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The 97th Grand Prix d’Amerique lineup is final with 18 world class harness racing trotteurs at the start Sunday at 10:05am (eastern). The Amerique begins the Triple Couronne in France. Twelve of the Sunday starters have over €1,000,000 earned led by Bold Eagle. This year is likely to be a big battle between the FR starters and an array of excellent non-FR leaders such as Readly Express (by Ready Cash), Propulsion, Oasis Bi, Lionel and Ringostarr Treb. Be there for a superb weekend of racing (also the Saturday Prix du Luxembourg), the Expo Etalons on Friday and the Arqana-Trot mixed two day sale that begins today. The sale includes Bold Eagle and other stallion shares. N° Cheval Casaque Fer. S A Distance Driver / Jockey Entraîneur Musique Record absolu Gains (€) Crack Series                             1 TONY GIO M 6 2 700 CH. MARTENS V. MARTENS 4a (17) 5a 2a 7a 3a 6a 1a 3a 4a 6a 8a 1'10"4 562 995 € 72 2 BRIAC DARK M 7 2 700 M. ABRIVARD T. DUVALDESTIN 0a (17) 3a 0a 1a 2a 5a 1a (16) Da 6a 7a 5a 2a 5a Da 6a 6a 4a 9a 1'10"8 646 910 € 85 3 CHARLY DU NOYER M 6 2 700 Y. LEBOURGEOIS P. ALLAIRE 7a (17) 3a 8a 3a Da 2a 2a 7a 1a Da Da Da 1a Da Da 3a 2a 0a 4a 1'10"3 793 390 € 28 4 CARAT WILLIAMS M 6 2 700 D. THOMAIN S. GUARATO Da (17) 4a 7a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 4a 1a 2a Da 1a 2a 1a 1a 2a 1a 1'10"8 805 040 € 5 5 RINGOSTARR TREB M 8 2 700 G. GELORMINI J. RIORDAN (17) 0a 3a Da 3a Da 1a 1'12"6 851 394 € 2461 6 BOOSTER WINNER M 7 2 700 M. MOTTIER S. GUARATO 8a (17) 9a 0a Da 5a 0a 6a 3a 4a 7a 4a 5m 7a 3a 4m 3m 0a 3a 6a 1'10"2 987 650 € 293 7 VALKO JENILAT M 9 2 700 E. RAFFIN S. GUARATO 6a (17) Da 1a 1a 2a 4a 2a 1a 2a 1a 1a 3a 2a 3a 0a 4a 5a 2a 8a 1'10"7 1 064 190 € 11 8 READLY EXPRESS M 6 2 700 B. GOOP T. NURMOS 3a (17) 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1'12"0 1 080 224 € 190 9 BELINA JOSSELYN F 7 2 700 J.M. BAZIRE J.M. BAZIRE Da (17) 6a 6a 9a 5a Da 1a 3a 1a 4a 2a Da 1a Da Da Da 1a 2a 2a 1'11"0 1 183 230 € 27 10 PROPULSION M 7 2 700 O. KIHLSTROM D. REDEN (17) 1a 4a 1a 3a 1a 2a 2a 1'10"5 1 205 073 € 108 11 TIMONE EK M 6 2 700 E. BELLEI P. BILLARD (17) 2a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 5a 3a ra (15) 3a 1'09"9 1 215 608 € 564 12 LIONEL (NOR) M 8 2 700 G. ANTONSEN D. REDEN 0a (17) 8a 5a 1a 4a 1a Da 3a 4a (16) 2a 1'11"1 1 389 138 € 152 13 VOLTIGEUR DE MYRT M 9 2 700 L. DONATI R. DONATI (17) 0a 0a 7a Da 1a 0a 1a Da 3a 8a 5a 3a Da 6a 3a Da 6a 7a 2a 1'10"3 1 402 317 € 346 14 WILD HONEY F 6 2 700 D. OLSSON D. REDEN 9a (17) 9a 1a 2a Da 3a 1'12"9 1 402 941 € 16086 15 BILLIE DE MONTFORT F 7 2 700 A. ABRIVARD S. GUARATO (17) 4a 2a 3a 3a 2a 2a 2a 4a 5a 2a 2a 2a 7a 6m 6a 2a 4a 4a 3a 1'09"2 1 547 216 € 20 16 BIRD PARKER M 7 2 700 J.PH. MONCLIN P. ALLAIRE 1a (17) 0a 1a 4a 1a 1a 3a 1a 1a 4a 3a 4a 3a 1a 3a 0a 5m 2a 4a 1'09"7 1 588 605 € 22 17 OASIS BI M 10 2 700 P. VERCRUYSSE S. PETTERSSON 2a (17) 3a 9a 7a 0a 3a 0a 3a 3a (14) 0a 1'10"0 1 798 210 € 9044 18 BOLD EAGLE M 7 2 700 F. NIVARD S. GUARATO 2a (17) 2a 2a 2a 1a 1a 4a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1a 2a 1a 1a 1a 1a 1'10"1 3 601 620 € 1     Past winners   Année Cheval Pays Père Réd. km Driver Entraineur Propriétaire 2017 Bold Eagle  France Ready Cash 1'11"2 Franck Nivard Sébastien Guarato Pierre Pilarski 2016 Bold Eagle  France Ready Cash 1'11''4 Franck Nivard Sébastien Guarato Pierre Pilarski 2015 Up and Quick  France Buvetier d'Aunou 1'12"2 Jean-Michel Bazire Franck Leblanc Écurie Quick Star 2014 Maharajah  Suède Viking Kronos 1'13"3 Örjan Kihlström Stefan Hultman Travkompaniets Stall AB 2013 Royal Dream  France Love You 1'11"9 Jean-Philippe Dubois Philippe Moulin Écurie Victoria Dreams 2012 Ready Cash  France Indy de Vive 1'12" Franck Nivard Thierry Duvaldestin Philippe Allaire 2011 Ready Cash  France Indy de Vive 1'12"1 Franck Nivard Thierry Duvaldestin Philippe Allaire 2010 Oyonnax  France In Love With You 1'12"4 Sébastien Ernault Vincent Brazon Manuel Ahres 2009 Meaulnes du Corta  France Voici du Niel 1'12"5 Franck Nivard Pierre Levesque J.P. Barjon 2008 Offshore Dream  France Rêve d'Udon 1'12"1 Pierre Levesque Pierre Levesque Éc. de Rougemont   Cavalleria Wins Q+ at Cagnes sur Mer Cavalleria (6f Prodigious-Janza) took the Quinte+ Wednesday at Cagnes sur Mer, the featured Prix Une de Mai (purse €55,000, 2925 meters, 14 starters). Nicolas Ensch teamed the 3.9/1 winner that he trains for Ecurie Casttegniccia, timed in 1.13.7kr. 1.2/1favorite Bakchich (7g Quopeck) was second for Tony LeBeller, trainer J.M. Legros and A. Turquet Lepreux. 50/1 Vic du Pommereux (9m Love You) took third for David Bekaert and trainer Sylvain Roger. 7.3/1 Colonel Bond and 18/1 Voeland were foruth and fifth. King Sir Kir Wins Q+ at Vincennes Today’s Quinte+ was the Prix de la Semaine Internationale (purse €65,000, 2850 meters, 16 European starters) and the 1.14.3kr timed winner was 21/1 King Sir Kir (7m Make It Happen-Kings Blondie) driven by Alexandre Abrivard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard and Ecurie LC Equine AB. 10/1 Beppe AM (7g Enjoy Lavec-Via di Jesolo)  and trainer/driver Bjorn Goop was second for owner Stall Chikh. 6.6/1 Bily de Guerniniere with Matthieu Abrivard, 30/1 Beau de Grimoult for Franck Anne and 14/1 Diamond and David Thomain completed the top five. On this card were races named for simulcast partners Mons, Krieau, Wolvega and Baleares. The Prix Yonkers Raceway (purse €60,000, 2850 meters, nine European starters) went to 1.14.9kr timed and 1,2/1 favorite Calaska du Guez 96F Pomerol de Laumac-Miss de Guez. JM Bazire teamed the winner that Ecurie Vautors owns. 24/1 Pandora Face (6f Muscle Hill-Concher) was second for Lutfi Kolgjini and 16/1 Culture du Closet (6f Ozio Royal) was third for owner/trainer/driver Franck Anne. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 23, 2018 - A huge first list (37) of those engaged to Sunday’s Prix d’Amerique is shown below. Finalists (18) will be set on Thursday for the harness racing legendary Gr. I International classic raced over 2700 meters for a total purse of €1,000,000. Be there for the world’s best trotting race at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes, the “Temple du Trot”, and the first leg of the Triple Crown in France. Horse/Trainer Elena Sport, G. Andreu Adrover Etoile des Yedrag, Phillipe Billard Equateur Mauzin, Pierre Vercruysse Electra Jet, Pierre Vercruysse Express Jet, Pierre Vercruysse Drole de Zet, Pierre Vercruysse Takethem, Steen Juul Shadow Gar, Pietro Gubellini Dorie Desbois, Cristoph Feyte Day Or Night In, Johan Untersteiner Blooma d’Heripre, Gregor Thorel Ursa Major, S. Provoost Cobra Bleu, Pierre Vercruysse Orient Horse, T.El. Mouloudi Call Me Keeper, Daniel Reden Tony Gio, Vincent Martens Briac Dark, Thierry Duvaldestin Charly du Noyer, Philippe Allaire Carat Williams, Sebastien Guarato Ave Avis, J-M Bazire Ringostarr Treb, Jerry Riordan Booster Winner, Sebastien Guarato Valko Jenilat, Sebastien Guarato Amiral Sacha, F. Lamare Readly Express, Timo Nurmos Twister Bi, Jerry Riordan Django Riff, Philippe Allaire Belina Josselyn, J-M Bazire Propulsion. Daniel Reden Timone EK, Philippe Billard Lionel, Daniel Reden Voltigeur de Myrt, Roberto Donati Wild Honey, Daniel Reden Billie de Montfort, Sebastien Guarato Bird Parker, Philippe Allaire Oasis Bi, S. Pettersson Bold Eagle, Sebastien Guarato The last 15 in the list are career winners of in excess of €1,000,000. The Sunday Vincennes card is also exceptional, with its undercard including the: Gr. II monte Prix Camille Blaisot, purse €120,000, 2850 meters Gr. II monte Prix Jacques Andrieu, €120,000, 2850 meters Gr. II Prix Charles Tiercelin, €120,000, 2100 meters autostart Gr. III Prix Jean Rene Gougeon, €105,000, 2100 meters autostart Gr. III Prix Helen Johansson, €105,000, 2100 meters autostart Gr. III Prix Leopold Veroken, €80,000, 2100 meters autostart Thomas H. Hicks  

January 23, 2018 - Today’s Paris-Vincennes feature was the Prix de Pont-Audemer (purse €65,000, 2100 meters autostart, seven starters – four year olds) and victory was earned by 3/2 favorite El Villagio (4m Love You-Netchka d’Orgeres) reined by Eric Raffin for breeder/owner/trainer Louis Baudron. Race time was 1.12kr off solid  fractions (1.08.8kr at 1500 meters to go; 1.10,8kr at the 1000; 1.12.3kr with 500 remaining). 14/1 Esperanzo (4m Speedy Blue-Quitida) took the second spot for Mathieu Mottier and breeder / owner / trainer Dominique Mottier, ahead of 2.4/1 Equinoxe Jiel (4m Rancho Gede-Themis Jiel) with Gabriele Gelormini up. The Prix de Jallais (purse €55,000, 2100 meters autostart, apprentice drivers) was a competitive event that 2.2/1 Boy Dancer (7g Magnificent Rodney-Laura Dancer) won for driver Theo Duvaldestin. Thierry Duvaldestin trains the quick timed 1.12.2kr winner that Josette Boivin bred and owns, 5/1 Abydos du Vivier (8g Diamant Gede) took second for Romain Congard driving for trainer J-M Bazire. Third was 13/1 Byron du Klau (7g Opium). Thomas H. Hicks

January 22, 2018 - Monday’s featured Prix de Cavaillon at Vincennes (purse €65,000, 2100 meters autostart, 14 starters) went to 6.2/1 Extasy d’Ourville (4f Tucson-Mona d’Odyssee) with David Thomain up for trainer Sebastien Guarato and Ecurie J.P. Raffre. Race time was 1.12.5kr as the winner easily bested 14/1 Elande Piencourt (4f Opium-Una Bella Jain) for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard ans owner Robert Malherbe. Third was 117/1 Energy du Bouffey (4f Scipion du Goutier-Soraya du Bouffy) for Michel Lenoir. The day began in the fog and heavy rain the created a visually surreal setting. The Prix de Sainte-Gauburge (claiming, purse €20,000, 2700 meters,14 starters) went to 7.1/1 Auteur Compositeu (8g Rocklyn-Pazing) for Mlle Marion Donabedian for trainer Kevyn Thonnerieux and owner Yves Beck. 3.8/1 Boss du Marny (7g Rocklyn-Queens du Marny) was second for Mlle Adele Doyere ahead of fast closing 15/1 Angel Dark (8g Look de Star) driven by Jorgen Berggren for co-owner/trainer Anders Lindqvist. Race time was 1.16kr. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 21, 2018 - Traders won today’s Prix de Cornulier (Gr. I, monte, international, purse €700,000, 2700 meters) for jockey Joann Lebourgeois and harness racing owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. The six year old son of Ready Cash-Graziella, shown below and off at 3.9/1, recorded his 11 career win for €837,860 earned. Race time was 1.11.3kr in the rain and fog, well faster than the 2012 set race record of 1.12kr by Quif de Villeneuve. 6.9/1 Draft Life (5f Ubriaco-Maflymede) was a game second for Eric Raffin and breeder/owner/trainer Louis Baudron. Third was 1.3/1 favorite Bilibili (7m Niky-Quetty du Donjon) with Alexandre Abrivard up for L.C. Abrivard and breeder/owner Jean Pierre Barjon. 54/1 Canadien d’Am and 52/1 Catalogne completed the top five. Bohemian Rhapsody and Cyprien des Bordes were sixth and seventh purse earners. Fractions were quick and steady (1.12.3kr at 1500 meters to go; 1.11.1kr at the 1000; 1.10.8kr at 500 remaining). The opener at Vincennes today was the Prix M.M. Gougeon, a Gr. II event for a purse of €110,000, and raced over a stated distance of 2850 meters, distance handicapped 25 meters for winners over €191,000 lifetime. The 25 meter penalized Cash Maker (6g Coktail Jet-Salt Lake City) scored at 1.3/1 for trainer/driver Sebastien Ernault and breeder/owner N.W. Hicewa timed in 1.13.4kr with a powerful final 500 (time at the 500 remaining mark was 1.14.2kr). 8.4/1 and 25 meter handicapped Captain Sparrow (6m Ready Cash-Holly du Locton) rallied for second driven by Gabriele Gelormini for Luc Roelens, trainer for Stal Markove. Third was 35/1 Comete dArche (6f Ready Cash-Java Darche) with J.Ph. Monclin up for trainer Junior Guelpa. Ezreal Jiel and Express Jet Wins Groupe Tests Post Prix de Cornulier action this day at Vincennes was highlighted by several upper class events. The Prix de Mirande (purse €90,000, 2850 meters, 10 European starters) went to 1.7/1 Goofy Greenwood  (5g Russel November-Chatooga River) with Franck Nivard up for trainer Hugo Langeweg Jr. and owner Stal Amsterdam. Race time was 1.14.6kr. 4/1 Delloro Vedaquais (5g Ready Cash-Spandelle) was second for J.Ph. Monclin, and owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. 1.7/1 co-favorite Dexter Chatho (5g Un Amour d’Haufor-Okoyama) was third for owner/trainer/breeder Christian Bigeon The Gr. II Prix Camille de Wazieres (monte, purse €120,000, 2175 meters) was a battle to the line won by Ezreal Jiel (4m Redeo Josselyn-Una Lova Jiel) with Guillaume Marin in the irons for trainer J.L. Dersoir and Ecurie Luck, a first career victory for Ezreal Jiel, off at 8.5/1.  Race time was 1.13.1kr off quick fractions (1.10,.5kr at 1500 remaining, 1.12.1kr at the 1000 and 1.13.2kr with 500 meters to go). 24/1 Eagle Ligherie (4m Repeat Love-Soragane) was second for Alexandre Abrivard and third was 5.8/1 El Diablo d’Aut (4m Saxo de Vandel-Nuit des Dimes) for Eric Raffin The day’s final groupe event was the Gr.III Prix Bellino II (purse €95,000, 2100 meters autostart). The 1.13.2kr timed winner was 8.1/1 Express Jet (4m Goetmals Wood-Run For Jet) reined by trainer Pierre Vercruysse for Ecurie Opale. Jean Etienne Dubois bred this winner that scored from post six and ejoyed a pocket journey before exploding past rivals in the lane. 59/1 Epace Turgot (5f Orlando Vici-Kippa Turgot) was second for J-M Bazire and 49/ Estola (4f Nextar-Nika) took the third spot for J.Ph.  Monclin and Ecurie Comte P de Montesson. Thomas H. Hicks

January 20, 2018 - Today’s top harness racing action at Paris-Vincennes commenced with the Prix de Granville “PMU Paris Gare de Lyon” (purse €70,000, 2700 meters, 17 starters) and 1.13.3kr timed and 3.6/1 Ble du Gers (7g Quinoa du Gers-Moorea) with trainer Jean Michel Bazire up for owner J-M Rancoule. 12/1 Black Atout (7m Prodigious-La Lagune) was second for Mathieu Mottier driving for Franck Leblanc and Claude Guedj. 2.2/1 Auch (8g Niky-Migraine) was third for Charles J. Bigeon, and owner/trainer Christian Bigeon. The Quinte+ Prix de Brest (Gr. II, purse €120,000, 2850 meters, 18 European starters) went to J-M Bazire teamed Bel Avis (7g Prodigious-Gloria Maris) timed in a rated 1.13.1kr. Wildenstein Stables owns the winner that Comte de Bellaigue bred. 6.1/1 Avenir de Blay (8g Hooper-Mirabelle de Blay) was second for owner/trainer/driver Tony LeBeller. 61/1 Venose de Minel (9g Laetenter Diem-Melia Monochrome) and Yoann Lebourgeois was third ahead of 46/1 Apollon de Kacy and 83/1 Romanesque. The co-featured monte Prix de Pardieu (Gr. II, purse €120,000, 2175 meters. 13 four year old female starters) was taken by 32/1 Exotica de Retz (4f Prodigious-Quayaya) handled by Mme. Delphine Beaufils-Ernault for Ecurie des Charmes and trainer Sebastian Ernault. The winning jockey recorded her second 2018 win in three starts and 71st career victory. Race time was a quick 1.12.8kr with a quick final 675 meters (1.13.2kr at the 500 to go mark). 2.1/1 Elladora de Forgan (4f Gazouillis-Hamina) was a distant second for Franck Nivard and trainer Franck Nivard. 1.9/1 favorite Evidence Roc (4f Paris Haufor-Misfase du Boulay) was third for Emilie LeBeller ahead of 22/1 Etoile de Bruyere and 133/1 Ebony d’Ourville. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 19, 2018 - Sunday marks the date of the 2018 Prix de Cornulier (Gr. I International monte, purse €700,000, 2700 meters) at Paris-Vincennes, with 18 qualified starters including Bilibili (€936,300 earned), Bellisima France (€1,015,330), Attentionally (€941,350) plus Traders, Canadian d’Am, Athena de Vandel, Udayama, Best of Jets and the Joel Hallais trained Cyprien des Bordes. This monte classic began in 1931 and has been raced each year since except 1940-41. The race time record was established in 2012 by Franck Leblanc trained Quif de Villeneuve (by Coktail Jet) ridden by jockey Yoann Lebourgeois clocked in 1.12kr. The last seven winners, all timed in 1.13.3kr or better, were Bellisima France, Scarlet Turgot, Roxane Grif (twice), Singalo, Quif de Villeneuve and Olga du Biwetz. Jockey Michel Marcel Gougeon has posted seven wins and trainer Joel Hallais has eight. The race three time winners are Jag de Bellouet, Kaiser Trot, Bellino II, Gardon and Souarus. Its’ quite an event, unrivaled world wide. Be there for the next step in monte history. Dorus Well Wins Prix de Beaucourt at Vincennes Today’s featured Pick 5 Prix de Beaucourt at Paris-Vincennes (purse €46,000, 2700 meters, 17 starters) went to 1.13.7kr timed and 50/1 odds Dorus Well (5g Gogo-Parama) reined by Bjorn Goop for breeder/owner/trainer Antonius Wilderbeek. 3.6/1 Dudu du Noyer (5g Real de Lou-Samarcande) and driver Franck Nivard for trainer Sylvain Roger took the second spot. Lightly raced three year old fillies also battled at Vincennes in the Prix d’Ableiges (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters). 5.8/1 Freegate Island (3f Timoko-Agneska) prevailed in 1.18.9kr for trainer/driver Bjorn Goop and owner P&D Bronsman AB. 6.3/1 Folie de Houelle (3f Voltigeur de Myrtg) was next for Franck Nivard and trainer Franck Leblanc. 26/1 Fenomena Desbois (3f Nice Love) took third for Yann Lorin. At Wolvega this day was the Grand Prix Willem H. Geersen (purse €9900, 2100, nine starters) and the 1.15.5kr winner was 2/5 favorite Titanium Gar (6g Daguet Rapide-Lady Killer Gar) driven by trainer Hugo Langeweg Jr. for Stal Arend. 7.7/1 Freeway Fortuna (6f Conway Hall-Saratoga Yankee-Yankee Glide) was second for driver Joseph Verbeeck and owner/trainer Accen Schoonderwoerd. 35/1 Ennyus Boko (7g Virgill Boko-Vanencia Boko) was third for owner/trainer/driver Mme. Caroline Aalbers. Tomorrow the action turns to Vincennes that hosts the Q+ Gr. III Prix de Brest for €120,000 the Gr. II Prix de Pardieu also for €120,000 and several other upper class races, the Prix City Paris Gare and the monte Prix City de Cannes, Thomas H. HIcks  

January 18, 2018 - Today’s harness racing featured Q+ Prix Jean Paul Bertrand (purse €55,000, 2700 meters, 17 starters) went to 1.13.8kr timed 24/1 odds Costa Haufor (6f Saphir d’Haufor-Santa Haufor) driven by Christian J. Bigeon for breeder/owner/trainer Charles J. Bigeon. 10/1 Calizza Boko (6f Qwerty-Trancosa Boko) was a close second for J.Ph. Monclin and owner Mme. Camilla Vikstron and trainer Ph. Billard. 26/1 Carina du Parc (6f Roc Meslois)  and driver Franck Ouvrie ended third with the next two spots going to 74/1 Culture du Clos, Franck Anne up, and 60/1 Cats de la Ferme, with plot Pierre Vercruysse. That  finish set up a “fine” Q+ exact order payoff (below). One race later trainer/driver Christian Bigeon won the Prix Louis Cussinet (purse €55,000, 2100 meters autostart) with his 3/2 odds Dornella de Janze (5f Un Amour d’Haufor) timed in 1.14.7kr. Christian Bigeon now has three wins in seven 2017 starts as driver. The Vincennes’ Prix Jean Pierre Reynaldo (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters) went to 1.13.4kr timed 2.6/1 odds Desperado (5m Kasado Phedo-Sirella) with trainer J-M Bazire up. Mlle Magali Moureaux bred and owns the winner. 9/1 Darlington Park (5g Orlando Vici-Inrosa Girl) was second for Franck Nivard and breeder/owner Mme. Michelle Stihl. 18/1 Dexter des Baux (5g Querido des Baux) took third for Mathieu Mottier and trainer Franck Nivard. On Wednesday at Vienna Austria was the Prix Paris (purse €5,500, 1600 meters autostart, 12 starters). The 1.13.8kr timed and 4/5 favorite Delux Ms (6g Coktail Jet-Divna Ms) scored for Mitja Slavic, the owner/driver, and trainer Marko Slavic Jr. 3.7/1 Mister Big Yankee (5g Muscles Yankee-Lady Medal) was second for Christoph Fischer and trainer Gregor Krennmayr. 12/1 Lady Muscles (5f Muscle Hill-Chieftess) was a very distant third for Gerhard Mayr. On Tuesday some great veterans competed in the Prix Achille Cassart at Mons Ghlin (purse €7,200, 2850 meters, 10 starters). 9/10 favorite Ustinof du Vivier (10g Look de Star-Melba du Vivier) was a 1.16.1kr timed winner for Joseph Verbeeck and Union Stable. Jean Yves Lecuyer bred this 35 time winner in 94 starts for €1,070,440 earned. 3/1 Ru de l’Airou (13g Cygnus d’Odyssee-Cour d’Intheville) was second fow owner/driver Sven Hoste, this one a 41 time career winner for €866,672. 83/1 Maffioso Face (9g Revenue-Nouchka) was third for Daniel Parling. At Gelsenkirchen on Tuesday was the featured Internationaler January (purse €7,000, 2000 meters, eight starters) and the 1.17kr timed winner was 5/2 Lotus Star (10g Look de Star-Lotusblute) for driver Tim Schwarma and owner Tim Raulf. 1.1/1 favorite Dream Magic BE (9m Dream Vacation-Dantesca CLA) took second for trainer/driver Mike Lenders. 6.5/1 Alaska Joe (10g Timberland) was third for Michael Nimczyk. Thomas H. Hicks               

January 12, 2018 - Today’s harness racing Q+ was the Prix de Mauriac at Paris-Vincennes (purse €80,000, 2700 meters, 18 european starters). 4.6/1 Delloro Vedaquais (5g Ready Cash-Spandelle) scored easily for J.Ph. Monclin driving for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. Race time was 1.13.1kr as the winner bested 4/1 Goofy Greenwood (5g Russel November-Chatooga River) handled by Franck Nivardf for trainer Hugo Langeweg Jr. and owner Stal Amsterdam. 5.8/1 Super Nice (5m Orlando Vici) was third for trainer/driver Bjorn Goop. 7.8/1 Diable de Vauve and 23/1 Ubimajor Bi completed the top five. 1.4/1 Seibella Park (7f Varenne-Grandera Park) won the Prix de Ranes (purse €54,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters) for J-M Bazire for trainer Vincent Lacroix and owner Scuderia Allenamento Team Minopoli. Race time was 1.13.8kr in this pick 5 event. The other pick 5 was the Prix de Vic-Bigorre (purse €34,000, 2100 meters, 16 starters) and 4.1/1 Fortune du Taco (3f Village Mystic-Kaducee) scored timed in 1.15.4kr for Franck Nivard. 2/1 Forgaria (3f Sam Bourbon-Udine) was second for David Thomain driven by Yves Boireau, the trainer for breeder/owner Jean-Pierre Dubois. 24/1 France Madrik (3f Timoko-Pretty Jet) was third for Genny Delaune driving for Sebastien Guarato. Sunday on the third “B” day will honor now retired Timoko, double winner of the Elitloppet. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 11, 2018 -  Today the Q+ was at Cagnes sur Mer in the Prix de la Cote d’Azur (purse €150,000, 2900 meters, 18 starters Internationale) with victory to 5/1 Coup Droit (6m Prodigious-Saint Leonard) for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer Paul Hagoort and Stall Why Not. 3.8/1 Vasco Flower (9g Niky-Nimea) was second for Charles Julien Bigeon and owner/trainer Christian Bigeon. Third was 33/1 Beau Gamin (7m Quinoa du Gers-Cadette) for trainer/driver David Bekaert and Ecurie Jean Michel Rancoule. 5.1/1 Tony Gio and 9/1 Baby Lou Max completed the top five. Race time was 1.13.1kr and the winner recorded victory number 9 in 39 starts now for €430,310 earned. The Prix Cagnes Sur Mer (purse €50,000, 2925 meters, 17 starters) produced a blowout win for 1.3/1 Global Response (7g Credit Winner-Com Mimmi) driven by Christophe Martens for trainer Vincent Martens and owner J.A.C. Vanduffel of Belgium. 5.9/1 Buzz de Carel (7g Prince Gede) with J.B. Boney and 10/1 Dimmidisia (5f Phlegyas-Prune Rouge) for trainer/driver Loris Garcia were the next two home. Race time was 1.13.4kr. Yesterday’s Q+ was also at Cagnes sur Mer and this Prix de la Cote d’Or (purse €46,000, 2925 meters, 18 starters) produced victory for 7/2 Aigle Jenilou (8g Prodigious-Queen Jenilou) handled by his trainer Louis Baudron. Bold Eagle starts Sunday Bold Eagle starts Sunday in the third “B” leading to the Prix d’Amerique​. The top three (if not already qualified) will earn an Amerique ticket and the field includes many top line performers including Readly Express, Lionel, Belina Josselyn, Bird Parker, Briac Dark and Treasure Kronos. The fine Paris-Vincennes program also showcases three other groupe contests such as the Gr. II Prix Gelinotte, Gr. III Prix Djerid for monte trotteurs and the Gr. III Prix de Riberac. 16:10 C6 - GRAND PRIX DE BELGIQUE 120 000€ Thomas H. Hicks

January 10, 2018 - Today’s Quinte+ was the Prix de la Cote d’Or (purse €46,000, 2925 meters, 18 starters) at Cagnes sur Mer on the seaside. 3.8/1 Aigle Jenilou (8g Prodigious-Queen Jenilou) scored for harness racing trainer/driver Louis Baudron, overcoming a 25 meters penalty. 29/1 Bamaro de la Gazo (7g Imoko) was second for J.Ch. Feron and another 25 meter penalized performer landed third, this being 15/1 Ara d’Ostal for Y-A Briand. 97/1 Auteur Compositeur and 2.7/1 Canyan Castelets completed the top five. Last Saturday action returned to Madiina Martinque for its first 2018 program on the turf. The Prix de la Societe de Madinina (purse €5,000, 2600 meters) went to 1.25.1kr timed Bavorois du Varlet (7g Laetenter Diem-Hera du Varlet) for his owner/trainer/driver J-L. Langeron. The winner recorded his first victory at Martinique in his initial start after being winless in 2017. The Prix Claude Cayol (purse €5,000, 2600 meters) went to 1.23.1kr clocked Vlatou des Salines (9g Magnificent Rodney-Griffe des Salines), overcoming a 50 meter handicap, and reined by J-L Langeron. This winner recorded his six score in 017-18 combined. Titan Pierji (11g Jardy-Kora Pierji) was second for Christophe Moise, also overcoming the 50 meter penalty. This coming weekend action returns to Paris-Vincennes and the January 13th card features two groupe contests including the Gr. II Prix Maurice de Gheest for three year olds. Black Jack From Wins at Vincennes January 9, 2018 - The January 9th Quinte+ Prix Limousin (purse €65,000, 2850 meters,) at Paris-Vincennes went to 1.14.6kr timed Black Jack From (7g Scipion des Goutier-Off Key) at 6/1 and reined by Eric Raffin for owner/trainer Guillaume Gillot. Vixel (9g Quido du Goutier) was second for Franck Ouvrie at 17/1, also trainer for breeder/owner Jacques Vandromme.  26/1 Vicomte de Corveil (9g Orlando Vici) took third for Anthony Barrier, ahead of 7/1 Ange de Luma (Matthieu Abrivard) and 25/1 Bachar (Pierre Vercruysse) On Tuesday the Q+ was at Vincennes in the Prix l’Aveyron (purse €65,000, 2850 meters). 82/1 outsider Venus du Rossy (9f Halimede-Lalie du Rosay) scored timed in 1.14.7kr for Laurent Verva and trainer Olivier Tirard. Valentines Day (9f Carpe Diem) at 18/1 and driver Franck Nivard was second for trainer Gregoire Houel. 86/1 Aragonaise (8f Ouragon de Celland) and P.Ph. Ploquin took third ahead of 8/1 Beau de Beauval (David Thomain) and 12/1 Ardente du Clos (Matthieu Abrivard) that completed the top five. The program also included the Prix Christelle Zimmer (monte, purse €88,000, 2850 meters, apprentice jockeys). Veteran Americaine (8g Chef du Chatelet-Marine Raudiere) scored at 5.1/1 oddds timed in 1.13.6kr for Alexandre Angot in the irons for trainer J-P Marmion. Accord Marjacq (8g Odeisis de Vandel) at 15/1 was second for Victor Saussaye and third was 11/1 Arena del Phedo (8f Magnificent Rodney) for jockey Mlle. Oceane Briand. Thomas H. Hicks    

January 7, 2018 - Today’s Paris-Vincennes Prix de Lille “Cracks des Cracks 2017” (Quinte+, purse €88,000, 2100 meters autostart) went to 11/1 rallying Attacus (8g Hand du Vivier-Nelocata) with harness racing driver Eric Raffin up for trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner J.M. Machet. Race time was 1.11.2kr (1.10.1 at the 1500 meters remaining; 1.10.6 at the 1000; 1.11kr at 500), well off the race record 1.09.8kr set in 2007 by Kool du Caux and 1.09.9kr for six year olds by Texas Charm. 4/5 favorite Afghan Barbes (8g Meaulnes du Corta-Nuance Barbes) was second for Charles Julien Bigeon for trainer Christian Bigeon. 83/1 Venus de Bailly (Chaillot) and Alexandre Abrivard ended third. Fourth and fifth to complete the Q+ top five were 29/1 Unero Montaval and 7/1 Cobra Bleu. Diadora BR was scratch and Caid Griff, Carabinieri and Clif du Pommereux were all miscue dq’s. Bilibili (7m Niky-Quetty du Donjon) took the prestigious monte Prix du Calvados (Gr. II International, purse €150,000, 2850 meters, top three earn Prix du Cornulier bid) clocked in (steady fractions)  and off at 1.7/1 second choice. Alexandre Abrivard teamed the winner for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard and legendary breeder/owner Jean Pierre Barjon, a respected citrus beverage international owner.  20/1 Bohemian Rhapsody (7f Niky-Kuala Lumpur) was second in a photo for Camille Levesque in the irons for trainer Thomas Levesque and breeder/owner Pierre Levesque. 55/1 Catalogne (6f Cygnus d’Odyssee-Jabadie) was third for jockey Mathieu Mottier and trainer Dominique Mottier. The 1.2/1 favorite Traders (5m Ready Cash-Graziella) was dead heat fourth for Yoann Lebourgeois after leading, and he tied with 57/1 Cyprien des Bordes (6m Ouragon de Celland ( with jockey J.Cl. Dersoir.  Bellisima France, that battled Bilibili in the 2017 monte classics, and Alpha Saltor finished sixth and seventh. The Prix Crack “Draft Life” Six Year Olds 2017 (purse €80,000, 2850 meters) went to 1.14kr timed and 8.7/1 odds Captain Sparrow (6m Ready Cash-Holly du Locton) with Gabriele Gelormini up for Stal Markhove and trainer Luc Roelens. 2.1/1 Carlo de Carsi (6g Ismael du Pont-Orence de Carsi) rallied for length beaten second handled by J-M Bazire and trainer/owner J-M Baudouin. 23/1 Cyriel d’Atom (6g Otello Pierji) was third for driver Eric Raffin. The Gr. II Prix Crack “Carat Williams” Four Year Olds (purse €120,000, 2175 meters) went to Franck Nivard driven Erming d’Oliverie (4f Scipion du Goutier-These d’Oliverie) clocked in 1.13.4kr (1.14.3kr at 1500 meters remaining; 1.14.9kr at the 1000; 1.14.7kr with 500 to go). Franck Leblanc trains the 1.2/1 odds winner for Ecurie de l’Oliverie. 5.3/1 Eridan (4m Ready Cash-Topaze d’Atout) was second for David Thomain, trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner Philippe Dewulf. 19/1 Enino du Pommereux (4m Coktail Jet) held third for Sylvain Roger ahead of a wall of horses that included Ecu Pierji, Easy des Racques, Elite du Ruel and Express Jet. Early in the Sunday card saw the Prix File Gin (purse €37,000, 2700 meters, 15 starters) go to 2.9/1 East Island  (4f Very Pleasant-Queen Along) with Julien Dubois up, pictured below,  for Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. This 1.16.6kr timed winner recorded her fourth victory in seven career starts, in this Crack Series event. The next Crack Series test was the Prix Ecu Pierji (purse €39,000, 2850 meters, 13 starters) with victory to 6.6/1 Dovenia (5f Orlando Vici). Later in the program the red hot Bigeon stable scored again as Be Bop Haufor (7f Notre Haufor) scored by a length for trainer/owner Christian Bigeon in the Prix de Salon de Provence (purse €58,000, 2850 meters) clocked in 1.13.1kr. It was Be Bop’s third straight victory at Vincennes. Saturday the V75 Sweden action was at Bergsaker with the featured V75 Gold being the Zoogins (2140 meters autostart, first prize 200,000SEK, US$24,525). 4.2/1 Digital Ink (9g Super Photo Kosmos-Laverda des Pres-Filou du Buscail) scored timed in 1.13.6kr for trainer/driver Robert Bergh and Stall TZ the owner. 3/2 Zenit Brick (7g Make It Happen-Exi Svard-Super Arnie) was next for Mika Forss and trainer Timo Nurmos. Third was 8.6/1 Indoor Voices (7f Yankee Glide-Celebrity Whisper-SJs Caviar) driven by Orjan Kihlstrom for trainer Roger Walmann and Stall Am. Thomas H. Hicks    

January 6, 2018 - 1.6/1 favorite Dragon du Fresne (5m Saphir Castelets-Rosee des Bois) with Alexandre Abrivard in the irons took today’s Gr. II Prix Leon Tacquet (monte, purse €120,000, 2175 meters) at Paris-Vincennes. The L.Cl. Abrivard trainee is owned by J. Cottel. 8.3/1 Dragon d’Avril (5m Thorens Vedaquais-Sirene d’Avril) was a distant second for Adrien Lamy and owner/trainer Sebastien Houyvet, with third to 2/1 Daytona Jet (5f Goetmals Wood-Run For Jet) handled by jockey David Thomain for owner Ecurie du Londel and Daytona Jet was bred by Jean Etienne Dubois. Race time was 1.12.5kr off steady fractions (1.10.5kr at 1500 remaining 1.10.2kr at the 1000; 1.12.4kr  with 500 meters to go). Today’s Q+ was the Prix de Breteuil (purse €55,000, 2100 meters autostart) and 2.4/1 Un Cher Ami (10g Jag de Bellouet-Olygarchy) rallied wide and late to score timed in 1.12.1kr. Mathieu Daougabel  teamed the winner for owner Alain Laine and trainer Herve Daougabel. Un Cher Ami recorded his 11th career win in 99 starts now for €253,436 owned.  Ecurie D bred the winner. 11/1 Utile Lebel (10g Biesolo-Jernasca) held second for Pierre Levesque and trainer Christophe Feyte. 50/1 Valto (9g Coro) was third for P-Y Verva. Un Cher Ami raced fourth in the second and third tiers before starting a striking surge at top of the lane. Fractions were 1.10.6kr at the 1500 to go mark; 1.11.6kr at the 1000; 1.12.1kr with 500 meters remaining. €28,682 was the Q+ exact order payoff. The undercard’s Prix de Maisons-Alfort (purse €80,000, 2850 meters)  went to 5.8/1 Titty Jepson (6f Varenne-Lamadi Costa) with Alexandre Abrivard up. Vincent Lacroix trains the winner that Scuderia Nininni owns. 1.6/1 favorite Chica de Joudes (6f Jag de Bellouet-Queschua Love) held second for trainer/owner/driver Alain Laurent. 6.1/1 Class de Loriol (6f Ready Cash-Orageuse de Mayon) was third for Eric Raffin. Race time was 1.13.4kr with superb final 1000 off modest fractions. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 4, 2018 - Today’s Gr. III Prix Hersilie (purse €90,000, 2100 meters, 12 starters) went to 1.12.3kr timed 3/2 odds Sorbet (7m Super Photo Kosmos-Altar Bound) driven by Bjorn Goop for Stall Zet and trainer Daniel Reden. 5.9/1 Comtesse du Chene (6f Quaker Jet-Imperiale du Chene) with Franck Nivard up for Julien LeMer and owner Claude Guedj. 26/1 Cathy A Quira (6f Password-Quira des Jacquets) was third for Romain Derieux ahead of Classic Way and Diamond. Today’s Quinte+ was at Paris-Vincennes in the Prix de Liginieres (purse €46,000, 250 meters, 15 starters) and the 1.15.2kr timed winner was 59/1 Deese Noire (5f Neoh Jiel-Obelie) handled by Anthony Barrier for Bernard Desmontils, the breeder/owner/trainer. 9/1 Daelia de Vandel (5f Ready Cash-Maelia de Vandel) was second for Cedrik Megissier, also trainer for Ecurie La Tour de Vandel. 19/1 Donostia de Lou (5f Real de Lou-Ruanita de Lou) was third for trainer/driver Anthony Dollion. 115/1 Darla Viili and 3.8/1 Daisy Team (5f Timoko-Daisy Chain) completed the top five. There were no exact order winning tickets. Replay here. The Prix de Coucy-le-Chateau (purse €70,000, 2850 meters, nine starters, four year old mares) went to 15/1 Effigie Madrik (4f Un Mec d’Heripre-Fidjidu Buisson) driven by Leo Abrivard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard and Ecurie Augustin-Normand. 11/1 Eternelle Delo (4f Saxo de Vandel-Princesse Royale) was second for Gabriele Gelormini and 8.2/1 Extra Cadette (4f Offshore Dream-Ma Cadette) was third for Eric Raffin. Race time was 1.15kr. Thomas H. Hicks

January 1, 2018 - New Year’s Day harness racing action at Paris-Vincennes was highlighted by the Prix d’Angouleme (purse €90,000, 2100 meters autostart, 12 European starters). 3.2/1 Direct Way (5g Quaker Jet-Queen Flore) scored for Eric Raffin timed in 1.12.4kr. Philippe Allaire trains this Jacques Pauc owned winner, one Pauc also bred. 9/1 Capraio (6g Coktail Jet-Une de Bussy) was second for trainer/driver Franck Ouvrie. 27/1 Zahara Goj (5f Sahara Dynamite-Melinda Sigel) took third for J-M Bazire. The day’s Quinte+ was the Prix du Croise-Laroche (purse €70,000, 2850 meters distance handicap. 17 starters) and this 1.14.2kr timed victory went to 3/2 favorite Babylone Seven (7f Oiseau de Feux-Nyala) with J-M Bazire the breeder/trainer/driver.  10/1 Bacchus d’Elva (7g Quaro) was next for trainer/driver Franck Ouvrie and third went to 7/2 Bon Jenilou (7g Love You) driven by trainer Bernard Piton. Bon Grain Tivoli and Boheme du Juille completed the top five. Trainer Anders Lindqvist sent out his and Peter Gerry’s Angel Dark with US based Andrew McCarthy aboard – they finished 11th. Yesterday at Vincennes legendary driver Jean-Michel Bazire was awarded the 2017 dash winning title in France. He booked 231 victories to best Franck Nivard and Eric Raffin and to record his 19th dash winning title, his first at age 27. The racetrack executed a superb salute to Bazire’s accomplishment and he did not disappoint by entering the huge crowd for autographs and selfies. The monte dash winning title went to jockey Alexandre Abrivard with 69 wins. Thomas H. Hicks

December 31, 2017 - Today’s solid Vincennes New Year’s Eve harness racing undercard began with the Prix de Cresserons (purse €70,000, 2100 meters autostart, eight starters-four year olds) and 16/1 Dellaro Vedaquais (4g Ready Cash-Spandelle) rallied up for J.Ph. Monclin to score timed in a fast 1.11.5kr. Philippe Allaire is owner/trainer and J-P Guay bred the winner. 4/5 favorite Dexter Chatho (4g Un Amour d’Haufor-Okoyama) held second for owner/trainer/driver Christian Bigeon. 108/1 Danseur du Houlbet (4g Rodrigo Jet-Rosa du Houlbet) was third for Alexis Pratt and driver Frederic Pratt. The monte Prix de l’Etrier d’Or 2017 (purse €80,000, 2700 meters, 10 starters) went to 1.14.3kr timed and 5.3/1 Chalimar de Guez (5g Nahar de Beval-Phebe de Guez) with J-Y Ricart in the irons for trainer J-M Bazire and Ecurie Vautors. 16/1 Cash du Rib (5g Ready Cash-Quille Castelets) ended second for J.L.Cl. Dersoir, also trainer. 20/1 Creation (5f Rieussec-Ovation) was third for Camille Levesque and trainer J.G. Eeckhaute. The Prix de Limours (purse €54,000, 2100 meters autostart, 18 starters) went to quick 1.12.6kr timed and 19/1 Altesse du Banney (7f Niky-Diva d’Isques) with trainer P-Y Verva up for breeder/owner Michel Gabillot. 26/1 Auro Normande (7f Ready Cash-Normandia) was second for owner/trainer/driver Eric Lambertz. Third was 9/1 Aldo d’Argentre (7m Qualmio de Vandel) for Adrien Lamy. El Santo Haufor (3g Paris Haufor-Santa Haufor) took the Prix du Sulky d’Or 2017 (purse €44,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters) at 1.1/1 odds for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Christian Bigeon. Race time was 1.15.4kr. 18/1 Espoir Fou (3m Love You-Rebelle) was second for David Thomain, trainer Sebastien Guarato, owner Pierre Pilarski and Scuderia Bolgheri Srl was the breeder. 15/1 Estaban Jiel (3m Coktail Jet-Nirkonia Jiel) was third for Franck Ouvrie. Two year olds contested the Prix de Chatellerault (purse €42,000, 2850 meters, eight starters) and 5/1 Fantastic Life (2f Prodigious-True Life) scored for breeder/driver Jean Philippe Dubois as the rain and light snow occurred at Vincennes. Timed in 1.18.9kr the winner recorded her second win along with four placings in six 2017 starts for Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. Two year olds also were in action at Cagnes-sur-Mer in the Prix de Rimplas (purse €18,000, 2150 meters autostart, 14 entrants) with victory to 1.1/1 favorite Funky Girl (2f Uhlan du Val-My Lovely Girl) timed in 1.17.9kr for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Louis Baudron. This filly now has two wins and a placing in three career appearances. My Lovely Girl (Coktail Jet-Guilty Of Love) is a well-bred full sister to Love You, Nice Love and Repeat Love. Baudron (owner/trainer/driver) returned to win the Prix des Lutins (purse €18,000, 2925 meters, 14 starters) with the 12/1 and 1.17.5kr timed Enigme Jenilou (3f Royal Dream-Pirogue Jenilou), her third career victory in 11 outings. Pirogue Jenilou (by Blue Eyes America) won €601,567 and was a major performer (At 3, third in Criterium des Jeunes, Prix Roquépine. at 4, Winner of Criterium des 4 ans, second in Prix Ariste Hémard, Prix de Sélection). Thomas H. Hicks  

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