim second. The time of the race was 2.00.6 and the distances were three lengths and half a length. Click here to see the Oakwood Stud Grey FFA Pace  Race 9 was the fillies division of the North Wales Horse Owners Association Three Year Old Championship and Jessie's Conquest lived up to her billing as hot favourite with a fantastic front running performance breaking the track record for three year old fillies in the process! The previous record was 2.01.20 and this was smashed as the daughter of Arts Conquest came home in 2.00.30 to win by seven lengths from Porcelain Seelster in second and Greenhill Gracie in third. Owner Trainer and Driver Marc Jones paid an emotional tribute to the horse in the winners enclosure at the end of the race and we look forward to seeing her return to race here in the Breeders Crown Meeting on Tuesday 2nd August. Race 10 was the colts division of the North Wales Horse Owners Three Year Old Championship. Billed as a 2 horse race between Miraculous and Party At The Spa it didn't disappoint as Miraculous led out clocking his first quarter in 28.5, Alan Haythornwaite on Party At The Spa chose to stalk the leader, Patrick Kane then cannily slowed the pace reaching the half mile in 1.01.3. As they turned into the back straight the race was on as Party made his move Miraculous had it covered though fending him off as they came around the final bend, Party seemed to me getting there momentarily but then Miraculous kicked on again to win by 2 lengths from Party At The Spa with Rockin Mambo a further 10 lengths back in third. The quality of this race just left you wanting these two horses to race each other every week and I for one cannot wait to see them do battle again. A great night was had by all see you on Tuesday 26th July when the third and final Crock Of Gold Heat takes place. Please see current standings below; Brywinsmagicpotion - Qualified Porterstown Road - Qualified Imjustalittleguy - 16 Points Tarawood Messi - 12 Points Bath Lane - 9 Points Meadowbranch Josh - 9 Points Lyons Mischief - 7 Points Fool Around - 7 Points Ayr Regal - 6 Points Stoneriggs Mystery - 5 Points Lyons Eryl Hall - 5 Points Stamp Hill - 4 Points by Eric Witherspood, for Tir Prince Raceway

DUBLIN, Ireland - Renowned Florida based owner Bill Donovan was the toast of Portmarnock Raceway yesterday when IB Coyote, a filly he co-owns with West Cork trainer Donal Murphy, won the final of the fillies division of the Irish 2 Year Old Sire Stakes at the County Dublin venue.   Donovan a longtime supporter of harness racing in the US is best associated with the legendary trotting mare Maven who he owned from a yearling right through to when she was sold for a record fee of $750,000 at Harrisburg in November 2014. Serendipity played a big part in how Donovan and Murphy became partners in the resultant quest to win the coveted Vincent Delaney Memorial a race that's firmly captured the hearts of harness fans the world over.  Overhearing a conversation between Irish trainers Donal Murphy and Finbarr Quill at the USA Harrisburg Sale last year, Donovan introduced himself and discovered that Murphy lived in the same town of Skibbereen West Cork as Donovan's famed ancestor Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa who was exiled to the US in 1870 for plotting an uprising against the British Government who controlled Ireland at the time. A partnership was quickly struck up and Donovan and Murphy subsequently acquired 2 prospects a colt and a filly to race in Ireland with a view to winning both divisions of the Vincent Delaney Memorial. IB Coyote, a filly by Share The Delight out of Jill N Jones (Hasty Hall), is the first of the pair acquired to hit the track and she was contesting Sunday's final of the Irish 2 Year Old Sire Stakes sponsored by the IHRA, Oakwood Stud and Brian Doyle Air Cargo. Five went to post in this and despite showing signs of greenness at the starting gate, IB Coyote and driver Donal Murphy was settled in second spot behind favourite She's Royal before showing a scintillating turn of foot in the home straight to land the spoils with plenty in hand. The mile went in 2:10. Donovan will now go down in the history books as the first US owner to ever have a winner in Ireland and he now intends to be there in person when the filly next appears at the Vincent Delaney eliminations at Portmarnock on August 13th. The 2 year old colts division of the Irish Sire Stakes was also held yesterday and had only 2 runners but both put in stellar performances to clock 2:03 for the mile. At the business end of the race at was Rhyds Rival and driver Billy Roche that outgunned Talavary Motivator and wild celebrations ensued in the winners enclosure post-race by connections. Again only 2 went to post in the 3 year olds Sire Stakes final, but the healthy attendance were treated to a nail-biting speed duel between Meadowbranch Roman and Meadowbranch Titus, both by stallion Kikicolt. Although Titus tried valiantly to peg back Roman throughout the mile, driver Billy Roche used the inside draw to best effect and was holding on to win quite snugly in 2:00. In speaking with promoter of the event, James Delaney claimed that he was thrilled with the whole occasion highlighting the fact that almost €9,000 was on offer for the 3 races on the day. He was quoted as saying "for a series that's only in its infancy, more and more stallion owners are now signing up to become a part of the Irish Sire Stakes which can only be a good thing for the sport of harness racing and safeguarding its future in Ireland." For more information visist by Thomas Bennett, for Harnesslink

Dublin, Ireland - Through the generous support and sponsorship of the Vincent Delaney Memorial Committee in Ireland and SSG Gloves in Canada, Sydney Weaver and her parents, Lisa and Don, will be going to Ireland in early August for the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial weekend. "We have invited Sydney to be our special guest speaker at our gala kickoff dinner Friday, August 12," said Derek Delaney, head of the VDM Committee. "I have been friends with her on Facebook and she is just wonderful. Her writing on harness racing and what she has achieved and done for our industry for a young woman is fantastic and she and her parents will be our honored guests at the races that weekend." The VDM weekend is the biggest harness racing weekend in all of Ireland and the UK. The VDM is named after Derek and James Delaney's younger brother Vincent, who worked with the horses at their Oakwood Stud training and breeding center. Vincent tragically died of a massive heart attack in 2011 at the age of 27 and the brothers came up with the VDM weekend as a tribute to their lost brother. The race weekend now features elimination races Saturday, August 13 for the VDM, which is for two-year-old pacers. A record number have entered and with the sponsorship support of Diamond Creek Farm and Adam Bowden, for the first time there will be a separate filly division too. The finals take place Sunday, August 14. Other top stakes that weekend include the Oakwood Stud Derby for three-year-olds, the Paul Murtagh, Sr. Memorial for four-year-olds, the RocknRoll Heaven/Pet Rock Irish-American FFA that is sponsored by Joe Bellino and the Bellino Racing Stable, LeTrot races plus other stakes events. Other sponsors from down under include Yirribee Stud and Pro-Dosa Boost feed suppliments.  "The VDM committee agreed to sponsor Sydney and her family for their hotel stay, dinner tickets and racetrack VIP access," Delaney added, "And they will be part of our tours to Oakwood Stud and carriage ride through downtown Dublin and have lunch in Temple Bar. They are going to have a super time in Ireland." Then steps in Ed James, owner of SSG Gloves. Ed is a big Sydney Weaver fan and when he heard about her being invited to come to Ireland, he set up SSG Gloves to sponsor the airfare for Sydney and her parents to go to Ireland. "I called up and talked to Sydney and told her the news." Ed James said. "And she was so excited. I also have sent her a few pairs of gloves to use when she goes jogging and to bring with her to Ireland. I know she will have a fantastic time." And what did Sydney have to say about all of this? "Unbelievable news, so fantastic and I can't believe this is all happening." Sydney said. "This is a dream trip come true. What great stories I am going to write about the people I meet, the places I see, the big dinner and the bigger race weekend. I have a lot of Facebook friends from Ireland and the UK and I hope to get to meet them in person now. "When I phoned and thanked Mr. James for the sponsorship," Sydney added, "I said I would proudly display an SSG Gloves patch on my racing colors that I will bring over, and Derek Delaney is getting me a Vincent Delaney Memorial patch too that will go on my colors once I get there. "I also got a very nice check from Hall of Famer and dear friend Bill Galvin, Sydney said. I still have to pinch myself that this is all for real." Sydney Weaver and her mom and dad are not the only ones who will be traveling to Ireland for the VDM weekend. Joining the Weavers will be Heather Vitale and her mom (JoAnn Looney-King) and sister (Susan Looney), the 2015 Dan Patch Driver of the Year, Aaron Merriman, New Zealand's top driver Dexter Dunn is returning along with Hall of Fame announcer, Roger Huston, who will be calling the races at Portmarnock Raceway for his third straight year. Michael Gallenti and Bill Hutchison of Harness Racing Travel is bringing a group of 40 from New Zealand and Australia, making the total nearly 70 that are coming to Ireland from down under. Their website is Dublin, Ireland will be the place to be August 12 to 14 for the VDM and more announcements of top Standardbred visitors from the USA will be made soon. For more information, visit By Steve Wolf, for the Vincent Delaney Memorial Committee

James and Derek Delaney, the owners of Oakwood Stud and the founders of the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Series, the richest harness horse race in all of Ireland and the UK, announced today that this year's charity for the race weekend, August 12th, 13th and 14th, will be Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) of Dublin, Ireland. The ICHH was formed in November 2013 to combat the ever growing homeless crisis that was clearly evident across the city of Dublin. The organization, which is comprised 100% of all volunteers, operates a seven-day outreach service across the city, coinciding with their mobile outreach unit. ICHH’s outreach support service operates nightly providing access to beds, sleeping bags, food or case management referrals. ICHH works a 16-hour mobile outreach service, responding to rough sleeper reports within 15 minutes of getting a call. The service also operates seven days a week. The website is at “The homeless situation is a major crisis in Ireland right now,” said Derek Delaney, head of the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Committee, “and we thought it be grand to give something to the less fortunate. We take things for granted and when you see the problem on the streets it breaks your heart. It could be any one of us and it's not only down and out drunks that's homeless, it's a real problem as today's housing problems seems to be a real factor in family's ending up on the street. “We believe there are as many as 10,000 family's waiting to be housed in temporary accommodation, hotels, hostels etc,” Delaney added, “My wife Lillian's friend Bernie Kelly is a volunteer for ICHH and she always helps out with shoeboxes full of sanitary and toiletries items, food, clothing and such. So it was an easy charity to our committee to choose this year. “Even my daughter Lexie recently won on the lotto with the bookies,” Delaney said with a chuckle, “and she decided to help the homeless and spend her winnings on them, which is great to see such a gesture from a 7-year-old girl. She makes me proud to be her dad!” Much needed supplies for the ICHH are already being collected by the Vincent Delaney Memorial Committee. They are encouraging all local race fans and visitors for the race weekend to please consider bringing canned or boxed non-perishable foods, bathroom toiletries and clothing. Members of the ICHH will be at the track both Saturday and Sunday to collect the supplies.   Anyone not attending the gala dinner or the races in August can also donate to the ICHH at   "During the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend," Delaney said, "We will have fundraising days at the track just for the Inner City Helping Homeless and have some fantastic other events to raise awareness and funds for the charity. Our gala kickoff dinner on Friday, August 12 will feature many great items in our live auction and proceeds will go to the ICHH charity.” Tickets for the gala kickoff dinner Friday, August 12 are still available, along with tickets to the VIP Tent on Sunday, August 14. For more information and to purchase tickets to either event, visit By Steve Wolf, for the Vincent Delaney Memorial  

Dublin, Ireland - Triple Crown winner, No Pan Intended, has died after a freak accident at Oakwood Stud Friday morning. He was 16. Derek Delaney reported that the son of Pacific Fella had exercised earlier in the day as he always does and then when being led to the breeding shed, No Pan Intended had reared up, flipped over backwards and landed on his head and was dead. "It was the same routine we did with him all the time," Delaney said. "He is always feeling good, full of himself, so we exercise him in the paddock or hook him up to a jog cart and go a few miles to take some sting out of him before going to the breeding shed. It was just a freak accident, nothing more. We sent his body to the equine hospital for an autopsy." Bred by Winbak Farms of Maryland and purchased as a yearling by Robert Glazer of the Peter Pan Stables, No Pan Intended was trained by Ivan Sugg. As a two-year-old he showed speed and ability, taking a record of 1:55 and earning $115,883 in 13 starts. It was at age three that No Pan Intended crushed nearly every foe he faced. No Pan Intended became only the 10th horse in history to win the pacing Triple Crown back in 2003. As a 3-year-old he won 17 of 21 starts with earnings of $1.46 million. His Triple Crown victories came in the Cane Pace, Little Brown Jug and Messenger Pace. That year he also won the Breeders Crown, James B Dancer Memorial, Tattersalls Pace and the Art Rooney Pace, ending the season with a lifetime mark of 1:50.3. He was driven exclusively during his three-year-old season by David Miller. As a stallion, No Pan Intended has had 551 registered foals with a remarkable 424 of those foals racing and sporting combined earnings of more than $35,150,000. He was voted the 2003 Harness Horse of the Year by the U.S. Harness Writers' Association. Sired by Pacific Fella from the Hall of Fame mare, Classic Wish, No Pan Intended is a brother to two other world champion million dollar plus performers, Hall of Fame inductee Bettor's Delight ($2.5m) and Roll With Joe ($1.8m). "We are just sick over this," Delany said. "He was set to be the best stallion in all of Ireland and the UK with a full book this season and then in June he was to fly to Australia and stand the season there." By Steve Wolf, for Oakwood Stud      

Dunstall Park, Great Britain - It has been announced by the committee for Dunstall Park Harness Racing at Wolverhampton Racecourse, that Oakwood Stud will be the sponsor of this year's 3-year-old Derby on Saturday, June 4. Horse racing has had a home for nearly 200 years at Wolverhampton Racecourse. It features Britain's first floodlit horse racing track and the first track to race on a Tapeta surface for its one mile oval. "Derek and James Delaney at Oakwood Stud are just super." Said Claire Fletcher, for the Dunstall Park Harness Racing Committee. "They have been "stepping up" and sponsoring races throughout the UK and Ireland and have been instrumental in helping promote our industry. We are so pleased to have them sponsor our 3YO Derby this year!" The Oakwood Stud 3YO Derby is one of the main stakes taking place at Wolverhampton Racecourse for their two-day meet, June 4th and 5th as part of the Dunstall Park Harness Racing Meet. Featured on the Saturday program will be the Colin Barrington Memorial FFA, the Stagbi Broodmares, the Malcolm Ali Memorial Trot, High Grade events for both pacers and trotters, plus of course, the Oakwood Stud 3YO Derby. Sunday's card is headlined by the 4YO Open, sponsored by Roy Sheedy, two LeTrot events, the Big Guns Pace, and even a six furlong special in addition to the low, medium and high Grade events. "Both James and I have seen the great work done over the years by Claire Fletcher, Shane and Jackie Maguire," said Derek Delaney of Oakwood Stud, "They have made the Dunstall Park Harness Meet at Wolverhampton a major weekend of top racing in England and we wanted to be part of it as a race sponsor. They also sponsor our Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend August 13th and 14th and we wanted to return the favor!" "We encourage everyone to mark their calendars for the weekend of June 4th and 5th and come to Wolverhampton Racecourse for our race meets." said Fletcher. "We will show everyone a grand time and our race days will be top flight." For more information visit By Steve Wolf for Oakwood Stud    

West Cork, Ireland - The inaugural running of the Oakwood Stud Irish Three Year Old Grass Pacing Championship, which will take place on the 20th and 21st August 2016 as part of The Red John O Donovan Memorial Weekend at Manch Raceway in West Cork, has attracted an entry of 11 pacers (Five Fillies and Six Colts). "We were hoping to get around ten entries as this is the first year of the event so I suppose we have achieved our target "said Tim Kelleher one of the organisers . "Derek Delaney of Oakwood Stud and organiser of The Vincent Delaney Memoria, rang me in December and threw the idea into my head about staging an aged classic race on grass in Cork." Kelleher explained. "That set the wheels in motion and we came up with the three year old grass championship and with generous sponsorship from Derek and his brother James we pencilled in the event to compliment the Red John Memorial Day and now it has become a two day event!" . 11 regally bred pacers have been nominated for the event and here is a quick run through them, firstly the fillies. OAKWOOD DESTINY (Western Terror/Olympic Sign) LAKEVIEW PANAM (Cams Security/Meadowbranch Panam) CAMMIES CONQUEST (Arts Conquest/Cammies Arrow) WEST END DAKOTA (Kikicolt/Magical Bell) RIVER DANCE HANOVER (The Panderosa/Super Sonic Speed) The six colts nominated MEADOWBRANCH ROMAN (Kikicolt/Meadowbranch Niche) BRYWINS MAGICAN (Share The Delight/Lifes Magic Girl) IB A MAGICAN (Arts Conquest/Jill and Jones) HILLSIDE AUERILIUS (Cams Security/Meadowbranch Katie) PAN CAM MYSTERY (Judge Cam/Stoneriggs Vanity) COALFORD BRUCE (Rogue Hall/Blackwell Minogue) Only two of the eleven entries raced as two year olds .Meadowbranch Roman owned by Dubliner JP O'Callaghan qualified for the 2015 Vincent Delaney Final and Oakwood Destiny who was second in the North Wales Horse Owners Association 2 year old fillies but suffered a minor injury and was left out to grass. IB A Magican is a son of Jill And Jones a classic winner here in Cork and comes from the IB Stable Facility in Baltimore .Hillside Farms are represented by Hillside Aurelius who is a half brother of Hail Spartacus another free for aller in Cork.His sire, Cams Security, who stands at the Lakeview Stud less than a mile from Hillside, is also the sire of Lakeview Panam and Lakeview Stud owner John Shanahan has Coalford Bruce in the line up . Pan Cam Mystery comes from the same line as the great Stoneriggs Mystery and qualified on grass last season but was another left off to develop. C & C Racing from Co Clare have two in the mix River Dance Hanover and Cammies Conquest. Thomas Bennett from Dublin has been a regular visitor to Cork for many years and West End Dakota is entered from the popular Crumlin Native . Brywins Magican is trained in the UK by the formidable John Gill and adds an international spice to the field. The next nomination is April 14th but the majority of owners have paid both fees and if the eleven pacers were to stand their ground on August 20th two heats will be held one for both fillies and colts with four from each heat going forward to Sundays final. With The Vincent Delaney Memorial Weekend taking place the week previous (12th/13th &14th August) many overseas visitors will be able to make the trip to West Cork and take in a carnival of harness racing on turf . The weekend is in memory of the late "Red "John O Donovan who died tragically in January 2015 and who was a dedicated member of the ITHRF and The Red John Flying Mile Handicap is the main event of the weekend with heats and final . The PJI Engineering Miracle Mile Free For All ,The Le Trot Grand Criterium Grass Championship are also down for decision on the weekend with a full supporting program of racing on both days . So pull out your calendar and pencil in August 20th & 21st for this weekend of top class harness racing . Manch Raceway is located less than an hour from both Cork International Airport and Cork Ferry Port and is at the gateway to the famed Wild Atlantic Way From the Harness Racing Cork Committee        

Dublin, Ireland - The second round of stakes payments for all four of the Ladbroke's Vincent Delaney Memorial Festival Classic races have closed with only 2 horses dropping out, both 2 year old colts, with all other contests having the same number of second stage confirmations. The 2 withdrawals are Doonboy, a 33/1 shot in the betting, whilst the other, Rock Show, was one of the early favourites at 7/1. The Ladbroke's Vincent Delaney Memorial Festival takes place Friday, August 12 through Sunday, August 14. On the subject of betting, a lot of the buzz around the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial stems from the ante-post betting market, and ever since the events inception in 2012, a market has been formed on release of the entries by leading Irish bookmaker Dan Carlin. Bets can be placed with Carlin at any time right up until the starting car pulls away in the final race over the 2 days of competition and prices will fluctuate according to the strength and volume of bets placed on runners. Over the years the markets have expanded to now incorporate the Diamond Creek Oaks Fillies Classic, the Oakwood Stud 3 year old Derby and the Paul Murtagh Memorial 4 year old Cup, giving punters 4 separate opportunities to speculate their currency in the hope of winning big. Punters have adopted many differing strategies in order to try and secure a winning wager a full 6 months before post time and whilst some are statistically based wagers others operate on the principal of “playing the man, not the ball” by choosing their favoured trainer regardless of the talent at his disposal. Big money yearlings haven’t fared particularly well over the years and all 4 previous winners have cost less than €10,000 at the sales. A prime example of that was the 2014 renewal when both Titanium and runner up Coalford Tetrick, cost less than €2,000. Another trend has emerged in that the cup has never been lifted by a home trained runner despite all the top Irish trainers firing multiple bullets year after year in the effort to keep the top prize in the emerald isle. This looks again likely as the majority of all fancied favourites on Dan Carlin’s books, emanate from the United Kingdom. Another trend worth noting is that race has always been won by a professional trainer, as opposed to a competent part-time amateur, and it will take an exceptional performance from both horse and driver to land the spoils once again in 2016. After an initial flurry of bets, all markets are starting to mature and starting with the Colts Division of the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial. Elmo Hanover is a clear favourite at 5/1 following closely by Someones Fantasy and Dragons Den at 6/1 each. In the Diamond Creek Farms sponsored Vincent Delaney Memorial Oaks, Teatime Preacher has been backed from 20/1 into the 5/1 clear favourite deposing Oakwood Dragoness who remains at 6/1. The Oakwood Stud sponsored 3 Year Old Derby (mixed colts and fillies), is a most interesting market with Art Pace Hall a clear 5/2 favourite. Newtown Rock follows him in the betting on 7/2 whilst last year’s outstanding juvenile champion, Miraculous, appears friendless in the betting having drifted out to 4/1. The Paul Murtagh Memorial 4 Year Old Classic is perhaps the closest betting market with just ¼ of a point separating the top 2. A battle raged all last season as to who was the better 3 year old colt, Rewrite History or Coalford Tetrick, with both taking big money classics at Portmarnock Raceway. Rewrite History was an easy winner of the Oakwood Stud Derby whilst Coalford Tetrick was equally as impressive in the Barney Joyce Memorial. The former just shades favouritism now on 7/4 with the latter on 2/1. A surprise package on 4/1 is Evenwood Sun Of A Gun ahead of Sportstrick at 5/1. To make future wagers on these horses, bookie Dan Carlin can be reached via Facebook or by phone at 07808 395812. For more information visit  By Thomas Bennett, for Harnesslink

WALES, UK - The initial nominations for the Oakwood Stud BHRC Derby and the Rhyds Stud BHRC Futurity have been released and they make pleasant reading for harness racing fans as they show significant increases from 2015. Both Classics will be held at Tir Prince Raceway on Saturday 3rd September 2016. The Oakwood Derby has a total of 25 entries with 13 colts and 12 fillies being entered. This is up from 18 entries last year and shows a very creditable 38% increase. It was well publicized before nominations closed that colts and fillies will be split if the numbers were sufficient and this has definitely helped boost the number of fillies entered. Some familiar names from last year include Miraculous, winner of the Breeders Crown, the Vincent Delaney Memorial and the PACT 2 Year Old Race at York. Party At The Spar, who conquered the aforementioned Miraculous twice at Tir Prince last year, and Jacks Red, winner of the BHRC futurity in 2015 have been nominated. Irish hopes for the boys include Newtown Major and Newtown Rock. Amongst the fillies, Jessie's Conquest returns to the track where she is unbeaten, whilst Rhyds Snowbird was a winner on her only outing at Tir Prince last year. Other familiar names include Porcelian Seelster, owned by Claire Fletcher and the sponsors very own Oakwood Destiny, who had a promising juvenile campaign curtailed by an injury sustained in the paddock. A reminder that these races will be run over 1.5 miles where Cams Best's record of 3.04.4 has stood for 12 years. Are any of the current crop capable of breaking it? Time will tell as the raceway at Tir Prince is recognized as the toughest in the UK and Ireland and fact that the all age track record at the track is a mere 0.2 of a second quicker (Rhyds Hasty Affair 3.04.20) tells us all we need to know about how good Cams Best's record is. The Rhyds Futurity has a total of 42 entries with 23 colts and 19 fillies being entered. This is up from 16 entries last year and shows a fantastic 162% increase year on year. An increase was expected with the announcement that the sexes would be split, but it is fair to say that these figures are way above what was expected and both the BHRC and Tir Prince Raceway are delighted with the outcome so far. So who's entered? Well as expected there are a fair number of horses entered who made the journey over from North America as yearlings and in the colt's division they include All Good Hanover and Elmo Hanover. Some of the colts entered have some very successful siblings including Ladyford Express (full brother to Ladyford Indianna) Rhyds Rockstar (full brother to Rhyds Hallstar & Rhyds Fivestar) Rhyds Decoy (Full brother to Rhyds Desire and Rhyds Topaz) and Father Ted (full brother to Jessie's Conquest). £48k Buith Wells Purchase Rhyds Ideal is also amongst the nominees as is York Sale topper Rodney Camden. The fillies are every bit as well related with Teatime Preacher (half sister to Stamp Hill) sure to prove popular in any ante post market. On Her Way Again and She Be Rockin have been imported for the job whilst Mikala Camden was the top priced filly at the York sale fetching £10,000. Rhyds Stud are sponsoring the races and their Top UK Sire Hasty Hall is represented by Rhyds Mystique and Rhyds Hokey Cokey. "On behalf of Tir Prince Raceway and the BHRC," said Eric Witherspoon, Racing Director at Tir Prince, "many thanks to everyone who has entered these races. The 3rd September is one for the diary of any harness racing fan! The next sustaining fee of £50 for both the Derby and The Futurity are due on 1st April 2016." From Tir Prince Media Department The Oakwood Stud BHRC DERBY - COLTS & GELDINGS 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Arts Pace Hill 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Enter The Dragon 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Indie Hanover 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Jacks Red 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Miraculous 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Newtown Major 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Newtown Rock 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - No Stoppin 2016 NPD Nomination fee (colt) - Ontop Big C 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Party At The Spa 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Real Conquest 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Ring Of Fire 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (colt) - Rockin Mambo The Oakwood Stud BHRC DERBY FILLIES 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Best Of Class 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Caenwood Classic 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Dynamic Ace 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Frisco Jenna 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Gray Blizzard 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Jessies Conquest 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Newtown Onyx 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Oakwood Destiny 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Porcelain Seelster 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Rhyds Snowbird 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (Filly) - Rogue Diamond 2016 NPD Nomination Fee (filly) - Tarawood Joy The Rhyds Stud BHRC FUTURITY COLTS /GELDINGS 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - All Good Hanover 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Alpine Star 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Brywins Magicbeach 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Coalford Earl 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Coffee Mate 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Dreamfair Nadal 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Elmo Hanover 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Father Ted 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Frisco Stinger 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Johnny Camden 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Ladyford Express 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Lyons Comet 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Newtown Terror 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - No Brakes 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Oakwood Cisco 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Rhyds Cocoa 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Rhyds Decoy 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Rhyds Ideal 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Rhyds Rockstar 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Rodney Camden 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Someones Fantasy 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Springhill Glory 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (colt) - Tarawood Kiki The Rhyds Stud BHRC Futurity FILLIES 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Anglesey Debutante 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Boos Fury 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Coalford Honey 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Crosshill Ace 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Finley Wells 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Greenhilldebatable 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Hendre Breeze 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Lyons Ace Of Spades 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Lyons Lememay 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Mikala Camden 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Newtown Amber 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Olivia Camden 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - On Her Way Again 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Rhyds Hokey Cokey 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Rhyds Mystique 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Rhyds Voodoo 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Sheberockin 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Teatime Preacher 2016 NPF Nomination Fee (filly) - Theladieslovejim    

Offaly, Ireland - Oakwood Stud management has announced that they have purchased the Standardbred stallion, No Pan Intended, in the United States and will stand him for the 2016 breeding season in Ireland. A selling price was not disclosed. "We were trying buy No Pan Intended in February this past year, said Derek Delaney of Oakwood Stud, "And Brian Doyle from Brian Doyle Air Cargo, was negotiating in our behalf, but it didn't happen. "We were looking to buy some nice stallions for our farm," Delaney added, "And we purchased Foreclosure N earlier in the year from Mark Weaver and Ron Burke. Brian is our bloodstock agent and he is always looking out for good breeding stock for Oakwood Stud as he flies all our horses and many others to the UK and Ireland from Harrisburg and all the major sales. "Brian was approached again by Marvin Raber, handler of No Pan Intended for owner Bob Glazer from the Peter Pan Stable and he asked if we would still be interested in him. "We got the deal done this time," Delaney explained "And we are delighted to now have two top USA stallions standing at Oakwood stud this coming year." No Pan Intended became only the 10th horse in history to win the pacing Triple Crown back in 2003. As a three-year-old he won 17 of 21 starts with earnings of $1.46 million. His Triple Crown victories came in the Cane Pace, Little Brown Jug and Messenger Pace. That year he also won the Breeders Crown, James B Dancer Memorial, Tattersalls Pace and the Art Rooney Pace, ending the season with a lifetime mark of 1:50.3. As a stallion, No Pan Intended has had 550 registered foals with a remarkable 422 of those foals racing and sporting combined earnings of more than $34,000,000. He was voted the 2003 Harness Horse of the Year by the U.S. Harness Writers' Association. Sired by Pacific Fella from the Hall of Fame mare, Classic Wish, No Pan Intended is a brother to two other world champion million dollar plus performers, Hall of Fame inductee Bettor's Delight ($2.5m) and Roll With Joe ($1.8m). "My brother James, who runs Oakwood Stud, says he is another top stallion for us to stand," Derek Delaney said. "The quarantine will go fast and we hope to breed at least 40 or more mares this first season in Ireland. We have not yet set a stud fee price. "We are super excited to now have No Pan Intended and Foreclosure N standing at Oakwood Stud," Delaney said. "They will complement each other perfectly. With the Vincent Delaney Memorial, the rebirth of the Ireland Sire Stakes and the Breeders Crown UK/Ireland, there is great growth in racing opportunity and we now have two top stallions for owners to breed their mares to." by Steve Wolf, for Oakwood Stud  

ABERGELE, UK - Harness Racing fans all over the world love to see a grey pacer in full flow and none more so than the people of Great Britain and Ireland who intend on paying homage to these strikingly beautiful Standardbreds by featuring a novel “greys only” free for all event at Tir Prince Raceway in Wales on July 18th. Sponsored by Oakwood Stud in Ireland, who are currently showcasing their new stallion, Foreclosure N, this eagerly awaited event will be called the Platinum Free For All and some ever popular household names have already thrown their hats into the ring to take part in this contest, the first of its kind ever held in the UK or Ireland. Early ante-post favourite for the race is the locally trained Blue Incredible. Conditioned by Jason Podmore, Blue Incredible is renowned for his toughness and is the winner of 14 races and 23 placed efforts including a five-straight victory streak back in 2013, culminating in a grade final win at Aberystwyth in July of that campaign. Another Aberystwyth grand final winner, Wellfield Ghost, is also being aimed at Platinum Free For All and the 2014 victor is a big improver over the past 12 months with 11 wins and has only been out of the money 3 times in 26 lifetime starts.  Jack Frost is also likely to prove popular with punters, being virtually white in colour at this stage of career but with 8 wins under his belt, including 2 grand finals at Wolsingham and Appleby, he showed he can still be equally as potent on the hard tracks as well as on grass tracks with a 1:59.2 record. Another big improver right thru the 2014 seas was the Andrew Cairns trained Coalford Chief and although only six years old, he has made 12 visits to the winners enclosure so far in and came of age in no uncertain terms last September when he landed the Joe Murdock Memorial Open Final at the Scottish venue Corbie Wood.  The only lady in the line up so far is the aptly named Shades Of Grey and her connections fancy her big time to whip the boys into submission. A US import by Camluck,  Shades Of Grey continues to improve with age and ran out a game winner of the George Bell Memorial grand final in Scotland making it 9 wins in total and almost £9000 in prize money. The Irish raider Oakwood Outlaw could prove to be the fly in the ointment to them all however. A 9 year old by Armbro Operative out of a Laag mare Snow Whitey, was actually bred by the sponsors and is now in the care of top reinsman Alan Wallace. Pacing sub 1:59 miles right through the 2014 season, she topped off a stellar year with a win in the Barney Richardson Memorial at Portmarnock in October. The race remains open for additional entries right up until seven days before the unique contest and hopes are high that some other grey pacers will emerge up through the ranks and line up in this most unusual field of pacers. Tarawood Messi, Coalford Showtime and Krakatoa spring to mind and a full field of 10 greys is a distinct possibility as the starting car pulls away at Tir Prince on July 18th. Speaking to Derek Delaney, a representative of sponsors Oakwood Stud, stated that “It is an honour to sponsor a unique free for all with just grey horses only and I’m sure it will be a very special race. It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase our new stallion, Foreclosure N, as we believe that he is also something out of the ordinary, being the first ever Rocknroll Hanover to stand in the British Isles.” Foreclosure N has a record of 1:48.4 and almost $1 million dollars racked up in prize money. With an infusion of New Zealand blood, he is bound to prove popular with breeders in the UK and Ireland who highly value the ability to stay longer distances and remain sound right throughout a long career on both hard and turf tracks where his offspring are likely to ply their trade. By Thomas Bennett, for

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