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MILTON, ON - May 31, 2021 – Woodbine Entertainment would like to inform all members of the Standardbred racing community that it will begin issuing Access Rights Cards to all harness racing participants starting Tuesday (June 1, 2021).   Woodbine will issue Access Rights Cards to all participants that will become the new form of identification for admittance to horse racing restricted areas (Paddock, Lasix Barn, Retention Barn). Similar to the previously issued AGCO license cards, the Access Rights Card will contain a participant’s photo, name, occupation, AGCO expiry date and barcode. Woodbine will have pop-up locations set up in the Mohawk Park paddock over the next few weeks to issue Access Rights Cards during training and qualifiers. On live race nights, participants will be able to receive their Access Right Cards by visiting the Race Office.  Participants will need to complete an Access Rights Card form and present a valid AGCO license and form of ID to receive their Access Rights Card. No fee is required to receive an Access Rights Card. A $5.00 replacement fee will be required to replace a lost or damaged card.  From Woodbine Entertainment

MILTON, May 28, 2021 – Woodbine Mohawk Park would like to inform the horse racing community of its upcoming training schedule. Training will be offered on Tuesday (June 1) and Wednesday (June 2) from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.    Sign-up for these training days at Woodbine Mohawk Park will open this Saturday afternoon (May 29) at 3 p.m.      Each training day will be split into three sessions with a maximum of 50 horses in the first two sessions and 48 in the final session. Sign-up will be required to train at Woodbine Mohawk Park and trainers are limited to a maximum of 10 horses per day.     The training session times are listed below:     Session One: 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.     Session Two: 9:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.     Session Three: 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.     The sign-up links for each day next week are listed below:     Training – Tuesday, June 1 Training – Wednesday, June 2  All Paddock COVID-19 protocols will be in place for training hours, including the requirement to have all people wearing a mask.  Only Trainers and essential licensed personnel will be permitted through the Security check point and all individuals are reminded to complete the COVID-19 Screening Form before arriving. From Woodbine Communications

Ashleigh Hensley didn’t know when the day would come. But whenever it did, the harness racing trainer would be ready for it. In many ways, waiting for horse racing in Ontario to finally get back on track in 2021 seemed to be, on many days, a longshot dream at best for horsepeople across the province. And when word did come on May 20 the announcement that live horse racing in Ontario can resume on June 14, it was a mixture of relief, frustration and elation for Hensley. “We have our horses ready now,” said Hensley, who is married to harness driver Ed Hensley. “When the government announced that the stay-at-home order would end on June 2, everyone in our industry wanted racing to start right away. So, it’s disappointing that live racing won’t start until about 10 days after that. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel now. I still don’t understand how golf courses are open right away, but we can’t be. You can look at it from a lot of different ways, but knowing we are getting closer to racing again is so needed for our industry.” The news of the three phase reopening plan came less than a week after an important date on Hensley’s calendar. The farm she owns with her husband and brother required its yearly payment on May 15. “It’s just… it’s been very tough. Everyone has been hit hard and it’s been more difficult on some people than it has been others. But it hasn’t been easy on anyone.” Over the past 15 months, Hensley has had to consider several big decisions for her stable, including shipping some of her horses south of the border. There were times, admittedly, when determinations came right down to the wire. None of the eventual choices made were easy ones. “We can’t leave our farm. We bought the farm, here in Ontario, with my brother [trainer-driver Travis Cullen]. During the second lockdown, we decided we had to do something else, so we got into the dog-breeding business. We also have two broodmares and two babies on the farm, so we can’t leave here. There’s too much going on. We really weren’t sure what to do in a lot of ways. We almost sent some of our horses to one of our friends in the U.S., but we didn’t end up doing that. “We did end up selling Toot Toot [a veteran pacing son of Gotta Go Cullen and lifetime earner of nearly $275,000]. We’ve had him a long time, so we were sad to see him go.” There are reasons, 10, to be precise, for Hensley to be optimistic ahead of the 2021 racing season in Ontario. Three of them come in the form of western Canadian additions to her barn. “We decided to see about buying some younger horses, so that’s what we did. We bought two from Fraser Downs in B.C. We actually have three new horses right now. We have another one from B.C., If Only Id Known, is a 3-year-old filly eligible for the OSS Stakes. We have 10 racehorses, so that’s 10 reasons to be excited now.” When live racing does return at Woodbine Mohawk Park – for now that date is June 14 – Hensley and her band of pacers and trotters will be ready. They have been for a while. The sight of one of her horses putting their nose on the gate and the sound of their hooves on the track for the first time since early April will be a welcome scene for Hensley when qualifiers at Woodbine Mohawk Park return on May 27. Thursday morning will have a decidedly different look to the one Hensley has often viewed from her car window since last March. “It was pretty depressing driving by Mohawk so many times and there wasn’t a soul around. It was a sight you never want to get used to. It will be nice to see horses and horsepeople again, to see everyone back doing what they love. To see we have qualifiers, that’s a big step in the right direction.” Despite the toll the pandemic has taken on the industry, Hensley has been buoyed by the resilience shown by horsepeople throughout it all. Whenever her first horse lines up behind the starter car for a pari-mutuel race, she will admittedly sport a big smile and breathe a sigh of relief. Win or lose that race, being back in the game is a victory in itself, said Hensley. “That day, whenever they say go, our horses will be ready and so will we.” Just two wins shy of 400 for her career, Hensley’s devotion to horse racing and horses, despite the hurdles the industry in Ontario has had to overcome the past 15 months, hasn’t wavered a fraction. If anything, the bond has strengthened. “A lot of the time horse racing is misunderstood. People don’t realize the time and dedication that goes into this industry. The horses, they are part of our family. It’s not just a way to make a living. It’s a lifestyle and it’s a labour of love. We take care of these horses no matter what the situation may be. Even when we weren’t racing the care and the work doesn’t stop. But throughout all of this, having the horses in your life has helped you get through all of the tough times and the disappointments. They really are your family. ” By Chris Lomon, for Woodbine Entertainment

As part of the necessary training of Standardbred racehorses and process for return to racing, Woodbine Entertainment will resume qualifiers at Woodbine Mohawk Park starting on Thursday (May 27). The resumption of qualifiers has been approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Woodbine Mohawk Park will host three days of qualifiers next week: Thursday, May 27, Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29. The entry box for all three dates of qualifiers will close on Monday (May 24) at 12 noon. The race office will release the entries for all three days on Tuesday (May 25). Post time for each morning is 9:30 a.m. Horsepeople are reminded to enter for qualifiers through Standardbred Canada’s self-serve entry system. Training at Woodbine Mohawk Park will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next two weeks and then shift to Wednesdays only starting June 9. All qualifying dates, including two-year-old qualifiers, for the next several weeks are listed below: Qualifiers Thursday, May 27 Friday, May 28 Saturday, May 29 Thursday, June 3 Friday, June 4 Saturday, June 5 Tuesday, June 8 Thursday, June 10 Tuesday, June 15 Thursday, June 17 Tuesday, June 22 Thursday, June 24 Two-Year-Old Qualifiers Friday, June 11 Saturday, June 12 Friday, June 18 Saturday, June 19 Friday, June 25 Saturday, June 26 From Woodbine Mohawk Park

Toronto, ON - May 20, 2021 - Earlier this afternoon, the Government of Ontario announced a three-step 'Roadmap to Reopen' the economy plan based on decreased daily COVID-19 case counts, lower hospitalization rates, and the percentage of vaccinated residents. Live harness racing is included in Step One of that plan, which is estimated to begin on Monday, June 14. Based on that date, Woodbine Entertainment announced today that the 2021 Standardbred season at Woodbine Mohawk Park will resume on Monday, June 14, and then continue its regular five race days per week schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday). The 2021 Thoroughbred season at Woodbine Racetrack will commence on Friday, June 18 and continue Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 20 for the opening weekend. It will then go to four race days per week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Woodbine Entertainment also confirmed that it is prepared to accelerate the resumption of live racing sooner if the Government of Ontario enters Step One of the 'Roadmap to Reopen' plan earlier than expected. "On behalf of the horse racing industry and the thousands of families who depend on it, I would like to thank the Premier's Office and local health authorities for providing some much-needed clarity," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "While the timing is not ideal, we can now prepare for the resumption of live racing with a degree of certainty. I would also like to acknowledge Ontario horse people for their patience and resiliency during the past several months." Woodbine Entertainment also confirmed that it has received permission from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to host qualifier races at Woodbine Mohawk Park starting on Thursday, May 27. Updated stakes schedules and condition book/sheets will be shared in the coming days. by Jamie Dykstra, for Woodbine Entertainment

MILTON, ON - Woodbine Mohawk Park reminds all horsepeople that training is now being offered five-days-a-week (Tuesday-Saturday) from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sign-up for the next week of training at Woodbine Mohawk Park (May 11-15) will open this Saturday afternoon (May 8) at 3 p.m. Each training day will be split into three sessions with a maximum of 50 horses in the first two sessions and 48 in the final session. Sign-up will be required to train at Woodbine Mohawk Park and trainers are limited to a maximum of 10 horses per day. The training session times are listed below: Session One: 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Session Two: 9:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Session Three: 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The sign-up links for each day next week are listed below: Training - Tuesday, May 11 Training - Wednesday, May 12 Training - Thursday, May 13 Training - Friday, May 14 Training - Saturday, May 15 All Paddock COVID-19 protocols will be in place for training hours, including the requirement to have all people wearing a mask. Only Trainers and essential licensed personnel will be permitted through the Security check point and all individuals are reminded to complete the COVID-19 Screening Form before arriving. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment  

MILTON, ON -  After 40 years of dedication and critical contributions, Racing Secretary Scott McKelvie has announced that he will retire from Woodbine Entertainment on March 31, 2022. Scott joined the then named Ontario Jockey Club in 1981, working his way up to take leadership of the Race Office and has served as the long-time Racing Secretary of Greenwood, Woodbine and Woodbine Mohawk Park since 1992. Through his time at Woodbine, Scott has been influential in creating a competitive year-round racing product and establishing Woodbine's prolific stakes program, including proudly working on all 37 editions of the Pepsi North America Cup. Scott has been a key industry leader throughout his career, contributing to various boards and committees. Scott is a past president and current director of the American Harness Racing Secretaries Association and a current vice-president of the Grand Circuit. "I'm proud to have spent the last 40 years with Woodbine. It has been an outstanding place to work. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their efforts, support and friendship during my career," said McKelvie. "The racing industry is a great community and I'm proud to have met and connected with many wonderful people over the years, including the horsemen and women that I've worked closely with on a day-to-day basis." "Scott's imprint on Standardbred Racing in North America has been immense. We appreciate his great devotion to our sport, his professionalism and great expertise which has helped establish Woodbine Mohawk Park at the top," remarked Jessica Buckley, Senior Vice-President of Standardbred and Thoroughbred Racing. "In addition to his expertise, Scott's steady, kind way with people will be greatly missed day to day. All of us at Woodbine Entertainment, wish to say thank you to Scott and we wish him a wonderful retirement." Scott will continue to lead the Race Office until his retirement at the end of March 2022 and provide contributions to Woodbine's Standardbred operation in the future. From Woodbine Entertainment

MILTON, ON -  Woodbine Entertainment today announced the 38th Pepsi North America Cup, originally scheduled for June 19 at Woodbine Mohawk Park, has been rescheduled to Saturday, September 11. This will mark the second consecutive year the $1-million Pepsi North America Cup and its several undercard stakes have been rescheduled due to COVID-19. The Pepsi North America Cup eliminations will now take place on Saturday, September 4. "The Pepsi North America Cup is our signature race at Woodbine Mohawk Park and we fully intended to return this prestigious event to its usual spot in 2021," said Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine Entertainment. "We remain hopeful to resume live racing in May, but felt it was necessary to reschedule this race and others from the start of our stakes season to provide all nominated horses, specifically our local horses not currently racing, with an opportunity to be in top shape for these marquee events." The stacked Pepsi North America Cup undercard of the Fan Hanover, Goodtimes, Roses Are Red, Armbro Flight and Mohawk Gold Cup have all been rescheduled to new dates later in the season. The Fan Hanover and Goodtimes will join the 'Cup' on Saturday, September 11. The Roses Are Red has been moved to Saturday, September 4, Armbro Flight to Friday, September 17 and Mohawk Gold Cup to Saturday, September 18. The Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) schedule will be adjusted to accommodate the new dates for the various rescheduled stakes. The new OSS schedule will be confirmed once live racing resumes in the province. Woodbine has also rescheduled the SBOA Stakes from May 22 to November 13, Somebeachsomewhere Stakes from June 5 to August 28, Simcoe 3-Year-Old Open Pace from September 4 to September 18 and Simcoe 3-Year-Old Open Trot from September 10 to September 25. Along with the rescheduling of several races, Woodbine Mohawk Park is working with The Meadowlands to determine next steps for the Graduate Series and Miss Versatility, as both events were to visit Woodbine Mohawk Park in late-May and early-June. A decision on those events will be announced in the coming days. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment

MILTON, ON - Woodbine Entertainment today announced harness racing training will resume at Woodbine Mohawk Park starting Thursday, May 6. Woodbine Mohawk Park will be open for training five-days-a-week, Tuesday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Each training day will be split into three sessions with a maximum of 50 horses allowed in each. Sign-up will be required to train at Woodbine Mohawk Park and trainers are limited to a maximum of 10 horses per day. The training session times are listed below: Session One: 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Session Two: 9:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Session Three: 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sign-up for next week's training on Thursday (May 6), Friday (May 7) and Saturday (May 8) will open this Saturday (May 1) at 1 p.m. The sign-up links are available below: Training - Thursday, May 6 Training - Friday, May 7 Training - Saturday, May 8 All Paddock COVID-19 protocols will be in place for training hours, including the requirement to have all people wearing a mask. Only Trainers and essential licensed personnel will be permitted through the Security check point and all individuals are reminded to complete the COVID-19 Screening Form before arriving. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment  

THE CANADIAN PRESS reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Canadian harness racing driver Bob McClure to become a road warrior. The Rockwood, Ont., resident left Friday for The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, N.J., where he'll race for the immediate future.   The Rockwood, Ont., resident left Friday for The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, N.J., where he'll race for the immediate future. McClure, 31, was forced to head south when a major farm he drives for (Quebec's Determination Stable) moved its horses from Woodbine Mohawk Park in Campbellville, Ont., to the U.S. after racing was put on hold last week with the Ontario government's four-week provincial shutdown. "My top stable went down and asked me to go so I'm just following them," McClure said. "I have to leave my wife and five-year-old son and I don't want to. I'd prefer to race at home. "Obviously with going back and forth you don't know what you're going to get as far as quarantine exemptions. And at the same time you don't want to have something happen and bring it home." But McClure said there will be something good to come from the situation. "I'll be vaccinated with my first shot of Moderna, within five hours of entering the U.S.," he said. "But I think that (travelling between Ontario and New Jersey) is going to be a regular thing for the next month or so." McClure was Canada's top driver in 2020 after surpassing $7 million in earnings. In 2019, he won the US$1-million Hambletonian with Determination Stables trotter Forbidden Trade, a 15-1 long shot. While McClure is the lone Mohawk driver to head south, several trainers — including Mark Steacy, Blake MacIntosh and Anthony McDonald — have followed suit. The shutdown forced Woodbine Entertainment to postpone the start of the '21 thoroughbred card Saturday at Toronto's Woodbine Racetrack. While having to commute is hardly ideal, McClure understands Determination Stables' decision. "It wasn't an option to just shut down because they have grand circuit horses that are going to compete with the American-breds all summer . . . and you can't just let the American horses get a month head start," McClure said. "They have to be race-ready and that takes racing. "These are not stock cars, you don't park them in the garage and they stop burning gas and oil. These need to be fed, trained and worked and one person can't do it. You need staff, you need everything. "(Determination Stable) is Canadian ... with many Canadian breds but they have to keep the business running. I've been fortunate the last few years but I don't know how the majority, and I'd say the majority, of the industry is going to fare through this." It's a fact not lost upon Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson. "There's definitely going be damage," Lawson said. "What's different this time around is these guys are fed up and are leaving and they're not going to rush back here. "The difference is we're losing a significant number of horses that may not come back on the thoroughbred side and now we're losing people like Bob. The longer these people are gone, the longer they're going to stay away because they're going to settle in." Mark Casse, Woodbine's leading trainer, has 40 horses at the Toronto track. But with racing on hold, Casse has put plans for shipping another 60 northward on hold. And Kevin Attard, another of Woodbine's leading trainers, has said he might have to re-locate to the U.S. if racing doesn't begin shortly. "On the thoroughbred side, if we don't have Mark Casse for a season, if he pulls his horses we're in real trouble," Lawson said. "Woodbine is not a profitable business, we need the wagering money just to pay our operating costs . . . and if we don't have the wagering money, it's going to do damage across the province. "I don't want to paint a bleak picture but this is a significant problem that needs to be addressed immediately. There's no question in my mind it's going to have a material impact upon the 2021 racing season and whether we can get the people back in 2022. I'd like to think we can but the economics are going to be lingering in terms of breeders and potentially people who'll set up elsewhere."  or The trouble is, Lawson said, horse people have no idea ifwhen they might be allowed to resume their livelihood. "All these people are looking for is if we can tell them we're starting May 6 when this shutdown order (expires)," Lawson said. "Now, I appreciate that with how this is spreading that we can't but I don't think it's a stretch to say if we go back to the colour zone when the stay-at-home order ends, we will allow live racing. "I talked to the province about two weeks ago and they said they were supportive but would like local health authorities onside. But it's pretty hard to get these health authorities to spend the time in the middle of this crisis to even look at it." Lawson commended Dr. Eileen de Villa, the city of Toronto's medical officer of health, for examining Woodbine's protocols. "She asked many questions and we got her comfortable that we were doing the right things," Lawson said. "But that's different from her saying you can race because that's not her jurisdiction." What frustrates McClure is people being allowed to golf while he and others, despite wearing masks and having protocols they must follow, can't drive a horse. "I love golf and I've been golfing so I'm not trying to be a hypocrite," he said. "But if four guys can line up by a tee box and hit balls on a course, there's no reason why we, fully masked and fully protected and following rules and isolated, can't racehorses." Woodbine Entertainment implemented temperature screening for everyone entering the paddock at Mohawk Park as part of its protocol, something McClure admits he disliked initially. "For a while, I actually felt its screening was borderline harassment," he said with a chuckle. "But then you saw where they were going with it, they did an amazing job and we didn't have a single outbreak. "I don't know if it's a lack of education on the government's part or they just have too much on their plate but I think if they took a serious look at this, it's something that makes no sense not to be open and running." McClure said stables moving their horses from Ontario isn't the only repercussion of the racing ban. "I think the big problem here is the first lockdown, horses were sent down to trainers then brought back," he said. "This time, there's no sending because many, many horses were just sold to the U.S., probably for less than they were worth but people just took what they could get and got out. "So it's not a situation where you can pull the horse back because it's gone and it's an American horse now. I know the thoroughbred side is in similar limbo . . . that's very concerning." From Dan Ralph, for The Canadian Press (reprinted with permission)

MILTON, ON - April 14, 2021 - Woodbine Mohawk Park would like to issue a reminder to all harness racing owners, trainers and horse people of Thursday's (April 15) stakes payment deadline for the 2021 season. Sustaining payments are due for all of Woodbine's 2021 major stakes, including the $1 million Pepsi North America Cup. Click here to view the eligible horses following the March 15 deadline. The full list of stakes requiring an April 15 sustaining payment is available below: Pepsi North America Cup (3-Year-Old Pace) - $1 Million Armbro Flight (Filly & Mare Trot) - $250,000 Canadian Pacing Derby (Open Pace) - $600,000 Canadian Trotting Classic (3-Year-Old Trot) - $600,000 Casual Breeze (3-Year-Old Filly Trot) - $180,000 Elegantimage (3-Year-Old Filly Trot) - $375,000 Eternal Camnation (2-Year-Old Filly Pace) - $240,000 Fan Hanover (3-Year-Old Filly Pace) - $450,000 Goodtimes (3-Year-Old Trot) - $250,000 Maple Leaf Trot (Open Trot) - $600,000 Metro Pace (2-Year-Old Pace) - $850,000 Milton (Filly & Mare Pace) - $250,000 Nassagaweya (2-Year-Old Pace) - $220,000 Peaceful Way (2-Year-Old Filly Trot) - $400,000 Roses Are Red (Filly & Mare Pace) - $330,000 Shes A Great Lady (2-Year-Old Filly Pace) - $540,000 Somebeachsomewhere (3-Year-Old Pace) - $190,000 William Wellwood Memorial (2-Year-Old Trot) - $610,000 Woodbine Entertainment continues to handle administration duties for stakes races contested at tracks across Ontario. The following events require a sustaining payment for April 15: Grand River Raceway Battle of Waterloo (Ontario Sired 2-Year-Old Pace) - $240,000 Battle of the Belles (Ontario Sired 2-Year-Old Filly Pace) - $160,000 Earlier this week, Flamboro Downs announced the cancellation of the 2021 Confederation Cup. Woodbine Entertainment will be issuing refunds for all nomination and sustaining fees submitted for the Confederation Cup. Full information for all stakes and other racing related items can be found by visiting Woodbine Entertainment encourages all horse people to submit payments online by visiting If sending nominations by mail, envelopes must be clearly post-marked no later than April 15, 2021 or payment will not be accepted. Registered mail is recommended. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment  

TORONTO -  April 12, 2021 - Ontario Racing is pleased to announce that Standardbred horsepeople now have the opportunity to access certain purse funds that remain available under the Funding Agreement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) as a result of the suspension of live harness racing in the province as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The aforementioned funds were already committed to the industry through the Funding Agreement for Live Horse Racing between Ontario Racing and OLG. "We are pleased to be able to provide these equine benefit payments," said John Hayes, Chair, Ontario Racing. "Horse racing, like so many other industries, continues to be severely impacted by the pandemic. The Ontario Racing team, OLG, and industry representatives, remain dedicated to assisting horsepeople and horses across the province. We are grateful for your ongoing support throughout these challenging times." In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Racing created a task force, as it did during the spring lockdown in 2020, to address the financial impacts to Standardbred horse racing in Ontario. Eligibility Requirements: For horsepeople to be eligible for financial payments for the month of April pursuant to this program, the Standardbred COVID-19 Task Force has determined that horses must meet the criteria outlined below to be eligible to receive an equine benefit payment. Horses Drawn into Race Cancellation Payment - $300 per horse: Horses entered to race Saturday April 3, 2021 and Sunday April 4, 2021 at Woodbine Mohawk Park, Western Fair, and Rideau Carleton will be awarded the standard $300 cancellation fee. These races were previously drawn. April Training Benefit Payment - $1,000 per horse: 1. Any horse stabled in Ontario with a charted line in Ontario in 2021 and is not currently racing or training/stabled outside of Ontario without returning to Ontario prior to April 5 shall receive $1,000 in relief funding. No application required. 2. The following horses that are preparing to race and are currently stabled in Ontario for the month of April may be eligible to apply for $1,000 in relief funding: Unraced in 2021 3- & 4-year-olds Any horse who started in Ontario between September 1 - December 23, 2020 that was stabled in Ontario at the time of the start and remained in Ontario until December 23, 2020 All horses under both criteria must remain in Ontario for the month of April to receive funding and make their first start in Ontario once live racing resumes in Ontario. If a horse qualifies under both criteria, the horse is eligible for only a single $1,000 payment. Application form: The Standardbred Equine Benefit application for this payment can be found here (Application Form Link). The deadline to submit your application to Ontario Racing is Friday, April 23, 2021. All mailed applications must be postmarked by Friday, April 23, 2021 in order to be eligible. Please email or mail completed applications to: Attn: Sarrah Young - Ontario Racing Management 555 Rexdale Boulevard Toronto, ON M9W 5L2 Important Notes: All payments received must be used for the care and maintenance of Standardbred horses Once racing resumes in Ontario, horses who have received benefits under this program MUST make their first start at an Ontario Standardbred racetrack Ontario Racing reserves the right to request additional information to ensure all criteria has been met. Those receiving benefit payments under the program could be subject to an audit by Ontario Racing. Failure to meet the criteria will result in all amounts being repaid to Ontario Racing. All decisions are at the discretion of Ontario Racing and are ABSOLUTE and FINAL Horses are currently under the care of an AGCO licensed trainer at the time the application is submitted From Ontario Racing  

MILTON, ON - April 7, 2021 - As a result of the Provincial State of Emergency declared today by the Government of Ontario, which includes a province-wide 28-day stay-at-home order effective Thursday, April 8 at 12:01 a.m., Woodbine Entertainment announced that training at Woodbine Mohawk Park will be suspended immediately. Training will be offered again after the stay-at-home order is lifted or when there is clarity on when live racing will be permitted to resume. Woodbine Entertainment also confirmed that it is continuing its efforts with government officials and local health authorities to be permitted to safely operate live racing during a lockdown situation which would allow the Standardbred Racing season at Woodbine Mohawk Park to resume after the stay-at-home order is lifted on May 6. "This is very difficult news to share with our Woodbine Mohawk Park community," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "Since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario more than a year ago, we have supported the Government of Ontario every step of the way and will continue to do so. "However, if we do not receive permission to safely operate live racing during a lockdown situation after the stay-at-home is lifted, our industry and business could be greatly impacted as more and more trainers will be sending their horses to the United States where there are plenty of racing opportunities. This situation has the potential to have a devastating and long-lasting impact on the standardbred industry in Ontario." Woodbine Entertainment will continue to provide regular updates to keep horse people informed of the latest developments regarding training and live racing at Woodbine Mohawk Park. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment  

On Tuesday (April 6) Ontario Racing issued a notice to the harness racing industry regarding support payments for the cancelled race cards that were slated to be conducted at The Raceway at the Western Fair District, Rideau Carleton Raceway and Woodbine Mohawk Park earlier this month. The release is as follows: Ontario Racing is pleased to notify industry participants that Standardbred horsepeople affected by the cancellation of race cards for Woodbine Mohawk Park (April 3, 2021), The Raceway at Western Fair District (April 3, 2021) and Rideau Carleton Raceway (April 4, 2021), due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will receive a one-time payment of $300 for each horse drawn into race on the specified days. The number of horses, 310 in total, affected by the cancellation of races due to the Ontario Government’s latest lockdown measures put into effect on April 3, 2021, are as follows: Woodbine Mohawk Park – 103 horses, The Raceway at Western Fair District – 78 horses, and Rideau Carleton Raceway – 129 horses. These funds were already committed to the industry through the Funding Agreement for Live Horse Racing between Ontario Racing and OLG. The support payments will be mailed out in the coming days. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Racing created a task force, as it did during the spring 2020 lockdown, to address the financial impacts to Standardbred horse racing in Ontario. From Ontario Racing

Captain Video blew away five harness racing stakes foes to win the $35,000 Valedictory Pacing Series final at Woodbine Mohawk Park on Friday, Apr. 2.   Sylvain Filion deployed the four-year-old stallion to the front end, and they led through the opening quarter in :28. One-to-five favourite Beyond Bettor (Trevor Henry) stormed up approaching the half in :56, but Filion parked him out.   Captain Video retained the lead going to three-quarters in 1:23 and blasted away as the field came down the lane, extending his margin to six and a quarter lengths by the time he crossed the finish line victorious in 1:51.2. Beyond Bettor stayed on for place, and Bee Two Bee (Scott Coulter) grabbed third.   CAPTAIN VIDEO REPLAY     Captain Video, a son of Captaintreacherous, has now won 11 races from 22 starts and surpassed the $100,000 earnings mark with the win. Richard Moreau trains for 1876472 Ontario Inc of Guelph, Ecurie CSL of Boynton Beach, Visionary Breeders LLC of Manalapan, and Joseph Di Scala of Somers.   The horse paid $8.20 to win. The Valedictory Series was open to three and four-year-old colts and geldings. Its first two legs were contested in December 2020, but the final was postponed due to a Covid-19-related shutdown of racing.   Rose Run Victory captured the other stakes final on the night, sweeping by opponents late in the $35,000 Niagara Pacing Series conclusion.   She took back and dropped into sixth at the behest of driver Ed Hensley, riding along through a first split of :28. Hensley moved her into the flow going to the half in :57.3. She ended up third-over, and Hensley remained patient past the three-quarters in 1:26.2, only swinging the mare wide for her move as the field entered the stretch.   The four-year-old mare made little headway through the first half of the stretch, but she found another gear in the final eighth and rolled by four foes to win by three quarters of a length in 1:54.2. She outkicked her cover of Man Dontforget Me (Doug McNair), who was second; Filter Hanover (Jody Jamieson) was third.   ROSE RUN VICTORY REPLAY     Rose Run Victory improved her record to 10-for-39 lifetime and her bankroll to $166,491. Ashleigh Hensley trains for Burke Racing Stable LLC of Fredericktown, Weaver Bruscemi LLC of Canonsburg, and Phillip Collura of Mountain Top. The four-year-old by Shadow Play paid $2.70 to win.   Rose Run Victory swept the Niagara Series, the first two legs of which were also held in December 2020.   So Much More, Canada's 2020 Older Pacing Mare of the Year, took the $30,000 Preferred Handicap for aged distaffers.   Driver James MacDonald sent her to the front for the first time this season, and they led through the quarter in :27.3, half in :55.4, and three-quarters in 1:24.3. Ivana Flybye N (Jody Jamieson) pressured from first-over, but So Much More was solid and held off all challengers to win by a length and a half in 1:51.4.   Major Occasion A (Bob McClure) rode the pocket for place, and Ivana Flybye N got third. A correct $2 win ticket returned $5.60.   SO MUCH MORE REPLAY     So Much More has now racked up 33 wins and just shy of $600,000 in her 70-race career. Don Beatson of Granton trains and co-owns the five-year-old Big Jim mare with Kenneth Beatson of Palgrave and Cole England of Exeter.   This will likely be Woodbine Mohawk Park's final card for at least four weeks as Ontario will move into lockdown as of 12:01 a.m. EDT on Saturday, Apr. 3.   For full race results, click here.   by Nicholas Barnsdale, for Harnesslink

MILTON, ON - April 2, 2021 - Woodbine Mohawk Park would like to inform all harness racing horse people that training will continue to be available every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday during the "emergency brake" shutdown. Sign-up for next week's training, to be offered on Tuesday (April 6), Friday (April 9) and Saturday (April 10), will open Saturday afternoon (April 3) at 2 p.m. Each trainer is limited to signing-up for a maximum of five slots a day. The sign-up link for each day is listed below: Training - Tuesday, April 6 Training - Friday, April 9 Training - Saturday, April 10 by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment  

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